Below you’ll find out some of the top pro’s and con’s of using this gorgeous natural stone in your kitchen. Marble is one of the most classically elegant and beautiful materials out there. Below you’ll find out some of the top pro’s and con’s of using this gorgeous natural stone in your kitchen. Not only can marble counters increase your home’s resale value it brings a lot of satisfaction when preparing foods and spending time in the space.

Marble comes in hues of white, grey and black as well as yellow, green and pink. No two slabs of marble are the same so you can be sure that your countertop is unique. Because it is textured, it hides scratches and other imperfections. It is largely resistant to cracks, scratches and burns – especially if you take care of it properly. If you are using it for your kitchen, don’t put a hot pot or pan from the stove directly on your marble countertop. For daily cleaning, all you need to do is take a mild soap and warm water mixture and a sponge or non-abrasive towel and just sweep over the countertop.

While there are many benefits such as beauty and value added, there are also some things that need to be considered when using this natural stone. Since it is a soft stone, it is prone to stains and scratches over time. Despite being a “soft” stone, marble is an unforgiving surface to drop a plate or dish onto. As a soft stone, marble can be chipped or develop cracks if something heavy is dropped onto it. If you decide to have a marble countertop, while you can choose the particular slabs you want installed, you’re not going to be able to install them yourself but will need to seek the services of a professional. Marble is composed of calcium carbonate which is sensitive to acidic solutions. Acidic substances – such as wine, lemon and other citrus juices, vinegar – if not cleaned up right away can etch the surface of your marble countertop. Polished finish marble is susceptible to etching from acidic foods or even from strong household cleansers. Marble has a naturally porous surface which means that it absorbs liquid quickly and this can make it prone to staining. Most marble countertops are made of treated marble that has a seal or protective topcoat that can prevent staining.

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Typically most manufactures will wet-cut the marble to avoid creating harmful dust particles.

Marble is one of the most classically elegant and beautiful materials out there. Below you'll find out some of the top pro's and con's of using this gorgeous natural stone in your kitchen. Marble is one of the most classically elegant and beautiful materials out there.

The great news is even in spite of its great looks, marble can be less expensive to install than other types of natural stone such as quartz or granite. Marble is formed when limestone or dolomite rock is subjected to extreme heat and pressure. The distinctive veining of marble gives each slab a unique look. It is a soft stone, this makes a slab of marble easier to work with than any other slab of stone. Instead of one continuous stone slab countertop, you can have several marble tiles make up your countertop. If you choose a honed or matte marble finish, you get a smooth, honed surface in muted colors. A leather finish is usually used with dark marbles and gives off a soft sheen.

Marble is a naturally cool material so a marble countertop will stay cool naturally. If you choose a polish finished for your marble countertop, the marble will be buffed resulting in a high-gloss surface that really brings out the details of your marble slabs color and veining. It is however, one of the least expensive of the natural stone countertop materials.

You will want to invest in treated or sealed marble to get around this. A dropped dish on a marble surface is almost always a shattered dish. If you’re using marble in your kitchen countertops, you’re going to need to make sure that you minimize its contact with acidic foods. Honing the surface of marble makes it more porous which can make it more prone to staining. If you spill oil or wine or liquid makeup on a marble countertop and don’t wipe it up promptly, it can penetrate marble’s surface and be very difficult to remove. You will need to have your marble countertop resealed on a regular basis – at least once a year. Different styles of honing to remove some of the polish can cost extra as well as the number of cut-outs required for your specific application.

As you can see there are a variety of reasons to choose marble countertops for your kitchen or bathroom vanities.

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They look amazing and can bring a sense of elegance and luxury to the room. Marble kitchen countertops add flourish and ornamentation to the kitchen. It is an undeniably beautiful material that instantly creates a sense of elegance and grace in the room. Some of its hues give a natural look and beauty as for example, if choosing green color option and value natural building materials, then it will stand out as a natural beauty that connects a room with the nature and outdoors.

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The well maintained marble countertops provide the grand impression to the buyer.

