When you own a granite countertop you are conveying pride in your home because they are very beautiful and just as expensive. Many granite countertops are finished with polyurethane or stone wax which gives them a great shine. Attach the 120-grit sandpaper to the sander and use medium pressure as you sand down the area. Once the granite’s surface looks dull and you can feel the texture of the granite the finish is removed.

Etching On Polished Black Granite | Duration 14 Minutes 40 Seconds

You will first want to mix the epoxy in a plastic bowl you do not mind throwing away when you are finished. After both parts have been mixed use a plastic spoon to fill the etches in the granite countertop. You repair a granite countertop in several ways but for etching in the surface the best bet is to use epoxy. Trying out other methods now could damage the granite and your repair efforts.

Granite is not as soft as marble but can still be damaged by various methods from food to home appliances. Etching a granite countertop is not that easy to do but when it does happen you should not panic. This will moisten the granite and will show you where and how deep the etchings and grooves are.

Unfortunately this has to be done or else the new finish will not adhere or the repair epoxy will not set. Wipe it down with a damp rag to remove the dust created from you sanding it down. The putty knife will be used to smooth the epoxy out as well as push it deeper in the etch. After the epoxy has dried you can gently sand it down in case you missed any lumps or noticeable areas that are raised.

Black Granite Stains by natural-stone-interiors.com

Taking a black stone with a few imperfections or color variations and dying it a solid black. Sometimes stones are maliciously doctored to obtain a higher price. Altering the color of a stone without telling you is most common with the black granites. On other stones, a topical paint might be applied to change the color of the stone. Over time the doctoring agent wears off leaving rings or marks lighter than your stone. Have the fabricator put in writing that the stone has no artificial colors or temporary dyes applied.

Sometimes they are doctored to make them look like a more expensive stone but are sold for less.

Remove Stains And Etching From Marble | Duration 9 Minutes 44 Seconds

An industrial oil or a shiny black wax is applied to the surface of a gray stone to make it appear blacker or darker. The edges of a doctored stone will look like a varnish was carelessly applied. If you were unaware of the doctoring and you paid for a different stone than was installed, have the fabricator replace it with the correct stone.

If the doctoring produces a temporary result and you are unaware of it, that is deceptive”.

Discoloured Black Granite by marblecleaning.org

If that wasn’t confusing enough, each and every one of them are processed with even if so slightly methods – which again can make a difference. In the last couple of years there’s been a change in the scenario above. Since they are cheap (to the importers) they push them like cra z y at full black absolute granite prices. All things considered, black “granite” – which should be considered among the most enjoyable materials as a kitchen countertop – has made it out my own list of recommended stones.

The granite has gone grey in colour where squash was split. It can be fixed professionally, of course, but it can’t be prevented. Until the industry will not straighten its act up by becoming serious about the classification of all the different “granites” on the marketplace and dictate strict rules and guidelines about their characteristics and implied guarantees to the consumers, my position is going to be that from now on.

Why Did My Black Granite Counter Top Discolor? by ctasc.com

The reason is that a repair guy had to come out to polish the seam (which was full of chips on the edge) and when he polished it the area is very noticeably gray and not black anymore. If the granite slab’s polished surface was adjusted then the fabricator should have repaired it so it matched the rest of the counter top. This is difficult for the fabricator because they might not know what the stone processor used originally.

There are stones that are sold as granite, but they are not true granite.

Then he mentioned that it’s impossible to polish it to match the color properly since the black granites are all dyed at the time they are created. Using an enhancer of some slabs of stone doesn’t necessarily make them low quality. The fact that the granite slab gets dark when subjected to water suggests that it absorbs moisture, indicating that it has some degree of porosity. These are considered commercial granite and they can be sold as granite. If it leaves a mark that you can’t remove then it is acid sensitive.

Doctored Black Granite Countertop Etching by countertopspecialty.com

We now realize that the stone top was doctored to make it appear blacker, as sometimes you get a black residue on the rag when cleaning it. To eliminate the etching problem you’ll have to remove whatever is on the surface that is etching leading to the white discolorations.

