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How many uses is it supposed to be good for, or is it a one-and-done? The magic eraser got a lot of unwanted dirt out after our usual cleaning with other products. But we have another problem a blue substance running down the middle that the magic eraser did scrub out quite a bit but not the whole thing. It’s so important to us that you’re happy with your purchase, so we’d like the chance to gather a few more details.

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You may be tempted to use windex but it just might etch your marble. If you already have soap scum – here’s a safe product to get rid of it! The presence of silicon carbide grits in them will scratch your stone. Use products made for cleaning stone to avoid etching your marble, to keep it looking beautiful and to avoid future problems!

A marble cleaner such as this daily cleaner is convenient to use and safe for marble. Use it on your mirrors, stainless steel, greasy hood above the stove and other surfaces cleaned on a daily basis. Cleaning mirrors, glass, appliances or miscellaneous furniture?

Soap scum is more noticeable on the darker stones and also in bright lights. You can safely use the sponges lined with a silvery net, or other plastic scouring pads.

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Do avoid excessive force or pressure because that may mar or chip the surface. While it is resistant to scratches, cuts, and chipping, cutting directly on the quartz surface should be avoided.

It resists scratching, staining and scorching better than any other natural stone or solid surface. But, use trivets when placing any hot items to avoid thermal shock. It is a non-porous material that is highly resistant to stain, scratches and heat. Liquid spills and stains from fruits, vegetables, or other foods should be wiped up and cleaned with soap and water. Using cutting boards and taking care not to drop or move heavy objects on the surface will help to ensure long-lasting beauty. Always handle such cleaning agents with care and rinse the applied surface with water completely afterwards. Solvents such as acetone, nail polish remover, lacquer thinner, or bleach (short-term exposure at 50% dilution may be acceptable for purpose of cleaning difficult stains-based on removing and rinsing applied area immediately).

In most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent is all that is required to maintain its luster. To remove adhered material such as food, gum, or nail polish, first scrape away the excess material with a plastic putty knife and then clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove any marks left behind and any residual dirt. Caesarstone prides itself in providing our customers a virtually care-free surface, but as with any product, excessive abuse can harm its finish.

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I have since used it in my bathrooms and to get fingerprints and marks off the walls. You don’t even have to scrub hard, just dampen the eraser a little bit and rub lightly. The eraser also does a terrific job in removing soap scum from bath tubs, shower walls and tiles. In fact it’s best to only use them on white walls because they will leave a white film. In fact, there are many pictures of this exact use floating around (see the one above as an example). Very effective on hard surfaces but not anything with clear coat – you can go right through it. It’s probably the most innovative product for cleaning materials in the last ten years.

The dirt, debris, scuff marks, or any other unwanted specks just come right off. It has no scent, so you don’t have to worry about any artificial, chemical-ish smell. The mildew was very bad all along the caulk of the tub and fixtures.

Any ideas for cleaning/restoring a shine on this type of tub and surround?

I bought my first one after a friend told me about how good they work. I realized someone had torn it into pieces and threw it in the trash, probably not realizing what it was. It does work, but since it actually works as an extremely fine sandpaper it can take off paint from surfaces, so use with a light touch and be careful! If you wet the sponge too much, then you will find that when you press it onto the wall to rub it will drip a white film that will run down the wall. If you can see a white dull patch then the best way to wash the wall is to use the eraser, then go over it again with a damp white cloth to remove any film. That being said, if you’re concerned about scratching it is prudent to test any product you use (including this one) in an inconspicuous area first before using it all over your stove top just to be on the safe side. I also use it to remove newspaper ink from my precious glass collectibles!

This is the equivalent of using 2000 grit sandpaper to remove residue. In addition, over time the dulling effect may be more noticeable as well. The bottom of the tub and shower head was also covered with rust due to the hard water. It not only removed the mildew with surprising ease, but also took care of the rust along the tub and fixtures. It no longer cleans the bathtub and shower surround and they are getting dull and stained.

In addition, depending on how thin the fabric was, it might even wear a hole in it!

If shampoo will take the styling products out of your hair they will certainly take the soap scum and grime out of there as well.

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About 10 years ago, some smarty-pants discovered that melamine foam was also an effective abrasive cleaner! The abrasive foam loosens up dirt and grime, and the open microstructure of the foam sucks it in and traps it there. That one little tip will extend the life of each eraser dramatically, and keep costs low for you.

Now, if you’re worried about the safety of melamine foam, here are a few facts to help put you at ease. Wipe clean with a towel, and your headlights will look amazing! What a mess was left on my hardwood floors from the new wheelchair! One swipe and the rubber marks on the floors and walls were gone!

