Wherever you plan to grill or entertain should be strategically placed. Natural shade from trees and vines is best because they ventilate easily. Use built-in umbrella stands to add shade options over your barbeque countertops. They are often sold as volleyball net stands through any swimming pool supplier.

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Typically food prep takes place indoors, so trips are required to grill outside.

Overlooking this important step can take the fun and convenience out of your outdoor environment. Place your outdoor kitchen under existing shade or plan on adding new sources of shade to provide comfort year-round. As an added bonus vines and trees “transpire,” evaporate moisture to cool themselves, creating their own natural misting system. These inexpensive pre-fabricated pvc units work great for standard size umbrellas, but will not fit an oversize umbrella. The further away the grill, the less likely you will have time to return inside to visit with guests and you’ll end up staying out working the grill all by yourself.

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Outdoor cooking comes in all shapes and sizes, from a little charcoal hibachi on the back stoop to a full-on culinary compound big enough to accommodate a catering crew.

Worst case scenarios and bad puns aside, be aware of and avoid these mistakes when buying and installing a gas grill. Natural gas is affordable to use but a bit more costly to install than other options. For new outdoor kitchens, determine before you shop how much space you have for your grill or kitchen set up. Consider cooking grates, too: cast iron retains heat well but rusts. Permits may be required for certain projects because they need to be inspected to make sure they comply with building codes. Code restrictions can dictate how far gas lines must be from structures or other utilities under your property, or how deep the lines must be buried. If you are running a new gas line from your house to the grill, you may need to turn off the gas to the whole house. If you’re setting up a separate line or a quick-connect shut-off valve where none existed before, call a licensed plumber to do the work.

Is this the year you finally get that natural gas grill or outdoor kitchen? Typically, only your yard size, budget, and local ordinances limit your desires. You may think an overcooked sirloin or, if you’re a vegetarian, an eggplant burnt beyond recognition spells disaster, but a gas explosion or an electrical fire could be a lot more catastrophic.

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A natural gas grill with a direct hook-up to your home’s gas line is easy to use — no heavy propane tanks to refill and haul back home — but requires a bigger flame than propane. For outdoor kitchen retrofits, you may be limited by the footprint of the grill you’re replacing. Ceramic coated grates are easy to clean but can chip after a while.

Failure to obtain a permit where necessary may result in fines, but that’s not why you should get one. Gas connections require special pipes, valves, tools, and supplies. Be especially careful with measurements if you’re installing the grill or any components in a frame, and that everything is square and level. In some places the type of odorant added to natural gas — so you can smell leaks — sometimes imparts an unpleasant taste to food cooked on a natural gas grill. Anybody who enjoys eating early in the day should shed a tear for the maligned meal of breakfast.

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But before you start shopping for the most expensive grill and handmade tiles for the backsplash, it’s essential to settle on a layout that will make the space as easy to work in as it is easy on the eyes. You may already be familiar with the concept of the “kitchen triangle”.

Keep in mind that if the kitchen will be against the wall of the house, you’ll have to choose non-combustible materials to protect the siding. Consider raising one side of the countertop to separate the cooking and socializing areas.

After all, this is more than just a showplace, it’s a hard-working kitchen. If you’re going with a large, fully equipped outdoor kitchen, you may need to adjust the placement of an island to ensure unimpeded access to the cooking, food storage and cleanup zones at the points of the triangle.

Your site, the amount of space you have to work with, your cooking style, and your budget will determine which you choose. It’s ideal for smaller, more budget-friendly spaces where only one cook will work at a time. It is cost-effective and great for creating an entertaining hub.

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Even though you may have a sink, fridge, and storage outside, you still have to bring some supplies out from the main kitchen and remove trash when the meal is over. We prefer to install an on-demand water heater (insta-hot) because it easily fits right under the sink. The smell of steaks sizzling on the grill is great, but smoke in your eyes (or inside the house) isn’t. You want to think about what you see from the house when deciding where to place the kitchen.

