Marble is an evergreen and elegant rock that has been in used for centuries. The color spectrum ranges from crystal white to grey and black including different shades of pink, yellow, green and beige. Highly veined marbles should be used on walls and avoid their usage in high traffic areas. Commonly used for countertops, shower walls, bathroom floors, and backsplashes.

The above factors which contribute to types also affect the price of marble from type to type. Statuary marble can be used as shower walls with glass door and elegant bathing accessories. The clear white color and subtle veins make it ideal to be used in bathroom. Ideal to be used for kitchen flooring, walkways or other high-traffic areas. Mostly used in combination to dark colored tile, crema marfil is used for exterior decorations. The reflective finish enhances the veins and beauty of the stone making it exquisite wherever they are installed.

Depending upon the usage, its grit can be increased or decreased to produce different degree of honing. It can be installed all over the bathroom or in certain sections of the bathroom smartly integrating with other tiles creating patterns. Create a marble countertop and backsplash with surrounding walls sheathed with wood. Integrate metal frame below the vanity to give the bathroom an airy look. These come handy and are easy to maintain as they don’t require any grouting. Shower panel is the minimalist way to create exotic marble shower wall in limited budget. For marble shower walls there are a number of combinations which can be used with different marble types and bathroom theme. Rub the marble with soft cloth or towel soaked in the marble cleaner mixture. Make sure that cleaner has been wiped off from all section of the marble shower walls. Make sure there is no water left behind in the shower since it will leave water stains over the marble which will give an untidy look.

Marble tiles can be installed in bathroom or shower area to give alluring effect to the location. The smoothly polished tiles make the area bright and shiny where it is installed. For monochrome style, black marble is ideal; beige is most suitable if cleaning and maintenance is a serious matter.

It can stay fresh and smooth for years maintaining the glamour of the area installed. Due to this, it is a porous stone and absorbs anything which spilled over it including soap, dye, shampoo etc. Also, the use of coarse cloth as it will create scratches and wipe off the polish. If yearly sealing of marble is not done, the sealant will wear away exposing the tile to water and other impurities causing stains on it. Hence its installation has high charges as compared to travertine or other ceramic tiles. Give the bathroom modern sophisticated look via horizontally veined marble. Accompanied by wooden cabinets with warm tones, the whole place will become soothing and cozy.

White marble tiles on bathroom walls having soft veins along with colors creating bright and open aura gives an exotic feeling to the shower area. These tiles are expensive enough to be used all around and hence can be blended with other types of marble.

Made from the metamorphic rock under different temperature and pressure over a certain period of time generates various exquisite pieces. The veins formed due to various impurities giving marble a nice pattern.

Marble can be sustained through ages and stay fresh if maintained carefully. Each is used for different purpose with respect to veining intensity and color. White background is translucent creating shiny look which reflects light and lustrous finish make the location spacious and bright where it is used. Embellish the shower area with elegant tub and classy cabinet for a much-sophisticated look. The marble veins are linear in shape varying from small and fine to soft and feathery. Commonly used tiles have a slight beige color with soft or deep veins. Widely used for indoor and outdoor wall cladding, fireplace surrounds and countertops (kitchen and bathroom).

This make the tile less lustrous and reflective giving it a matt effect. The matt look is ideal for flooring at heavy traffic areas like kitchen floors and walkways. It is achieved by vibrating the stone in a sand and grit bath for about 20 minutes. It creates a soft effect and can be used in living rooms and other areas. It depicts how an evergreen stone can be used in every era keeping its worth the same through the time.

Removing Stains From Marble Countertop | Duration 1 Minutes 24 Seconds

The mirror will reflect the image giving the more spacious look to the bathroom.

Embellish it with shower accessories like soap dishes, recessed niches, decorative trim enclosing the shower with fiberglass. You can use marble panel either on one wall or all three walls of the shower depending upon the expense and requirement. Install the other bathroom accessories matching the vein color of the marble. Simply cleaning or mopping titles with water can also keep the shower tiles clean for long period of time.

While cleaning and maintaining marble shower wall, there are some don’ts which should be cared. Whether it’s in white, black or any other shade, it gives a marvelous ambiance. Any bleach or acidic product may cause harm to polished surface or leave stains over the tile. Proper periodic sealing is necessary for the maintenance of marble tiles. Its cost does not include tile only but also the installation price with the assistance of professional. Depending upon the requirement and aesthetics sense, a variety of marble can create different looks from retro to contemporary. Use enriched veined marble to divide the bathroom space elegantly and decently. Further, enhance it with glass door and walls to get the comfy feeling while you meditate in water to soothe your soul. It has a unique quality of enhancing the space and hence is ideal for installation in bathrooms with small space.

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Bathrooms can be broken down into “work zones,” similar to the way kitchens often are. In this bathroom, stone works as the underlying theme to unify three unique spaces. The whirlpool bath area, tucked into a bay window, uses a slab of honed limestone for the deck as well as the backsplash along the walls. Most installers and manufacturers suggest sealing the tiles, then using only warm water or products formulated specifically for stone. It’s what’s beneath it and the way the tile is installed that make the real difference. It involved more visits to the job site, but the project turned out exactly as planned.

This prep work can save thousands of dollars in repair and cleanup costs at the end of the project.

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This, coupled with the fact that stone is a natural product with less-than-predictable coloration, resulted in tile hues that didn’t quite match. This was partially accomplished in the selection of lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Elements that might have fought with the feel were kept simple; sinks are undermounted, the oval tub is white and elegantly simple, and recessed lights are unobtrusive and disappear into the ceiling.

The cabinets are made of alder, a wood that accepts paint, stain and clear finishes smoothly and evenly. The vertical storage cabinet was finished with multiple coats of a pigmented catalyzed lacquer.

A spacious corner shower—complete with tile medallion—includes a fixed shower head on the right and an adjustable handset on the left. It’s a testament to the versatility, workability and beauty of stone as a building product. The shower area features a mosaic marble mural surrounded by honed marble tile for the walls, ceiling, floor and seat. The vanity countertops are likewise crafted from limestone, with a slab of polished granite nested between the two to serve as the makeup tabletop. All the stone, with the exception of the granite slab, is either tumbled or honed for a simple yet rich look. Acidic cleaners can etch and dull natural stone surfaces and damage the grout as well. In many cases a beveled threshold can ease the transition, but to make up the 1-1/2-in. Three different types of tile bases or underlayments were used in this bathroom. The tile contractor preferred using cement board—a tried-and-true standby—to using one of the newer products in areas subject to intense moisture or standing water.

A tamped base was also used to pitch the shower floor toward the drain from all directions. Open storage nooks incorporated into the “dead space” behind the storage cabinet are accessible from the vanity areas on each side. The fabrics, paints and accessories used in the space helped reinforce the theme. All colors and materials—right down to the fabric on the dressing table chair—were selected before the project began.

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Every partner is pre-screened, must be insured, and has pledged to adhere to our high quality standards. Is there any treatment we can apply to make them less slippery?

I have heard that there are several manufacturers of colored grout seal.


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