This handy dispenser comes with a handle and pour-through lid, and is used to collect the distilled water. It is air cooled and equipped with a unique timer to stop automatically at the end of each distilling cycle. A safety shut-off switch turns the unit off should it ever overheat. While in operation, the top of the unit should be clear of any obstruction to allow for proper air circulation. Additionally, an activated carbon post filter is included to aid in the removal of any gaseous carryover and to improve taste.With a capacity of approximately 3 liters per three and one-half hour cycle, this manually filled distiller is perfect for a single user, renters or a small family.

A heating element boils the contaminated water and the steam rises. A fan cools the steam and converts it to water — pure, distilled water. The unit has continuous self-sterilization when in operation and is equipped with a removable boiling tank for easy filling and cleaning. The filter pillow is housed in a stainless steel filter tray, so your distilled water never comes into contact with plastic. A removable boiling chamber allowing for easy filling and cleaning.

Countertop Drinking Water Filter Installation Guides | Duration 2 Minutes 5 Seconds

The steam passes into the condensing coil, and the impurities are left behind. A glass storage container holds one gallon of distilled drinking water and is dispensed through the pour-through lid.

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Of those, 50 billion bottles end up in landfills or polluting our waterways. Typical pitcher water filters are certified to remove only 5 contaminants. And because it moves from place to place it’s great for college students, people living in apartments or people who rent. These filters remove simple chemicals like chlorine, but may leave behind a toxic chemical concoction for you to drink.

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