I remember 10 years ago we receive many phone calls about “absolute black” granite monuments. I remember monument company owners telling me they had to pull the stones and polish them from 1000 grit diamond to final polish, using radial arm machines, to correct the problem. The problem with lacquers and waxes is that you are just covering up the fact that the stone is not really factory polished. The problem with actually polishing the stone is that you will have to do the entire surface to make it look uniform and to prevent dull marks from occurring anywhere else on the surface.

How To Maintain A Stone Countertop This Old House | Duration 3 Minutes 47 Seconds

Chuck reiterated my story on the mystery of the black granite monuments of the past. This made the stone not only sensitive to acids but even standing water with enough dwell time would discolor the stone”.

Any liquid can cause the dullness including water stains from a glass. I have granite tops all over my house that have been sealed, water, milk and other liquids get on them every day, and they are in perfect shape. Other people claim they bought from overseas suppliers that they picked up for a great price. I am wondering if these tops were ever really polished or if they were just honed and then lacquered at the factory to make them shine. These monuments looked great when they were installed but after a rainstorm, they had streak marks that would not come out.

As soon as some liquid settles on the stone again, the dullness will show, and you will have to wax it again. It just goes to show you that if something is cheap, there is usually a reason.

How To Remove Stains From Granite Countertops by finishing.com

For most granite stains apply 50% bleach to 50% water in a poultice powder. One area did require two applications, but really cannot say [enough about] how good this was. I was transporting hot grease from a metal container to a plastic container. I did clean it up immediately but the next day two stains appeared. If you could help me with this dilemma it would greatly be appreciated. Still, there are light & dark granites; porous & polished granites; unsealed, factory-sealed, & site-sealed granites; and there are stains of a 1001 varieties. We have now experienced the same stain and am wondering what to do? Does anyone know how to remove embedded coffee stains on granite?

Can anyone tell me how to get coffee stains out of a new, light-colored granite counter? Precautions must be taken with chlorine as it has powerful bleaching effects and it must not come in contact with any acids. The granite shop isn’t returning my phone calls after we had words over the quality of the seam and polishing.

Our table in the kitchen, connected to island is the same brushed granite. Alas, the black granite power kitchens of the late 80’s, early 90’s got us to love granite but not the black color. I think the new granites must be lower grade and not properly sealed to have all the problems described here.

I will continue to apply the baby powder over the next couple days. For oil and other stains try placing a hot wet terry cloth towel on the stain with a iron on full steam right on top, then try the common poultice, the steam will help breakdown the residue and the poultice will draw out the stain. It has been a huge nightmare, trying poultice after poultice. This inadvertently soaked the granite from underneath and a dark stain spread to the top and lip of the countertop overhanging the sink. My husband dropped and broke a bottle of olive oil on our granite counter while cooking.

People have told us what worked for them, and others have responded that they worked in some cases but not in others. The hot pot, which was only on the granite for a few seconds, left a white mark. In our kitchen, there are some patched created on the black granite because of hot pots put on it.

Can anyone suggest some quick solution to get rid of the white patches? We had granite installed last week and it is already stained. Just about everything stains it, even if you try like mad to keep it spotless. They came well recommended and were not even close to the cheapest bid. Attempting to see if she has had difficulty finding resolution through said company? One thing to always remember is that every granite is different based on country, color, grade, & pattern. The entire end area where my son eats is a darker, dull color now, and same situation around the cooktop.

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