Polishing marble is the best way to protect and accentuate its beauty. Penetrating sealers help to reduce severity of etches, but cannot eliminate them. This step would be used to even out high tiles and is a separate process from our standard finishing services.

Baker’s has been improving and adding to the standard long established marble polishing practices. Our proven reputation and experience will assure that you can trust your marble project will be done at the highest quality with the customer service you deserve.

We have all the standard abrasives such as diamond pads and powders for cleaning, sealing and polishing marble. Sometimes this step is also used to sand away a coating on the stone provided the installation is even.

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Before we seal any surface, we have to ensure that it is professionally cleaned so that the sealant meets the level of protection our customers anticipate. The sealant may also begin to fail much earlier than anticipate, because it will not cure to the surface properly if debris, dirt, or calcium buildup is present. Our experienced stone care team will let you know which options are right for the surface you want to seal, and recommend varying price level options when possible. These factors may increase or decrease the price because the natural stone, concrete, or tile must get a professional cleaning before sealant is applied (unless the surface is new and/or clean). There is no magic season that is best for all type of sealant applications. It is best to apply sealant when there is absolutely no moisture residue present. It should be allowed to dry out completely for at least 24 hours, longer if you can. We’d be happy to help you if we can, and if we cannot there’s a good chance we can recommend someone who can. Services we provide for clients like this include: cleaning, maintenance, repairing cracks and spalling with densifier, and long-lasting protection with commercial grade sealant applications.

These guys are flagstone maintenance experts, especially for saltwater pools.

Call us for a free estimate or request service online now using the form on the right. For example if you want us to seal flagstone around your pool, send us a couple pictures from your phone along with the dimensions (height/width of the tiles), approximate square footage, etc. Each sealing quote is based on the linear footage of the stone, the type of sealant that will be used, how many coats of sealant it will need, and its condition.

If you’d like to see if we can seal something for you but it’s not listed here, just give us a call and ask.

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Sealing your natural stone and terrazzo will help to prevent staining and discolorations from becoming a permanent part of your stone surface. They contain topical epoxies, acrylics, and waxes which are all very harmful for natural stone. These pores are the openings in the stone that allow it to “breathe” and release moisture and gas. They do not reside on the surface and do not absorb contaminants like some topicals do, mainly waxes. This allows you to wipe and clean certain liquids from the surface of the stone without leaving behind discolorations. Etch marks do not have color, but are chemical burns on the surface of the stone that appear as “dull spots” and may even be rough to-the-touch sometimes.

If your natural stone does not breathe it will eventually deteriorate and stain.

These types of products will absorb into the stone and not clog the pores. When the stone’s pores are coated with an impregnating sealer they make the stone resistant to oil and water-based stains. However, certain liquids such as alcohol and citrus fruit juices contact acids that will create “etch” marks, regardless of the best impregnating sealer on the market.

In most cases, etch marks can be removed by honing or even just by polishing the stone. Although they are harder and less absorbent than the previously mentioned stone – they should be sealed too.

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Sealing is important because it allows stones to preserve their natural appearance. Moreover, the dirt & grit that accumulates on rugs over the time can also damage the stone floor when displaced from their place with pressure. Our engineers are always ready to help you with your stone and marble cleaning, polishing, sealing, and restoration questions. Different stones need to be treated differently to restore their natural sheen. Generally, polishing the stone is the best resort in such instances.

Our engineers specialize in natural stone care, repair, and maintenance.

Rugs especially with rubber or latex base can cause friction against the marble, granite or other natural stones while sliding. Light & porous stones such as marble, limestone, and granite are more vulnerable to damage if not taken care of properly. This happens usually when an acid comes in contact with the calcium based stones. We take care of your furniture, carpets & walls during the process & make necessary arrangements beforehand, if required.


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