The marble countertop is completely organic because of its physical appearance as a natural stone. It is best to have low traffic conditions to extend the marble’s life. This is a good quality of marble but one should need to be careful. Always use a pot holder for this purpose to avoid the risk of discoloration and burning of the marble surface.

Some finish choices like honed finish can help to disguise etching rather than polished finish. Marble is a porous natural stone so a proper sealing is required to protect it and its beauty. Use cutting boards, pot holders and trivets etc to avoid scratches, burns and other damages. The care involves in it is regular and proper sealing which is required annually to avoid staining and etching, avoiding acids and acidic materials to avoid damage and wiping up spills immediately to avoid staining. Installation of marble can be expensive as well as it can’t be done by oneself to avoid any damages and injuries. If you are opting for the tiles then calculate the marble’s weight and to make sure before installing them that your counter is durable and strong enough to support it. This may result in staining which makes the marble ugly and unattractive. Never drop something sharp or heavy on marble kitchen countertops otherwise the object may damage the marble. If you are not careful enough about marble and its maintenance then the degradation process may occur early. It is also a soft and porous stone which result in scratching, nicking, cracks, staining and even dulling the stone and its shine.

They treat them like other materials however marble is something special and valuable and requires different cleaning materials and methods. It is an impression that marble is a hard substance but the truth is just the opposite. This will help you to realize that the cleaning and maintenance of marble countertop are not simple and how to deal with them. Sealing repels the staining agents but doesn’t make the marble stain proof. One of the simplest solutions is to keep a soft cloth handy in your kitchen which in case of any spills on the countertop surface can be cleaned immediately and easily. Never wait to clean the spill until you are done cooking and eating.

People usually use such cleaners to clean their kitchen marble countertops daily without realizing that they are damaging their countertop’s beauty and shine with every clean.

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As the passage of time, due to the use of these cleaners, the marble deteriorates and is no longer smooth and shiny. Many of the cleaners are usually made extra strong to work with on marble countertops.

Spread it on the stain, then cover with plastic wrap sealed with painter’s tape.

Be sure to remove the stains and the surface should be completely dry before polishing the marble. Wait at least one hour before rinsing and drying the counters. Use them on the countertops to avoid any water stains, burns and damages from water rings, beverages and hot pans and pots etc. So avoid leaving any hair pins, nails, scissors, knives etc on the marble countertops to prevent it from damage.

It is the most versatile natural stone choice in home decor. The marble kitchen countertops make a bold and sophisticated look in the kitchen. It can be cut, molded and shaped easily with minimal effort. The marble countertops in family filled kitchens require maintenance to acquire its long life and durability. As they are heat resistant, one can rely on marble countertops for baking to stay as icy as central air. Despite its ability to withstand high temperatures, one should never place hot pots direct on marble. However, the finish choices and proper care and maintenance make marble look like as it is installed today even after several years.

Avoid making acidic foods on marble as well as use non-acidic cleaners to clean the marble countertops. Regular sealing is required annually or after two years to protect the marble from damage. As well as it is an expensive natural stone that’s why it’s not affordable for everyone. The relatively affordable option for marble can depend on the quality compromise but the purely smooth marble stuff that sparkles and shimmers can be prohibitively expensive.

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You can’t think of installing marble countertops on your own otherwise you can injure yourself or damage the marble. Fortunately, there are solutions to protect the marble kitchen countertops from staining that include stain removal, refinishing, cleaning and polishing. It can be cracked, nicked or scratched from such carelessness which makes you feel bad. With regular cleaning, caring and maintenance you can minimize the degradation process of marble countertops. It is composed of calcium carbonate that’s why it is susceptible to scratching and etching with acids and other harsh materials. Here people make mistakes and ruin the look of their marble kitchen countertops.

Unlike granite, it is a soft natural stone that can be susceptible to nicks and stains. When it comes to stains and nicks, don’t get fret over cleaning materials and techniques, just get to know your marble better.