Another way to keep costs low is to buy generic melamine foam erasers in bulk online! However, this ingredient is not formaldehyde and poses no health or safety risks. Be especially careful when it comes to granite and marble countertops – scrubbing too hard could remove the sealant. My cars headlight covers are so disgusting the light doesnt really show through. Just apply about a tablespoon, then scrub it around with a toothbrush. I had to go over each section 3 times before the sponge rinsed clean. I was very happy with the results and would certainly recommend it.

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In other words, it rubbed away the water spot but also sanded away some of the actual marble and created it’s own new spot over the top of the old water mark. It’s not quite as sophisticated and may not yield perfect results but usually very satisfactory. For instance, if you sand just a little, then all you do is scratch up the wood. The same basic process (using ever finer abrasives) is how you refinish marble countertops and tile to remove scratches, dull spots, etc. Marble countertops will get many fine scratches over time especially as a kitchen countertop. It’s impossible to keep acidic foods and drinks from hitting the surface.

Also, be sure to use only products safe for cleaning marble as many generic and branded household cleaners will etch marble countertops and tile.

The sink is a porcelain-type finish, not the ‘plastic’ type seen in tub/surrounds. And sometimes the erasers remove quartz countertop stains without any problem or damage at all.

This method in the e-book basically involves sanding the spot until it is blended with the surrounding surface finish.

I know that seems completely counterintuitive to sand marble that was damaged by abrasives, but it’s a matter of sanding with even finer abrasives until it is super smooth just like sanding wood from a rough to a smooth surface.

But keep sanding with increasingly fine sandpaper and the wood becomes smoother and smoother. The polishing pads are the better bet to get the best finish on a honed surface though. But etching is usually the main problem with marble kitchen countertops. This is the reason most fabricators and installers will warn against installing marble kitchen countertops. So, use coasters for drinks, trivets for hot pans (mainly to keep pans from scratching) and cutting boards for food prep.


There is no need to worry about grease, grime, hairspray, or messy makeup spills — simply wipe it off! To remove adhered material such as food, gum, nail polish or even dried paint, first scrape away the excess material with a plastic putty knife and then clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove any marks left behind and any residual dirt. The non-porous quality of the surface also greatly reduces the potential for bacterial growth. To avoid dulling the surface’s shine, make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner. Whether you selected our stone products to be your “surface of choice” for food preparation or to simply beautify your home, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our stone products are completely worried and care-free.

Simply wipe with warm water and soap, using a damp cloth or paper towel.

To avoid dulling the surface’s shine, make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner. However, like most materials, excessive force and/or pressure from objects can damage the surface. Our products providing superior strength and beauty, although your fine cutlery will not harm them, using a cutting board is recommended to prevent dulling the surface. However, any stone material can potentially be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes, especially near the edges.

Our stones products are care-free maintenance and everlasting benefits and performance allows more time for the things that matter most to you.

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All to capture the colors and hues – the very essence of nature’s best. Trivets and hot pads should be used when placing hot skillets, pans, crock-pots or other heat generating kitchenware on the surface.

Quartz offers the luxurious look of stone that is durable and easy to clean and maintain. This sophisticated product line offers six distinctive colors that provide the durability of quartz and the peaceful comfort of nature. Solvents such as acetone, nail polish, lacquer thinner, or bleach (short-term exposure is acceptable for purpose of cleaning difficult stains-based on removing and rinsing applied area within 5 minutes).

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Consequently, fears about noxious or dangerous substances being secreted in common cleaning products is a recurring theme in contemporary lore.

However, this ingredient is not formaldehyde and poses no health or safety risks. As with any sponge-like product, when swallowed this product may block the gastrointestinal tract.

It is possible that formaldehyde may be present in minute, trace amounts as a result of the manufacturing process.

This hypothesis appears to be a result of a misparsing of the ingredients list. Therefore, we do advise to keep this product out of the reach of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion — it is not a toy. Doubters maintained that the child had simply suffered skin abrasions from the abrasive surface of the eraser.

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If you were to do this to your car, it would require extensive (and potentially expensive) polishing to fix the damage. This will definitely lay to rest a lot of wondering about this “miraculous” product. I sometimes get questions like this from my customers in regards to using household products for detailing. Simply scour then use a buffing compound too make brillant clean lenses again magic eraser will basically sand a thin fade layer of attic away and buffing will clean that lense right up, in short magic eraser does have some practical uses on your car.

