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The Kitchen and DIY Copper Countertops by shoestringtheory.com

The cabinetry was falling apart, it had been so badly abused over the years (it was decently built stuff originally). The center pane is fixed and each of the outside panes open.

Countertop Solutions Inc | Duration 2 Minutes 26 Seconds

We sacrificed some counter space to add a back door. Originally there was a 3 foot opening between the kitchen and the living room. The little stub wall forms one side of a washer/dryer/pantry enclosure. That bedroom eventually became my office, and it now has an entrance from another room. It can be left raw, in which case it is incredibly anti-microbial and a great food surface. Its changing look is what makes it an attractive surface to many people.

We opted to seal ours since we had a pre-applied patina on the copper. If you’re interested in copper countertops, you need to want a top that will develop character as it ages. You’ll see that there is a gap in the bottom layer in the middle. I highly recommend this if you have never worked with copper before, as you do not want to learn as you go. I also experimented with how we were going to handle the one seam we would have.

We also tried plywood and concrete board as base materials, but were not happy with the texture they gave to the copper.

We got a 16 foot by 3 foot sheet, which was plenty to do the full counter and the backsplash. The copper we used is on the thin side for countertops, so it may be more prone to denting over time, but we knew that going in.

You can usually find copper sheets either raw, or with a pre-applied patina.

We opted for a kind of burnt bamboo look, though we considered several other varieties. Some of the other patinas really obscure the raw copper, even though they are attractive in their own way. If you’ve never worked with contact cement, once you stick two surfaces together, they are stuck that way. For the small piece by the stove, we were able to just drop it straight down and get it right. Then we removed the dowel rods in the middle of the run first and worked our way out from there. If you haven’t got it decently pressed down flat prior to starting rolling, you can develop crinkles which are impossible to remove. Now you’ve got the big surface area covered and it’s time to do the edges and corners. Thicker copper may require a metal brace to make the folds, which also may need to be done ahead of time.

We fully coated the top and edge first, then after the sheet was attached to the top, went back and added another coat of contact cement to the edge.

We folded over about a half inch on the bottom, which was plenty. First, we would fold down the side that is going to be seen the least, leaving just a little extra right at the corner. Then the more visible edge was folded straight down, overlapping the little extra that we just folded, with its edge right at the corner. I don’t know if that description makes any sense without seeing multiple pictures of the process, unfortunately this is one of those spots where all hands were busy. I did not feel that confident doing this the first time, so the backsplash is a separate piece.

We tried polyurethane, but it altered the color too much. Lacquer has even worse fumes than contact cement, and after two coats we had to evacuate the house for a few hours and let it air out. The challenge here ended up being that the pine wasn’t perfectly straight (when is it?). So we improvised, holding down each end and the middle with a variety of stuff to keep it in place. The final step was to put the sink in and silicone the edge between the backsplash and countertop. It took about a full week to do the whole job from start to finish, but that included waiting for the cement and lacquer to cure, needing to actually run our business and we took one day off because the outdoor temp dropped way too much to open the house up that day.

Timco Construction | Tulsa Countertops | Duration 1 Minutes 31 Seconds

I bet your sense of accomplishment and self-worth is shooting through the roof right now!

You can’t see the crud for the texture in the stone and you have to be sure to wipe them down whether they look clean or not; and 2.

We took several months off from doing any serious work on the house after finally getting the lady’s office and the kitchen mostly done. The entire kitchen was completely gutted and we just started over. The windows belonged more in a summer cabin, not a north facing wall in a house that gets viscous cold north winds. The door currently just goes to a 6 foot drop, the deck will come later.

We tore most of that wall out and made it a 12 foot opening (leaving a little stub wall on the east side). There was a door from the kitchen into a bedroom, which we walled off.

Tulsa Liquidation Granite And Flooring. | Duration 31 Seconds

The kitchen got the same white oak hardwoods that are present in the rest of the house. The only thing left for the kitchen is to get a range hood up and there is still some trim that needs done. Like much of the rest of the house, it all feels radically different from what was originally here. Copper is definitely a non-standard countertop material, very few professionals will work with it because of the rarity. But, after running the numbers, copper was comparable to pretty much any other surface except for very cheap tile. Copper as a countertop can be handled in a couple of different ways. But, raw copper will develop a patina over time, meaning that its look will constantly be changing and it requires some different kinds of maintenance versus more traditional countertop materials.

