Our installer also told us to clean with vinegar and now our river white granite is grey in every spot that gets cleaned. Now the bad news: one year later and it’s darkened again even though we’ve been extra careful around the granite. You can get it in different strengths and it’s cheap and not labor intensive. There are areas around the sink that are dark and areas where it looks like new.

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In the bottom, it shows how it appears to be a line down the entire countertop. Proper cleaning is simply daily cleaning with a good “stone cleaner”. I wish it would become fashionable again as it looks totally different than it once did. Formica would be a strong contender if there were more undermount sink options. It was a beautiful piece of art with the white swirls on gray and provided a lovely place to cook, feed family and do homework. I just bought the 40 volume creme peroxide and will try it as soon as it arrives.

You can get it at any beauty supply store where you can read label. The funny thing is that the same poultice worked on one side of the sink but not the other.

I have called granite fabricators and natural stone restorers and they are all perplexed. I have reason to believe that the original fabricator may not be the most up and up business owner, but what is confusing is that the same granite is in my laundry room and has no color change over the same period of time. I will say, however, that despite sealing my granite, it has yet again darkened in certain areas. I plan on resealing it in the next few days since it has been about 6 months. My kashmir granite slab on our island is doing the exact thing yours is! I also have a couple spots on my island where my husband and kids sit that are dark similar to you too! First of all, it’s unfortunate that many of us with the lighter/white granites have experienced this same darkening. I just applied the creme, let sit for about 20 min then cleaned off. It almost appears to be going in a line down the entire countertop.

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We have limited choices when building so am sure lots of homes have this. As a result, there is no habitable environment for the bacteria to live on a granite surface. That stuff shouldn’t be allowed to be sold as countertop material.

I tried a poultice made with baking soda and water but it did not help. I used a pure acetone and baking soda poultice for mine not the peroxide 40%. You could do it at night when baby is in bed and have it all done before you go to bed. My basic understanding was that the acetone would penetrate the stone, break down the oils staining it since it’s a solvent, and the baking soda would help drawn the wet acetone back out of the stone bringing the oils with it as it air dried. I did, and it’s been at least 6 months and it has not darkened again.

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Some darker colors are denser and therefore less susceptible to absorbing liquids. Getting a sample of all contenders and looking at them in the light of the home is a must.

Many types of granite have large patterns that require a trip to the slab yard to truly appreciate what the stone will look like when cut into individual countertops. Stones with a lot of ‘motion’ look stunning on large islands but aren’t appreciated in a small space where sink cutouts and appliances will surely obliterate the beauty of the stone. Each has its merits and drawbacks so it is one more detail that needs complete attention.

Depending on the stone itself, the seams with be more or less noticeable but they will exist on large expanses. We have the tools and process to provide a stress free remodeling service.

I also wanted to confirm if darker granites are more resistant to stains than lighter colors and it seems that it is generally true. There are over 200 types of granite from around the world and you might wonder why some are so much more expensive than others. Selecting the right granite for a project is primarily a matter of color preference. While contrasting tile backplashes are all the rage, sometimes a simple matching 4” backsplash is the right answer. Most stone countertops are sealed and sometimes that means they have to be resealed every year or two.

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If you can wash a countertop you can seal your granite countertop, it’s that easy.

Just remember don’t let your chemical completely dry and if it does just mist it with the same chemical and buff off looking against the light until you have a shine.

On all of our contracts all you have to do is choose the chemical package listed on page 6 and 7 of the contract and deduct 25%. Even if a customer has thoroughly cleaned their granite before the technician arrives as he seals the white terry cloth almost appears black from contaminants being washed out of the stone. As a single parent raising my children on my own it was hard finding babysitters and working around the hours my children were in school.

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Some of these warranties are not even referring to a lifetime sealer but to a comprehensive lifetime warranty to seams and installation of the granite. The carbon crystal sealant forms a molecular bond with the granite which can not be removed thus creating a lifetime seal plus leaving your granite more vibrant, smoother, shinier, maintenance free and still able to breathe.

