Keep reading for makeup organizing tips and ideas to streamline your beauty regimen and have a vanity and makeup organizer that looks just as fabulous as you do!

If you like to do your makeup using the bathroom mirror and store your products in there, be careful.

We recommend setting up a makeup station in your bedroom, even if it is just a desk with a mirror and makeup organizer placed on top. Makeup brushes can last many years if they are good quality and taken care of properly. If you purchased the wrong shade or you don’t love the formula, it might work for someone else.

You will want to keep your holy grail products accessible and not let them get lost amongst the rest.

Makeup organizers come in different sizes, configurations, and materials. Consider what part of your collection is the largest: if you love palettes, opt for an organizer with large drawers or if you’re a lipstick addict, get a rotating tower specifically to hold lippies. Place your makeup organizer on the same side of your vanity as your dominant hand for easy access. Keep makeup remover on hand with cotton pads and q-tips in a decorative container (we all make mistakes!) and a cute mini trash can nearby to keep the space tidy. Sometimes, the packaging of a product is prettier than the makeup application itself.

Acrylic Countertop Makeup Organizer | Duration 1 Minutes 11 Seconds

From eyeshadow palettes to lipsticks and brushes to sponges, a growing makeup collection can be overwhelming. The moisture in the bathroom can affect the formula or your products or cause them to expire more quickly. Change in color, smell, or consistency is a good indicator is a product has gone bad and should be tossed. Reusable makeup sponges should be washed after every use and replaced at least every 3 months. Give it to a friend or donate it to a local women’s shelter!

If you have a large makeup collection, sift through and separate it into two piles- special occasion items and everyday favorites. Black wood might look chic, but clear, plastic organizers allow you to see everything to find exactly what you’re looking for.

You may be able to fit your whole collection in one organizer, or have a freestanding container on top with the essentials and store the rest in a bin divided drawer. The right system of organization depends on your collection and what is most efficient for you. Eyeshadow palettes can take up a lot of unnecessary space if you only use a couple shades from each- depot your favorite colors and keep them together in a magnetic palette with your essentials. I have a free standing caddy to keep all my favourite products in which sits next to my vanity, this way everything is tucked away yet easy to get to.

I don’t like to keep my tabletop too cluttered, but a few organizers on top are handy as well!

It makes it so easy for me to film a beauty video and go straight to editing and producing. I also like to use acrylic organizers because it allows me to see all my makeup without having to really shuffle through all my drawers.

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