The typical way to fix a doctored countertop is to strip the dye off with a powerful solvent. If doctored, any acid will corrode and destroy the dye exposing the lighter-colored actual granite surface beneath. It could be that it’s the sealer residue that is reacting and not the granite. Typically this product is used to match un-resined edges to the color of the resined countertop surface.

At one point my husband applied a couple of coats of granite sealer on the surface (we can’t remember for certain if there were white spots before the sealer application) but new spots continue to form. Frankly if a doctored granite slab performed just like a typical granite countertop no one would care that much except for the frustration of paying more for a somewhat in-authentic product.

Granite Countertop Repair Rembrandt Countertops | Duration 6 Minutes 25 Seconds

Something acidic (some bath products) or something too alkaline (like nearly all common house cleaners) is doing the damage.

Nasty job, but when done you’ll have a true granite countertop that should not etch. Etching is usually only a problem with doctored black granite and only polished black granite gets dyed or doctored. This method can also work in some cases to color in or hide etch marks that have occurred on a doctored black granite countertop.

Cleaning Tips For 6 Types Of Stone Countertops by thespruce.com

Use trivets that allow airflow under the hot item, particularly slow cookers that expose counter surfaces to heat for several hours.

Small fissures in the stone may cause cracks if subjected to excessive weight. Even stone counters that are sealed can be etched by strong acids or harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach or ammonia. Light colored stone usually needs to be resealed every one to three years while darker colors can go three to five years. Just as with concrete floors, the key to easy care for concrete countertops is how the countertop is sealed. Carefully read the instructions on how often the sealant should be reapplied. For daily cleaning, simply mix one teaspoon of dish detergent in four cups of water and keep in a spray bottle. If you have hard water in your home, mineral deposits will eventually cause problems on concrete surfaces. If grinding and patching are required, it’s best to hire a professional. Allow the bleach to work for five to ten minutes and then rinse well with plain, cool water. If oils have penetrated the concrete sealant and stained the concrete, you’ll need both a solvent and something to absorb the oil.

Spread the mixture about one-fourth inch thick over the stain and cover with plastic wrap. Granite is naturally anti-bacterial and with the proper sealant, an easy to care for finish. Simply mix a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and four cups of water in a spray bottle. Always use a cutting board and trivets to prevent scratches from sharp objects and gritty items. Remove the plastic wrap and allow the mixture to dry completely, then wipe away. After cleaning, the stained area will need to be resealed to prevent further staining.

Most limestone is white or off-white in color with random, naturally occurring patterns in the stone.

How To Remove Etch Marks With Stone Pro Natural Touch Etch | Duration 2 Minutes 45 Seconds

Limestone is porous and scratches or discolors more easily than other stone surfaces. Stains can be removed by mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a thick paste.

Sealing will help with stains but acidic foods will etch marble very quickly.

Never use vinegar, glass cleaners with ammonia, or any type of harsh cleaner. Quartz countertops are engineered stone formed by combining randomly sized quartz crystals with resins and colored pigment to form a slab. One benefit of this manufacturing process is that quartz countertops are nonporous and do not need to be sealed or resealed. Avoid placing extremely hot items on the surface which can mar the resin. For daily cleaning, you can use a glass cleaner or any non-abrasive household cleaner, but stay away from abrasive, scouring pads. The downside of soapstone is that it is not as hard as some other stones, and the countertops can be easily scratched and chipped if hit with a heavy object.

We’ll take a look at the proper care of each specific type of stone countertop, but there are some general care tips that apply to all types. Excessive heat can cause a thermal shock, which may crack stone countertops. Most stone is sensitive to acidic foods like wine, citrus juices, vinegar, and salad dressings. Avoid chopping or slicing directly on the stone counter to prevent scratches. If your countertops have been finished with a sealant, it won’t last forever.

How often you need to reseal depends upon the type and quality of the stone and the color of the stone. The mixture is poured into a mold, and after drying, forms a durable solid surface. And, this is the time to avoid distilled white vinegar as a cleaner. Consider adding a water softening system or a water conditioner in your cleaning water.

