Never do the boring neutral re-sale unless you know you are leaving soon! I opened a drawer and placed a piece vertically, then stepped away and turned around. The counter top shows every scrap of dust and takes more effort to keep clean but its rich looking. I recommend this definitely if you have a large family or kids as it is so easy to keep clean.

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They wear beautifully, you can cut or set hot pots on them and they never need sealing. The floor blends with the cabinets with a little bit of brown/dark ivory and gray mixed in (not real warm colors). I have changed the color accents out once since the remodel by changing the drapery panels and a few accessories that blend with the living room, it looks new all over again. I have wooden shutters over my windows the exact color of the hard maple and they really compliment each other. Darker countertops add great contrast to white cabinets and are very striking. They are both wonderful products, and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The manufacturers advise homeowners to use hot plates or trivets for this reason. I use a granite sealer about once a year, just wipe it on an let set for a couple of hours. I don’t worry about the knife marks as that’s just part of the patina. The warm and cool will balance each other out and make your kitchen feel serene. You don’t necessarily have to go with a speckled look either a solid would look beautiful. The torquay is very light with very small streaks of gray and brown. It was a shiny pure black and added great lovely contrast to the white cabinets and did not make the room darker. My feelings are that a light granite with light cabinets will be a little bland. Also, if you have under-cabinet lighting, which you should, the glare of the reflection on the shiny black countertop is annoying.

Black is a great contrast with a lighter wood floor and the white cabinets and appliances you’ve chosen. I don’t have to worry about my kitchen looking like everyone else’s.

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Similar principles to granite, but man made and offers a great look as well. Our kitchen isn’t that big so we had our back splashes finished off with granite. I matched up what she was considering then reconfigured it with different materials.

Also consider what is in style today may be out in 5 years and kitchens are expensive to redo. I have added black accents as in my fireplace surround and black cabinet. You will have to add a more spectacular backsplash for some contrast somewhere along the line. The new generation products can imitate even the most sophisticated granites and marbles, great stuff and not that much more in price than granite. The glass back-splash is shades of green and off white, the colors are very obscure. As for a backsplash, no matter how commonplace you may think they are, subway tiles in a white kitchen are classic and will look modern for years to come. Granite is hard to maintain, no matter what the color and it chips and will crack if something is dropped on it.

A black countertop will allow you to change your accent colors whenever you want to freshen up the look of your kitchen. You can cut on both granite and quartz surfaces; however, it is not recommended on either surface. Also, you can put hot pots on granite, but it is not recommended to put hot pots on quartz.

It can always be sanded so can look like new forever, plus it’s a fraction of the cost? I have white cabinets and white tile floors (both here when we bought) also used the granite for the backsplash. I like my house to look simple but not so simple that it has only two colors in my main features. My lighter granite that is gold with black/beige/white flecks always looks shiny and never shows crumbs. My floor is gray and the cabinets are going to be gray (thermofoil). I am not a fan of granite or quartz because it is unforgiving to wine glasses, is noisy, and cold.

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Second, it introduces a much less traditional look in back splashes by creating a large section of mosaics to add shine and glamor in combination with the less commonly seen use of very large tiles.

If you feel your kitchen would benefit from the use of some vertical lines to draw your eye upwards, then a vertical glass tile is a good way to go. I do recommend using a combination sealer/enhancer on the stone rather than just a sealer. Once you experience the difference you will wonder how you ever got along with out it.

This is actually a very easy look to create and yet it is new and different enough that it will create a lot of visual interest. Hint: use a contrasting grout color such as one that will pick up the shade of your cabinets or walls, as this will emphasize the vertical pattern much more than a grout color that matches the tile color. For the 3 x 6, simply install in a brick pattern and really no accent is necessary.

The enhancer brings out depth of color naturally occurring in the stone.

Finally, you will find yourself using your entire counter since now the area under the shadow of the wall cabinets is lit up–its as though suddenly you have twice the space you thought you had!

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This revolutionary treatment protects the natural stone against many common kitchen stains. What can you expect from sensa by cosentino® natural stone? These variations, which are a product of nature, make each kitchen countertop one of a kind.

Where does the natural stone sensa by cosentino® come from? They are exotic granites and quartzites with wide variety of colours. Cosentino supplies stonemasons with a product for application in extreme cases of repairs, which is also to be used when making holes and edges.

Each slab is protected with a special treatment applied during the manufacturing process. Cosentino® has one of the largest distribution networks in different areas of the world. Granite and quartzite are natural stones; hence its veins and colors vary from one slab to another, and even within the same slab. Slabs can vary in tone, saturation, nuances, particle structure and veins. They are not deemed to be defects, being instead unique characteristics of stone. If the natural stone is damaged beyond 5 mm, the propensity of the area to stain increases depending on the porosity of the material. If it is necessary to repolish or a repair a damaged area, given the high penetration capacity of the product (up to 5 mm), in most cases nothing further is required to continue to protect your natural stone. How does sensa by cosentino® differ from other commercial natural stones?

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Like how all the hardware matches the doorknobs and the window in the shower.

The tiles have just recently been installed in one of our upcoming projects and are shown here creating a built-in shelf with a solid granite detail to hold products in the shower.


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