New breakthrough proprietary polishing cream makes it easy for anyone to restore or improve the shine and finish. Nearly all of these will damage / etch your marble, travertine, limestone, and slate.

Forms permanent bond & barrier for utmost durability & stain protection.

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They are fairly easy to install, and you will be very happy with the result. Make sure the marble countertop is level with no gaps before proceeding.

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These silicone adhesives come in different colors to match the color of the marble. Use a specialty cleaner to avoid causing scratches or other damage.

This type of top is a good idea as you only have the 1 installation to complete. They usually are installed with bolts under the top which can be loosened, then the grouting around the top can be loosened with a hammer. Ensure that it fits snugly; otherwise, you might have to trim other excess marble with a sander to do this. Make sure the area is clean of any dust or dirt before applying the glue.

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One splash is enough to etch the marble, leaving a permanent, dull scar.

Do not also use abrasive cleaner or pads, as marble can be scratched. Because marble is mostly made of calcium carbonate, the natural material is very sensitive to acidic products. Make sure to rinse the surface with clean, clear water, and dry it after you have finished cleaning. If placing a hot dish or other item on your countertop, use a trivet or heat absorbent pad underneath it. A protective sealer or impregnator will repel spills and buy you time to wipe up any messes. You can also call us for a no cost, no obligation estimate!

Wipe sudsy water on the counter with a soft cloth or sponge. Place glasses on coasters; this is particularly important for acidic drinks like juice, soft drinks, or alcohol. Plates, silverware, and other kitchen items should sit on placemats to avoid scratching your countertop. So, as much as possible, do not forget to seal your marble if you find the need to. We are more than willing to provide you with tips and guidelines.

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We had a sink back up and the drain was clogged, so we put in a chemical drain cleaner. It is a black marble, and it now has a white stain, and several dots of whitish spots where the water and chemicals landed. When chemicals come in contact with countertops, they first attack the protective finish and sealant that has been applied to the surface before damaging the actual counter.

To fix this, strip the existing finish and apply a new sealant and wax. If the countertop is large, it may be wise to have the new sealant professionally applied. I now have a white stain on the surface, can anything be done to remove it? However, you can certainly try, and there are also some other options for restoring the counter. Next, you can try using a poultice to draw the stain out of the stone. Mix the peroxide with baking soda to make a thick paste, about the consistency of putty or thick peanut butter. That often works when wood sealant is damaged from rubbing alcohol, so it may work in this situation as well.

First, test the counter to determine what type of finish is on it – here is a guide for that. If you would like to try something else, a poultice is often the best stain removal method for stone counters. If nothing is working, contact the manufacturer; they may have additional tips for stain removal on your specific stone.

What looks like a stain is really the absence of polish and can only be restored mechanically. Sealers only slow down the attacks on your stone caused by non-stone friendly chemicals. If you have areas on your polished stone countertops that look dull, then you need to find a professional in your area to restore the finish. When the counter is wet, you can’t see the “stain”, but as soon as it dries, you can see the white stains.

When we plunged the sink, some of the chemical cleaner landed on the countertop. Since the white stains are going away when wet, it is likely that just the protective surface has been damaged. The new sealant will keep the countertop protected from future stains. First, rinse the area thoroughly with water to dilute and remove as much of the lye as possible.

Spread the paste over the stain, cover it with plastic wrap to hold in the moisture, and leave it for a couple hours, then wipe it off. Before you strip and reseal it though, you can try rubbing a little olive oil over the area. If not, you don’t have to reseal the whole counter, just that one spot. Then, tape off the area with some masking tape, wipe a sealant stripper over the area and remove the sealant, then wipe on new sealant. Is there anything we can do to remove this yellow ring from an otherwise sparkling surface?

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Since quartz is non-porous, your best bet may be to sand a bit more as the stain should not be deep within the stone.

Mix isopropyl alcohol with some baking soda to make a thick paste that is about the consistency of peanut butter or toothpaste and spread it over the stain. Pure acetone or hydrogen peroxide can also be used instead of alcohol. What kind of poultice mixture would you recommend for treating the stain caused by spilled rust remover? I have a white spot on my black granite that won’t go away.

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It not only eliminates water-spotting and soap scum build-up but it further protects by sealing the glass surface.

Products that contain grit or sand can harm the finish on your new marble and may void your warranty. Avoid unnecessary scratches by using felt padding on sharp-edged items, for example, ceramic containers. Family-owned and in business since 1984, we have established a reputation for top-notch quality, professional installation and responsive customer service.


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