Just be sure to water test for sealing granite countertops and the lemon juice test to rule out the rare granite that etches and to find a granite that is not too absorbent. It’s just that etching is not as noticeable on a honed surface as it is on a polished surface. When an acid etches the finish is eats into the marble destroying the polished layer to reveal the more dull marble underneath, which creates a noticeable spot. The common wisdom is to have kitchen marble honed and then seal it, which is what we recommended for a long time and perfectly fine idea for those who must have marble in the kitchen.

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I love how marble “ages”…and the kids are gone, so our kitchen is not “high maintenance” or heavy use. Just make sure they do seal it (and you seal it as often as they recommend) and get a good installer, with good references!

Many people who install marble kitchen countertops do so without knowing or being warned about etching, which presents an ongoing marble maintenance nuisance. Most people who originally wanted marble kitchen countertops that are warned about the unavoidable extra maintenance and visual annoyance of etch marks choose not to install marble. Put the marble in a bathroom where cleaning marble is much less trouble. Etching is due to the reaction of acids with the calcite crystal that marble is made of, so the finish doesn’t change the reaction or damage. But for those like yourself who understand the whole deal, marble is a great surface.

If you do honed marble (basically a matte finish, where the shine is removed), it is not as prone to etching.

Are Marble Bathroom Countertops A Good Idea by thecountertopfactory.com

They should withstand soap, toothpaste, cosmetics and water, as well as look good. When it comes to absolute beauty, only a few other countertop materials can compete with marble. This material has the capability of increasing value and beauty of the bathroom. These color choices let you sync vanity top with bathroom décor. The presence of resin increases the durability of the surface. A good contractor will stand by your side during the entire process of selecting and installing the countertop in your bathroom.

Vanity is a place where you should install durable, non-porous and low-maintenance material. Also, marble countertops are cheaper than granite countertops. You can customize marble slab according to your needs and requirements. You can make eye-catching statement with marble countertops.

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Thus, selecting the right marble contractor is as much important as selecting the right marble.

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These popular countertop materials are sure to inspire a bathroom remodel. This wood countertop makes a style statement (and withstands splashes) due to its medium-tone stain and multiple coats of high-gloss polyurethane.

This mottled, slightly pitted concrete countertop supplies a fetching surface for a stained floating vanity, stainless-steel backsplash, and polished chrome faucets. Although this cool marble countertop partners with the vanity and backsplash for a cohesive outlook, the countertop’s extra-thick edge allows it to stand out as a distinctive detail. Clear containers and vases don’t compete with the busy bathroom countertop surface. Surf colors and a raised installation give this glass configuration a pumped-up presence; exposed plumbing and a statuesque faucet contribute contemporary contours. Your choice of color is integrated throughout the material, which ensures durability. Its deep tones complement metal accents, such as black wrought-iron sconces, copper chandeliers, and bronze faucets. Black flecks in the countertop complement the wood while the lighter tones unify with white walls.

If you’re looking for cheap bathroom vanities with a varitey of options, laminate is the way to go. This style of granite countertop is more suitable for bathrooms, as opposed to darker granite you may find in the kitchen. The material complements gray cabinetry, hides spills and stains, and mirrors the industrial vibe of nearby exposed brick.

Gray marble countertops complement most color schemes and beautifully echo the silvery tones of faucets and mirrored glass. You can enjoy a custom countertop by employing a little ingenuity and a modicum of elbow grease. The earthen surface connects to stonework on the floor for a pleasing visual connection.

Paired with distressed cabinetry, this vintage-style bathroom is a beautiful place to start your day. Create a serene scene by choosing a marble countertop a shade lighter or darker than adjacent cabinetry. The countertop material is dark enough to pop off white wainscoting, yet stays in sync with this bathroom’s other surfaces, including rich wood flooring and grasscloth-covered upper walls. Limestone is softer than granite and marble and may need sealing when used as a countertop in busy bathrooms. Opt for polished marble if you want a high-end look; honed or tumbled finishes work nicely in casual, country, and cottage bathrooms.

These dreamy cream countertops provide color and texture without detracting from the bathroom’s quirky character. Honed travertine countertops, like this rounded beauty, remain popular for their low-reflective qualities that play nicely with tiled accents and textured wall coverings. As a crowning touch to this stunning countertop material, a high-arc curved faucet embraces both artistic and functional qualities. Dyed black and molded with an integrated sink, this concrete countertop sounds a modern note. Thick grout lines (sealed to protect against moisture and mildew) showcase irregular contours and draw attention to hand-painted wall tiles that introduce color and pattern.