Sealers help to seal the pores of the marble to prevent the liquids to be absorbed into it. So if you drop any citrus juices or any liquids then clean them immediately otherwise they penetrate into the stone and may stain it permanently. In this case, it will not leave a permanent mark or stain on the marble countertop surface. This is one of the basic and easiest way to damage your marble countertops. The cleaning, with these acid-based cleaners, results in the etching and cracking of the stone. Marble isn’t hard to clean so neither you need any special cleaner to clean it nor any extra effort is required. Just add a bit of soap to warm water and use a clean soft cloth to wipe away all the spots.

Once its dry (it will take up to twelve to twenty-four hours), scrap the paste and wipe off with a damp cloth.

Before polishing, clean the marble first and remove any type of stains if present. They can scratch and discolor the marble and after some time it will become dull and lose its beauty. These type of cleaners can etch the marble so avoid using them. This will leave an unpleasant and unattractive appearance of the marble.

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Always use a cutting board on the countertops to avoid scratches as well.

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Let’s explore the pros and cons of this timeless stone to determine if it’s the right stone for you. For those who embrace green options and value natural building materials, marble will stand out as an obviously natural selection that connects a room to the outdoors. Surprisingly, marble is a comparatively affordable option when measured against other natural stone options. It is one of the advantages that granite (or quartz, which can mimic the look of marble) has over natural marble. Some finish choices, such as choosing honed over highly polished, can disguise etching better.

Respecting your countertops by using trivets, potholders, and cutting boards can also prevent scratches or chips. Marble isn’t the perfect option for every home – certainly maintenance and care are required to keep it looking new. Marble might just be the right material for your next build or upgrade.

Those indicators include thick or subtle flowing veins, gentle movement, and an elegance which works in large expanses or small. This makes it an elegant but attainable option for today’s homes. However, finish choice as well as proper care and maintenance can make a big difference in keeping marble looking like the day it was installed.

Finally, regular sealing will prevent liquids from penetrating the stone and will also protect pores from collecting bacteria, too.

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As with any natural element it comes with pros and cons that must be considered before an informed decision can be made regarding if they are right for you. If you are more interested in durability you may to consider quartz or granite since they are able to withstand activities such as chopping. It offers an elegant touch to any room that you decide to install it in. This is great for home chef’s everywhere who have a large family to feed!

This is obviously a very important aspect to think about when deciding if marble countertops are the right choice for your kitchen and how you use it. Understand that once a scratch occurs it will begin to affect the elegant look that it once provided.

Understanding the performance, you can expect from it is necessary before you give the go ahead to have it installed. Whether you are interested in marble kitchen countertops, or marble vanity countertops marble is the choice to make. Just remember once the liquid is absorbed, it just may be too late. It will be necessary to use chopping boards every time you need to slice and dice.

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Is there a recommended width for the grout line between marble tiles? Sanded grout is for wider grout joints typically used only with more rustic looking finishes like tumbled marble tile. It takes expensive machines to cut the marble slab and considerable skill, knowledge, experience and several pairs of hands to successfully install a marble slab. Another “pro” is that many consider marble to be the most elegant, beautiful and luxurious stone. But the confusion here is due to a different problem (etching: see below) that many mistakenly confuse for “staining”.

The primary drawback to marble tile or slab countertops in the kitchen (bathrooms and floors aren’t a problem) is that cleaning and maintenance will be more involved than with a granite or quartz countertop. Etching isn’t as noticeable on a honed surface, but a honed surface is more absorbent than polished.

Over the years these marks all fade and blend to create that rustic look, but you’ll pull your hair out in frustration if you want it to remain pristine. I know you often read or hear that “marble tile stains easy” and that “marble must be sealed”. While the real story is that many stones (including marble tile) need sealing, but many do not (including some marble tile), so a blanket statement does not work. But you should also read above about the wisdom of installing marble tile as a kitchen countertop in the first place. Marble tiles are much cheaper for the same surface area and a reasonably competent handyman could install a marble tile countertop. Either way it’s still marble so there is no difference in marble cleaning and maintenance requirements.

A tile expert could make the grout last a very long time and you can keep it clean, but a marble slab will easily outlive the house. If you just “butt joint” the marble tile edge to edge water will get into the seams, get trapped under the marble, rotting the marble tile, the tiki bar until the whole thing falls apart.

