We specialize at bringing out the brilliant shine your floors once had, we can make them dazzle once again. If your marble floors weren’t professionally diamond-polished after installation, then you’ve never actually seen your floor’s true natural glow; we can correct that. Restoring marble, granite and other flooring varieties can be a multi-faceted, multi-step process. Why replace your counters when they can be restored back to brand new.

You, your friends and family will be amazed at the transformation from your current dull dingy marble floors to a beautifully restored, better than new appearance.

White Carrara Marble Slabs | Counter Top Restoration | Duration 2 Minutes 7 Seconds

There are solid stones and stone that has beautiful patterns. It is also very important to use a reputable installer who know how to template and install all types of stone. We utilize the highest quality restoration products and tools to ensure your marble counters reclaim the shine and true natural glow they presented when they were brand new.

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Can the surface be planed down and restored and if so is that process even worth doing? This particular slab was used in a restaurant kitchen for many years and they did have a pastry operation for awhile before their relocation (the kitchen at their new location was already well equipped – thus a few things fro the old location were sold off or discarded.

The concern is some tiny pits – about a half dozen or so in different spots. In these “pits” the porous surface of the unpolished marble is visible. I would carve them into little figurines of all sorts using basic hand tools and sandpaper. Are the marble slabs used in pastry and candy making operations just polished to achieve their super smooth surface or is there some sort of food safe sealant? You can pick up a slab that size cheap in perfect condition at a stone yeard that sells odds and ends that are leftover from other jobs. You can pick up a slab that size cheap in perfect condition at a stone yeard that sells odds and ends that are leftover from other jobs.

It was dirty but after degreasing and a good scrub/rinse it looks very usable. These are small (5 cm or less in diameter) spots where the smooth slab surface appears to have been nicked or chipped and there’s a very slight indentation ( 1 cm or less in depth at the center). I won’t be doing any work with liquids other than adding water to dough. I would carve them into little figurines of all sorts using basic hand tools and sandpaper. I don’t mind putting sweat equity into it but wonder about the surface.

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Marble is indeed soft and is also porous to an extent – thus my concern. But there are probably similar food-grade products out there. But it appears that with the right power tools and abrasives the surface is ground down and then polished with increasingly fine grits until a shine develops.

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When your clients enter the premises, their first impression of your business is crucial…. Part of that appearance is due to the way that hot water vapor escaped the stone as it was forming. As you are getting ready to move ahead with your stone restoration work, it may be helpful to understand what you can expect leading up to, during, and after the project has been completed. The tendency of a light-colored stone to yellow can be caused by several reasons.

Formed deep within hot springs, travertine stone has a naturally rustic appearance. First, many white marbles contain iron that oxidizes over time causing the yellow appearance. Efflorescence appears as a white powdery residue on the surface of the stone. From my beginning phone call to the finished product, you were a wonderful company to deal with.

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Even after sitting in the sink all night caked in things that should have stained it – that is, if you believe what you’re told – it came out looking great. There was no one particular stain, it just had an over all dinginess to it. The food stuff did some staining but it turns out to have been very minor.

The sealer is still a good idea, and it will help with the glass rings and just regular protection. What it does have a problem with is soaking in water and turning dingy until it dries. The marble in the background is the slab that had no testing done on it. Looks like the only thing you have to be careful of is not cutting anything on it. Besides the wine tomato and lime did you try coffee tea and viniger? Hand polished marble possesses an elegance similar to beautiful well-loved silver. The sealer that you used, does it have a “natural” finish or is there a sheen?

Both still look beautiful, although we did find that hot pots tend to cause decolourising (whitening of rosa aurora).

The white part of the marble was no longer really white, it was more gray. It was the water that was causing most of the discoloration. The truth is, though, sealed or unsealed the marble does just fine by itself. Marble is no more or less susceptible to staining than anything else. I have bought severely stained unsealed antique marble-topped pieces.

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Initially, you may need to use a few coats of wax to achieve an appealing patina.

Your acid test article has truly validated my efforts to choose a sealer for my marble kitchen countertop. I tested a sandstone/brick red/blue concrete stain combo and it looks kinda cool. I know it’s been a while since you posted this, so how did your counter tops fare? I love marble just not sure how relaxed my hubby will be with the character that will show up over time.

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Cultured marble sinks are also great because you’re essentially helping recycling efforts. This doesn’t make the sink any stronger but makes it weaker than a sink made completely from marble. You can throw the sink out and spend a lot of money to replace it or you can fix the crack. Load the caulking gun with the silicone caulk and install a tip on the caulk gun that will be small enough to get inside the crack. Give it time to settle and ooze using a wet finger to smooth it out and push it down. Epoxy comes in 2 parts which you will mix in a plastic bowl using a spoon.

Cultured marble sinks are the combination of real marble mixed with resin. Your sink sees a lot of wear and tear over the years and cracks can unfortunately be a byproduct of that use.

