That joint must be filled with a flexible material so that when the backsplash and countertop move independently of one another (and they will) the joint between them will not crack out and make a mess. While grout gets lighter as it dries, caulking gets darker, so you won’t see the final result until the day after grouting and caulking. The grouting has been completed and allowed to partially (or totally) dry. The object is to install enough caulking to completely fill the joint without over-filling and making a mess.

Working With Beveled Tile When Constructing Granite Tile Countertops | Duration 1 Minutes 39 Seconds

Continued wiping will remove more material, and you want to leave the joint as full as possible. Just make sure that the entire joint is eye-pleasing and that there is no caulking on any of the surfaces. In that case, though, you must use a silicone caulk that is not water soluble.

After grouting and cleaning up the tiled splash there should be a very narrow open joint between the tile and the countertop material. It matches the color of the sanded grout that was used on the splash, and it is a latex product that cleans up with water. It is hoped that when dry the two materials will come together, as it were, where color and shade are concerned. When the joint has been filled, begin wiping it with a sponge that has been tightly wrung out.

Too much water will ruin the caulking, so make sure you wring that sponge tightly. Remember to rinse it after each pass, or you’ll simply smear the grout around. When you see the joint smooth out and notice that all excess caulking has been removed from both the splash and the countertop — the joint looks good in other words — it’s time to stop. Another place to use caulking instead of grout is where a tile surround joins a bathtub deck.

Kitchen Counter Tile Options by

Widely popular granite slabs are the dream of many folks; however, they tend to be quite costly. Options range from the same coveted granite and marble that many slabs are fabricated from to more common ceramic and porcelain tile. This tile is 18″ x 21″, more than 2½ times the size of a basic 12″x12″ tile. When paired with the large tile above, only a single grout line is needed from the front to the back of a standard counter. Most professional installers will advise against groutless installations for many reasons. To keep nasty germs from living in the near-invisible gaps, a sealer or adhesive should be used between tiles.

Install Marble Tile Countertops With Ease. | Duration 1 Minutes 29 Seconds

Very narrow 1/32″–1/16″ grout lines are also nice-looking and easy to install, by comparison. If you’d prefer to go the professional route, find an expert tile contractor to install your kitchen countertop.

The goal for most homeowners is a surface that’s both durable and attractive. You can get the same durability and a great look with kitchen counter tile.

Some of these large tiles can reach the full depth of the counter, needing just a special front bull-nosed tile. Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines, and a surface that is easier to keep clean. Here is a 3″-wide bull-nosed kitchen counter tile that is 24″ long. These can be of the same glaze and finish, as pictured below, or in a contrasting color or pattern. If you can’t find a shaped edge tile to go with your counter, wood is a good option (see below). This installation method works best for small areas, as the level of precision involved needs to be maintained for the entire area. We want something that looks nice, is durable and easy to keep clean and doesn’t cost as much as a new car.

Smart choices in tile selection and installation will give you a work surface capable of handling just about anything.


But now it’s time to talk about my favorite part of the kitchen reno process: the finishes. I kid you not… when we walked in, it was like a divinely providential experience.

No sample-collecting, no this or that, not a smidgen of doubt in my mind. However, this particular one has lots of natural looking veins that are to die for. Now that the countertop was picked out, it was very easy to narrow down tile options. It’s our “in-between” kitchen because we basically re-did our entire main floor, but didn’t have the money to totally overhaul the kitchen. We went with solid surface, white countertops (prettiest, cheap option that gave us the look we wanted) and a white subway tile backsplash. We are doing a very similar white on white kitchen with grey walls. Thank you again and it is such a delight to learn from what you all have accomplished.

We wrote a whole post about the countertops (from instillation to maintenance) right here. But your kitchen looks lovely – did you get a special finish on your cabinets – because they don’t look nearly as cool in color as mine do.

Kind of like when you see an episode of a soap opera, stop watching it for 6 months, then watch it again, and everyone’s wearing the same outfits and that guy is still in a coma. Way back when we were in the “initial planning stages”, we posted photos of our dream kitchen (check out that post here). After about five minutes of browsing, we quickly realized we definitely needed to pick out the countertop first. Since the countertop has a lot of veins, we wanted something simple, classic, and clean.

