The results were so amazing, we decided to try their kitchen countertop paint kit as well. We used our own gray paint for this step, because the kit doesn’t include gray paint. When that was dried we sponged a little more of the white limestone paint as well. We drew lines on our cups with a sharpie to indicate 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1 cup.

Seattle Granite Sealing Restoring The Shine And The Truth About Permanent Granite Sealer | Duration 2 Minutes 22 Seconds

You will definitely want to wear plastic gloves when using this stuff, it gets very sticky and is hard to wash off your hands. Once it was mixed as directed, we poured it directly onto the counters starting with the backsplash. Some of it will run off the front of the counters, which is why it’s so important to prep carefully. Then we remixed what was left of our second box of glaze and patched these areas. And honestly, because of our setbacks, it isn’t a perfect finish everywhere. It perfectly compliments and highlights the cabinets, appliances and counters.

As for the countertop kit itself, it was really easy to use and made a drastic improvement in the kitchen. Here is another before and after (actually before and in-progress because we aren’t done yet) shot. We also need to repaint that door you see (which leads to a laundry room) to match the cabinet and trim color.

We had to modify the directions a bit to get that look because the kit is intended to replicate granite. We had also removed the old cabinet hardware and spackled it with wood filler, which is why you see the brown spots on the cabinet doors. This kit only comes with a small can of the white paint, so if you are going for the marble look, you will need extra of that. We were careful not to get too carried away with the veining because we wanted a clean, simple look. So for the next step, we sponged some of the pearl paint onto the counters to add depth and interest. Then we traced over some of our gray veining, but not all so some would be darker than others. This time we also sponged on some more of the dark pewter gray paint that we had used for veining. From what we read, it’s really messy to work with, but using it would result in a super high gloss glaze which we thought would make the counters look even more realistic.

How To Give Your Car A Glossy Shine Chemical Guys Car Care | Duration 7 Minutes 1 Seconds

Whatever the super glaze gets on, it stays on so we took extra time to prep for this considering we had to do it right here in the kitchen. We covered everything in the kitchen with disposable drop cloths and painters tape before beginning, we even tented the sink area with plastic. We used mixing bowls from the dollar store to mix the 2 parts together.

We worked in sections and carefully spread the glaze all around. Not realizing this, we spread it until we were sure everything was evenly coated and then stopped there. Once it was fully set, we noticed it had separated in some spots, like little dents or dimples. If you do have this problem and have to redo it, make sure you use brand new spreaders so you get a smooth finish. I took these photos the day we painted them, which is why the outlet covers are missing.

Gloss Kitchen Worktops by

They take all the punishment, double up as chopping boards/ bread boards, are heat-resistant and are easy to wash in the sink. I had to buff them up after wiping otherwise they showed up water marks which looked awful.

This time around we went for a brown toned much more mottled effect with an etched surface which is much easier to keep looking good. She is going for granite this time around but it was just too expensive for me to consider. We were warned off high-gloss surfaces in several showrooms – we were told that even placing plates down on the surface can cause tiny scratches which just get worse and worse.

For a new-build laundry room we did not want to go to the expense of granite, and although we loved the look of gloss finish we settled for un-glossed just to avoid the hassle and to keep the room looking nice in the long term. They do have to be buffed after you have cleaned to give it that shine you want, and they do show a few water marks but thats all. If you’re on a budget, and look after your things, go for the gloss. If you (and anyone else in the home) take every care with them you can keep them looking good.

We’re choosing a new kitchen and like the gloss worktops but am suspicious of their reistance to scuffs and scratches. I have had them down for about 3 years and not a scratch on them! Choosing granite does take the hassle factor out of the equation but it comes at a price. Someone mentioned using baby oil on them (never tried it yet) but just to say that baby oil is fab on stainless steel cookers.

Amazon: Somaca Hi Gloss Stone Countertop Cleaner by

Well three hours later and all of our stainless steel appliances (double ovens, fridge, dishwasher and range top) are all unbelievably shiny. I tested an area by spraying windex over it to see what would happen if it’s removed and nothing. I guarantee it’s the best you’ll use on granite and stainless steel alike. Application is simple: spray, rub with paper towel, let it sit for a minute or two, buff with a micro cloth.