The article below will show you how to repair a simple to major crack in cultured marble sinks. This means that they are not very deep and therefore easy to repair. Since the crack is not deep enough to require the stone to be pushed together and merely patched the silicone will be enough to strengthen it. After an hour has passed use a damp rag to remove excess silicone from the sink. A deep crack needs to be filled with a product that can hold the weight of the marble. Crank the strap until it is pulled tight and keep doing it until both halves of the sink come together.

Wait for the epoxy to cure then sand it down until flush with the sink.

White Carrara Marble Slab | Duration 3 Minutes 30 Seconds

Info On Repairing Refinishing Cultured Marble How To by refinishingonline.com

Cultured marble gets its name because of its marble appearance. Cultured marble can easily become scratched, abused by abrasive cleansers, sharp objects or can be burned by cigarettes, curling irons or candles.

Professional refinishing companies can complete the repairs or you can use one of our cultured marble repair kits to get the job done.

Other damages like cracks in the sink bowl can be repaired with our cultured marble repair kit and touch up coatings. In any case, refinishing or repairing your cultured marble is a lot cheaper then replacing it, especially if you have a custom sized bathtub or countertop.

The countertop or vanity top fixtures are identified as being one solid piece, counter and sink bowl molded as one. Over the years cracking can appear typically at the drain area as seen in this picture or along the edges of a bathtub. Some damage such as burns, stains and scratches can be buffed or sanded out with our surface restore kit which includes a durable polymer clear coat to apply after repairs are completed.

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Marble is a metamorphic rock consisting mostly of calcite and dolomite. When most people think of marble, they imagine a hard stone that is white with gray markings.

The presence of iron, alumina, and silica may result in the formation of hematite and magnetite. The purest form of calcite marble is white in color; marbles containing hematite are reddish in color; marble that has limonite are yellow, and marble with serpentine is green. Marble is a luxurious material that works well in many homes and commercial properties. These marks will typically arise if the stone is used in a “wet” or “product heavy” area, such as a kitchen or bathroom.

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At this time professional refinishing (restoration) will be necessary. Sealing your marble is also very helpful in the fight against stains.

Marble is actually formed by the metamorphism of limestone, over time and temperature changes. In reality, it can also have irregularly colored marks due to the presence of impurities such as silica and clay. If water was present at that time, serpentine, talc, and certain other hydrous minerals may have been produced. The minerals that result from these impurities give marble a wide variety of colors. Marble has a wide array of uses, from forming sculptures to a building material.

Since marble is a calcite-based stone it will etch very easily and appear to have dull spots as a result of most spills. We will also help to educate you on proper daily cleaning methods and products, as well as spill cleanup solutions.

Foot-traffic and constant abrasion in your common areas will contribute to this. A stain is an acute discoloration left behind after a product or liquid penetrated the surface.

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Especially once bray, and future kids come along, the kitchen will be used and abused more and more. It is nonporous and will not absorb food and liquids like granite does. It is a true white base, and has beautiful ‘veins’ of grey and some cream. It also has some gold and deep red swirled in some spots, which is a pro and con. But the grey is nice, and as always, granite is beautifully durable and easy to work with.

Any of you have one of these and want to give me a sales pitch to get it as well- or a pitch to stay away from it? !

We live in our kitchen and for me they are easy to clean, durable and classic (ours are sealed). I have granite, so low maintenance, easy to clean, looks brand new five years later. Remember, these are model homes – not ones actually being used for cooking and life. I don’t know a whole lot about counter tops but those are my two choices!

How Marble Slabs Are Made 2 … … In Carrara , Italia . | Duration 2 Minutes 30 Seconds

I seriously cannot say enough good things about it – no staining, hot stuff can be set directly on it, more sanitary than granite, wears well. There are so many varieties of colors and patterns to choose from that it’s hard to narrow down which one will look the best! I hold it against the cabinets, it looks dingy and almost a dirty yellow!

Marble just simply has too much special care and upkeep for it to work for us. We do realize there is nothing that looks exactly like it, but surprisingly there are some good alternatives! It has the natural look and feel of granite, but features superior performance because of its strength and durability. It isn’t by any means a white, definitely more an off white/light cream color.

Minimal (if any) maintenance, looks great and who wants to spend time worrying about stains, sealing, etc. I used to work for a national homebuilder and we opted to not put it in model homes because it scratched so easily. Yes, you can buff out the scratches, but who is going to have that done regularly?

Marble Counter Tops Restoration Service. Have A Dull Scratched Counters? by marblerestoration.us

So, if it’s looking dull, you can always have it re-finished to any desired finish. We can repair, repolish or refinish your counters, renewing and enhancing the overall appearance of your kitchen or bathroom.