All of a sudden some granite fabricators are claiming to be the first to have lifetime warranties.
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Many granite fabricators have been actually offering a lifetime warranty on their work for years.

Depending if the granite is considered light, medium or dark, each type of stone takes a different application process and then is capped with catalyzing polymers with a permanent carbon crystal sealant which then locks the catalyzing polymer into the stone. A granite fabricator can still purchase the granite slab where he normally buys his slabs or the slab yard of the customer’s choice.

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Most standard sealers and cleaners aren’t absorbed into the stone but sit on top of the surface. We will bring out the natural beauty and shine of your granite countertops. You don’t have to worry about wiping up spills immediately, worry about acidic liquids, using coasters or place mats ever again. That’s what homeowners want now is an easy to clean, low maintenance home. The left side is sealed properly not allowing the water to spread out into the pores of the stone. If there is a granite table or countertop that needs a high quality clean, seal and polish we can do it.

Even if you just had your counter top sealed with an inferior sealer we can seal right over it. The process makes the granite smoother, shinier and maintenance free. Granite is a porous stone and can only be considered to be stain-resistant if it has been sealed properly. You can also perform a simple water test to show yourself before any staining can occur.

Compare this to the sealed granite on the left where the water droplets create beads which sit on top on the stone. Just because you have a glossy finish doesn’t mean that your stone is sealed properly.

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The carbon crystal sealant forms a molecular bond with the granite which can not be removed thus creating a lifetime seal which leaves granite counters more vibrant, smoother and shinier. Your granite countertop will be super hydrophobic, stain proof and preventing liquids, germs, bacteria and other toxins from getting into your granite. As you soap your countertops you are pushing harmful ingredients into your stone- making your countertops darker and darker, little by little. The only protection your new or pre-existing countertops have is resin, which was applied by the stone quarry right after the polishing process, and even water will penetrate resin.

The revolutionary sealing process makes your kitchens and bathrooms look better than new and vibrant for the life of the countertop.

The average kitchen countertop takes 1 to 2 hours to be sealed and is ready to use immediately.

How To Seal Granite The Granite Shield Permanent Way Part 3 | Duration 7 Minutes 39 Seconds

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It’s a one time application that doesn’t change the finish hardly at all (it might add a little luster to it).

He claims that every day the counter is covered in “grit” that can’t really be seen, but can be felt. Many people have gone to great lengths to choose exactly what type of surface and which color they want to get that “dream home” look. In the long run, this has ended up causing them tremendous headache and possibly costly refinishing and repair. You will see your polished granite take on a vibrant new look with more life and color than you noticed before. You can even use an over the counter window cleaner with ammonia. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the spill immediately.

I have seen it really does keep the dirt and oils from sticking to the surface which makes cleaning a lot easier. I split the tile in thirds, with one section your stuff, the other a competitors and one clear. I suggested maybe his ceiling is falling apart rather than his countertop and that if that much “grit” came out of his tops every day, there wouldn’t be much granite left. The table was the worst area and it had almost a honed feel to it, but was still shiny. This concern has frightened many people and actually caused them to not seal and protect their particular surface.

They don’t recommend using a cleaner that has polishes or waxes because it will only build up on your granite leaving a waxy, dull, smeary build up.

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Standard sealers are penetrating sealers that are absorbed down in to the stone away from the surface. He clearly didn’t have to go so far above and beyond, particularly since he was recommending not sealing the island. It looks great and very easy to care for with regular window cleaner.

Leaves stone the natural color and gives a deeper penetrating shine. Granite Shield Customer Reaction To The Sealing Process Permanent Sealer | Duration 7 Minutes 21 Seconds

The revolutionary sealing process protects your kitchen and bathroom countertops and seals from stains and bacteria. Your granite countertop will be super hydrophobic, stain proof and preventing liquids, germs, bacteria and other toxins from getting into your granite. The standard sealers today only penetrate and then dissipate over time, leaving the stone vulnerable to stains. It looks great and very easy to care for with regular window cleaner.


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