Marble Granite Permanent Lifetime Sealer, Marble Etching St | Duration 6 Minutes 16 Seconds

These cannot be removed without buffing or grinding away the damage and resealing the surface. Discoloration stains from foods like coffee or mustard can usually be removed easily with chlorine bleach. Apply directly to the stain and weigh down with a heavy glass bowl. Do not leave the bleach on the stain for longer than ten minutes or damage to the sealant can occur. Remove the plastic wrap and allow the mixture to dry completely, then wipe away. The concrete will need to be resealed to prevent further staining.

After food preparation, give the countertops a quick spritz and wipe with a soft, microfiber cloth. Do not use harsh cleaners like foaming bathroom cleaners, vinegar, or lemon juice that can dull the finish of granite.

Spread the mixture about one-fourth inch thick over the stain and cover with plastic wrap. The downside of limestone countertops is that they require more care than other types of stone. The downside of marble is that the stone is quite porous, stains and scratches easily. Wipe down marble countertops daily with mild dish detergent and warm water using a soft cloth–skip the scrubbing sponges as well. Marble countertops should be resealed every three to six months to help prevent staining. The countertops are 93 percent quartz and 7 percent resin. The downside of quartz is that the color will fade if exposed for long periods of time to harsh, direct sunlight.

To enrich the color, soapstone countertops are often rubbed with mineral oil.

If scratching occurs, rubbing the area with mineral oil will help hide scratches and any discoloration from hard water spotting.

Doctoring Other Reasons For Etch Marks On Granite Countertops : Help Desk by countertopspecialty.freshdesk.com

However, there can be other variables involved when seeing dull and light spots on granite. Granite will not etch easily and this is usually not a problem with common foods, drinks, and products. For this reason, you should only use products made specifically for cleaning stone.

All About Marble Countertops | Duration 8 Minutes 26 Seconds

If either of the above is the case, then your only option is to hire a stone restoration professional to re-finish your stone. There is more demand for black granite, therefore it is more expensive. If your stone has been doctored, you’ll need to remove the black coating on the entire surface.

Nearly all suspected etching on granite involves polished black granite. However, granite can and does etch upon contact with very strong acids and/or from repeated exposure to acidic foods or cleaning products. Also, some rare varieties of granite (or stones sold as “granite) do exist typically referred to as “mutt” stones since they are of a mixed mineral composition that in some cases does etch. If so, then you’ll need to strip the resin or possibly it can be re-finished by a stone restoration professional.

It could potentially occur on a granite slab that was resined and then honed, but uncommon. This is a problem particularly with so-called “black” granite and on polished stones only. Well, this dye coating is sensitive to acids and will etch upon contact with many/most cleaning products, many foods, drinks and personal products creating dull and light-colored spots. This can be difficult and usually requires stripping the surface with potent solvents.

How To Save A Bundle On The Cost Of Granite Countertops by architypes.net

You might think you have to ‘go for broke’ when investing in kitchen counters.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that they are a more reasonably priced option than you initially thought and over the last few years prices have tumbled even lower in most parts of the country. After all, most are open late into the evening and seem to carry a pretty wide variety of granite. They specialize in one thing, fabricating granite countertops; and they are who the national chains hire to make your countertops for you anyway. The big chain store then turns around and charges you more for acting as the middle man in the sale. Because they only specialize in selling stone counters, they know which ones are the best for your kitchen.

On top of that getting multiple quotes from local companies is the best way to compare prices and make sure you’re not being overcharged. While slabs (that are custom fabricated specifically for your kitchen) are probably ideal, it’s not the only option you have. This isn’t ideal if you have a large area that needs to be covered–you risk having a hodge-podge look with lots of seams–but if you only need to cover a medium to small sized area, you could be in luck. Because they’re thinner than slab, they easy to cut with wet saw, making them a popular choice for oddly-shaped areas. Just remember that grout seams need to be sealed or your porous granite tiles could be even more susceptible to stains and etching than usual. Overlays are lighter and easier to work with than slabs, so you may be able to tackle installation yourself. Of course, overlays aren’t the same as counter fabricated from a slab, but they look very similar and can save you a great deal of money. There are numerous factors that can affect the final costs, so keep these in mind when you’re setting your budget. It’s worth asking ahead of time and it’s also worth making sure your homeowner’s insurance is up to date just in case there’s any damage done during the removal process. It has been smoothed of imperfections to the point that it’s shiny and it highlights the textures in the counter.