It protects your stone surfaces from water stains and household spills. After an installation, leave a can with your customer and they will become a customer for life.

Inazuma Eleven Go Shine/Dark Walkthrough Hd Episode 15 There’S A New Goalie In Town | Duration 31 Minutes 51 Seconds

After years of cleanings and normal wear, you need to maintain that shine.

Our granite countertops look beautiful and the pleasant scent makes walking into the kitchen a pleasure. Won’t use again until they make an unscented version of this product. Now need to find the best wood cleaner, glass cleaner, shower cleaner.

Paint by

You can see that the reflective gloss is absent on the hood.

The quality of a mirror, for instance, is not as dependent on the glass as much as the overall flatness of the silvering reflective coating or layer. One reason is the metal flake to make it silver will lay differently depending on the state of electrostatic charge. That makes a very easy instant visual comparison, making the slight difference very obvious. Any color difference or gloss difference would be obscured as the light angle is different. The clear coat will amplify whatever condition the base coat is, so if it’s matt to start with it won’t improve much. Then apply meguirs machine gloss, that basically acts as a thin coat of clear. Put about 10 coats of sealer on and it will shine like it was cleared because essentially you have cleared it. Plan to put about 100 hours in if your like me and don’t listen to anyone and just like to learn the hard way. Maybe 6 cans to get it really thick so you can then go nuts polishing it to mirror like finish. That is pretty much it listen to this and save my last 30 hours of work.

Find a garage and hang sheets of plastic to create a box large enough for your vehicle and you to work in. You should now have a clean temporary painting booth to paint in. Before you pull your car into the box, use the fine mist setting on a garden hose and wet the air filter, as well as the insides of the plastic of the box. Use isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the surface of your vehicle to get rid of any oil. Install a metal chain to the underside of your vehicle so it drags on the ground. Before pulling the vehicle in, spray the booth one more time with water.

Using the spray distance you just determined, spray the cardboard/metal and count how long it takes for the paint to run.

Diy How To Paint Mirror Like Finish *Step By Step Using Rustoleum Oil Based Paint / Part 1 | Duration 18 Minutes 35 Seconds

Metallic paint can look different when sprayed at different angles. Single stage paint has the color and clear coat mixed into each other.

You can use moist towels and rags wit the rubbing compound to make a hard surface on the rag after repeatedly buffing.

You will see the surface of the paint improve over time begin to shine. Wet sanding and buffing when you’re done would make it smooth as glass, which would not match the orange peel on the oem paint. The original problem was probably the expectation of a profession grade finish, starting with parts-store rattle cans. Lack of sanding could make clear coat peel, but that’s not your problem.

Since the can said “high gloss finish”, you’d expect it to be glossy. Below are two pictures of what my hood looks like now, compared to the rest of the car. This needs to be perfectly smooth before clear, even if it appears dull. To the eyes and brain it would just seem like a shadow and dismissed. A coat thick enough to get a glossy sheen is seen but not too thick that runs develop is the proper technique. To fix it, sand the surface back to smooth with 600 grit sandpaper and then re-spray with three coats about 15 minutes apart. This surface should be perfectly flat before clear to provide the “shine” to the clear coat.

It still doesn’t quite have the gloss of the original paint job, but definitely an improvement from before. Once the paint surface is totally smooth and you have not created any deep scratches by anything under 1000 grit ( which is easy to do if you don’t ramp up the grits). I use meguirs diamond cut 2, then using meguirs dual action polisher to get it pretty smooth. Then use a sealer such as cquartz or others which will help to lock in that layer and add the depth and specular ( reflection ).

Inazuma Eleven Go Shine/Dark Walkthrough Hd Episode 13 Taiyou’S Debut | Duration 23 Minutes 39 Seconds

If it comes out bad you can always polish once you learn the skill. It leaves a lot of overspray and peal than needs to be sanded at 800 1000 1200 then wool pad to cut that down and cut then foam pad to remove swirls. New paint doesn’t stick to glossy surfaces as much as it would to dull surfaces. Get as much dust off as possible (even on areas not being painted). Go back to the plastic sheet box in the garage and cut a hole just large enough to fix the box fan in. You could possibly use a ladder to help keep the fan mounted.

