We have tumbled marble tile in our newly renovated master bathroom shower. Congratulations on surviving a remodel; your bathroom sounds beautiful. Since your shower is newly remodeled, hopefully you don’t have a mildew problem yet and can take steps now to avoid one in the future. A well-ventilated room will dry out quickly; using a squeegee to remove moisture from the shower walls will also help reduce mildew growth.

They also suggest keeping samples of your tile so that if you do end up with a mildew problem that needs a stronger cleaner, you can experiment on the sample tiles to see if limited use would be acceptable.

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Our care and high standards culminate in the durable beauty of our cultured marble. Many problems and stains can be avoided by attention to proper use of your product. Hair dye and shoe polish can be removed by using polishing compound. A professional cultured marble repairman in your area should repair deeper scratches and more major problems.

You can protect the splendor of your product and ensure a long life of trouble-free service by observing a few simple procedures. With a minimum of care, you will have many happy years to enjoy its beauty. Certain chemicals can seriously damage your product, even during brief periods of contact.

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Strong cleaning products and acids can etch and dull marble surfaces. Whether you keep your marble statue indoors or out, it requires regular care and cleaning to maintain its smooth, delicate appearance. When the poultice is completely dry, scrape it away from the marble statue with the plastic knife or spatula.

Whether you keep your marble statue indoors or out, it requires regular care and cleaning to maintain its smooth, delicate appearance. Strong cleaning products and acids can etch and dull marble surfaces. A poultice can remove deep stains that you can’t remove with a general cleaning solution. Dip a sponge or cloth into the soapy water and wipe over the marble statue. Rinse the marble statue thoroughly to remove any residue and dry it with a towel. Apply a thick layer of poultice to any stained areas with a plastic knife or spatula. If not, replace the plastic wrap and allow it to dry for another 24 hours. Rinse any poultice residue from the marble statue and dry it with towel.

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I did not look too closely to see if the pad scratched the bowl or not, but the stain is gone now. As you can see from all the ideas listed, lots of different and diverse things have worked. I would think that if you have let the cleaner stay in the bowl for any length of time, that it would be harder to remove.

It worked like a charm, easy to use and didn’t have to scour like other products. Neither has straight vinegar nor bleach removed or faded the stain. It actually looks and feels like the blue stain has been completely absorbed into the porcelain. That is surprising though, since porcelain is used for things like toilets because it is not very porous at all, and doesn’t absorb much. This causes microscopic pitting of the surface which can trap a residue of the cleaner. By that point the entire bowl and tank were stained light blue with a dark blue line at the water mark. Costco had an 8 pack of these blue kind that clip to the rim to keep the toilet clean.

This product is dark blue and is leaving streaks in the toilet bowl.

It left a blue ring at the water line as well as larger stains where the gel had sat. For example, you should never mix cleaning supplies where one contains bleach and another ammonia, since that can create toxic fumes. One of our toilet bowls turned entirely blue below the water line after the mother-in-law tried to clean it with a blue toilet cleaning product.

I did add more, about 3 times, and just used the toilet brush and it looks like new again. The blue line does not appear to be from lime or calcium scale as there is no crusty residue. I tried vinegar and baking soda mixed together and it came out! The blue cleanser leaked out of the bottle and stained my white laminate countertop blue. Folex worked great with a little bit of elbow grease and one of those green scrubbies! Then add water to the toilet so the water goes just above the blue line, submerging it completely. However, if the toilet is more than a few years old, it is possible that the surface has become eroded or worn.

In most cases, this residue will disappear as the toilet is used and flushed. This is an independent site which allows people to review a large number of cleaning and laundry products. I just pour some of the cream on a sponge and gently scrubbed the ring away. So there is no possibility of putting a chlorine tablet in the back like our other toilets. Besides that it didn’t work at keepping the toilet clean, it left the dreaded blue ring at the top of the water level.

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Further, some cleaning methods can harm your item, so if what you want to clean or launder is sentimental or expensive call a professional.


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