This hides imperfections a little better than a polish and it cuts down on glare from the surface of the countertop. The surface of the stone then looks and feels like textured leather.

Fortunately, even some of the more ‘basic’ and inexpensive edging styles can be pretty and add just the right amount of detail without adding to the bottom line. Your fabricator will have these and many more to choose from. Still, if you want full wall and are trying to stay on a budget, you could opt for granite tiles that match (or closely resemble) the countertop you have installed. This ceramic subway tile backsplash compliments the stone perfectly. Many people opt for a typical 4” backsplash on their granite countertops. Some retailers simply include the cost of the this backsplash style in the quote, so be sure to ask.

If you’re looking for a minimalist decor in your kitchen, this could be practical. Whether you’re buying from the guy down the street or the larger chain store, your stone’s ‘birthplace’ makes a huge difference to its price.

Much of the granite sold in this country is imported from other continents. These aren’t necessarily the most desirable colors for countertops, but if you don’t mind a less exotic stone, you can save money by buying domestically harvested granite. It’s the basic ‘supply and demand’ scenario that can fluctuate from year to year as the market’s tastes change. Be flexible with your choice and your fabrication details to save the most money. And if you do manage to get it installed and don’t support it properly it can crack in place.

If you get any quotes that are well below the national average you should be suspicious about how they are cutting costs. While it’s true that granite countertops can be expensive, there are lots of ways to keep the price at the lower end of the range. To make matters worse, what they do have is often not as good quality as what you’d find if you went down the road to your local stoneyard. When a local company is hired by a national chain store they are being paid as little as possible by the big company. You’ll get better customer service and in most cases lower prices by cutting out the middle man and working directly with the fabricator. They can also help you stay within your budget by guiding you to less expensive slabs and helping you save money by choosing edgings and thicknesses that won’t increase the cost.

If you’re unsure who in your area fabricates granite we can help you get in touch with local companies by filling out the form below. You could piece together the perfect countertop with remnants at a fraction of the price of buying a full-slab of granite. That way you don’t have to worry as much about finding similar remnants. However, the same resins that make them less heat resistant also make them non-porous, which means you won’t need to seal them. This saves you money and the inconvenience of having to wait for someone else to install them. Polished granite finishes are the most popular, but you can also choose between honed finish leathered as well. A leathered finish is created by the use of diamond tipped brushes used during fabrication. This is a great finish for hiding imperfections as well as bringing some character to the counter. If you look close you can see it’s a bit weathered looking and it’s easier to maintain. At a minimum, you’ll probably have a cutout for your kitchen sink and faucet.

These will all be made at the point of fabrication and will be included in the price, but the more you have, the higher the cost will be.

It also makes the kitchen look more finished and pulled together. Depending on the size of your kitchen, your backsplash can add anywhere from a couple of hundred to several hundred dollars. It looks amazing and protects your walls, but it may be more of a prestige thing than anything else. You might not like the look as much as using the same slab from the countertop, but it’s an option.

With few seams and perfectly matched granite, it can completely transform your kitchen. Because it’s such a relatively small amount of extra stone, it doesn’t drive the cost up by much, if any. The only real negative aspect of a shorter backsplash is the lack of protection for your walls, but this can be mitigated by using a full backsplash behind your cooking range and a 4” backsplash around the rest of the countertop. Obviously, the more exotic the stone, the higher the cost is likely to be, but there are other factors concerning your countertops origins that can directly affect the final cost of your countertops. This can add to your bottom line because the local retailer must absorb the cost of transit.