It did work great though on handles that had ring marks and black scuffs.

I would highly recommend contacting the manufacturer for the best answer possible. If you do not respect these rules your comments may be edited or even deleted.

That nice “soft” sponge is very abrasive, and is capable of doing a lot of damage to paint or other delicate surfaces. Is there anything we can do to correct the damage caused by us using the eraser on the car? It is a very good product in many ways, and some of them pertain to detailing.

Do you know how this would work on the plastics of my ’01 jetta? I always tell my customers to keep household products in the house and use only the appropriate detailing products for their car. Instead, you are going to want to perform some polishing steps to remove the imperfections. This is a stronger corrective option and should remove the majority of your imperfections.

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As such, you may see the various terms used interchangeably on this blog by me and by others who are interviewed or commenting. I was suspicious about using these products on the porcelain cast iron.

For example, you can use it to remove metal marks on a kitchen sink. Not only will the sink get clean but you can enjoy a good bottle of wine. We have not specifically tested vinegar as a cleaning agent so we do not have data when it is used in a strong dose and left remaining on the sink. If homeowners are going to use it as cleaning agent, we recommend rinsing the area with water after use. I went back and double-checked, and our team says that we would have to retest with our current standards and knowledge.

But leave it up to you with your great journalism to find this mistake. This page includes their list of recommended products for cleaning cast iron — the glossy part, and the special slip-resistant bottoms. I did and it looks much better but it still doesn’t shine like it did! I pressed them, as these cleaners are not on their recommended list. Yet some of their customer service reps are recommending these products, which is confusing.

But, we are not professional chemists or engineers or home economists.

I have used these products on various surfaces in the past, and sure, they can lift the dirt like nobody’s business. Another tip to remove marks from cast iron, scrub with a wine cork. We have listed the recommended cleaning products based on the results of this testing and advise that consumers avoid using other cleaners as they can dull or even damage the enamel coating on our cast iron products. The outside & underneath definitely need redone but the only real issue was a few dis colored spots in the inside & some caulk around the edges. One rep said to use it on stubborn stains, so it is not for everyday cleaning, but another rep made no such distinction. My thoughts are perhaps the composition of the slip-resistant tubs has changed in the past 10 or 20 years. Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazards in old homes, materials and products.

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Just add a bit of water to the sponge, wring out the excess, and start scrubbing – in just a few glides, you’re likely to see that annoying stain disappear. This makes them a big step up over other types of “disposable” cleaning products, like sanitizing wipes or paper towels.

But do these “magic” cleaning tools really live up to their name? This means you won’t need to waste money or storage space on expensive household cleaners.

Plus, you’ll be able to save time, not having to go over the same spot over and over again. Your tool may start to fall apart, so it may prove helpful to have a backup ready to go.

It’s a powerful and effective cleaning tool, which can help you conserve cleaning product, save your energy, and get tough jobs done faster. Do you have any other favorite cleaning products that you think we should review or try out?

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That is way to much water hitting the floor with way to much pressure. Each travertine is different and they varry on color, durability, porosity, and density depending on the quarry that it came from. These types of products will etch or scratch travertine floors and cause costly travertine restoration services to your budget. The next biggest mistake we see people make is that either home owners or their professional travertine cleaner will use a generic sealer from the local hardware store that leaves the floor with a sticky residue.

Simmularly, the travertine maintence cleaning may dislodge filler in the travertine that is not stable. It is formed by rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate at the mouth of a hot spring or in a limestone cave.

Travertine is one of the more popular stones in modern architecture. In conclusion, travertine is a beautiful and often times unique natural stone that can make any room look beautiful. Stripping (typically floor needs to be stripped twice). 75¢ per sq.

We are very careful not to get the stone too wet, because any floor can be water logged or flooded. We recommend getting your floors done as needed in that window, and never wait longer than the recommended 6 years. All travertine can look uniquely different due to their different finishes. No two travertine floors are the same so be cautious when a company has a “one size fits all” answer to your floor cleaning plan. The reason for that is because your honed, tumbled or polished travertine has various different porosities. Our travertine repair or travertine honing process wiik adequetly address most of these issues. The largest building in the world is actually constructed mostly of travertine.

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The smarter way to remove a stain is by first scraping up what you can with a spoon.