The fan keeps positive airflow into the plastic box and the filter will do as much as possible to keep dust/bugs out. Your box should have very little dust floating around inside, and the humidity will help allow your paint to flow out better since your automotive spray can paint nozzle is nowhere close to a quality spray gun.

To spray: open your hand and look at the distance between your thumb and pinky. That’s how wide you want your spray pattern to be, and also how far away from the painting surface. Then take a sheet of cardboard or metal and hang it on a wall somewhere. Using that knowledge, determine how fast or slow you need to spray before your paint job will start to run. This is especially necessary if youre painting with metallic paint. Too many people get too anxious to spray the next coat and your paint will start to run. This means that you don’t need to go back and spray clear coat after.

Dual stage will bring out the best shine, but it’s more difficult to do.

Start with 1000 grit sandpaper, you can use this with water to carry away the fine debris. You did not need to sand the base coat, and, when applied properly, you don’t need to wet sand and buff the clear. You sprayed from too far away, didn’t overlap enough, and didn’t lay it on anywhere near heavy enough. The clear coat doesn’t make gloss, it only enhances a perfectly flat finish.

213 Rubbing Out A High Gloss Finish | Duration 7 Minutes 8 Seconds

Anything with metallic “flake” is also a big problem, as this answer mentions. Using their 2k products will allow you to match the reflection coefficient, which is what you need to do. It will say you have two options, matte and gloss, but you actually have more. Different waxes will help you vary the reflection coefficient for perfect matching between these 3-5 levels, but it is better to match the clear coat coefficient of reflection so you don’t need to use different waxes for each body part. After all, it is pretty dumb to be answering a question that was already correctly answered!

How To Get A High Gloss Finish On Your Painted Furniture by

It’s 5 easy steps that involve a lot of prep, sanding and waiting while coats dry. Between layers of your flat paint and certainly when you’re happy with the color and coverage, go over the entire piece with some super fine sand paper.

You might find you sand right through the paint in some spots in pursuit of this smoothness. Now that you’ve finished painting, it’s time to seal and protect all your hard work! Again, counter intuitive to stand poly but you’re trying to maintain that smooth, perfect surface. You’ll feel like you’re working inside a clear nail polish bottle! That leaves a bit of a raised texture but since you’re going to go over it with a light sanding anyway, it doesn’t matter.

I didn’t have the experience you’re describing at all with this method. I would do, then finish it with a high gloss version if whatever color paint you were using. I need to sand the stain off or just get it to a point where there are no chips or scratches. I will try using the spray during a cool day in the fall and see if it makes any difference and report back! I read your disclaimer at the top of your post and realized when i got to the end and saw the rustoleum brand.

I don’t want to mislead anyone into ruining a project at the very last step! But if you’re looking to recreate the look of lacquer, creating and keeping a totally smooth surface throughout the project is essential. All that matters is that you’re starting with a surface free of dings and scratches. I know all this prep work can seem tedious and so not fun but this is arguably the most important step to getting that mirror-like finish in your final product. Now that you’ve got a clean, smooth surface, it’s time to paint! More important than the brand of paint you pick though is the finish.

Flat paint provides the maximum adhesion for your high gloss finishing layer. Use a mini foam roller and a light touch – multiple thin coats are better than one very heavy coat.

Get out any brush strokes, rogue brush bristles…anything that is keeping your piece from having a totally flat, smooth surface. If that happens just touch-up those spots, wait for it to dry then sand around it. You might even want to get out the vacuum depending on how many nooks and crannies you’re working with. Water based poly (pictured above) is much easier to work with, dries quickly and is much less toxic. So in this step you want to put down at least 2 thin layers of your polycrylic and yes, sand all over between coats. But this is the secret to getting a hard, crystal clear look to your project.

They were originally black and we’ve already sanded it down and painted the base white coats. Not white or you’ll spend the summer putting peacock blue coats on that thing!

Just sand to the point where you have a smooth surface to work with. Per your suggestion, we’ve purchased a high gloss version of the matte color we started with. Well my first disappointment is that the clear gloss turned my cream (antique linen ) tabletop yellow……. I just wanted to let everone know that it can be done but just not on light pieces.

