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Add in some new towels and accessories and your friends will think you installed a new bathroom. However, with the right coating, you can create a space that is comfortable and inviting. By applying a bathtub reglazing kit or bathtub epoxy paint, or simply change the color of existing and dated fixtures, you’ll have an entirely fresh look for your home.Our epoxy coating systems are easy and fast to install, and last much, much longer than any traditional floor paints.

Our epoxy floor products are easy to apply by just about anyone, and we provide free, unlimited technical support. Styles change and bathrooms installed years ago now look dated and tired. This innovative bathroom system can be used on almost any surface including formic, tile and grout making it look clean and new again!

Make your shower, tubs, sinks and tile look bright white and clean. Whether you are trying to completely change the look of your bathroom or simply make it look fresh and clean, we have the bath refinishing products for you.

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An area of the bathroom that is often overlooked is the bathtub. In just a few hours, you can give your bathtub a porcelain-like finish with our bathtub refinishing products. For a small investment, you no longer have to settle for cheap or outdated fixtures.

We offer a wide range of coating and covering systems to suit all your specific flooring needs. Military, and thousands of manufacturing and distribution facilities.

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Larger tiles help make an area appear larger, but if you only have a few inches around the perimeter of the tub a large format tile will be too large. If using tile with a whirlpool tub an access panel is necessary to keep from having to tear off the front of the tub in the event the motor needs to be accessed for repair. Consider if your tile choice looks better with small or larger grout lines.

You only need a small amount of space tiled to protect the walls, but you have the option to be more decorative than what it necessary. These tiles can coordinate with the tile on the floor, the shower, the walls or the sink splash.

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Choosing to mix different tiles to create a pattern in encouraged, but be careful about mixing tiles with different thicknesses. One of the first things to take into consideration when choosing a tile for a tub is the size. It is best to find the balance between the size of the tile and the size of the space being covered.

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To help you choose a burner that coordinates with your surroundings, we also offer a handy color filter.

You can even select restaurant-quality burners using our commercial grade filter. When you add hot plates to your kitchen collection, you can ensure dinner arrives on time and tastes as delicious as your guests can imagine. Hot plates offer portable options when you’re on the go, and as an added bonus, they’re not as hot to the touch as a regular oven. Shopping for hot plates doesn’t have to result in a scorching experience.

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These are general guidelines and common sense tips for caring for your refinished tub, tile or countertop. Best practice is to care for and maintain your refinished fixture is to wipe it down with a towel after each use. For normal once a week cleaning, you should use a mild soap and water with a soft wash cloth.

Always review individual cleaner’s instructions, and always rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Do not allow any cleaners to remain on the surface for an extended period of time before thoroughly rinsing off. Because the surface is still curing after we leave, normal use and regular cleaning will remove all minor surface dust marks. Dawn dish-washing soap, diluted in water, is my recommended cleaner as it is gentle but cuts through body oil or bath oil easily. Use automotive rubbing compound, which has a fine grit in it and then to really bring back the shine use automotive polishing compound to finish up. How to remove stubborn stains and scratches from a refinished tub tile or countertop. Using a sponge get as much water out of the tub’s drain as possible. Also place a towel over the tubs rail so when they climb out they won’t dig into the tubs rail with their toe nails when getting out. Should you have a built in soap dish use a raised soap holder. If you do get a damaged area contact us immediately for a chip repair to prevent the damage from spreading. Our coatings with triple adhesion can withstand the use of a bathmat.

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You’ll see round bubbles in the coating lifting and again is not warrantied. For refinished countertops do not place extremely hot pans directly on the surface or cut directly on the surface with knives as either will damage the surface and not warrantied. The suggestions on this page are true for new fixtures as well. Our tub is pretty old and gross, so we are going to have it refinished. Thanks for mentioning to not use any abrasive cleaners like bleach because it will make it look dull. They sandblasted it inside and out, and then powder coat painted it a mixed bronze copper color. Would you be able to do this over the inside surface as is or would it need to be sanded again before application?

Sounds as thou you have a good product already, with the powder-coating.

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Excellent quality: by true professionals means quality application making your bathtub refinishing not only last longer but makes it look brand new. Think the dude working out of his apartment can get the right stuff?

Although the refinished surface can be put back into full use after this time, the surface may actually continue to harden for up to 5 days. Treat your refinished surface as you would the hood of a new car. The refinished surface is non-porous; a mild, non-abrasive soap combined with a soft cloth and water will clean your refinished surface. Regular cleaning is important to prevent soap scum build-up that will be hard to remove once it hardens and mar the beauty of the finish. Should you wish to use a product not listed below, always test on small area in a corner before applying to the entire surface. All newly refinished surfaces will have some surface dust which will have settled into the new surface. Once you put the shower curtain back up and start using the tub, you’ll no longer notice this. How to remove stubborn stain – scratch or bring back the shine to your refinished tub, tile or countertop. However, when using liquid drain cleaning agents bail the standing water out of the bathtub completely and remove the tub drain plug if present.If you’re up to it a small diameter clear vinyl tubing can be inserted into the drain and you can suck some of the water out. Always make sure that chemicals do not come in contact with the new surface. Use drain cleaners sparingly so that they do not boil out and attack the new surface. Snaking out thru the overflow is the better option to remove hair built up. Washing your dog in a refinished tub, it’s a good idea to put down a rubber bathmat or towel on the tubs bottom.

We don’t won’t them to dig into the refinished tubs surface.

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Should you accidentally get some scratches see the rubbing compound trick above. Alkaline products left sitting on the surface will attack the surface over time. Avoid using heavy objects or tools near the surface without using protective padding in case of accidental dropping. Water trapped under the suction cups are in a vacuum and over time will penetrate the finish. To avoid this hassle let us install our anti-slip to your tubs bottom. Should you have a need to put a ladder in the tub to paint, put down padding and plywood under the ladders legs to spread out the weight?

Refinishing your bathroom fixtures and countertops is an effective option to the high cost of remodeling, but does require some common sense care to extend the service life.

We want to make sure we take better care of it this time around.

We have been using diluted dish soap to clean it, but now there’s a buildup. Is it okay to use some vinegar as it cuts soap scum?

Vinegar should not be a problem, be sure to rinse the area with water afterwards. Will using shower gel instead of bar soap cut down on soap scum?

Bathroom fixtures often suffer wear and tear, so it’s a good idea to hire a professional reglazing service to help out.I would like to mention that your around 4 hours from our shop, a tad outside our service area. No commissioned salespeople: means no pressure estimates and no ridiculous commission mark-ups.

We are a real brick & mortar company with a 5000 sq.

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