We work with both commercial and residential property owners, finding affordable prices for exceptional materials, while always providing great services. Having a beautiful home or commercial property is everyone’s dream.

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The sales staff was friendly and the product seemed to be of good quality. There are actual cracks throughout the entire counter, edges were not cut properly and everyone comments on the botched job.Jody who is one of the owners has not returned any calls or messages.

Made both rooms look like they were just built even though we live in a 30 year old house. The company did a great job getting the fit and finish too look great. Barrie area have refused to work with them due to similar problems. Instead of an installation team we got a dude with our tops in a pickup. They’re busy cuz they’re cheap but it didn’t end up worth it for us at all.

Crafting A Concrete Countertop, Part Ii | Duration 2 Minutes 39 Seconds

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we bring skilled hands to every custom counter job. Handyman is the safe, guaranteed solution for your home and business repair and maintenance needs.

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We understand the importance of the family meeting place at the heart of your home where meals are shared and memories are made.

We specialize in laminate countertops in the latest colours and styles.

We are dedicated to providing affordable laminate to make your house feel like a home.

We know that you have choices for your countertops and we appreciate the opportunity to work with your ideas, dreams, and budget, to transform your project from concept to a new living experience.

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We were able to find a stock counter top from their inventory, that suited very well. They measured and installed the counter top within the week.

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Our customers have direct in put into the end product, unlike resellers whom don’t control the process and the customer ends up with a product they didn’t envision and it is a costly and regretted mistake. A previously undiscovered species of an extinct primordial giant worm with terrifying snapping jaws has been identified by an international team of scientists. But the last long weekend of the summer is fast approaching. Check out these beauties 🤩 we just installed today!

A leathered or honed surface usually has a soft sheen to it, but is much less shiny than the glossy look of a polished slab. If the parent rock was composed of several mineral types and the agents of metamorphism included directed and/or shear stress, a planar fabric called foliation will usually be present in the resulting metamorphic rocks. The counter-tops look good and the installations were done professionally and in good time. Make sure to talk to a professional with at least 10 years experience before making a purchase decision!

Our quality granite and stone is imported direct from quarries from all over the world. Stephanie we will send you a private message about the details of your prize!

We are a direct fabricator of natural and engineered stone products, not a reseller like most places in the market today.

We take great pride and passion in what we create and with over 30 years of rich family history in the building industry, we do it right the first time. With just a touch of blue and green background and silver characteristics similar to marble, it will surly make a stunning statement in any home.

Our granite and stone is imported direct from quarries from all over the world. It’s earthy and elemental colors and textures bring nature into your home.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy long weekend!

Granite is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals. Thanks to all who participated we value everyone’s responses.

We are pooling all of our fantastic contest entries!

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on our page. There are many questions you should be asking when stepping into the stone countertop market.

We want to thank everyone who participated to contribute to the overwhelming success of this contest!

Make a guess in the comments below of how many eggs are in the jar, like our page, and share this post!

Leathered granite hides fingerprints, water spots and smudges.

Popular Countertop Overlay Techniques Featuring Ken Lazenby | Duration 6 Minutes 50 Seconds

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The stone selection was unbeatable and the installation was seamless. Once they get your money – customer service goes right out the window. There are many countertop companies out there but few are artists in their field. They were knowledgeable, helpful and professional right from the beginning with a large selection. Recommended them to a friend who also had the same experience.

Our portfolio includes everything from countertops, fireplaces, tub surrounds,.

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Ken’S Custom Designs Countertop Overlay And Metallic Epoxy Application | Duration 46 Minutes 13 Seconds

If you want to have your existing cabinets painted out we do that too.

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Cons include possible staining and scratching, and hot pots or plates will burn the surface. This material is non-porous so it resists stains and will not harbour bacteria. A kitchen mainstay for quite some time, laminate has improved vastly over the past few years. Light weight, low maintenance, easy to clean and very affordable are some pros of this countertop choice. It is maintenance free and its level of durability means it won’t chip or crack as easily as granite or concrete.

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Are you thinking of installing a laminate surface in your space?

To enter the contest visit our page and guess whether the image posted is laminate or granite. The installation staff were also amazing and so professional!

Other counter top suppliers knew nothing about the product and did not attempt to find out. Corian is a great option for commercial and hospitality projects. When we arrived in the store we were greeted so warmly!

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Great value comes from being able to deliver the best price and the best product together. This will ensure you are not paying for extra middle man costs.

Crafting A Concrete Countertop, Part I | Duration 4 Minutes 37 Seconds

We master the art of stone to each project we handle, as no two projects are alike. The science of stone cannot be fully appreciated until each piece is digitally templated, crafted by our sawyers, delivered and carefully put into place.

We make sure to handle our customers’ needs and recommend products that would best fit their project requirements. Best of all, meet with our professionally trained stone consultants to find the perfect fit for your home. Don’t be fooled by companies promising you the best price without the ability to deliver the best product as well. Be sure to do your homework to find out whether the company you are buying your stone countertop / product from are buying their stone from a reseller vs buying it direct from certified quarries.

Our portfolio includes everything from countertops, fireplace surrounds, bathtub surrounds, spas and showers. When you walk into our facility you will witness the technology, the science, the cleanliness and the hum of dedicated people. From cutting to polishing, the stone is slowly transformed as our team perfects each piece.

We stock an unparalleled variety of inventory, thereby allowing us to provide exceptional service to our customers. For customers, the experience we create while taking them through selection, fabrication and final installation process is the essence of who we are. Stop in to see and touch extraordinary surfaces we’ve hand selected from around the world. Perfect for those who want the beauty of marble, but the strength 💪 of granite.

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