If that’s the case you may get lucky and they will pass the savings onto you. If you’re not too picky about a spcific color or variety, you can usually save a good amount by choosing a less popular color. If you drop it or handle it incorrectly it can crack, which definitely won’t save you any money. If you want professional results like these then leave installation to the pros. Plus, getting a professional look isn’t something just anyone can do. Do you know what is way cheaper than granite, looks exactly like it, and performs almost as well?

3 Ways To Remove A Scratch From A Granite Countertop by wikihow.com

Depending on the severity of scratch you’re trying to remove, you may need to consult a professional stone restoration expert to prevent worsening an already serious condition. To do so, you may have to allow your counter top to soak in a mild cleaner before wiping the cleaner away. Use cleaner and your tool to completely cleanse the scratch of buildup. You can use acetone on your granite to ensure a good degreasing.

You may want a ruler or a tape measure on hand so you can more precisely evaluate the size and depth of your scratch. If the water makes your scratch disappear, it’s highly likely you can remedy this scratch on your own. The dealer or contractor who sold and/or installed your granite counter tops may also do restoration and repair work. Deep scratches will need to be ground down with diamond pads until the top layer of the granite with the scratch in it is removed.

Both of these processes, if done incorrectly, can further damage or even ruin your counter top. This measure should only be taken if your counter top is already polished. If you can barely feel the scratches in the surface of your counter, a polishing paste may be your best alternative. These substances may interact with your polishing paste unfavorably. Different brands will require different procedures for you to achieve best results. In most cases, you’ll only need a little of your granite polishing agent to remove etching.

Using a coarse grade sandpaper, steel wool, or buffing paper could result in damage to your granite counter top. In this case, you should use a dry piece of #0000 steel wool to buff out your scratch(es). After several minutes of buffing, if you still notice no change in the appearance of your scratch, you’ll have to make use of other measures. However, if improperly or inexpertly performed, these methods can result in permanent deformation of your granite. Buffing can remove the top coating of your granite, which is also called the seal. If the water has spread or left a dark spot on your counter, it’s time to reseal your granite. Your local hardware store should have a counter top sealer suitable for your granite. Your hands may have transferred dirt, oil, or grime back to the counter top.

In most cases, this will be done with a brush, though your sealer might recommend using a cloth for application. Then you can wipe any excess sealer away with a dry cloth, and buff the area with small circular motions using a microfiber cloth.

These kits are specifically intended to repair small scratches or pits in your granite by filling the afflicted area with a hard drying clear acrylic patch. Scratches that you can feel obviously with your fingers are good candidates for acrylic repair. There are many different kinds of acrylic granite repair kit, including gels specifically formulated for counter tops. A color enhancer can brighten the color of your granite to its original hue, but a color enhancer can also hide small scratches that appear over time. You may want to test your color enhancer before applying it to a highly visible part of your counter. Then wipe the area with a cloth dampened with denatured alcohol to erase any unnecessary color.

However, there are some do-it-yourself fixes for minor scratches that can save you time and money. Depending on the state of your counter top, you may only need to clean your counter top with warm water and a mild soap to remove any dirt, grime, or buildup from it.

Stubborn grime that is firmly lodged in your scratch can be scraped out with a small tool or cleaning implement, like a toothpick or a cotton swab. For especially greasy counter tops, you may have to resort to more extreme measures. Make sure there is good ventilation in the room before applying your acetone to prevent the harmful fumes from building up.

The color of your granite can have an impact on the visibility of scratches; scratches in light colors will likely be more apparent than those in darker colors. If the scratch you are dealing with appears to be quite small, apply some water to it. You might see if he can assist your in your granite repair or recommend someone who is qualified to do the same. Etching occurs when a substance corrodes your counter, leaving behind a very slight mark on it that often looks like a stain, cup ring, or small blemish. Make sure your counter top is completely free of soap or any other cleaning agent you used to clean the scratch. Generally, you should use a small amount of polishing paste to begin with and apply moderate pressure when polishing. Use moderate pressure when buffing and small, circular motions that centralize around your scratch. You can gauge whether or not your counter top needs to be resealed with a simple drip test. Cleaning again will prevent these from being trapped beneath the seal. Most sealers only require about 15 minutes before adhering to the surface of your counter.

