Seeing the kitchen in its fully renovated glory is a happy moment for every homeowner. Marble is typically made of calcite and has an elegant, luxurious feel and unique veins. Granite is slightly cheaper than marble, but the end price depends on the manufacturer, stone quality, and the installation complexity. You also have to wipe down any water or acidic spills immediately to avoid damage.

For example, natural marble is highly porous and is unsuitable for use without a sealant and protective finish. Real dark igneous granite does not need any sealing and is non-porous, but other granite types may require sealing. It is best to leave this bit to the professionals to prevent damages, scratching, and injuries. Both materials are heavy, so do not attempt to lift or install them without any help. Our tips will help you pick the best option for you and weigh the pros and cons of both materials quality and price-wise.

Now comes the tricky part – choosing the details that give it a complete look. The working surface has to be high quality to endure food prep, grease, hot pans, and appliances without breaking in two.

They are both natural stones, but each with a different composition. Granite is made of quartz and feldspar and has tiny specs that give it a beautiful, high-end look. Both materials are easy to maintain, and you do not need a lot of scrubbing or harsh cleaning products. In general, granite is simpler to maintain than marble, but both surfaces must be sealed well after installation. Before installation, the workers will have a template and measurements of your kitchen to cut the slabs to fit. Both materials are durable, look stunning, and do not stain easily.

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Porcelain tile is a more affordable, durable option that can mimic the look of marble. While it doesn’t usually add value, it can when it’s used to upgrade a bathroom. The luxury stone also is very porous, which means watermarks and patina are inevitable. This durable material is resistant to staining, chipping, scratching, and fading.

You can make your bathroom look like the stylish space you’re after whether you select an interesting mosaic made of marble or large-format porcelain for your contemporary backsplash.

Here are a few points to consider when choosing between marble and porcelain for your bathroom backsplash tile. But if you’re looking for a more cost-effective material, then choose porcelain tile instead. Porcelain may be the preferred choice if you’re going to extend your backsplash, such as a white subway tile, across the wall.

Some homeowners don’t mind these markings on their backsplash since they consider it part of the charm of natural stone. These are important factors to consider if you have messy kids or your bathroom gets a lot of use.

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If you’re considering marble for your own home, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. Of course, there are products and sealants to help prevent this, but it is something to consider. Marble-look tile can be made from different substances, but for the sake of simplicity, we will refer to the popular porcelain tile. This can be looked at as an advantage or a disadvantage; tile is much easier to maintain than marble, but since it is so hard it doesn’t have the same “feel” as real marble does. Cost is a major factor when deciding on just about everything!

After all, marble is a naturally occurring material while porcelain tiles are manmade. Of course, any material in your home will require cleaning and upkeep, but porcelain tile is a lot easier to maintain.

You’ve also probably noticed that marble is gaining popularity – it’s all the rage, and we don’t have to wonder why! Arguably the biggest decision – should you go with real marble or opt for marble-look tile?

Marble is a naturally forming material that has been regaled for its unique beauty for centuries. It is porous, so this does mean it can stain and get scratched. There are many varieties of natural marble, and the “imperfections” are what makes natural marble so different from other materials. Well, depending on the type of material, marble is generally more expensive. So, when it comes to cost, the marble-look tile will almost always be cheaper. As mentioned before, marble slabs are porous, so they require lots of care and upkeep. It still requires regular sealant application if you want it to maintain a glossy finish, but tile is generally a fairly low-maintenance option.

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Whether you need granite, marble, quartz or another specialty stone, we can help you select a stone that fits within your budget. Our patented vein matching technology allows us to match stone seams prior to cutting the pieces. These range in size from very small to large enough for a countertop. We are committed to conserving resources and reducing waste, so we save as many remnants as possible.

Slabs are best suited to large scale projects or projects that required a great deal of custom work. Remnants are the pieces of stone that are left over from a full slab.

Granite Vs Quartzite Countertops | Marble.Com | Duration 2 Minutes 5 Seconds

Inventory for remnants varies depending on a project, so we recommend that you call or visit our shop to see the most current selection.

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In lighter-colored marbles, polished tiles will actually glow, with the light of the room penetrating slightly into the stone and then reflecting outward with soft illumination. First of all, they are very slippery, especially in wet environments. The surface can be scratched which will create mars in the perfect polished surface of the stone. Unfortunately, honed marble often does not have the same vibrancy of color as highly polished stone.

Honed marble also still has a relatively low coefficient of friction, and can be scratched if not cared for properly. Old broken, chipped, or scratched tiles are placed in a large machine and then sent “tumbling” for a set period of time. You may also have some pieces that are polished and others that have a stripped honed surface. However, when laying out honed tile for a floor, make sure the overall variation of the tile shapes and coloring have an attractively random look. Marble slabs are extremely expensive, and anything except a perfect installation can result in a slab floor cracking. Marble tiles can be cut down to practically any size and shape, but it is most cost-effective to divide them by even multiples. By contrast, a 5-inch-square tile will leave 2 inches of material wasted from each tile. These can either be small individual chips or mesh-mounted chips laid on backing. There are two major color groups of marble: solid and multicolored. Multicolored marble may consist of several different colors, and they can be arranged in the surface of each stone differently.

Marble tiles broaden the field much further, with offerings in many different sizes of individual tiles and even preassembled mosaic sheets.