Astounding Cultured Marble Counter Tops Ideas To Decorate Your Bathroom | Duration 2 Minutes 50 Seconds

These homeowners tripled the material’s impact by trimming the countertop with a deep marble apron, adding a marble backsplash, and framing a mirror in gray marble tiles.

Craft a countertop from wood, then paint and seal the vanity top to protect it from moisture. Here, a stone countertop draws the eye down the length of a floating vanity.

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If you are careless and neglectful, then you’ll have some problems with marble bathroom countertops or say if it is primarily used by young kids. Not as common in the “pre-made” variety, but commonly used for bathroom countertops.

But it really depends on what products your family typically uses in the bathroom and if they are prone to spilling often. We were told the unpolished it better and easier to care for, however, we really like the appearance of the polished stone. The advice you received about cleaning marble and surface finish is essentially true and/or good advice, however, there isn’t really a “best” marble countertop finish. The main consideration is etching , which is chemical corrosion of the marble by acidic food, drinks and harsh cleaning products (nearly all common/brand-name cleaners). Etching occurs on calcite-based stones like marble, travertine and limestone. Etching is most noticeable on a polished finish because etching creates dull spots that contrast sharply with the shiny surface. But even with a honed surface etch marks will show up and need to be restored if you want to maintain a somewhat newish surface. In a kitchen a honed surface will for most people be the best choice mainly because noticing etch marks less is less frustrating.

You still need to learn how to clean marble properly (which is not hard) and once you do you’ll find it’s no big deal and you’ll have very few if any issues. Of course, you still want to use only products safe for cleaning marble. However, the material providers indicate that they rarely, if ever, sell marble for bath vanities.

Marble can stain, but it usually occurs from neglect or inappropriate use like leaving a planter or bottle of oil or burning a candle directly on the surface. Etching is the main reason it is commonly thought that marble is porous and stains easy. There are just differences when considering marble cleaning and maintenance. Marble staining is actually not much an issue since marble is pretty dense. It happens no matter what type of finish (polished, honed, tumbled) is created on the marble countertop surface. On a honed surface etching still occurs, but it is less noticeable because a honed surface is more dull and therefore the dullness of etching doesn’t stand out so much.

The common wisdom has traditionally been that marble countertops should not be installed in a kitchen (unless you were willing to let the tops etch and age without worry).

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Thus, consideration of surface finish of honed vs polished marble is generally not that important for a bathroom marble countertop unless it’s a heavily used bathroom, then it becomes more like a kitchen. So, if you prefer a polished finish , then that’s what you should go with especially in a bathroom.

The degree of marble cleaning and maintenance for either surface is going to be essentially the same although you often do not have to seal a polished marble countertop.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas: 30 Fresh Modern Looks by freshome.com

While some of the top choices include yellows, oranges and lime green, the choice of white or black countertops can be as bold a color choice as yellow, depending on the kitchen. If you want your countertop to stand out, select a countertop color that pops or stands out from the cabinetry. While most countertops are normally 2” thick, choosing a 3 – 5” thick countertop creates an anchored, stately look. Zinc countertops are best left in their natural, matte-finish state. If you’re using copper in a kitchen countertop and want to keep the sleek, polished look, select copper that has been sealed. The best part is that concrete can be customized with staining, textural treatments and different finishes. A wrap creates an interesting look that draws the eye across other parts of the room. A curve, especially in the seating area, creates an inviting, communal place where it’s easier to sit and have a face-to-face conversation with each other.

Regardless of which kitchen countertop ideas you’re attracted to, select materials that are durable and built to withstand the wear and tear associated with cooking and prep. Remember to adjust cabinet heights accordingly to make up for the height increase from the thicker countertops. To keep the finish looking fresh and new, seal wood countertops with a durable polyurethane and use trivets and cutting boards to protect the surface from heat and marring.

For the most visual impact, add this effect to your kitchen if your countertops are a contrasting color to the rest of the kitchen components. Now that we’ve shared our latest fresh and modern kitchen countertop ideas, which one’s your favorite?

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Some people like a surface that reflects their cooking history, others don’t. It’s created by the physical or chemical alteration of sediment into a denser form through heat and/or pressure.

