It’s like a chemical burn that has destroyed the surface layer exposing more raw and lighter colored marble underneath. If it did stain, it would be a dark, dull spot instead of a light, dull spot when it’s only etching. And be sure from now on to use only products safe for cleaning marble and marble maintenance to avoid etching in the future.

Stains happen when some substance, food, drink, product absorbs into the marble pores and is always darker in color. It’s important to know though that a substance can etch and then stain if it absorbs, so you can have two completely different problems in the same spot.

Etching is the reason marble is not recommended for a kitchen countertop, but usually it isn’t a problem in a bathroom once you learn how to properly care for marble.

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We checked in with pros across the industry to bring you the very best tricks for successful countertop stain removal. So it’s important to seal your countertops to make them more stain-resistant. Laminate’s biggest risk for damage comes from hot objects, which “stain” by burning the surface.

So keeping them looking their best (read: free of unsightly stains) is pretty darn important. One important note for natural stone surfaces (granite in particular): avoid abrasive cleansers like heavy-duty scrub pads or pumice stones, which can scratch the surface. The only real fix is preventative measures (using trivets and extreme care).

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The cleaning of marble to remove stains should work if you use a fresh cut lemon, sprinkle salt lightly. After stains are removed, marble can be polished with a marble-polishing powder and buffing pad. We saw some great products to use but they warn not to use on black marble. My husband cleaned the marble counter with a harsh cleaner that mottled the finish. They have a line of marble, how is this better/worse than regular sealed marble?

As always if you find this helpful it would be great if you remember to check “accept” and leave feedback. Stain removal will probably involve using a poultice that combines a cleaning chemical with whiting or talc, forming a thick, plaster-like paste. It is now looking dull in spots like the finish has come off. I have a marble countertop in my bathroom that needs to be rehoned. We have a white marble countertop and an onion sitting on it left a yellow stain.

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You’ll know it’s sealed properly when water beads and forms droplets on the surface.

Don’t take advice from a retailer who has a vested interest in selling one particular product. We put down a few layers of cheesecloth soaked in water and a powder called whiting. Remember, if you do poultice your stone, it needs to be resealed afterward.

You can remove soap scum or mildew with a solution of a half cup of ammonia in a gallon of water. You can remove most coffee or juice stains with a little hydrogen peroxide in water, plus a few drops of ammonia. They’re beautiful too, but require so much maintenance and constant mineral oil treatments, they’re not practical. Actually, black is the hardest to maintain in any stone or finish, polished or honed.

Oils are less of a problem, once the stone has been sealed, and kids with sticky fingers are no problem at all. Then have it sealed again a year later — that should do the trick. I had a client who spilled melted lard all over his stone counters and tile floor. The tile grout was ruined and had to be redone, but we managed to poultice out the stains on the counter.

The stained areas ended up only slightly lighter than the area where the lard hadn’t reached. Or be extra careful to cover the counters completely with cutting boards whenever you work in the kitchen. But we recommend honed — it looks more interesting, and is more user-friendly for fingerprints than polished, which can be too sleek and off-putting.

You can seal and seal and seal, but you’ll still see every finger-mark.

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Apply the paste to the stain and lay a wet paper towel over the paste to keep it moist. The secret to success with these products is patience; let the cleaner work for five minutes or so before you wipe off the countertop. Just let the paste work for one to two hours and then wipe it off gently. It can seep under the laminate, weaken the adhesive and damage the particleboard substrate. These solvents are flammable and give off nasty fumes, so the best way to use them is to apply a small amount to a soft rag or cotton ball. Some laminate manufacturers suggest using it undiluted on stains, while others warn against using any product that contains bleach.

The best way to prevent stains is to wipe up messes immediately; the longer something sits, the more likely it is to leave a stain. But years of wear leave the surface more porous and stain-prone; that’s when these protective coatings can make a big difference. Any coating product will wear off and should be reapplied every few weeks.

Stubborn stains on countertops can be frustrating, but they don’t have to be permanent. Check the label and make sure any product you use is recommended for laminate countertops. Most solvents won’t harm or discolor plastic laminate, but play it safe and test them on an inconspicuous spot first.

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They may remove stains, but they may also leave micro-scratches in the surface, making future stains more likely.

Since you may not know what brand of laminate you have, test bleach before using it. Spray or wipe on a product meant for countertops and wipe off the excess.

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Removing or covering these blemishes can help it look better. Place a small amount of the cream of tartar and water mixture on the stain, and then rub with a clean wet dishcloth.

Be careful not to get it on the wood edge as it will also remove the finish on the edge. I use clorox to remove the stains and it has not harmed the finish nor the color. Spray on white counter top and leave it sit for a minute and wipe and rinse with a wet rag. This also works well for ice tea pitchers that are stained. I have removed the colour, but still can see the marks from where the paper was sitting. I had the same problem and they got the stain out with no effort at all. I even use it to get out stubborn stains from my white laundry, mostly cottons. It worked a wonder, no gloves, no dangerous chemicals, no stress!

If it doesn’t come right off, leave the cream of tartar paste on the stain longer before washing off with a clean wet dishcloth. Apply the paste on the stain and leave for 30 minutes then rinse with water. You may want to try scrubbing the area with a moist sponge and baking soda.

I think the granules in the ajax/comet are just enough to take the grime and stain off with out scratching the counter. It seems to get stains off surfaces where nothing else has worked. Any suggestions to either replace the counter cheaply or repair it without any noticeable difference? The stain has faded, but still is somewhat visible and crack is still visible. Already we’ve put stains on our nice, white kitchen countertops (made of laminate?). After all, do you really want to look forward to removing stains from these worktops for the next 10-20 years?

You need to use the kind in which you are supposed to dip your silver jewelry and it works like a miracle.

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