However , you are bound to run into confusion with this particular stone and name. For instance, you may find a stone is called “rainforest” green sold as a granite. But you can eliminate the confusion and answer the important performance questions for yourself very easily by doing the simple lemon juice test on a sample of the exact slab you are considering for your countertop purchase. Of course, in most cases with “marble” you can rule it out for kitchen countertop if you don’t want to deal with the etching and marble polishing, but there are a few “marbles” (green ones) that can pass the test and perform well in as a kitchen countertop.

Often the naming of granite, marble and all stones can be inaccurate or misapplied or simply vary along with the variations of color, etc.

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Some warehouses may do this since, like granite, the stone does not etch, but it is not a granite. Performing this test will tell you if that stone is sensitive to acids (which you don’t want for a kitchen countertop) and it will tell you how absorbent a stone is, so you can determine if applying an impregnating sealer would be beneficial. You should pick out a stone you like based on the color/pattern and then test it.

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It’s harder, and fabricators prefer to cut it with a granite blade instead of a marble blade. One of the reasons marble takes more maintenance is because if you stain or etch a light stone with very little pattern, it will be noticeable. We love stones like this because they allow us to create exciting, exotic countertops for anyone who can afford granite.

During fabrication (cutting and polishing), special care has to be taken so that the veins are not compromised; however, once properly installed, there is no risk of cracks occurring along the many veins of the granite. Since we do all our edging by hand, we can take the time to adjust pressure and speed according to the pattern and veins of the individual piece. Again, since we deal primarily with stones that have movement and exotic patterns, we already have a team that knows how to work with patterns. They are typically the same price as their standard polished counterparts. We unfortunately have to choose pretty quickly, so a rapid response would be greatly appreciated! Rainforest slabs, your particular slab may have qualities that require a simpler edge type. Many people classify it as marble because they are both metamorphic rocks (metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary are the three categories all rocks in the world fall into). The bottom line is that you absolutely can do rainforest in your kitchen or bathroom. We have installed it in upwards of one hundred kitchens and as many bathrooms. Good luck with your renovation and feel free to contact us with any other questions!

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The fabricator said they applied a commercial-grade sealer, however the tops are water staining even after waters sits on them for only two minutes. I thought about the rainforest tiles, 12 x 12, but just not sure since with tiles the veining wouldn’t be continuous and might look to busy in such a small space. My personal opinion is that rainforest on the floor and counters will be too much and it will be just barely un-matched.

The difference is important because marble countertops kitchen are slightly less durable and indestructible than granite.

Serpentinite is a rock composed of one or more serpentinegroup minerals . Visit our about us page to learn more about our team of highly skilled fabricators and installers. Do you all have a sufficient amount of top quality slabs on hand? We would like to use in the kitchen and master vanities but would prefer the matte finish of the leathered finish as opposed to polished. Trust your fabricator to know what they are doing (and this is why it’s important to find a company you trust). You could also do a half bullnose if you didn’t want the angles of a beveled edge. You just need to make sure you use a fabricator who has worked with it previously and knows what they are doing.

It’s tricky to cut and polish, but once it’s properly installed on your counter tops, you shouldn’t have any issues. It is a very durable stone and acts like any other granite. We love both the green and brown rainforests and would love it for our kitchen countertops.

The adjacent dining area will have distressed, hand-scraped cherry floors.

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These small white grain and brown black patches are visible only in good lighted rooms and places. Dark granites are very popular and much sought after granites around the world because of their stylish appearance and toughness. The quality of this granite is based on the quarry of this material. It is preferable for flooring over other granites as it has uniform color and less variation. As this material is robust countertops built from it lasts for very long time. Another reason for being used for staircases is that it can easily match with the surroundings.

The price of the granites depends on their quality, size, availability, thickness and market demand.

Its main color is black however on closer look one may find small white silver colored grain like patterns and some brown shapes spread throughout the stone. In fact many shopping malls these days have staircases built from this granite. High quality granites are considerably more expensive than the lower quality ones. This type of quality is used for local market selling and not for export. We can manufacture both granite slabs and tiles in different sizes and thickness directly from the quarries.
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We have developed a latest manufacturing unit so that we can undertake every job with perfection within the stipulated time frame.

First of all, our products are manufactured from the optimum quality raw materials to add durability to the products. Our team works hard to offer the client with the exact solution they look for.

The company was incepted in the year 1994 to provide an amazing gamut of products to the clients. Our team of engineers and other allied workers aids us in offering high quality products without any kind of hassle. We have been offering the array as per the needs of the requirements of the clients after understanding them thoroughly. Hence, we adhere to the national and international quality standards. In addition to this, we have a fully fledged quality control unit managed by trained quality auditors to conduct rigorous tests on the products before dispatch. It is loaded with advanced machines and techniques making us able to provide quality at best prices in no time.

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The glossy surface of this marble is noteworthy for light or medium or dense shade with numerous patterns of veins. Moreover, its surface finishing or glossiness remains intact years after years.

Accessible in honed, flamed, polished and sawn surface finishing options, the offered green marble is notable for its shade variations of its surface.


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