The kitchen and dining area appear so much brighter than before, as white has the innate ability to reflect light. This is now my style, and since we are most likely going to sell our home within the next few years it’s a worthwhile upgrade from the dated granite. The cabinets are original to the house and we resurfaced years ago by changing out the doors. This weekend we plan on giving the cabinet doors a fresh coat of paint.

We had our fabricator do an eased edge, which we felt was contemporary and would bring the kitchen into a modern look.The repeat is random and naturally spread out, so there was no problem in templating the marble look quartz.

It’s much more durable though and with most homes having lots of activity it’s worth thinking about. Factor their estimate into the cost of your remodel so you know what you’ll be spending. Good to know that it is much more durable than marble countertops.

We own a construction business and know the product well and love it for today’s busy homemaker!

I did a solid white quartz on the perimeter counters to give me some durability when cooking.

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My quartz is darker and it does reduce the light in the room. It really makes sense to get white tops and these quartz kitchens countertops look great. I hope to inspire you to live a comfortable life in your own home without much fuss or great expense. I am beyond thrilled to reveal my new kitchen countertops that make this kitchen look amazing!

With the previous dark and splotchy granite the light was absorbed and it made for a much darker room. Simply by replacing the counters, backsplash and sink, we have a whole new kitchen. The original doors were white as well, but beat up and covered in formica as they did in the 60’s.

We haven’t changed the hardware in years and they are less than perfect. Installation of countertops depends heavily on where you live. A wet paper towel will wipe up any coffee or even red wine nicely. When you’re ready, send off for some samples to help you decide!


It will cause etching and just water stains will show up on them. Beautiful counters but need a lot of prevention techniques to keep them looking that way like coasters under all glasses that drip or sweat. White of course means much more light, making the kitchen so much bright.

Our kitchen is so outdated and that would be our next project.

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The sink reveal is a little known element of the installation process – but an important one for the homeowner to be aware of. These areas are where the surface is weakest/thinnest and could break when installing the counter. A reveal refers to the amount of sink you see “revealed” under the counter and only applies to the undermount sink installation. This is harder for a fabricator to accomplish since it has to be an exact cut to the edge of a sink. And to check a manufacturer’s templates first to see what reveal was engineered in. But the reveal has implications for long term maintenance and ease of care. Fabricators are in the best position to make a recommendation to the homeowner who may not even be aware there are options.

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There was nothing wrong with it, just wanted to make it a little lighter & brighter and to our taste. Luckily with quartz, you can get a pretty nice preview online of samples and the full slab views (remember each slab is made to look the same, so you always know what you’re getting!). Install day finally came and my new counters were installed, the backsplash went in a little later and the kitchen was almost complete!

Just a girl who loves cheese boards, snapping pictures, and figuring out motherhood one day at a time!

I took my sister-in-law’s wedding bouquet and pressed the flowers for a piece of meaningful wall art for her home!

How did you decide on your little one’s name?

Hanstone also sent me some samples of some of their grays and whites. I was luckily able to find my tiles on sale and snatched them up. They also pair spectacularly with the marble backsplash, white cabinets and polished nickel hardware.

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I started by painting the cabinets, which felt like the hardest part.

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But my most recent accomplishment has me swooning over it all as it comes together. Well, have my hubby use those muscles he works really hard for. When you have a family of five to feed three times a day, that ain’t really happening. I have been compensated does not sway my opinion in any way. See, the countertops were black granite, and it made the space look so dark and outdated. All opinions on any sponsored posted on my site, including this one, share my honest opinion.

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