Grout Free Tile Countertops | Duration 13 Seconds

The gray is super close, if not exact, to the gray veins in the countertop and also tie in with the wall color in the living room.

The countertop guys are coming out to install early next week. and we’ve called on Melvin (the same guy who tiled the hall bathroom and installed our new hardwood floors in the laundry room) to install the subway tile backsplash. We painted the inside of our cabinets aqua and the walls (well, the little bit of wall that is in our kitchen) aqua. We are about to do our back splash and are also doing the subways with the grey grout.

I guess due to availability, it can be higher or lower in specific areas of the country. Ours are more of a creamy white, but closer to the stark white family than the off white family. We’re so glad you stopped by, and we hope you decide to stick around for a while.

DIY Countertop Epoxy Grout Only by

I am hoping to get it with just the steel trowel can it be sanded? You make a mold and pour it finished side down, with athe mold made to produce the edges. There are different types of granite slabs and they come in different thicknesses. Then use the epoxy grout for between the tiles if you like or just use regular epoxy between the seams and squeeze them tight to resemble a solid granite counter top.

I go thicker or thinner & how much longer might it take to dry? Making a counter top with epoxy grout (not recommended) or concrete is not done by pouring it on a counter. Granite counter tops are proven, tested, durable, attractive and quickly pay for themselves. Thank you so much gentlemen for taking the time to offer your advice!

If your decision isn’t finalized yet, you can get a granite countertop at a reasonable price. You can do the same thing in marble as well if you want, but marble, while looking better also stains easier.

35 Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas by

There is a lot that goes into choosing a kitchen backsplash, from colors, to materials and even placement.

We don’t mean to scare you, if you are going into a kitchen remodel project.

Tips On How To Remodel Your Kitchen How To Grout Countertop Tile | Duration 3 Minutes 25 Seconds

However, we’d like to give you some pointers before you start looking at backsplash ideas blindly. Contrasting colors can look quite striking, but you need to make sure they don’t clash with each other and the furniture.

Brick is also a very popular choice, as it is quite durable and can be gorgeous if done right.

Actually, there are so many gorgeous examples here, you might be wishing you had multiple kitchens to remodel by the time you finish reading, so take a deep breath and prepare to make some hard decisions. While it often stands towards the background – as you can easily tell from the name itself – the backsplash sets the theme for the room and helps bring all the elements together. And of course that costs a lot of money and if you can afford it, then go ahead. The materials are expensive and the layouts is hard to change because of water and energy supplies, which have usually been installed and embedded inside the walls for a long time. If you find your kitchen boring and lifeless then you can upgrade the backsplash.

It needs to be beautiful but also functional, easy to clean but not so simple that it loses its decorative appeal. Our aim is exactly quite the opposite – to give you an idea of what works and how it will look, so that you feel inspired and certain when you start working on your new kitchen. Matching your countertop and backsplash can be a cool idea in some cases, but it can also become overwhelming to the eye as well as expensive. Your best bet is thus to stick to the same color family but work with different patterns and/or materials. Speaking of materials, there are a lot of them that can be used for backsplashes. Ceramic, glass and marble can also be great materials, but they are often more delicate and expensive to install.

As for style, subway tile is a classic that has retained its popularity and seems to be quite trendy at the moment, so that is definitely something to consider and which you will see a lot of among the gorgeous and inspirational projects we’ve selected for this article. Classic or trendy, subtle or attention grabbing, you are guaranteed to find something that inspires and tickles your fancy in this article full of gorgeous kitchen backsplash ideas. While mostly small in size, they still create a big impact, adding charm and interest to areas that would’ve otherwise been overlooked.

How To Tile A Backsplash by

I was talking to my friend and told her that it was amazing how much more “finished” the kitchen feels now that the backsplash is done.

Epoxy Grout The Counter Top | Duration 8 Minutes 34 Seconds

Plus, you can use this coupon code to save even more money! Well, truth be told, they weren’t looking so smart after 3 years and a water leak. Doing a tile project on your own can save you a lot of money and give you a lot of satisfaction. Be sure to check to see if you can buy caulk the same color as your grout. I am in the process of doing a marble backsplash in the kitchen and just finished the tiling, and will grout tomorrow. Just make sure you finish the area you start by wiping off the grout on the tiles and buff off the haze or it will be difficult to clean later.