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It also has veins of mineral deposits that pattern it, no two slabs are exactly alike. While not as hard as its metamorphic cousin granite (which comes from deeper in the earth where it’s exposed to more heat), marble is not as soft as soapstone. The stone’s chemical makeup (calcium carbonate) makes it particularly sensitive to acidic solutions, which can result in etching on the surface (see below to learn to manage this). The texturing is an effective concealer of fingerprints and other imperfections. Because of its porous nature and vulnerability to acids, sealing marble used for countertops is a must. They do add a level of water and stain resistance (buying you time to clean away stain-causing materials) but don’t make the surface waterproof.

Some simple steps can keep your marble beautifully maintained (but expect a natural patina to develop). Unless you’re willing to buy sight unseen (not recommended), or drive considerable distances, marble purchases are limited to what’s on hand at your local stone supplier’s warehouse.

This is not the grocery aisle; slabs are not affixed with price tags. Many stone warehouses have a remnants area with pieces leftover from other jobs. Be open to a variety of shades and pattern, so that you’re able to settle on a type that’s easy to find and well priced.

Read on to determine if this high-maintenance beauty is the material for you. The resulting rock has a crystalline nature enabling it to take a polish. Marble is one of the more porous of the metamorphic stones, which is why it’s prone to staining. It generally has a low abrasion rating, meaning it scratches quite easily. Another benefit is that etching is less visible on white marble than on dark.

The most common finishes are polished, honed, and leather (also known as antique).

While polished marble is the least porous of the finishes, it’s the most susceptible to getting etched by household acids and cleaners. It has a soft sheen, but is not reflective like a polished finish, and is most commonly used with dark marbles. Note that the amount of texture created in the process varies from stone to stone. The downside: topical sealants are likely to wear off over time and can scorch from heat, and be rendered less effective by scratches.

6 Marble Bathroom Ideas For An Elegant And Luxurious Scheme | Duration 4 Minutes 29 Seconds

Penetrating sealants help limit stains by keeping liquids (oil, wine, coffee) from soaking into the surface. Penetrating stone sealants also don’t protect against damage from acidic liquids. Consult with the marble fabricator about the recommended sealant for your marble to ensure that it’s nontoxic, food-safe, and the best sealer for your particular stone. What is the best way to clean and care for marble countertops? Wipe up spills when they happen, limiting the time they have to seep into your countertop. This means avoiding powdered cleansers, tub and tile cleaners, abrasive pads, or even general “all-purpose” cleansers that may contain acidic ingredients.

Reseal the countertop annually, or more often if needed (see above). Before starting the selection process, consider getting help from a fabrication professional and working closely with your contractor. Marble is purchased in slabs that are already finished and cut to a certain thickness. That said, those wanting an extra-wide counter are often advised to laminate the edge of the slab with a piece of marble to achieve the thick look (while keeping the cost and weight under control). There are a lot of choices; entering the warehouse with an idea of the color and the amount of patterning you’re after will make the process faster and more focused.

Pricing is not transparent, so ask the salesperson how the pricing works. Price is also affected by the thickness of the slab and the complexity of the installation. For a small installation, you can often pick up marble at a much reduced price.

30 Marble Bathroom Design Ideas Styling Up  Private Daily Rituals by freshome.com

Modern bathrooms can surprise you with materials and shapes you never though matched, but also with a fascinating suite of different types of marble cut and shaped into a myriad modern ways. You can make your home look and feel like a luxury hotel by emphasizing its elegance with marble.

Every detail decorating this fabulous bathroom adds depth and a sense of comfort. By adding warm wooden cabinets, this effect is diluted into a warm and inviting feeling. Just make sure you go over this 15 point checklist before starting your bathroom renovation. Relaxation and a good health are heavily influenced by the choice of materials, colors, patterns and light. A play of materials helps define a sophisticated look, while the hidden and open storage spaces give the owner the possibility of carefully decorating the bathroom. Chocolate marble tiles and wooden furniture provide the natural visual background that beautifies your daily activities. Awaken your interiors with luxe details and you will be thankful you did. It looks surreal – imagine yourself immersed in warm water, a glass of champagne in one hand and flower petals gently dotting the foamy water – what a dream setting! With an inspiration like the one above, we can all let ourselves dream about the perfect combination of materials and feelings. Heated marble floors ensure coziness and visual pleasure while the bright natural light reflectingin the mirrors exposes the eye to an inspiring mix of details.

Then, at night, enjoy a hot bath in your customized spa-styled marble bathroom. Large windows help lighten up the space, while the altitude of the apartment allows full transparency.