Going a step further, a pergola covered with leafy vines can offer wonderful relief from the heat of a summer afternoon. This open-air patio grill station emerges right out of the retaining wall that frames deep planting beds along the backyard lot line. We talk about how the kitchen would fit with other landscape features such as a backyard fire pit or pool patio. The most important thing to us, whatever you decide to do, is that you get out there and enjoy it as often as possible. On the other hand, if we are going all out to create an outdoor kitchen and dining area to accommodate large gatherings, let’s make sure we don’t forget anything.

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Keep in mind that all of these kitchen task areas must relate well to each other regarding proximity and ease of movement from one task area to the next.

For ambient lighting, we can usually fix spotlights on the house or a nearby tree that focus down on an area. Also, a lot of the newer grills have built-in lights, so when you lift the hood, you can see inside. It’s good to place a spare outlet on the side of the countertop for convenience. Because the area is protected by a roof, we’ve used wood cabinetry.

The size and type of grill you choose will determine the size and layout of the rest of the kitchen. Most high-end grills are of a better quality and have long-term warranties. Aside from the grill, how much food and beverage storage will you need? The choices you make about the type and number of amenities will determine the size of your outdoor kitchen. Some varieties of stone are highly porous and vulnerable to spills even after they have been sealed. Many of the grill manufacturers listed above carry outdoor cabinetry. A better approach sometimes is to have our craftsmen use masonry to fabricate the cabinet enclosures on site. In particular, the grill and the sink areas always need counter space to the left and the right. Without ceilings or walls to affix light fixtures, effectively lighting an outside kitchen can be a challenge. Your outside kitchen and dining area will often share the stage with other activity areas in your outdoor living space, and there needs to be a logical connection between them.

And there you have it: everything you need to know about outside kitchens based on conversations our landscape architects have had with homeowners just like you.

Without the benefit of four walls and a ceiling, there are other factors to consider. It usually makes sense to have an outside kitchen located near the house for convenience. Also, when thinking about entertaining, we want to identify which room of the house will naturally provide access to the outside kitchen/dining area with natural traffic flow back and forth from home interior to patio kitchen and dining spots. To supply water to an outside kitchen, we usually tap into the irrigation system or a hose bib because it is simple and cost-effective. If you want continuous hot water for the outdoor kitchen, we have to bring it from the main inside the house. Prevailing wind direction will have a bearing on where you install the grill.

Your outdoor kitchen is going to be attractive and visually appealing, but you don’t want it dominating the view when you look out a window.

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You also want to consider the views that will present to your guests when they are seated or standing at the kitchen counters. If possible, we place the kitchen where it will get natural shade from the afternoon sun or from the house itself.

Simply adding a few umbrellas can make the kitchen and dining area a lot more comfortable.

If you want to defy the elements entirely, building an open-air pavilion will keep you and your guests dry in case a surprise rain shower threatens to break up the party. The more thorough you are at the outset, the less likely it is that you will be surprised or disappointed later due to an oversight. For task lighting, lights built into the backsplash are a great solution. We wire those lights to a switch near the grill area so that they are easily controlled. Many newer grills come with a rotisserie, so you will need at least one outlet on the backsplash and another below the counter for the refrigerator. We’ll advise you on which one will be best suited to your installation. Think realistically about the type of appliances and accessories you will need. This backyard patio kitchen features custom built wood cabinet doors, bluestone slab countertops, and a farm-style stone sink. We favor stone because it allows us to pick up on the aesthetic of the main house and hardscaping. Although flagstone blends in beautifully with the landscaping, some people feel it is a bit rough to the touch.

The sinks are fabricated from whole boulders that are cut in half, hollowed out, and polished on the inside. You don’t want outdoors features to look like indoors–and stainless steel under-mount sinks look out of place outdoors. It’s hard to get a 2-inch slab to work with an under-mount sink because it has to be cut close to the front edge of the counter. We recommend that you choose cabinetry that is made from stainless steel or stone because these materials tend to last longer outdoors.

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Danver offers a line of custom stainless and powder-coated options, as well. Be sure to plan enough counter space for prepping, cooking, serving and clean up. Since it is out in the open, we installed a generously sized umbrella for shade. An outdoor cooking and dining environment can be as simple as a built-in grill station or as deluxe as a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with dining pavilion.


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