He is passionate about eating local, living simply, and doing more things himself. My question, what do you do with the charcoal filters?

My compost grows mold and now with warm weather is starting to “sweat”. Maybe not the best use, but it turns into top soil after a few months, improving the beds, and keeps my garbage at home!

Anyone who uses factory farmed eggs should do it to avoid salmonella contamination.This will be a good repurposing of one, especially with little ones around who don’t eat the skins of apples and eat a ton of other fruits with peels.

This kitchen bucket is just the icing on the cake!

What’s funny is it’s made me the accidental environmentalist. Yeah, feel free to construct whatever you need for a lid… whatever makes it easiest for you and still works. Do you glue the filter onto the top of the lid or bottom?

Using the setup in this article keeps the smells at bay and can be cleaned and reused for years and years.Also, you should buy a reusable coffee filter… we have one and love it. I just find it amusing the way our thinking changes as we age. If you rely solely upon this advice you do so at your own risk. I have never used charcoal filters and just empty the bucket regularly. Perhaps someone else in the community does so let’s see if anyone else answers. Just push then fasteners through the filter and bend them back. I keep the compost in the kitchen for a few days then pull back an area of pine straw and dump the compost on stop of the soil. I never would have known to check out the pet store for the carbon filters. Stong onions and other veggie scraps are completely odor-free in this container on my kitchen counter. I know you can put coffee grounds in your composter but what about the filters?

I need to find one of those reusable filters to fit my coffeemaker.

Anytime you can get something reusable over something disposable – do it.

Blue and White Utensil Holder by williams-sonoma.com

Cherry blossom pattern is painted entirely by hand and finished with a clear glaze. Two tool holders, a slotted knife holder, and a chopping board fit together on a coordinating tray with nonslip silicone feet.

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