Hi Gloss Flooring by

The more soft furnishings, wall hangings etc you have, the less of a problem it will be. You may get some terrible echo with a bare floor – try clapping and see how it sounds. You may have to experiment to find the most effective place for it though. It’s often the case that the theory isn’t always the same as in practice. You should then get an idea of what bare floors will sound like without having used the gloss flooring. Music requirements are often quite different to home cinema, so you may have to make comprimises with one over the other.

You might notice that one of the bonuses of high gloss floors (when you haven’t got a rug) is that you get to see two tv images! I would have a good solid hardwood floor instead of carpet (or glossy laminates) anyday. My living room has a solid ash hardwood floor that has a satin finish and lots of variation in the grain. All wooden floors will dent if you don’t use pads underneath furniture etc but some woods are softer than others so go for ash or oak. The easiest way to clean laminate is to buy one of those swiffer mops, they will just pick up all the fluff. I had my granite floor tiles laid about a year ago and they’re still in perfect condition. Obviously high gloss shows up the dust and you also tends to find irritating bits of crud even after you’ve hoovered, but cleaning once a week isn’t a problem. They’ll give you some idea of what’s involved in owning the floor and the ‘damage’ that won’t be covered. Like most generalisations that’s not true, after all the carpet hasn’t sorted your problem. For a cheap experiment get 4 bales of fluffy fibreglass insulation and stack two in each corner nearest the speakers, still in their plastic.

You could try opening the top bale and the sound will change again.

It’s a cheap alternative to high cost acoustic absorbers that are not neccessary in the majority of cases. If you want to know more about the physics, there’s plenty of sites on the interweb – google will provide you with hundreds! Luckily, your sub is not fixed so you can move it around the room until it sounds better!

If it is echoing, the only way round it would be to put a rug on the floor. If the floor is the only thing that’s changed, then that’s all you should need to treat.

You could remove the carpet, and fit everything back into the room much as it was before, and see what it sounds like. You might find it perfectly acceptable with the volume levels you’re happy with. They used the example referred to earlier, of clapping one’s hands, and listening to the reverberations. If you drop the tube end on, the noise that it makes is the frequecy that it absorbs. My concern with the elesgo in a media room wouldn’t be the sound but with a floor that shiny, the light that’s reflected off it.

I love the look of high gloss flooring but the point is it only looks nice when it’s spotless. However, it’s not all gloom and doom it’s all about slight compromise. It looks fantastic and doesn’t show up any marks unless you’re specifically looking for them and doesn’t dent very easily either. But at £5 (or maybe more) for four, they’re not particularly good value. Adrenochrome , can you expand on what you mean by scratch resistant and scratch proof? I think your main problem really is what will it sound like, would you not be prepared to put a rug in the room if it sounded really bad? Also find out if the floor can be refinished or not, most laminates can’t. It may even be accentuating the echo by absorbing the sound over a limited range but not the frequencies where the echo is, so making it stand out more. Then when you’ve finished, as they look a bit rubbish in the living room put it in the loft and have a warmer winter. Carpet (particulary with a thick underlay) is a great broadband absorber particulary in the mid to high spectra, and that’s why a lot of professional installations have carpet panels on the walls.

The place where carpet fails is in the very low end of the spectrum. You may find that re-positioning the sub solves your problem though.

Bringing Out A Shine? by

The only problem with paste wax is it requires periodic buffing to remove smudges if it’s handled a lot. A hard finish can be worked to a very high sheen which isn’t possible with a soft finish such as polyurethane varnish.

A further polish with automotive compound will create a full mirror gloss…. Sherwin williams sells a mid grade lacquer for around 75 dollers a can. I should have been more clear in my objective, that being to have the wood completely level before attempting to polish a hard finish. I made some jewelry boxes for my wife and child about 6 years ago of cedar. I have used it on cedar, oak, plywood, etc and it has worked for me. So like others here who sanded thiis process worked forr me as well.

Then go back and sand with 220 through 400… not enough to get to the bare wood, but almost. Your project should look like a mess at this poinr, but when you wipe on a few more thin coats, you should have the glassy look you’re going for. I have gotten some extraordinarily smooth tactile glass-like finishes by using auto rubbing compound as the last operation.