Weather and the elements will wear away the shiny layer leaving a more honed or matte finish to the marble. To keep the shine you’d have to periodically hire a professional to come in and re-polish the tile. Granite is really the hands down winner for an outdoor kitchen or tiki bar countertop.

Un-sanded grout or latex caulk can be used to fill the grout lines between the marble tile. Just be sure to push the grout/caulk deep into the joints so they root well or eventually they will come out. Installing marble tile will be a lot cheaper than a marble slab countertop. Fabricating and installing a marble slab (or any stone slab) is typically the most expensive part of the job. However, installing marble tile countertops could be done by a handyman or do-it-yourselfer. It is impossible to stop etching in the kitchen on countertops. Applying a sealer will control staining on honed marble, however repairing etch marks on honed marble is a bit more difficult. Used to be people didn’t care that the marble patina changed and aged with use.

Only people who don’t care if the marble etches or even stains should ever install marble as a kitchen countertop. Sealing marble or any stone is an easy job, but you may not have to do it at all. The conflict is that applying a sealer is an absolute no-brainer must do. If there was no harm in applying a sealer to a surface that didn’t need it, then no worries (except lost time and money!)… So, all you need to do is test your marble tile to see if sealing is necessary. Neither marble slab nor marble tile is the greatest choice for a kitchen countertop, due to the etching issue and the constant ongoing maintenance that results from it. Installing a marble tile countertop is certainly a lot less expensive than a marble slab countertop. A marble slab countertop would have to be purchased, fabricated (cut) and installed by a professional stone fabricator and the installation is the most expensive part. The main difference here is the grout, which could crack or crumble and get dirty. So, if you are handy and want to install a marble tile bathroom countertop you’ll likely save a few to several hundred dollars, then again depending on the size the savings may not be enough to pass on a slab.

Also , if you are installing polished (shiny) marble tiles they won’t stay that way for long.

This is fine really since honed or more rough finished marble is still a beautiful countertop and why fight an uphill battle. Granite is much harder and will keep its polish far longer than marble and granite does not etch. Or go ahead with the marble countertop, but don’t fuss about the etch marks or any stains, etc. The sun and rain will eventually bleach out and wash away stains and etch marks aren’t nearly as noticeable on honed or more raw finished marble.

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Going with a darker color will diminish the appearance of these installation seams, but natural granite will never “match up,” so the seams will always be an obvious part of the countertop. Photos of “similar” slabs won’t give you the true character, coloring, or the veining of your particular piece. What you select from a catalog or an online image, may not coincide with what is delivered. Usually, a dishcloth dampened with a simple combination of dish soap and water will be fine. Organic materials left on a granite surface for extended periods of time can seep into the granite and stain it.

Selecting darker colors may help, but will not eliminate the problem. Since staining is the primary issue that causes granite countertops to need replacing, it’s imperative to maintain a regular resealing schedule. They won’t leave a mark on granite countertops unless there is grease or some other organic material on the pan that may seep into the granite. Knives won’t damage the surface either, which is harder than marble and won’t scratch as easily. One of the biggest “cons” of these super-tough surfaces is the ease with which you can break a special crystal bowl, china plate, or wine glass. It is possible to damage granite countertops, but you really have to abuse them in unusual ways. Any natural material that is harvested from the ground may contain these radioactive minerals. Because stone is a natural product, the level of radon in each slab will be different and can change as the material ages.

If you’re considering buying a home with granite countertops—or adding them to your home—what considerations should you keep in mind? Slabs come in light granite, dark granite, and many shades in between. However, any seams required for cutting and installing sections will be visible.

Also avoid using products containing bleach and abrasive cleansers on any granite surface. The best solution is to clean up any spills or residue from food quickly (by blotting, rather than wiping) and to maintain a resealing schedule. Your knives won’t scratch the granite, but the granite will dull your knives. Barely tap one of these delicate items on granite and kiss it goodbye.

