Many tile saws come with a guide that can be used to cut the tile at a 45 or 22 degree angle. It worked well on the flat surfaces but on the edges tile adhesive would have worked better. When replacing the sink, you’ll need to add a bead of caulk around the perimeter of the sink to prevent water from getting under it. I have the same laminate counter top (same color), with knife marks and chips everywhere. Might want to find a person who knows how to do tile or hire a handy man.Remove sink, lay tile, grout, let dry replace sink using caulk to seal.

The counters were the original ones from when the house was built. I decided the most cost effective way to spruce them up was to lay cermaic tile directly over the laminate. I had to cut most of the tiles in half to create the diamond pattern. It sprays water onto the blade as it cuts to keep the blade cool. But if you have it the grout sealers work really well to keep stains at bay!

How To Lay Tile Over Laminate Countertop | Duration 6 Minutes 55 Seconds

I don’t get along with the grout at all, sealed or not sealed, it will get discolored regardless. I for once always spill something or the other; will never do this in my kitchen. They same in various sizes and colors, and were very cost effective. Check that out as an inexpensive cost, but great-looking backsplash!

We got black paint and paint glitter that you pour in the paint. It sticks to the wall and then you stick your tile to simple mat and grout it. For how much it cost it didn’t stick that well on vertical areas. It’s a lot cheaper and easier to install if you have a large area to cover. I wonder if it would work with the peel & stick tiles?

I wanted to change the grout color and remove the enamel built in sink and replace it with a drop in stainless. As long as it’s sealed properly it shouldn’t be a problem for a long time (clean the surface thoroughly and re-apply once a year or according to manufacturer’s directions).

Tile Over Laminate

The pointed nozzle tip makes application simple, let it sit 10-15 minutes, scrub with an old toothbrush and rinse completely.

FORMICA 5 In. X 7 In. Laminate Countertop Sample In Salvage Planked by

The image for this laminate with the workbench shows the grain of the wood going shortways, from front to back. Had it installed yesterday with a square edge and it looks like butcher block. Can this product be placed over existing countertops?

Remodelaholic by

The name zevy joy is a portmanteau of my children’s names as they fill my life with joy. Over the years we have slowly been putting abundent love and work into each room here.

We made small changes in between renovations one and two, such as new appliances and spray painted fixtures. Since we had been working on the rest of our home, many of the earthy colored walls had changed to linen white and our style had evolved.

We could do it on top of our existing laminate countertops (there was a concern about removing the countertops ourselves and damaging our perfectly good cabinets). Make sure that it is white because of the pourous nature of marble and color could potentially show through. As a result of our countertop’s size, we needed to get creative with the layout and ran slender pieces along the edges.

Using your trowel apply the mortar and begin laying your tile. At the end of tile application we used painters tape to hold the edge pieces in place as they firmed and dried. As a side note, try your best to match up your grout to your tiles. Allow the grout to dry and then seal your final project. This was a mistake because the wood absorbed the moisture and cupped.

We carefully removed each tile, re-prepped and started the process all over again. This worked out perfectly until about a week after application.

We are confident that this is another issue we can troubleshoot. The weight of our long overhang (which you can see in the pictures) seems to have caused a slight bow which was enough to create a hairline crack across the opposite end. Which brings me to my next point and some very important things to remember: supports and weight. Mix thinset according to manufacture’s instructions and begin adhering each tile from the bottom up in a running bond pattern.

Tile Over Formica Handyman For The Common Man | Duration 6 Minutes 7 Seconds

Wait the adequete amount of time required for thinset to set (should be specified on the box instructions). When you buy individual tiles it is less expensive than those that are sold as sheets.

We spread this renovation over a period of nearly five weekends (including fixes due to unforeseen issues). There were some unforseen challenges and it was exhausting at times throughout the process, but we learned a lot. I was wondering how you did the edges while using marble tile?

I am trying to decide between marble tile and large ceramic tile.

You can find some of my favorite projects here, here and here.

We loved this kitchen, despite how teeny tiny it was it worked well for our family.

How To Tile A Countertop With Simplemat | Duration 1 Minutes 52 Seconds

Since day one of moving in we knew we wanted to replace the countertops, but it slowly became one of those projects that was put on the back burner.

Our sweet warm kitchen was ready for a change, but aware of our tight budget and nearly one income family, we had to find a way to do it affordably.

We could install it ourselves with tools we had access to.

We bought twice as much tile as needed so that we could make colors and patterns most pleasing when laid out. Lay out your pattern and spacing ahead of time to make sure it will fit and you are happy with the pattern. Spacers were not needed for these tiles because they had angled edges that allowed for 1/16 inch spacing. Important: make sure you work fast enough to use mortar that is properly hydrated and not dried out – particularly on the edges!

Apply one to two coats of sealer so that it will protect the tiles during the grout process (again, allowing for proper wait time).

We went with a smoke gray (different choices we considered are pictured above).

We have made some mistakes with application along the way and also had some structural issues.

We originally tried to apply the same process listed above on top of our butcher block island.

We noticed a very fine hairline crack at the edge of our island.

We believe that even after putting supports under the island we needed stronger ones. Moving forward, we have purchased heavy duty supports and will take the three damaged tiles off, with hopes that replacing them will yield a permanent solution. These specific tiles we were self spacing at 1/16 of an inch which made spacers unnecessary. I would assume that the job could be done in approximately seven – ten days (with drying times of 24 – 48 hours for each application of mortar, thinset trout and sealer). Start by spraying the inside of your fixtures with the bright white and allow to dry.Once totally dry, turn your fixtures over and spray paint the tops with the glossy copper. Next, spray with the matted copper and before it completely dries carefully sand it in vertical motions to create texture and aging. Lastly, hang and spray paint the base of your fixture using oil rubbed bronze. There is such a satisfication when completing projects in our home. The tiled marble countertops look slab marble, but for much less. I would say you can soak small pots and pans and then rinse dishes. I am honored to have our kitchen shared here and truly appreciate it!

It looks like something you went out and shopped for for ages and finally splurged out on. Did you have to prep the laminate in any way before applying your mortar.

We are obsessed with it and so are you, so while we’re working and have nothing to show you of our own projects we show off yours.

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