They function like countertop microwaves, but also eliminate smoke, steam and cooking odors through built-in ventilation system. Stainless steel microwaves have a stainless steel exterior, making clean up easy while adding to the modern look of your kitchen. This guide will help you choose which microwave is best for your needs. Despite their compact size, they are still large enough to fit tall glasses and wide dishware. Convection microwaves combine microwave and convection heating in one convenient appliance.

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If you don’t already have a microwave in your kitchen, you will be faced with making a choice between a countertop model and an over the range model. On the other hand, installing an over the range microwave requires cutting away a section of the cabinetry, to install support brackets, and to slide the unit into place. Therefore, if space is an issue for you, go with an over the range microwave. This way, the ventilation system that the microwave features will effectively clear the smells that come from various foods that you prepare. What makes this type of microwave the safer choice is the fact that it is located too high, and the small ones won’t be able to reach it.

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They are a lot faster at preparing meals than the conventional ovens are, and they are compact as well. To install a countertop microwave, all that you have to do is to place it on the countertop in the desired spot and plug in the power cord. Therefore, from the point of view of installation, the countertop microwave is the better choice to go with. This is due to the fact that they don’t occupy any counter space, leaving you more free space to prepare your meals or to place other countertop kitchen appliances. This is a feature that countertop models lack, making over the range microwaves a better choice to go with. To prevent the small ones from using the microwave and getting hurt by doing so, you should install an over the range model.

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Whether it is used for serving or pepping, the countertop space is the king of your kitchen. With the best collection of over the range microwave, you will get many interesting features but it is difficult to pick the best one for your home use. Built-in exhaust system can be configured properly to vent from the horizontal and vertical access point. Sophisticated styling and many options make it a classy choice for those who need more than the basic functionalities of the microwave.

With the clean release perfect non-stick cooking surface, clean up the surface is quite easier. Convenient space is good for making a large amount of food at a time. Interior part of the unit is made of ceramic enamel and that quite easy to clean after cooking and completely scratch resistant. This must be expensive than the other collections of the list but the functionalities are enough to give you more reasons to invest the money. With the model, you will get the auto preheat, quick time setting, and defrost functions.

You will be able to use the power saver mode to save your power and your money as well. Ten levels of power control and 100 watts capacity are the finest option of the oven that allows you cook with an adjustable power; this feature is just perfect for customized multi-stage cooking. With the brand name, you will be able to assure the quality warranty and great durability. But, the most difficult thing is to choose the right one according to your requirements, kitchen space and taste. Over the range models are generally smaller than the countertop models. Purchasing an over the range microwave is something that gives you two side’s benefits, even cooking or space-saving. It must be more expensive than the countertop oven but if you compare the benefits, these are truly impressive to invest your money. Countertop or over the range microwave have the same ability to defrost, cooking, melting, popping and also the roasting and baking capacity.

Steal your precious time when you are ready to buy the product and read some important notes or the buying guidelines to have the best one. Another important point that you need to remember is, reading the instruction or the product details printed on the product box before buying. Over the range units include a range hood and this can be an outstanding feature from the certain perspective of not having to buy a separate range hood. This type of microwaves is just perfect for the people who need to have the all-encompassing, modern kitchen appliance for their smart kitchen. Come what may be your taste, what your budget or requirements, finding a good quality over the range microwave is not a tough process. Do your own homework by reading about the product on the internet or ask your friends and relatives about a high quality over the range microwave. When you are juggling manufacturer description and the specification sheets, three important elements arise first: features, size and the price. So, if you want to save your countertop space with a stunning looking appliance, it should be the best choice for you. It will certainly offer you a lot of features as the company has revolutionized the concept of the microwave. The warming lamps are just amazing to keep your food warm for a longer time. Consumers mostly love the adjustable cooking rack and also the ability of the oven to set a turntable to off or on.

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Bright hood light and the two removable exhaust fans are the most impressive features of the unit. Though the price is a bit high from the other counterparts but it certainly come at the top of your choice with the interesting features like smart sensors that detect easily when the food is done and shuts off automatically to prevent your food from overcooking.

You just need a damp cloth or the soft sponge to remove the dust from splashes and spills. The silver color stainless steel construction of the unit goes best with your perfectly decorated kitchen. Cooking options are also easily accessible for everyone, even for the first-timers. For your sophisticated and elegant kitchen, this is one of the best appliances to have. The polished enamel surface and stainless steel construction are for best of durability and yet quite simple to maintain for longer time. This is a 100-watt powerful oven with ten different power levels and preset buttons.

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You must love the full programmability feature of the oven. If you want to use the microwave for a longer term of time, this should be the perfect choice for you. Make your regular meal or your evening snacks easily with the 6 touch adjustable cooking functions that are truly compatible to make pizza, potato, popcorn, etc. For an unsupervised and unprofessional use, you will get the keypad lock function with this particular unit. If your requirement is not any fancy microwave/convection combination over the stove, this one certainly suits your requirement perfectly. This is completely money worthy to buy for the new age people and especially for smart using. The one-touch simple setting of the microwave is for easy using even for the people who are using it for the first time. They match often with a kitchen appliance to get a consistent look for your well-decorated kitchen. This is truly a good choice for the homeowners who love to have a microwave and stove hood combo. When you are ready to buy the over the range microwave, your first consideration should be the size. If you don’t have much space on your kitchen counter or you want to save some space there, you may need to put the appliance on the stove.Over the range microwaves are something that gives you the flexibility of cooking. An added benefit of every over the range microwave is its vent hood facility for the stoves. Best option to know the best oven is a proper way of comparison. These models never tend to have much power as the standalone units and they may not extend enough out to offer ventilation for all the burners. Since over the range microwaves become incredibly famous over the last few decades, there is a wide array of products to choose from and most of them come under some big brand names. These can be the strategies of your shopping or better of your investment.

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Pay more attention to the technical specification and dimensions of the product before buying it.

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Whirlpool® microwaves can give you the mealtime flexibility you need. These models are ideal for kitchens with plenty of counter space, but they can fit just about anywhere. Put it away in a cabinet or pantry when you’re not using it, or if her science project is spread out across the countertop, move it to a different spot to make room. With the microwave and the range both in one place, you can defrost in the microwave while working on the cooktop without having to cross the kitchen to check on either one. And because it’s not built in to your cabinetry, you can easily take it with you when you move. That’s why many countertop microwaves feature a finish that resists fingerprints with steel that’s easy to wipe clean. Featuring external or exhaust venting and charcoal filtering, they remove smoke, odor and moisture from the air — so you can breathe easy. No matter which style you choose, both deliver the capacity, flexibility and convenience you need to ensure dinner doesn’t always feel like rush hour.All other trademarks are owned by their respective companies.

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