For this kind of treatment to be effective, you’ll need the scratch to be deep enough for the acrylic to take root. Very light scratches and etching can best be remedied with a polishing agent or light buffing. This treatment can work especially well for scratches that are invisible when wet. The surface should also be dry unless otherwise indicated by your enhancer. Use a small amount of enhancer on an out of view spot to make sure the enhanced color is to your liking. Allow the enhancer to sit on your counter top for the time indicated in the instructions – usually about 15 minutes. Scratches often leave behind a color that is lighter than the surface of your stone, but these can be rendered invisible with a permanent or paint marker matching the color of your counter. Color in the scratch with your permanent or paint marker until the scratch is no longer clearly visible. Just be sure to use it in a well ventilated area and never use near or with bleach.

How To Fix Water Marks On Black Granite by fullerstonecare.com

Nonetheless, you may have noticed some white water spots or rings on your stone.

To correct the problem, you need to strip away all the old sealant.

We know the correct techniques for stripping sealant and we will not damage your stone in the process. You can expect to see an intriguing collection of articles developing here.

To get rid of these kinds of water marks, you simply need to clean the stone. To keep hard water spots from returning, make more of an effort to wipe up splashes as soon as they occur rather than letting them dry. In fact, most dark granites are so dense that the sealant won’t even soak into the stone. This can leave a streaky residue as well as potentially create problems with water marks. If you discover your granite has been doctored soon after installation, you should definitely contact your stone dealer and demand new stone.

Absolute Nightmare by bestcountertop.net

During the remainder of the construction phase, the countertops were left exposed and scratches soon appeared. The explaination was the granite “might” be resin filled and had clouded. Sure enough, the lemon juice test shows up as a slighlty lighter spot.

It also goes by many different names so you can never be sure what you are getting. I don’t want to get into a “you know what” match with them but rather state the facts so it’s clear. I know better but needed just a little more data to call the bluff. Seemed strange at the time but they insisted it was on the up and up. Whether it’s the fab guys knowingly selling an inferior product or the suppliers themselves, someone is at fault. The fab company in question may not have known but the customer service from them has been very disappointing. We love the house and the neighborhood and the builder has been upfront with us most of the time. When it came to the tile and granite w ork, they brought in a new company and we were the first house to use them. The people who built the house live in the neighborhood too thus the vested interest. I can say the competition in the area seems to be stiff however.

If you look at it with indirect light, you can’t see the problem areas. I may try to take a picture of the cloudy areas and some of the other issue areas. Both felt they could get the cloudy spots to shine again however neither would attempt to fix the crack.

A few pieces of cardboard taped together and the top was traced from the bottom with a pencil. Because of the layout, the only solution was to use a makita and take a chunk out that way. The counters have been in for over 9 months so clearly the epoxy was not mixed correctly.

You do a great job of answering the questions posted. Our builder provided tile/countertop people installed, at our request, absolute black granite for the kitchen countertops. The installation company sent out a man to “polish” the scratched areas. Absolute black is one of the tougher stones to restore back to factory shine but it can certainly be done. No matter what they do to fix the crack on absolute black, you will still see it so if you could live with that, all is not lost.

The crack however should be fixed or replaced to your satisfaction. The only people that had been in the home were the wood floor guys. Just because they didn’t know doesn’t mean that they’re not responsible. It sux but customer service is why we’re still in business and hopefully this situation doesn’t happen often.

The builder had complete control over the sub’s and most of the materials. I was assured by the builder that these people were much better then the previous people they had been using. Antonio, the surface to the touch is as smooth, maybe even slightly smoother then the factory finish. If the stone had calcium binders the etched area would be a little rougher or different. It only takes 15 minutes of my time to test it with the lemon juice. The installer sent out 2 different restoration companies to look over the counter top.

The game plan was to come out yesterday and “break off” a piece of the countertop so we could match it in the slab yard. A few cuts with a utility knife in key areas where they need to match to another countertop. From reading the the many great blogs, this does not appear to be a proper installation.

