Same owner for 30 years is retiring and she comes with all spares and salmon, tuna, and portagee gear. Also comes with a good spare anchor winch which owner may be installing soon. Insulated and glassed 24 ton hold set up for either airblast or spray brine freezing- 2 wells plumbed for spray brine could be easily converted for live bait. Comfortable accommodations complete with full bath and washer/dryer. Three station steering hydraulic steering, full stainless steel cage for prop, aluminum net reel, power roller.Flush decked with insulated and glassed hold with live tank insert.

Packs 1, 500 gal fuel, 150 gal water, and 50 gal hydraulic oil. Aluminum mast with stainless steel stays, turnbuckles, flopper chains and swivels. Gal appears to be well maintained and is fishing salmon now.

The Boy Behind The Mask by

He threads his way toward the kitchen, where his mother bends over the sink, washing vegetables for supper.

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But this boy, a 5-foot, 83-pound waif, has learned never to draw attention to himself. He stops in the door frame leading to the kitchen and melts into the late-afternoon shadows. He watches his mother, humming as she runs water over lettuce. His mother sighs with worry and turns, not bothering to turn off the water or dry her hands. She’s been watching him like this since he left the hospital. A huge mass of flesh balloons out from the left side of his face. The mass draws his left eye into a slit, warps his mouth into a small, inverted half moon. Sam looks directly into the faces of other human beings with his one good eye.

You find yourself instantly drawn into that eye, pulled past the deformity and into the world of a perfectly normal 14-year-old.

You can see your own children, and what an improbable twist of fate might have done to them. His healthy, close-cropped hair is a luxuriant brown, shaped carefully in a style any serious young man might wear.


His right cheek glows with the blushing good health that the rest of his face has cloaked. A ragged burst of air escapes from the hole in his throat — a tracheotomy funnels air directly into his lungs, bypassing the swollen tissue that blocks the usual airways. The boy figures his mother and father are talking about him and this night. He grabs a small foam basketball and throws up an arcing shot that soars across the room and hits a poster tacked to the far wall. He runs his left hand through his brown hair, parting it to the right. When the light changes, the woman swivels her head as if watching a train depart. The family steps out onto the sidewalk and walks through the dark neighborhood. The boy’s parents fall behind, allowing their son and the girl to walk side by side. He arrives at the north door and stands on the steps, looking in through the windowpanes. Then, a few minutes into the test, the technician fell silent. After 30 minutes, he turned off the machine, left the room and returned with his boss. The ultrasound indicated that the child’s brain was floating outside the body. A bulging growth covered the left side of the baby’s face and the area under his neck.

Debbie and her husband returned to her room, and she climbed into bed. They were rare enough, but what this tiny infant had was even rarer. He could barely breathe, and only immediate action would save him. He operated a second time to remove bulk above his left ear and to ease his breathing with a tracheotomy tube. He touched the left side of his face, almost as if to prove to himself that he was in fact that boy in the mirror. His younger brother and sister sit on the floor, chattering and playing cards. He lifts the cat off his lap, ignoring a plaintive meow, and silently stands, tottering unsteadily as his thin frame rises in the afternoon light. Most 14-year-old boys whirl through a room, slapping door jambs like backboards and dodging around furniture like imaginary halfbacks. The boy knows she’s studying him, running her eyes over his bony arms and the way he wearily props himself against the door frame. The boy slips behind his mother and steps into a pool of light. His left ear, the color of eggplant, bulges from the side of his head like misshapen hamburger.

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The main body of tissue, laced with blue veins, swells in a dome that runs from sideburn level to chin. It looks as though someone has slapped three pounds of wet clay onto his face, where it clings, burying the boy inside. It is clear, perfectly formed and a deep, penetrating brown.

You can see yourself in that eye, the child you once were. It’s trimmed neatly behind a delicate, perfectly formed ear. The boy passes out of the kitchen, stepping into the staircase that leads to the second floor. He walks along the worn hallway and turns into his room, the one with the toy license plate on the door. The paycheck helps, but she really took the job for the health insurance.

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His mother made the poster by assembling family photographs and then laminating them. On the third line, he doodled three question marks — he couldn’t think of anything else he needed. Sam nods his head and replies with a garbled sound, wheezing and breathless, the sound of an old man who has smoked too long and too hard. After a lifetime of being referred to as “that boy” by strangers, he can feel the glances. She makes no pretense of being polite, of averting her eyes. Sam’s father circles the streets until he finds one nearly 15 blocks from the school. She has brown hair, wavy, and a smile that makes his hands sweat and his heart race when he sees her in class. He uses his good eye and hand gestures to get his point across. Grant, a great rectangular block of brick, looms in the distance. Sam grabs the door handle, hesitates for the briefest of moments and pulls the door open. He walks into noise and laughter and chaos, into the urgency that is all about being 14 years old.The next morning, at the ultrasound lab, the technician got right to work. He repeatedly pressed a button to take pictures of the images on the monitor. Their unborn child, he said, appeared to have a birth defect. She and her husband were adamant that they would not kill this baby. Wires from a heart monitor snaked across the baby’s tiny chest. She picked up one of the pictures her husband had given her and covered the mass with her fingers to see what her son should have looked like.

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Doctors knew little about such anomalies except that they were made up of fluid-filled cysts and clots that varied in size from microscopic to as big as a fingertip. The mass swelled up from below and wormed its way into his tongue, threatening to block his air passage.

Roman’S Marble Granite and Tile by

The use of natural stone and quartz stone as an interior finish is increasing, especially for countertops, vanities and fireplaces.

We also know how important service and scheduling are to our customers. Custom fabrication of natural stone, such as granite, and quartz stone for countertops is a specialty that should be performed with the highest degree of quality and professionalism possible.

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