Your countertops will probably outlast the house, and with proper care, will do so beautifully. If you hit the edge hard enough to chip it, you should save the piece(s) and see if it can be epoxied back in place by a professional. A small mistake in installation might mean tossing that section and starting over. If you are concerned about radon in your kitchen, however miniscule, you can test the slab you’ve selected, or have a professional test it for you.

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Since it’s a natural stone, marbles can vary in color because of the minerals present in it. These countertops are heat-resistant, which allows them to stand up to hot pots and pans being placed on them when you are cooking, making them ideal in a busy kitchen.

There won’t be anyone else in the world who will have the same countertops. Without proper sealing, it is possible to stain your marble countertops. This means that they can be difficult to get out of the material if not cleaned up right away. While this countertop can take the heat, it is rather easy to accidentally chip it by setting a heavy pan down too hard so you have to be careful. Most homeowners dread the large seam that is common in countertops but since granite can be cut in such large slabs, it is often possible to avoid this seam. If you are in the market for a single-color countertop, then granite may not be your best choice as it comes with many variations and striations. It’s important to regularly seal your countertops, not just to prevent staining but also to keep them from harboring dangerous bacteria. There are many colors to choose from and due to the variations in each countertop, you will be able to easily decorate the room, drawing colors from the quartz itself.

These countertops are not very porous, meaning that you won’t have to worry as much about staining them or making sure that you get all of the bacteria out of them so your family is safe. Professionally installed quartz countertops should last for many years as they are so durable and not weak as stone is.

While they will stand up to heavy pots and pans, they are not a great choice if you tend to put your hot dishes directly on your counter as this can damage the quartz. They look great and make your home feel very warm and cozy when you have them installed in your kitchen. These countertops are a lot warmer to the touch than some of the natural stone options, making them enjoyable to work on even in the cold of winter. Reclaimed wood is becoming more and more popular as an option as homeowners become more aware of deforestation and trying to save trees. The wrong kind of wood can dull your knives so you do have to be careful if you want to use your whole countertop as a cutting board, which many homeowners do. This type of countertop is very low maintenance, does not need to be refinished, and can be wiped clean with water and soap. They are not a sturdy surface and are easily damaged during regular cooking.

It will be able to stand up to very hot pans and is not easy to damage. This is a very heat-resistant material and it won’t be damaged if you put hot pots and pans directly on the surface. Sealing is important and has to be done religiously or you will have problems with stains.

This makes for unique and elegant kitchen countertops that can accommodate a variety of personal tastes.

That’s why we also set out a list of alternatives in the section below. Every marble countertop will be different from others because of the way that the slabs are cut. Marble is a very porous material and spilled liquids will be quickly absorbed. Any spilled coffee, red wine, or punch needs to be wiped up immediately. They do stain easily, though not as easily as marble countertops do, so professional sealing is important to keep them looking as great as they did on the day they were installed. You won’t have to worry about spending your whole kitchen remodel budget on countertops unless you choose to. This makes it great for large islands or expansive counters where you want to avoid the visual defect. Similarly to concrete, granite is so heavy that you will want to make sure that your cabinets can support the increased weight of the countertops before installation. It’s not unheard of to have to complete this task on a yearly basis. This manufactured material is very popular because of how durable it is, making it a great choice in any kitchen.

They do not have to be resealed the way that other countertops do, which actually decreases the overall cost of these countertops over their life. They look very similar to natural stone but do not come with many of the drawbacks that are common with that kind of countertop. This means that you will have to take into consideration the cost of professional installation so that they will look their best and last for a long time. There are some options that will work better as cutting boards than others but for the most part, these are strong and solid countertops as long as you take care of them. No matter if you have a farmhouse feel to your home or something more modern, there will be a color and a finish that will complement your house and improve the overall appearance. With the right care and sealing on a regular basis, these countertops can actually last for the entire life of your home, making them an investment in your future. They are not as noisy as other countertop options and will muffle some of the sounds of cooking. Some homeowners simply refinish the surface while others take this opportunity to once again have a blemish-free countertop and sand down the whole countertop before refinishing it. Dropping heavy items and even banging cans onto the countertop can leave marks and dents. While it does not have the professional appearance of some of the other choices, it’s great if you are on a tight budget, like to renovate your kitchen regularly, or simply need to install a new countertop to improve the appearance before you move out of your home or apartment.

