The quartz will be be the lighter color minerals with the remaining consisting of feldspars and muscovite. Man made products come in a large range of consistent colors which do not occur naturally in nature. Quartz is has an antimicrobial built in and never has to be sealed. When the solvent evaporates (think paint) the molecules lock into the stone and seal it.

Rarely, if ever will you need to seal granite that has been resined and properly sealed. You can find natural stone sealer at most retail outlets or we can help you. Slabsmith allows a unique advantage over other fabricators, providing you an understanding and comfort level that has previously not been possible. We can show you exactly how it will lay in your kitchen before it’s ever installed! At the end of the day all three classification will perform perfectly in your kitchen but the “quality” is based on the subjective appearance.

Combine one good coat of a quality sealer (which we will do for you in our shop) with the resin applied by the factory you will have a very stain resistant top that will be virtually maintenance free. Over time, in the unlikely event you do see some water absorb into the stone simply reseal.

It’s hard to overstate the benefits our layout process provides as a direct result of being able to easily and accurately layout a job on your digital slabs. This technology is perfect for exotic slabs with large veins and lots of movement. These ratings are subjective and have to do with what the granite looks like. They were able to help me find the perfect granite and stay within my budget.

Granite Countertop Color After Sealing by

They cut a new piece and brought it out immediately but it is visibly darker than the rest of the granite. First , if the new re-cut granite countertop piece was still wet, then they shouldn’t have applied a granite sealer. Now, on a countertop this is not too much an issue since the underside is exposed to air and moisture can still evaporate. Since water is moving from the middle to the surface to evaporate the surface will be wet until the very last of the water evaporates. If you need two or more slabs for a job, you want to get them all from the same bundle preferrably or at least from the same “lot” or you risk the slabs simply not matching.

They said it’s due to the fact that the slab was just cut and was still wet from cutting and from the granite sealer and that it should lighten up to match the rest. Sealing granite countertops should be done with a completely clean and very dry surface, so you don’t seal in any water or moisture.

So long-term, it probably wouldn’t be an issue like it would on new floors where the water would definitely be trapped. Second , a typical impregnating granite sealer like these recommended marble & granite sealers should not darken or change the color at all. If indeed the color change is due to water absorption, then you should start to see dry spots emerge along with the granite color getting lighter and eventually the whole thing should be dry and uniform in color.

Although the color will be very consistent in a bundle and even in a lot, the pattern can change or elements of a the pattern can change, so there is definitely an art to matching color and pattern when choosing and cutting granite countertop slabs.


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