You can also seal it, which means it doesn’t have the anti-microbial benefit anymore, but its look won’t change and the care and maintenance is different. Copper should also not necessarily be considered a lifetime material. If you want it to look the same 5 or 10 years from now as it does today, look for another material. Don came out the day we put the big sheets down and the extra set of hands was super handy.My practice corners are a lot rougher than my final corners.

Our copper had a pre-applied patina, which a light sanding took right off, so that was out of the question. To actually apply the copper, you don’t need a lot of tools. A patina is the unique discoloration and aged look that copper develops over time. The bamboo still had a lot of raw copper throughout it, which is one of the reasons we went with it. Contact cement has some potent fumes, so you need a well ventilated area.

Countertop Solutions Inc | Duration 1 Minutes 50 Seconds

There is no sliding it around or adjusting, so you need to get it right the first time. With the laminate roller, work from the middle to the edges of the top, to drive any bubbles out.

We ended up developing a few small crinkles as we went over the sink hole. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of rolling out the big sheet (because all hands were occupied).

You may want to do two coats of contact cement on the edges, as it may try to absorb into the edge.

We did not wrap copper around the back edge, as we didn’t see any reason to do so.

We settled on a type of fold that leaves a little seam on each corner edge, but the seam faces away from the dominate viewing angle, so it’s virtually invisible. The corners will take a bit of time, as you’re going to have to apply contact cement to every place that is being adhered down, and some of the folds will not have been covered the first time you put cement everywhere. Mounting the copper to the backsplash went just like the big sheets, only there were more corners to deal with. After the countertop and backsplash were all adhered, we used lacquer to seal all of it. The lady spent two days applying the lacquer, four coats total. I would have just let it age and develop its own patina over time. The short runs were easy, but the long run did not want to sit flush against the counter top.

We left it like that for about 18 hours, which was plenty of time.

We managed to butt up two machined edges perfectly and the lacquer provides the seal.

Marble Countertops Tulsa by stonemengranite.com

There are none in natural stone countertops, so they won’t affect a homes indoor air quality. Choosing the best stone for your project depends on your intended use. Not to mention the unique nature of granite and the character each piece brings to your home. Marble is still a highly sought after choice because of its beauty and how it patinas over time. The great thing about natural surfaces in bathrooms is the tranquility and sense of peace. Our customer satisfaction is second to none, as each and every job passes inspection by at least two levels of company personnel. Well cared for natural stone surfaces age beautifully, adding to the value and enjoyment of your home. Granite is an awesome choice for countertops because of its durability. Marble can provide extraordinary patterns, while softer than granite it is a favorite of bakers for the cool quality it brings to surfaces. For an upscale effect many homeowners are impressed by natural stone for bathrooms.

We inspect the product before it leaves the shop and again after installation.

Quartz Countertops by millcreekcarpet.com

Though the quartz surface can briefly tolerate moderate temperatures for a brief time, it can be damaged by high heat and prolonged exposure to heat. Its non-porous nature is also extremely hygienic, making it a food-safe choice. Continuous long-term exposure to direct sunlight may result in slight discoloration of natural quartz surfaces. As with any other stone or surface material, strong chemicals and solvents, oven cleaners and floor strippers will damage the surface.

Permastone Tulsa by permastonetulsa.com

We take the time to listen to what you need and work with your custom home builders or remodeling contractors. Remodeling or custom building allows you to create the kitchen space that highlights your style and creates a functional, beautiful and welcoming space for family and friends. Developing your bathroom into a place of quiet retreat is a goal for many homeowners. If you are looking for something else, we will work with you to find the perfect slab. Very quick to find answers to all of my questions and very good to communicate times and dates. They stand behind their products from the sale to installation ensuring you’re satisfaction. Anyone who loves to cook knows how important having the right sink in a kitchen is for ease of food prep and clean up. Write us a message, or give us a call, we would love to hear from you. Classic to exotic, our natural stone counters add a look that simply cannot be duplicated. Crew that installed were friendly and efficient and even swept the floor before leaving. Can’t say enough good things about the owners, installers and sales reps. In most cases, quartz is not considered a true natural stone countertop material as it is not 100% natural stone.

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