I have a question, did you ever do a tutorial on hoe to pull electrical outlet so they will become flushed with the new wall tile? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Remove any excess grout from the tiles by frequently flipping the sponge to a clean side and rinsing the sponge in water.

The backsplash and tiling truly makes my kitchen feel luxurious. It is a greyish color marble with unique horizontal wood veining. We just did a tile project and we carried the tile up to the ceiling. For example where the tile meets the ceiling (or crown moulding.) and where the tile meets the countertop.

How To Grout A Tile Backsplash by

Read the below tutorial to learn how to do it on your own to finish off your beautiful backsplash and your kitchen or bathroom will be well on its way to having a whole new look. Do so by covering them with plastic sheeting, securing the protective layer at its corners with painters tape. Start by mentally breaking the backsplash into separate, smaller sections, focusing on one section at a time.

As you do this, ensure that you’re not grouting the space too closely to your kitchen cabinets or surrounding windows.

You should rinse your sponge clean as needed throughout this process, although the sponge should not be soaking wet. This will avoid negatively affecting your grout lines, as excess water will do this, but will ensure that there is no dirty haze over the tiles, which would result if the sponge is not rinsed regularly. Once this is done, go over the area again with a soft cloth as an extra measure to avoid a film from forming on your backsplash. Once the allotted time has passed, use sealer and a clean cloth to protect your grout against stains and natural discolorations over time.

How To Grout Marble Tiles On Walls | Duration 5 Minutes 18 Seconds

Finally, it’s time to take the last step in this process: caulking your backsplash. Apply a bead carefully along the edges, continuing over the line using a damp sponge. Once the caulk dries, your backsplash and grouting process has come to a close.

Don’t worry—this process is simple too, and it’s easy to do on your own. When the substance is the same consistency as peanut butter, you’re done mixing and your grout is ready for use. This is probably the most important step—actually applying the grout to the backsplash. Apply the mixture by spreading the substance over the tiles using a float.

Firmly press the substance between the tiles where the empty space exists. It only needs about 10 to 15 minutes until it will be firm and dried into the space it was molded into. Fill your second bucket with warm water and use a sponge to carefully wipe away any excess grout that is sitting on the tiles. Do so around your countertops, where the backsplash meets any windows, and so on. Use your finger to delicately press over every caulk line, finally running over it with a sponge once again to ensure it is all secure.

Tiling A Subway Tile Backsplash by

I had scheduled the quartz installation a week out so that we would have a whole weekend to get the old backsplash down. You know how awful drywall dust can be and there was plenty of that flying around with all the tiles and drywall that was broken up. I got the big camera out and got some great shots of the new kitchen. The next step was adding that drywall back to the walls that were missing so we could start the backsplash tile project. He did have some problems with the edges of the tiles chipping and cutting around the outlets was not easy either.

I thought this project would never end and stretching it out over 2 weekends was especially long. That’s something you just have to figure out when you’re starting a tile project. As you can imagine, this whole process will wreck your hands and nails. Mark does not enjoy tile work and we will more than likely not tackle another one in the house. It feels so much lighter and brighter and is a dreamy kitchen to me now! This was a fairly straightforward renovation and a pretty cost effective one too! I think it’s easier to do a project like this when you’re not living in it. I love your transparency with the good and bad of projects, and sharing resources and costs.

Most people only share the end result and the beautiful reveal, but that’s not always real life. There was no saving the drywall, so that meant an extra few hours to install new drywall. They did a fantastic job of removing the old granite and hauling it off as well.

Getting the quartz installed was a breeze compared to the backsplash. Don’t start putting it up until you measure, lay it out and know where your tiles will end up.

There’s so much to think about when you’re tiling and then all the cutting is very time consuming too so we thought we’d get done a lot faster than we did, but that wasn’t the case. It’s recommended that the line between the countertop and backsplash have silicone grout added (in a tube) because it’s flexible and will hold up, whereas regular grout can crack in this line. This part wasn’t sponsored, we bought it and the supplies from them. It has a slight gray undertone and isn’t white-white like so many subway tiles are. It feels like a whole new kitchen in there and it practically is! Like the rest of the rooms in your home, leaving this room will be hard to do!

I have imagined how tragic some endeavors have been when newbies observe some before and afters minus the real life in between and get in way over their heads and have to hire someone to fix their mess costing many times more than they could afford.


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