Because of the lower price, homeowners can update their kitchens as many times as they want to without sinking a ton of money into the countertops.

Hot pans, sharp knives, and even dropped cans can damage the surface, causing unsightly marks that are impossible to get rid of. Because of how heavy they are, you often have to have your cabinets reinforced or custom-built to be able to stand up to the weight of concrete.

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Historically, marble flooring has been associated with a sense of wealth and opulence. When installed in a kitchen, it can create a sense of sophistication that will carry throughout the atmosphere of the room. While tiles manufactured from the same large slabs will have an overall uniformity of color and similarity of pattern, no two marble floors ever look exactly the same. Polishing also tends to bring out the colors in the stone, making them more noticeable and dramatic. When used for flooring, this quality allows illumination to penetrate the surface of some lighter-colored marble materials, giving the material a slight glow. Marble cannot be said to be biodegradable, but as a natural material it can be recycled and does not create environmental pollution at the end of its life. This is especially true in a kitchen, where water and other liquids may occasionally spill.

Repairing a scratched marble tile is a difficult job and usually requires the assistance of a professional to repolish it. In a kitchen, you may have acidic liquids such as sauces and fruit juices splashing and spilling onto the floor, putting the marble in danger of permanently staining. This creates an invisible layer over the marble, protecting it from staining agents and acidic materials. The feeling underfoot can be somewhat unpleasant in colder climates, unless the marble floor is integrated with some kind of radiant heating system. Because it does not involve quarrying and can be manufactured locally, porcelain tile has fewer environmental concerns.

It is a material that has adorned the palaces of kings and queens, and it been used in some of the great works of art and architecture produced throughout human history. The uniqueness of each marble floor is one of the main reasons why marble is so highly prized as a building material. This allows manufacturers to hone the surface of marble to a very smooth and shiny that is extremely attractive. Even in darker marbles, the play of light across the surface of the stone can be quite lovely. This quality is much appreciated by those who prefer natural over synthetic materials. Over time, a marble floor can be marred by the moving of furniture, or even by pets.

While proper maintenance should ensure that your marble kitchen floor lasts for years, when it does come time to replace it, you may find that installing a new floor directly over the marble is easier than trying to remove and replace it. Marble flooring, like ceramic tile, is an inherently cold building material. Marble floors are also very hard, which means that any breakable object that falls will instantly shatter.

Porcelain tile does not stain easily, and it is usually much less slippery underfoot.

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Styles come and go and just as popular are granite was, the era has passed. Granite is beautiful and natural but seems a little dated and harder to find in the look we like. Both are prone to scratching if a cutting board is not used. This is where it gets tricky because we have yet to really see a piece of granite that both of us can agree on. We could not get over the splotchiness of the granite- even in the level 4 – and decided instead of spending more, we looked at scraps of quartz, marble, and quartzite. Of course, you may not like matching, but it is always a good idea to take samples to get an idea of what they will look and feel like in real life.

Everyone has been frantically finishing up last-minute details, and our punch list is a mile long still. The quartzite we have in our home is one of my favorite vanities! What are your personal thoughts again on what you would use in a shower stall and on vanity counter tops. Any good granite and marble yard will have slabs at builder’s grade and up.

It is very reasonably priced if you don’t pick a very unique high level slab. I had it for 5 years in my previous house and could have left a mixture of red wine, mustard and grape juice on it for a week and it would have just wiped up. I never once did anything to it but wipe with hot soapy water for cleaning. The maintenance is a pain and no cleaning products seem to tackle the hard water stains.

We wanted something with light colors and love the look of marble. This does make it more porous than quartz but not as porous as marble. It will go really well with our brown glazed cabinets.