Why Do Acids Damage My Stone Countertop? by lgsgranite.com

As one of the most highly-used surfaces in your home, it just wouldn’t be economical to have something that looks crummy in just a few years! How can acid get through, and why does it cause either erosion (wearing away of the stone) or etching (a dull spot in the shape of the acid spill)? Stones like limestone and marble are the most susceptible to acid erosion or etching because they have a high concentration of the mineral calcite.

On your countertop, this most often results in an etching, which is a noticeably dull spot where the acid has reacted to the top layer of stone. Granite is much more resistant to acid etching because it contains little to no calcite, though the stone still has natural pits and fissures that can trap acids and degrade slowly over time. Most sealants won’t prevent etches, and those that do tend to change the finish in a way that most don’t find appealing. Although some people like etches and feel that it gives their countertop a “lived-in” look, most find them visually unappealing.

For severe etches or indentations, you’ll need to call in a professional to re-polish the area or sand down the entire stone with special tools. Honed marble already has a matte surface, so it won’t show etches as easily. Since the stone isn’t polished, you can’t buff out the etch without giving your countertop a strange shiny spot that will definitely be noticable! Thankfully, these little spots are usually easy to remove, but if you have any doubts you’ll want to contact a professional for advice for help with the restoration.

Calcite reacts to acids in even weak solutions and causes it to dissolve. If the acid is left on long enough, the stone can degrade further and cause an indentation. Still, it shouldn’t be as big of a problem as with marble and limestone. You should also be careful of common household cleaners, which can be very acidic as well. For minor etches on polished marble or limestone, you can buy a specially-formulated polishing powder to remove the blemishes yourself. Keep in mind that this could take several minutes, so don’t be afraid to put in some elbow grease! Your countertop will then be re-sealed and re-polished until it looks as good as new.

However, etches may still appear and cannot be removed by yourself. Although finding an etch on your countertop can be distressing, don’t fret about it too much — even the most careful homeowner is bound to get at least a few over time.

Is It Safe To Use Acetone To Clean Haze On My Granite? by stoneandtilepros.com

I took a rag and acetone and cleaned an area of the backsplash and resealed and it looks much better. I wipe off the granite with a rag saturated with acetone to clean the granite and then reseal? Mineral solvents are usually safe to use on stone unless you have a doctored slab. I have heard that there are several manufacturers of colored grout seal. Is there any treatment we can apply to make them less slippery?

Every partner is pre-screened, must be insured, and has pledged to adhere to our high quality standards.

Before you seal your granite you should first determine if it needs to be sealed at all in the first place. I have heard that there are several manufacturers of colored grout seal.

With Pics: Please Help Us Decide On Kitchen Countertops by houzz.com

Our preference in countertop material is granite due to its durability and stain resistance.

Do you find man made material more durable and easier in maintenance? Polished granite look might create an “overload”of gloss /shine. On a small area over a glass-ring, pour out a little methylene chloride (or acetone). That is fraud and you have a legal issue with the warehouse/company that sold it.

The kitchen wall separating the kitchen from the living room will be removed, refrigerator will be moved from there as well, and we will have a kitchen peninsula there instead. I have provided a picture of the cabinets in a laundry room as the same will be installed in the kitchen. We opted for marble as we didn’t want another slick finish. True black granite is geologically actual ‘granite’ (the other ‘granite’ is actually another type of igneous rock). It all depends what stone you get and what the make up is of all the natural minerals. Won’t hurt your granite countertop, but it will take off whatever is on top and along with the finish off cabinets and walls and anything else, so be careful and have good ventilation. It’s not as powerful, but easier to use and often works fine for testing doctored countertops.

Amazon: ROCK DOCTOR APEX PRODUCTS Rock Doctor 18 Ounce Aerosol Granite Polish: Health Personal Care by amazon.com

The granite or your surface should have small beads of water rather than the water soaking into your surface.

Would probably be great with a 2nd coat, although the can took about a week to get to me and ran out on the first coat of an area 6’x8′.


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