This allows the material to be buffed until it glistens in light and is perfectly smooth to the touch. These blemishes will be more visible in darker solid colored marble materials than in light or single colored tiles. These tiles allow you to have the beauty of marble in a space without having to worry as much about slipping hazards. Often the hues will seem a little faded and washed out compared to the similar material in a polished finish. When the material is taken out the tiles have rounded edges and a stripped surface that gives them a rustic, natural look. The tiles themselves are fairly standard in size, but the shapes will vary slightly, and not every piece will be a perfect right-angled square.

You can also buy medallions or patterns in which the marble colors are arranged on the mesh mount to create attractive and colorful displays.
Marble Vs Travertine | Countertop Comparison | Duration 2 Minutes 26 Seconds

Grout is one of the most vulnerable parts of a tile floor installation, and the presence of more grout lines will mean that the floor will require more maintenance to keep it protected against stains and water damage. The exact look of each tile is slightly different from any other, with unique hues created by the chemicals present during the stone’s formation.

Solid marble tiles are predominantly a single shade, such as white or red.

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If the children leave their electric toothbrushes in the sink rather than on a tray, a nice round circle is left behind. It is beautiful and the water marks are only seen at certain angles. I may like a pretty home with karate chopped pillows, but at the end of the day we are pretty rough on our home. It does not photograph well and is quite striking in real life. I will try to take a photo with the pretty light shining on the quartz to add to this. I recently bought a small marble cheese plate to take photos on for my blog and everything leaves a mark! I don’t know what the builder was thinking back in 1964 when the house was built that he decided to make the master bathroom so small. Looks like greigish/beige undertones vs green/yellow, would you agree? Thank you for your post on how they both hold up in a “real family” household. It is very nice not to worry about it and the natural quartz is gorgeous.

We recently put a marble countertop in our master bath, also kind of as an experiment. I just would never want them to feel like they have to tip toe because of our taste. Small samples look terrible so you really have to see the whole slab to appreciate it. I contemplated marble vs quartz for my kitchen and decided on marble.

I am equipped to share our experiences so that it might help you if you ever are debating between the two.

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In our master bathroom, we used a contractor and we installed quartz countertops. It’s slightly larger than a single vanity, but not as wide as a double vanity. That baby is permanent and there are a ton more where that came from. We don’t tip toe around and we don’t holler at the children to not touch that or not touch this. I went back and forth with the marble/quartz decision and ultimately the durability of quartz won out. The herringbone floor we installed almost looks like marble so it would have been a bit much to do marble on the counter tops as well.

I love these counters and would install them in another home without question. I hope it has been helpful to hear from a regular family about living with marble and quartz.

If you are contemplating a bathroom renovation, here are 10 important questions to ask before jumping in. What is the length of the vanity and what size are the sinks – and what brand are they? The first one was the larger of the two bathrooms and would be the ones used by the kids. The second bathroom we remodeled was the master bathroom which is much smaller than the other bathroom. I think it’s so helpful when we can share and learn from one another. However, my favorite part of the post were your comments about not hounding the children. We really do like things to look lovely but never want the children to feel as though they live in a museum.

What is the manufacturer of the faucets you have in your master bath?

I miss it’s good looks but don’t miss telling the kids to be careful all the time! You have to let me know where your striped hand towels are from, love them! To let them live in their environment without them feeling like there are hundreds of rules. Not to mean we don’t expect them to treat things with respect, but the upkeep on marble is a but much for kiddos!

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Good for people to consider and ask an expert if the hardness/softness of the water will play a role. I can’t wait for the day that we swap them all out for quartz, even if we go with one that looks exactly like marble lol.

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While 3cm stone countertops are thicker than 2cm countertops it does not necessarily mean they are superior – both have specific advantages. Let’s talk about the differences of 2cm and 3cm stone to help you determine which stone is best for you. Since the 3cm stone is thicker than a 2cm stone, it is going to naturally be stronger, so it would work best for areas that see high traffic. Although the 2cm thickness is still stronger and more reliable than a bathroom vanity top made of the artificial material is not as durable as the 3cm stone.

There are some distributors who offer a 2cm stone, with a manufactured edge, which gives the illusion of a 3cm stone. Another less durable method that many other countertop companies use is a laminate countertop, which consists of a very thin stone wrapped around a piece of wood. For example, a laminate countertop is not able to curve, meaning that you will be stuck with pointy corners, which can be dangerous and unsightly. This is perfect for those who like to rearrange their space often or would like to spruce up their décor without breaking the bank. As you’ve seen, no matter which thickness of natural stone you decide to use for your project, rest assured you will be getting a timeless and durable piece of art.

Especially for something like limestone vanity tops or a marble counter, which are rather soft materials.

And of course you want to have a granite countertop that will last you a lifetime, so durability is important. Although this option may seem cheaper, it is substantially weaker than a 3cm stone, which may result in costing you more money in replacements and repairs down the road. This method is much weaker than a solid slab of natural stone and restricts what you are able to do stylistically. Plain and simple, these stone veneers do not offer a long-term countertop solution. The 2cm thickness allows for the same beautiful aesthetic as the 3cm, but for a slightly cheaper cost and less weight.

Natural stone countertops will endure the test of time and drastically increase the equity of your home.

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It’s more substantial than fiberglass or acrylic shower stalls and less expensive than tile. We would clean it thoroughly and consider using gel gloss to fill in the cracks and provide the support that you need to continue using the tub. Would you possibly be able to help me locate a manufacturer or dealer?

In addition, cultured marble is a durable material that holds up well over time, though it can chip and develop burn marks if hot items are left on the surface. Whether you choose an undermount sink or a self-rimming (or drop-in) sink is up to you. I noticed that there are some hairline scratches where the stains are.


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