We sanding the marble counters with resin bond diamond pads, in most cases staring with 120 grits and finishing with 1000, then buffing using a marble polishing paste to get the shine finish.

Depending of the issue we’ll determine whether you need a some improvements or a complete countertops restoration. Enrich and seal is applied to protect from staining and bring out the color of granite. The finish can be modified or restored to a matte finish (honed), semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish. Some of those repairs are technically related to each other and therefore it’s more efficient to do it at the same time.

What Looks Good With Carrara Marble? Interiors For Families by interiorsforfamilies.com

Of course, carrara has its challenges, and isn’t for everyone; it can etch and stain easily.

Stylistically, carrara can work equally well in contemporary, transitional, and traditional settings. You have to be really careful about the white you pick for your cabinets, especially if you’re not painting them, in which case you may have 4-5 white options from which to choose. Two of my favorite color pairings with carrara marble are royal blue and emerald green. Chrome and stainless steel are cool silver finishes that work well with the gray veining in the stone. However, little brass used with stainless steel looks like “you know what you’re doing”. So, it is best to find your own slab and then you know exactly what you are getting. I just couldn’t bring myself to do an all-white kitchen and wanted that contrast. The mahogany cabinets might look like an anomaly if everything else is gray. Because of the size we had difficulty finding the exact vanity we wanted…..it only came in bamboo. Also the vanity top is black granite, brushed nickel hardware and the shower is white beveled subway tile.

My feeling is that a dark wood vanity treatment with a very white/light gray bathroom could either look bold and beautiful, or be too heavy/unbalanced. I am also concerned as mentioned below with the clashing of the painted cabinets and cool marble counter top and want to make the right choice.

But for those of us who love it, we’re willing to let nature take its course – it builds patina and character.

So if you have fallen in love with carrara marble and are determined to use it as a countertop in your kitchen or bath, what should you choose for your cabinetry, hardware, fittings and fixtures? Carrara is a very cool white with cool gray veining, so you can use that to guide your color choice toward a bright white or cool gray with blue undertone for a harmonious look. On the other hand, if you are willing to be more adventurous with the color of your cabinetry – perhaps a contrasting color on the lower cabinets or your island – you’ll still be well served to look for cool colors. A darker color allows carrara to pop the most (if that’s what you want it to do), and makes it look incredibly rich and dreamy. I have a slight preference for a brushed finish with carrara, but that’s just little ol’ me. I know, brass is all warm and golden, but it is timeless, elegant and rich when paired with white marble – especially an antiqued or rubbed/distressed brass – yum!

I hold it against the cabinets, it looks dingy and almost a dirty yellow! Sample squares of natural stone are not necessarily representative of the slab you will get, even if they come from the slab itself.

Brass does look good with “white marble” but chrome looks good also and is easier to keep looking nice. I don’t know a whole lot about counter tops but those are my two choices! Would this work, even though the wood is warm and the carrara, cool? I had a large marble island installed and realized that it does not work with our warm honey tone hardwood floors. Also, do you think a matte finish or some type of satin for a sheen to the cabinetry would be most appropriate? For example, in picture frames, bath accessories on the vanity, etc. I learnt something useful after reading it, so glad you wrote this.

How To Fix A Broken Slab Of Marble by modernmom.com

The good news is that a broken piece of marble does not mean that it has to be trashed if the break isn’t too severe. Then, use acetone on a lint-free cloth or sponge to further clean both sides of the break. Thoroughly cleaning your marble is essential for making sure that the epoxy is able to stick to the surface.

You should also not see any cracks extending beyond the main break line. Smooth this out with additional filler along the crack so that everything is at the same height. With either option, make sure that the clamp does not touch the epoxy or it will adhere to the marble. Salvaging marble items is a simple process that saves you from dealing with expensive replacements or having to get rid of a cherished heirloom. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

While it is one of the more durable natural materials you can find, it is susceptible to breakage just like any other type of stone if it is dropped or sustains a heavy impact from a falling object. As long as your slab is not missing any major pieces, it can usually be repaired using an epoxy or special marble adhesive compound using these steps. Start by cleaning along the broken edge using a nylon brush with stiff bristles to whisk away the dust. Since acetone has a strong odor, make sure to do this step in a well-ventilated area away from people with respiratory ailments such as asthma. If this is the case, then your marble is easily repairable using the epoxy. Then, use a new craft stick or putty knife to apply the putty as directed to the broken edges of your marble piece.

Remove any epoxy that squirts out by carefully wiping down the broken edge with a damp cloth.

If there is not enough dust left, then you can also take a sample of your marble to a stone supplier to find some in a matching shade. Then, use your craft stick or putty knife to apply the filler material to areas that are chipped or missing noticeable chunks. Once your piece has fully cured, you can then sand down the edges and scrape off any excess putty. As you set out on your project, remember that taking your time and being patient will give you stellar results that look like a professional repair.


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