Marble and natural stone restoration is a highly skilled job as stone can be ruined very easily by an inexperienced tradesman. When this occurs we can usually fix their problem but it can cost a lot more to sort out. When he was finished, the bathroom floor and shower looked like the day it was installed.

You will find a lot of “cleaning companies” offering this service and using extremely harsh abrasives and acids to destroy your stone for you. I have a limestone bathroom floor with limestone mosaic tiles in the shower.

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Due to the fairly low cost, they can be replaced without great expense. In addition, recycled glass countertops are very attractive, while being resistant to staining and heat. A solid surface countertop offers worry-free upkeep and is quickly cleaned with soap and water. If lightly scratched, since the pigment goes through the entire countertop, the scratch can be sanded out and the appearance restored. These countertops work very well in the kitchen or bath since they won’t be stained by food, juice, facial cleansers, etc. Take a look at countertop galleries online to compare the style and appearance of these different worry free materials.

And which low maintenance countertop surface options fit within your budget?

Here is a list of the top 5 low maintenance countertop surface options along with the price range for each one. It is affordable, comes in hundreds of colors and patterns and is very low-maintenance. The kitchen or bath countertop is made from crushed glass embedded in clear resin – the same type of resin that is used to produce solid surface counters. These low-maintenance resin countertop products are resistant to staining, and epoxy and acrylic resin countertops are heat and impact resistant too. No sealing or refinishing is ever required, and cleaning is easy with mild soap products. They are heat resistant to stand up to hot pots and pans or hot hair tools in the bathroom. Also called engineered stone, it makes a very durable, long-lasting bath or kitchen countertop.

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The countertop not only adds to the overall styling of your shower but also helps you to store your skincare and bath care products, with ease. Marble, being a natural material, gives you an opportunity to merge creativity with nature’s beauty and place it in your bathroom in the form of bathroom countertops. Here is our comprehensive guide to buying and maintaining marble bathroom countertops.

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Marble is a natural metamorphic rock formed out of limestone and is mainly made up of calcite. However, book-match the marble in case seams are present in the slabs. However, be sure to avoid cleaning agents containing acid, including vinegar and lemon juice.

Your floor scrubber might help you to get rid of sketch pen marks from the floor tiles, however, do not bring it anywhere close to marble bathroom countertops for cleaning the surface. So, ditch the scrubber and use sponges for cleaning marble surfaces. Clean the surface lightly with lukewarm soapy water to keep the countertop surface clean and pristine. However, its maintenance horror stories in the kitchen push people back from marble.

However, there are quite some factors which you must consider before choosing the marble slabs for your bathroom countertop. All natural products are unique with neither one matching the other. The slabs might share a strong resemblance but will not be completely identical. Choose a layout which is free from any seam to obtain a flawless look.

This will help you to generate a mirrored appearance between adjacent pieces. Bathroom countertops properly finished not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space but also plays an important role in the maintenance routine. Sealing effectively does half the maintenance required for marble bathroom countertops.

The rough surface of the scrubber and other abrasive cleaning materials will take off the penetrating sealing agent from the surface and will leave scratches on the surface. In reality, it is completely fine to use in the bathroom, especially with regular maintenance.


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