We had to find a scrap that was big enough for the upstairs bathroom and they unfortunately did not have any quartz or quartzite in this size. See what looks you like, see if it is practical, then choose you countertops first. I like to look at colors in the countertops and match those in the cabinets and floors. Everyone has been frantically finishing up last-minute details, and our punch list is a mile long still. It may be granite type dependent but we don’t seal and see no reason to start sealing. My opinion for the shower stall is porcelain or something not as porous as marble.

Some say quartz fades because of sunlight but that also happens with granite. We are redoing bathrooms and are really torn between quartz vs quartzite vs granite. You will be amazed at the beauty that comes from the earth.

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But rather than detract from porcelain’s quality, these impurities only add to porcelain’s strength and colour.

A porcelain countertop has no problem at all with handling hot pots and pans directly on its surface. What’s more, it surpasses the strength of granite by 30% and does so at a much lower weight. You can slice and dice food right on the countertop without worrying about your knives damaging the surface. So, you don’t have to stress too much about wiping spills on the counter the moment they occur. That’s music to a countertop owner’s ears because it means no sealing work is ever required. Then you can achieve the look of marble at many times its durability. It’s nice to know you can recycle the material one day far off in the future when it’s time for it to go. If we really had to dig though, one of the cons would be that it will crack under blunt force. As long as you don’t take a hammer or a meat cleaver to it though, it’ll be fine. Since porcelain countertops are thinner than other materials, a mitered edge is a good choice to give the illusion of a thicker slab.

The countertop fabrication process is always a lot trickier working with high-density materials. So if your budget can handle those materials at the top range, porcelain is definitely affordable. That’s a huge cost-saving factor there because you don’t have to demolish the old counter at all. Give us a call for a piece of this versatile countertop material!

While those two materials are impressive in durability though, people often forget about the quiet strength of porcelain countertops. Impurities such as silica, mineral oxides, and feldspars do exist in the clay. As mentioned earlier, porcelain is even stronger than the hardiest of granite. Maybe stay away from cleaving meat directly on the counter though.

A major advantage that porcelain has over quartz is that it won’t get discoloured by direct and prolonged sunlight. As porcelain is an engineered stone, patterns and colours can be added during the fabrication process for the final product.

Finally, to top it all off, one of the big plusses of porcelain is its greenness.

However, porcelain is comparatively cheaper than granite, marble, and quartz. What’s neat about porcelain countertops is their light weight allows them to be installed in one slab right on top of your existing counter.

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You can get vinyl prints of marble patterns for countertops made of other materials, but the aesthetic appeal just isn’t the same. Marble is a very poor conductor of heat, which makes it great for kitchen. It is also nice to have a cold surface on which you can do all the baking easily and conveniently because dough doesn’t react or stick to cool marble the way it would to a hotter surface. Marble countertops can last for a very long time as long as you take proper care of it. It is possible for liquids to seep into it and leave a stain which just won’t go away. Over, time these scratches may accumulate and make the marble look dull. Marble countertops are so popular because both of the above problems with marble can be easily countered. The sealer works by trickling into the pores of the marble and ‘sealing’ them, effectively preventing liquids from seeping in.

This means that any scratches that you make with knives will be on the sealer instead of the marble and will go away when you spray the sealer again. You can have the same done for your marble countertops and wall tile if you want. We very happy with the quality of the material and customer service. We have been working with this marble supplier for already few months. The material that these guys supply for the offered price is unbelieveable.

The purchase of marble countertops is often a conundrum for buyers. Let’s look at all the advantages and disadvantages of choosing marble for your countertops. This is the number one reason people are scared when it comes to using marble in places like the kitchen where there are bound to be some liquid spills no matter how careful you are. If you cut something with a sharp knife on marble, there’s a chance that you will end up leaving a slight scratch on the marble. If you want your countertop to stay scratch-less and stainless for a long time, the simplest solution is to learn how to properly care for marble countertops. The sealer comes off after a month or so though; you just have to spray it again after that period.

Marble floors for example are sealed by professionals using materials that last for a much longer time. The sales representative was very professional and attentive.

The material that these guys supply for the offered price is unbelieveable. We very happy with the quality of the material and customer service. We have been working with this marble supplier for already few months.


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