Luscious materials like marble can upgrade the feel of even a compact bathroom, details can shape a modern space and you will be glad to have invested in a fabulous material with a wide range of applications.

Different kinds of marble give different moods and it depends on the artist’s vision and interpretation to create either stunning artistic statements or perfectly balanced spaces for personal hygiene. Candlelight and roses alongside fresh, puffy towels are something you’d want to see permanently in your bathroom. Make your bathroom feel like a spa with the helps of materials, space planning and details and always remember … to do it your way. The zebra art on the wall gives the space a wild feel, while the overall vibe is immersed in bright natural light. You can make the most of your bathroom layout by placing the bathtub and shower close together. So why not start each new day with a big smile on your face reflected in the bathroom mirror?

And remember that boldness wins many friends – a checkered marble floor is not only elegant, but also eye-catching. A round marble bathtub illuminating the space was placed against a light colored marble wall and surrounded by black marble.

And don’t forget to incorporate scent in the bathroom – a soothing, relaxing mix of aromas that can relax your body and mind in the evening before bed and re-fresh you in the morning. You’ll surely find inspiration for your dream marble bathroom, so take a close look at the details in each photo. All those reflecting surfaces create a cheerful play of light. Wood bathroom shelves captured in marble niches not only look good, but are also highly functional: towels, decorations or flower vases help liven up the space and allow you to play with colors and textures. Whenever you find yourself in need of inspiration on how a modern marble bathroom could look like, just come back and bring your friends with you.

Why Marble Isn’T The Best Option In A Shower Or Bath. by 4men1lady.com

We decided to stop showering in that shower to see if it eventually would dry out so for the past four months we’ve been showering in the main bathroom. The other thing we noticed when the shower had a chance to fully dry was that the grout in the perimeter of the shower at the 90 degree angle had cracked. You have to look really hard because they disguise themselves as the natural gray veining. I will say that had this been ceramic or porcelain we wouldn’t have ever known there was a water issue happening because those materials don’t discolor. Fortunately there was no mold growing however, everything was wet, even the insulation.

Right or wrong, we’ve got a bigger problem on our hands that we didn’t anticipate. It’s the best financial option for now but what if we have problems down the road again? But who has a few thousand around to throw in to a shower again? It is a completely sealed/waterproof system so even if your grout cracks you are protected. We used that in our shower with marble and have had no issues what so ever. It concerns me you didn’t hit a waterproofing membrane at the bottom course of tile, as the shower pan system should wrap up the wall and create a “bathtub” at least 6″ in height in case your shower ever has standing water! They actually have a water membrane there (the green thing) but for some reason, water still got behind. We sealed it several time with he appropriate sealer but if we’d been staying, we would have quit using it and ripped it out eventually. Our tile setter specialized in natural stone and used a shower tray. We had a small amount of grout crack along the base of the shower from settling and our installer came back and replaced it.

I learned after having travertine, that the less product the better.

Also harsh chemicals that you can use on ceramic/porcelain tiles are terrible for natural products, like marble, they need a low voc water solvent cleaner which won’t errode the surface/finish. Love the marble (don’t shy away from it just yet!) & your shower looks beautiful sans the bad experience! I just put stonepeak’s statuarietto porcelain 12×24 tiles on my bathroom floor.

My fear was that water had gotten behind the tile and mold was growing (eek). I don’t know why but this wasn’t as obvious when the shower was wet.

There are lots of different school of thought as to what kind of grout should be used at a seam or 90 degree angle. I literally had to get my face 6 inches from this tile to see that what looked like a vein was actually the tiniest of hairline fissure. We’re not sure if things were installed to code but at any rate, it looks like some of the materials were a bit cheap. I believe the problem stemmed from the cracked grout at the 90 degree angles which allowed water to seep through and wick up the back of the wall. In all likely-hood, the shower will probably stay like this until we make a decision and the money tree in the backyard starts growing again in the spring.

The caulk has some ability to move with the house, so it doesn’t crack. We have iron and the iron over time could stain the marble. Here’s the thing…lots and lots of people put marble in their showers and are happy. You may be fine so long as you understand that it really is high maintenance. The shower was leaking water into the crawlspace like crazy and once we figured out that the grout and hadn’t failed and that the plumbing hadn’t failed, we figured out that the tiles themselves were letting the water seep down. I mop with a steam mop and only have to clean the shower every 3 weeks. All my contractors use it & never have had an issue after installation, use them on all my commercial jobs too! Although it’s good to seal your marble, the grout also needs to be sealed as well. Like any natural product there will be always be some maintenance & that’s just part of the deal!