Now you’re ready to treat the spot with a stain remover, but be sure to pretest the product in a hidden area first to make sure it won’t fade your carpet’s color. Apply any window cleaning solution you like; all contain agents that will help lift dirt off the window. So read the product’s label to see what surfaces it’s safe to use on before you start scrubbing away. If you have a piece you inherited, you may want to continue to use furniture wax or oil occasionally; however, stick with the same product to avoid buildup on the finish—using a variety of products with different base ingredients case can create a gummy residue due to chemical reactions. If you see water drops on the surface after you clean, the rag is too wet. The amount you should use will be indicated on the label—stick with the recommendation and save money by not using more than you really need.

For example, washing your windows on a sunny day may be causing those stubborn streaks you see on the glass. Read on for common cleaning no-no’s, plus info on how to do the job correctly. In other words, even though you might be able to eventually get a stain out of carpet, you won’t ever be able to fix untwisted fibers. Keep pressure even, and wipe blade after each stroke to prevent drips. But both lemon juice and vinegar are acids which can damage natural surfaces such as marble, limestone, travertine and onyx.

While some manufacturers say it’s fine to put grounds through the disposal, if you don’t run enough water while doing so, they won’t get flushed through and end up just sitting there—causing potential clogs––because the blades are too big to grind them up.

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They’re made of a porous melamine material that gets into hard-to-clean surfaces and tiny grooves — like magic! In general, magic erasers can “remove” or “clean” virtually anything! This way, you get 8 to 9 times the amount of cleaning out of 1 single block! Squeeze the excess water out, and continue using it until it physically starts to shred apart.

These foam-like sponges are extremely lightweight and resemble pieces of styrofoam.

It worked so well — but what really sold me was its ability to clean the slightly rough, textured surfaces that the handles of our kitchen appliancesare made of. These little sponges are great at getting into the tiny cracks & crevices of virtually any surface! But that’s a testament to their cleaning power — their tiny pores get filled with all the gunk that’s hiding in small spaces. Lightly mist 1 small piece of the cleaning block with water (using a spray bottle or the kitchen sink sprayer) rather than saturating it with water (which causes it to shrivel up more). When your tiny cleaning block starts to get yucky (after cleaning a few different items), simply spray rinse it again to revive it a bit.

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What makes it different from other cleaners is that the foam is very hard and acts like very fine sandpaper. One quick wipe over your counter will get rid of that stubborn hairspray residue you’ve struggled with for years. This special foam is microporous and very hard – helping you remove stubborn stains without using too much elbow grease. You can now tackle nail polish, permanent marker or even crayon marks from walls and furniture with ease. After a few minutes of cleaning your prized possessions will be looking new again. Use an eraser to remove this green slime from concrete surfaces like stepping stones, patio steps and even bird baths.

It turns out these inexpensive foam pads can practically clean your entire house (and car) without any special chemical cleaners. This is the main reason it is so good at removing stubborn stains like grease, crayon or even permanent marker without additional chemicals. It is especially good at cleaning glass stove tops that have burnt on food stains.

Plus you’ll be forced to use hazardous chemicals to cut through the nasty bathroom stains you encounter. In fact, the foam is so rigid that it acts like fine sandpaper, allowing you to practically scrape off what you thought were “permanent” stains. Do you have scuffs or marks on your walls or baseboards from moving? She enjoys helping homeowers get the most value out of their remodeling budgets.

These included horsepower, feed style and overall noise (or lack thereof).

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Quartz is better at resisting surface damage than similar materials. These very qualities are what make them ideal for commercial and residential kitchens that require natural aesthetics and high-performance. In case you do fail to wipe the spillage straight away, and the liquid dries out, you then can use a non-abrasive sponge and a glass or surface cleaner. For stubborn and hardened messes, you can use a plastic putty knife to gently scrape them up. The harshness of these substances can cause the bonds between the quartz and the resin that bond it together to disintegrate and eventually damage the surface.

The countertop may also crack if it gets hit by a sudden change in temperature.

However, they have quickly developed a reputation as a high-end material owing to their many good qualities. Its beauty and durability notwithstanding, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly just the same. Don’t wait for them to dry out because it would harden the liquid and make the surface sticky, which would require a bit more effort on your part to clean up. You will also need to scrub a little more vigorously to remove the dried-out spillage completely. No matter how tough the grease, today’s kitchen degreasers can loosen and remove it quite easily. The best thing would be to protect your countertop by putting down placemats on it. While cleaning is easy, there are some cleaning products you should never use on it. Use water to rinse the exposed surface thoroughly should any of these chemicals find their way onto your countertop.

Considering these risks, always use a hot pad or a trivet if you’re putting something hot on it. Cutting, chopping, or slicing food directly on the surface will eventually leave its mark there, so remember to use a cutting board at all times.

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Why won’t good journals retract papers that were proven wrong?


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