Jewelry boxes get little, if any, hard use and polyurethane isn’t needed on one. Sure, you can heap 17 coats of something and get a gloss, but a nice, thin glass smooth finish is another matter entirely. At this point, sand with 220 and do it again if pores are not completely filled. Next, 1 or 2 more coats of oil with 400 sanding in between or a 0000 scrubby. In my opinion, its worth the investment in time to learn the process in depth….and it’s no crime for finishing and prepping to take as long, or longer, than the project itself. What you have now done is, in effect, filled the pores with your poly.

Occasionaly you will have to repeat the buildup and sand down process before you get it just right.

7 Tips You NEED To Know Before You Use High Gloss Spray Paint by

Make sure the piece you’re going to paint is wiped down, and is either stripped or sanded sounds pretty well.

Shake that can like a boss for one minute each time before you spray. Make sure you let each layer of paint dry completely, and that means let it dry for several hours before you spray another layer. If it’s too hot or too cold you’ll have issues with the paint not sticking, cracking, and not drying fast enough. I would highly recommend you use high gloss spray paint, because it can really add some drama to a piece. I definitely recommend using high gloss paint on pieces that aren’t going to be touched all of the time because you can see finger prints on it and etc. I hope this inspires you to use high gloss spray paint on your projects! I actually do use spray paint fairly often, but not high gloss!

A lot of it was due to my mistake, some of it was technique, and being really ignorant to the face that using satin vs high gloss is like night and day.

I painted a little too thick and once the paint dried, it started to crackle. Rustoleum’s grip spray attachment; it makes things so much easier! I love to find cheap stuff at garage sales, yard sales, and thrift shops that can be fixed up.

I can’t wait to see what projects you’ve been working on this week. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

Stone Trends: Polished Honed Or Leathered Finish? by

Honed finishes are especially popular for marble, since marble will develop a patina over time and not having the surface polished in the first place can help embrace this look from the outset. This appeals to busy homeowners who don’t want to clean up all the time. This brings balance to the room, with many consumers wanting their countertop to shine and stand out as the focal point of the kitchen. The choice of finish will also affect the depth and richness of color. The slab is placed on an automated conveyor system that moves it through the stages of the finishing process.

Different stone finishes are achieved according to the stage in the process when the finishing stops. The stone will appear slightly darker with richer color after this finish is applied. Not all stones can be polished to a high gloss finish so it’s best to check with your fabricator before selecting your stone if you want this finish. The look of the finish varies depending on the stone type, from a matte appearance to a low sheen. This finish can make the stone look lighter or “greyed out”, especially if applied to dark surfaces. Also used for interior wall covering, table tops, vanities and countertops. It is most commonly seen on darker granites and gives the stone a textured appearance while retaining its natural color. Leathered granite hides fingerprints, water spots and smudges well. We’ll also take you to shop at and negotiate with the same factories we purchase from. During your trip, you will have the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes at stone quarries and factories.

In the world of stone, while polished surfaces are still the most popular choice, some homeowners are opting for honed or leathered surfaces to bring a different dimension to spaces like kitchens.

Leathered surfaces offer a different look and feel, and from a practical point of view they can also be lower maintenance – fingerprints, watermarks and crumbs are less conspicuous than on a shiny, polished finish.

On the other hand, one of the benefits of polished surfaces is the contrast of the shine against the cabinets, which are often wood. The surface finish you select will affect the look and feel of your space and also the maintenance of your stone. The finishing process starts with a rough slab of granite at the processing plant. A series of polishing wheels apply pressure to the slab to buff and grind the stone. Diamond head brushes and waterjets may also be used, depending on the desired finish. Polished granite will retain its shine for a very long time so this makes it relatively easy to clean and care for. Polished stone is not usually recommended for flooring due to its slippery surface. Honed finishes need to be resealed more often than polished finishes, but because of the lack of shine flaws can be concealed more easily. Often used for flooring, stairs or other areas where water might make a surface too slippery for a polished finish to be safe.

A leathered surface usually has a soft sheen to it, but is much less shiny than the glossy look of a polished slab. A leathered finish is most often used for countertops, vanities and outdoor applications. During your trip, you will have the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes at stone quarries and factories. We’ll also take you to shop at and negotiate with the same factories we purchase from.


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