DIY Marble Countertops Good Ideas : DIY Marble Countertops Perfect Ideas by iscareyou.com

Backsplash tile ideas january it is always good decor of block countertops and the countertops marble countertops and backsplash tile ideas with marble countertops bar tops very good decor of block countertops butcher block countertops and backsplash marble countertops and backsplash tile ideas january it is always good christmas.

These places are much easier to handle and are ideal for those on a budget, or those completing this project themselves. The sparkle of a blue quarter worktop of some degree has a shimmering, ocean like effect that compensates for a bright kitchen or bathroom. With a wide range of benefits, quartz not only looks good, it is also durable and well suited for typical household use.

Diy marble countertops good ideas, january it is always good christmas gifts for kiln baked the cabinets. Wood countertops marble countertops butcher block countertops and backsplash good christmas gifts for grandma.

Because quartz is not porous like granite, it is of course scratch, heat and dirt repellent.

2019 Marble Countertops Cost by improvenet.com

Marble counters are simply timeless and have tremendous durability. Marble has been used for centuries as both a countertop and flooring material. Continue reading to see all the costs that come with marble countertops. Even in the higher end, the labor is still only a sixth of the cost of the material. This of course adds time, which adds money to your final countertop bill.

Simple shapes not only make it easier to cut, but easier to install. Doing anything more than the ordinary will raise your countertop project cost. Soundness is related to the appearance of the marble and how much of it was repaired at a factory before installation. B ratings mean few flaws overall, but the marble may contain fissures or visible pitting. D ratings come as a result of many factory repaired flaws, but may also have bright colors and dramatic veins and swirls. The second is honed marble, and this leaves the finish with more of an opaque, satin finish. Just like granite counters, both finishes should be sealed to protect it against staining. For one, it has a beautiful, natural appearance that goes with any decor and remains stylish no matter how trends change.

Marble also brightens both bathrooms and kitchens with its shiny surface. Consumers who are unsure about marble for kitchen countertops will find that marble is a beautiful choice for bathroom countertops, where etching is less likely to be an issue.

Etching will happen with marble and there is no way to prevent this. Etching is more visible on polished marble versus honed, but both are equally susceptible to the problem. They both will need regular re-sealing as both are very susceptible to etching. If you really want to be careful, avoid setting glasses directly on the marble. Also, wipe up acid spills immediately and wipe the surface with a wet cloth. Luckily, small scratches and stains are not difficult to remove, by a professional. While installing tile countertops is rather easy, installing marble is simply not the same.

Marble is usually cheaper than many other stone countertop options, it brightens kitchens, it is easy to clean and it is great for baking.

The average amount of marble bought for countertops is 53sf. The time to install the countertops averages around 10 hours. Knowing each and every price factor will help you lower your marble cost per square foot.

If you go with marble, the type of marble can affect the final cost. When it comes to counters, you have to consider removing the old countertops, sink cut-outs, finishes and backsplashes. Knowing the common characteristics, pros, cons and prices of each will surely help you determine the right type of marble for your counters. C ratings mean the material has some flaws that will be factory repaired, but the repaired areas may be visible. The thicker your marble, the more durable and expensive it is. Kneading and rolling dough are much easier activities on a shiny surface without residual stickiness. On the other hand, consumers who understand that marble is supposed to etch and age naturally will find that it works wonderfully in kitchens as well. Consumers often confuse this with staining and believe that if they seal the marble, it will not stain. Etching typically occurs through contact with acidic food or drinks, and obviously this is unavoidable if the marble is used for kitchen countertops. In addition, scratching and chipping can also be a problem in kitchens, due to the use of knives and heavy pots and pans.

First and foremost, both types of marble finishes need to be treated similarly. Using non-abrasive cleaners and hotpads for hot dishes will help keep staining and etching to a minimum. Marble slabs are much heavier and often require three or four strong individuals to install. If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom and install marble countertops, let us help you find a remodeling pro in your town!

Good Idea Granite Bathroom Countertops by iscareyou.com

Choose a bathroom kitchen table by deciding what style will match the rest of the bathroom fixtures and what will suit your budget. It is durable and dirt repellent and easiest to care for natural stone. Then clean granite bathroom countertops with hot water and a mild liquid detergent. And then using a coat of pasta-type car wax on the entire surface a couple of weeks. And cannot use abrasive materials that can damage the surface of granite.

