If you are simply seeking a luxurious countertop, then you may want to consider a marble surface. Consider using a gray-toned marble countertop in a kitchen with white cabinets and a white subway-tile backsplash for a seamless finish. All of these surfaces are durable and made from materials that are resistant to scratches and most staining. Concrete countertops can also be embedded with stones, seashells and other items that interest you. Marble comes in a variety of beautiful textures and colors, including beige, creamy white, black and slate gray.Be sure to keep in mind how you will be using the kitchen surface when choosing your countertop.

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Additionally we can provide cabinets to fit your needs in other rooms as well such as home offices, home theaters, laundry rooms, and more.

We combine both function and a beautiful look to fit your home.

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The cost of new kitchen cabinets can vary widely depending on whether you want custom or stock cabinets.While they are not perfect for every home, deciding on putting in a kitchen island is a crucial decision to make in any renovation project. While bright modern feature walls are often combined with white cabinets and neutral countertops, it’s also possible to carry the countertop stone up onto the wall for a seamless and sophisticated finish. While kitchen renovations can seem complex and daunting, a little help from the experts can go a long way. Sears has exciting color and style options to fit any aesthetic and budget. What will you select for your kitchen renovation?

Also factor in the cost of faucets, lighting and cabinet hardware. Whether you want to complete your kitchen renovations in one project or tackle it in stages, it’s always important to align your upgrades with your timeline and budget. Our expert advisers are here to help and committed to your satisfaction. It’s where you wake up with your morning coffee, where kids do homework, where the dog waits to be let out, where everyone ends up during parties. Countertops, cabinets, flooring, hardware and accessories all come together to create a kitchen where you can live your life. The style of your cabinets sets the tone of your entire kitchen, with cabinets also responsible for storage and overall functionality.

Kitchen cabinet ideas include deciding between individual hardware choices such as hinges and knobs. Sears offers a full range of refacing and replacement services, including custom cabinets, kitchen cabinet refacing, and refinished cabinets. Along with the choice of materials, homeowners can also select individual countertop edges, colors, and sizes. If you want that modern kitchen look but can’t support an island, it may be possible to install a kitchen peninsula or moveable island that rolls out of the way when required. From reclaimed wood to nautical accents and copper finishings, kitchen backsplashes are one of the best ways to add life and personality to your kitchen. Sears installs products that endure for more than 25 years, on average. Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life and increase the resale value of your house. Whether it’s small or large, renovation projects need to be tackled with a well-thought-out plan. A room that is so important to your life that it deserves special treatment when it’s ready for an update.

We discuss all your options during a free in-home consultation, and you get your own project manager to handle all the details from start to finish.

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No matter your style or budget, we have the countertop you’ve been looking for. If your countertops are becoming outdated or you simply want to change the look of your kitchen, then it is time to consult with one of our professionals!

Your countertop can really add to the style you have going on in your kitchen.

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But chances are you’re only going to remodel your current kitchen once. If you do, you could recover about 62% of your investment if you sell. It’s a bright color that reflects light and makes even small kitchens feel larger. After all, it’s about your enjoyment, not just dollars and cents. Heck, with a white palette, you can change your mind about paint color on a whim. Solid hardwood flooring can be refinished 10 to 12 times during it’s typical 100-year lifespan. As our families grow more diverse, transitional style will only get more popular. Add color-match shim strips to the bases of countertops that don’t include sinks or appliances. Keep traffic flowing with a minimum of 42 inches between counters and islands.

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With one easy motion, you can grab what you use all the time. A space that can easily convert to an office, wine storage , or a closet. An open space that fits a freestanding desk or favorite antique that can personalize the kitchen — no matter who owns the home. So we’re here to future-proof you from angst by naming the seven definitive kitchen features that will retain their beauty, marketability, and value — all while giving you lasting enjoyment. Those all-white basics will make any hue you choose look fresh and contemporary.

Our nesting instincts know that hardwood has warmth, personality, and makes our homes cozy and inviting. And with today’s sealants, the problem of staining is almost moot if you reseal once or twice a year.

You (or a new owner) can easily remove them or add to them to adjust the height. There’s no getting around the fact you have to bend to access the oven. Store your most-used items here — your favorite work knives, measuring cups, salt and pepper for cooking, your trusty pots and pans. Lower cabinet spaces that can accommodate a wine cooler, under-counter refrigerator, a second dishwasher , or new must-have kitchen appliances on the horizon.

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