Each marble top is carved from a single piece of stone and will feature natural variations.

Multi layer 12 step hand finish to prevent pealing, cracking, fading. A stylish backsplash is also included to help protect your wall and vanity back from water damage. With a freestanding build, this vanity is mounted against a wall and gives your bathroom a more spacious feeling.

New Yorker Bath Vanity by houzz.com

Mine came with cracked backsplash which i understand is my responsibility (surprise surprise).

You’ll want to buy baskets to hold supplies on the underneath shelf. Very well packaged and arrived earlier than expected, and in perfect condition. They are assembled with glue and staples, and the metal tracks are on the bottom. The pattern and veining will vary from unit to unit, as this is natural stone.

The gap for the functioning door between the frame and the drawer front is wider than the gap for the non-functioning drawers. The back leg had a split in the wood that clearly had been painted that way. I wouldn’t have chosen the faucet that was included, but it’s nice.

The top drawer opens and offers some extra storage as it has a cut out to go around the sink. Also, can we get it without the top so we can use our own tile? However, you are welcome to install a different faucet if you wish. We need to know if our existing plumbing/water/shutoffs will fall within the space where the top drawer/blank is located or are the drawer depths less than that of the frame.


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