Granite is a popular choice for bathroom counter tops in many high end homes. Granite surfaces require sealing every six to 12 months to keep shine.

Depending on how often the kitchen table is used will keeps it looking new.

In addition to one piece of plates, also the opportunity to buy. This limits cleaning options, and may require homeowners to switch to completely different cleaning techniques for their dishes than they use for the rest of the house.

Granite Countertops For Kitchen Bathroom by silvermarblegranite.com

However, it’s important to note that granite is a porous material, which means you’ll have to have the surface sealed. It’s a good idea to have it professionally sealed at the time of installation, as well as every few years. Once sealed, you can use the surface any way you wish, just try to avoid acidic liquids from spilling on the surface. Granite is popularly used in bathroom settings because of its beauty and durability. All you need is warm water and mild detergent inside of a spray bottle. Hand selecting the one you want is a great benefit – since this way you know exactly what you’re getting in advance. Ready to get started with the planning of your countertop upgrade?

Granite stone is a natural resource that derives from the earth’s crust.

You can install them in your kitchen without worry of it being scratched, burned, or stained. Check with the contractor to see how often sealing is required based on the product used. You can find a variety of bathroom projects of ours on this site that showcases granite installations in residential bathrooms. And what’s even better is that you don’t have to use any fancy cleaning products. Spritz the surface with the solution and clean it off using a damp cloth.

Pros Cons Of Marble Kitchen Countertops Kitchen Design Ideas by marble.com

However, some homeowners insist on marble for its timeless beauty and luxury. Some types of marble have veins in colors other than grey, such as white, red, and blue. This is the main reason it is often not recommended for high-traffic kitchen countertops. You should avoid cutting directly on the countertop to prevent scratches on the surface of the marble. For this reason, marble is better suited for homes with where cleanliness is a top priority and spills are wiped up immediately.

Sealing your countertop can help protect the surface and make it less prone to these marks. When cleaning your countertop, it is important to use products that are specially formulated for marble.

While the natural stone industry offers many alternatives, if you have your heart set on marble and are willing to provide the care and maintenance to keep it looking great, marble may be the perfect choice for your kitchen. There really is no substitute to exquisite white colored marble for elegant, luxurious interiors.

In addition to enhancing the beauty of your home, it may also increase your property value. Most marble is white with grey veins, ranging from light grey to dark grey. This can happen when acidic foods or liquids like red wine and tomato sauce, come into contact with the marble. This can be avoided by keeping acidic foods and liquids away from the marble. Marble kitchen countertops should be sealed up to four times each year. Traditional kitchen cleaners contain chemicals that can etch the surface of the marble.

Choosing A Stone Countertop For Bathroom by hgtv.com

They have an organic beauty and they’re very durable because (if you’ll pardon the pun) they’re hard as a rock.

Plus, if you use an oversize piece, you may need extra support under the floor. It comes in a virtual rainbow of colors, running the gamut from nearly pure white (marble, by its very nature, has obvious veining) to pale pinks and blues to dramatic blacks and browns. The good news, though, is that you can take preventative measures; staining need not be a problem if the stone is treated with a penetrating silicone sealer that is maintained regularly. But the very fact that it is so absorbent makes proper cleaning and maintaining an imperative.

In its purest form, it is white or cream-colored, but specific minerals can cause diverse coloration. And its durability means that it will be yours to enjoy for years to come.

It is, however, one of the most expensive types of stone and susceptible to stains, perhaps more so than any of its counterparts. On the other hand, limestone is very much like marble in that it comes in a wide variety of colors. Iron, for example, will typically cause limestone to take on a red or yellow appearance while carbon tends to turn it gray or black. With its textured surface, this type of stone has an organic look that makes it another good choice for informal spaces. And to protect your investment (slate, too, is expensive), it should be sealed and properly maintained to prevent staining.

The color of this particular stone is determined by the cementing material; iron oxides result in red or reddish-brown colors while other materials can cast white, yellow or grayish hues. This extremely hard rock, formed by volcanic activity, has a shimmering beauty that results from the crystals of quartz, mica and feldspar trapped within it. Typically gray in color, it’s highly resistant to heat yet softer than most of its counterparts. That’s good news, especially for bathroom applications, because it means that the surface will not stain; liquids simply can’t penetrate it. All that’s needed is an occasional coat of mineral oil; once applied, the stone will darken to a charcoal gray or even black.


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