Some of the best outdoor kitchens are as functional as an indoor kitchen. Most outdoor kitchens include a built-in grill and we have the largest selection of them. Many people don’t stop there and add a pizza oven, bbq smoker, a gas griddle, and one or two side burners. You’ll find bbq product guides to better inform you on what to consider when purchasing outdoor kitchen appliances and patio furniture.

Our experts will help you create an outdoor kitchen to fit your space. With our outdoor kitchen appliance packages, purchasing an outdoor kitchen is easier than ever.

Our guide shows you everything you need for your outdoor kitchen. To help you find the one that best fits your outdoor kitchen needs and budget check out our list of the 2019 best high-end, built-in gas grills! Contact one of our experts to help guide you through your purchase. If you are interested in gas cooking, charcoal, or wood pellet grills, we have over 300 models to choose from. Some models even include locks to protect your food and beverages from wildlife and wild neighbors.

We test and review our outdoor kitchen equipment to make sure you get the best value for your investment.

Outdoor Kitchen Location and Placement by

There are a handful of things to consider when deciding where in your yard to build an outdoor kitchen. The closer your outdoor cooking area is to your home’s backyard entrance, the more convenient it will be for food preparation and transport. An incorrectly placed outdoor kitchen will leave guests to look at a wall or fence.

Placement is the most important consideration for an outdoor kitchen. You don’t want to be so far from your indoor kitchen that it is a hassle to go back and forth, this scenario often results in rarely using the outdoor kitchen. A correctly placed outdoor kitchen will take advantage of the views in the rest of your backyard landscape. If possible provide pleasant views for both guests and cook, but if not, give priority to the guests. Pick a location that will you will be able to easily shield from neighbors by plants and/or structures, such as trellises, walls or fences. Shade for an outdoor kitchen can be provided by trees, a patio cover, pergola, or umbrella.

The 8 Best Gas Grill Inserts Under $4000 To Buy In 2019 by

These grills offer the best longevity, features, and grilling capabilities to be had for a price that won’t break the bank.

The grates are made from 3/8″ stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode, and the body is also made from stainless steel that is double-welded for a seamless surface that holds the heat in. The upper warming rack can be adjusted to two different positions to toast your hot dog buns or keep food warm for serving. The cast stainless steel burners put out plenty of heat and offer a wide range of grilling temperatures.

The stainless steel vaporizer grid reduces flare-ups and vaporizes drippings to create smoky flavor for all your grilled foods. A glass window in the lid lets you check the food without lifting the lid and letting heat escape. This also includes a 1/4″ thick griddle that can replace one section of grates. Imported by the same people behind the largest online store for barbecue products, this stainless steel insert has excellent power, solid construction, and a wide range of options (including a full rotisserie system). This runs on natural gas, so you’ll never need to worry about running out of propane in the middle of cooking.

There is a lot for choose from, but it is important to remember that if it is permanently mounted to a custom grill enclosure it should last for many years. The full rotisserie system is versatile, powerful, and very functional. Now it can be watched and made to the most exact of specifications.

The easy-start ignition will get you cooking safely and easily. Each burner has its own control knob so you can easily adjust the heat to cook different foods at different temperatures. For easy cleaning, a full-width drip tray pulls out so you can dispose of any cooking debris.

Made with every attention to detail from high-quality stainless steel this grill is built to last a lifetime and to cook like a dream. The quarts-start ignition will never require batteries, so you’ll never need to worry about starting the fire. The commercial-quality construction is durable and easy to maintain, while the removable grill hood is angled to provide a convection effect so food will cook evenly without drying out. While a powerful grill, this one doesn’t stand out from the pack and tends to be a little more expensive than some of the other lower priced gas grill inserts. Powerful and well featured, this is a good choice for a lower cost gas grill insert. It has reversible cast iron wave cooking grids that provide even heat and produce professional-looking grill marks.

How To Build An Outdoor Grill Island by

But to achieve that kind of appeal outside means expanding your outdoor living space.

With an outdoor kitchen you can prepare meals and be around your guests with minimal time spent running back inside for plates, beverages, or tongs. Not only that, with an island guests can relax on one side while you’re cooking on the other, so you feel as though you’re part of the gathering. Real stone is heavy, expensive, and requires the experience of a mason. Once you get the counters on it, you can go ahead and use it, working on the stone veneering over time. The countertop – here it’s concrete, but it can be any kind of stone—sits 38 inches from the ground, which is a comfortable height for both food prep and elbow propping.

This layout allows you to scale the island’s length to fit your patio or adjust it to incorporate a built-in bar with a 90-degree turn.

The outside of the island is veneered with cultured stone, which is lightweight and easy to put on with mortar. Arranging the stone in an aesthetically pleasing way is like doing a big jigsaw puzzle. This ensures you’ll have on hand a random range of colors, mimicking real stone, and keeps you from rummaging through boxes and chipping the pieces. You will need a few boxes of corner pieces, as well as flat face pieces, sold by the square foot.

Metal post standoffs to act as feet and raise the frame off the ground, preventing moisture from wicking up into the wood. Line up the four posts and screw the 2x4s to the top and bottom of the posts to tie the sides together. Run these between the posts at the top and bottom of both the front and the back of the box. Flip the frame over and screw a metal post standoff to the bottom of each post to act as feet. Run a bead of construction adhesive along the posts and stretchers. Hold them together with construction adhesive and 1¼-inch deck screws. Examine a sheet of wire lath and note which way the honeycombs are protruding outward. Make sure the wires face up as you lay each sheet over the builder’s felt (to catch or cup the mortar). Lay a ring of 1x scrap boards against the bottom edge of the island. Start at one of the island’s short ends and position the trowel vertically and on edge.

Make one pass all the way around the island; keep the lines as straight and parallel to the ground as you can, so you can use them later as guides for setting the stone. Secure the box through the bottom and into the base framing with 2-inch deck screws. If at any point you knock a stone loose, remove it and reset it to recreate this seal. Minimize cuts by dry-fitting several stones at a time and piecing them together like a puzzle. Position straight-cut stones along the top edge so they sit flat against the underside of the counter. I loved the pictures and accompanying text of the event that you posted.

To draw a crowd—and keep them entertained—requires a bit more than plopping down a table and a few plastic chairs.

Since durability is such a critical issue for an outdoor kitchen, stone veneer is a low-maintenance option that won’t need painting or sealing.

As long as you get to the point of coating the frame and lath in a layer of mortar, you can essentially tarp over the top of it and take your time applying the finish decoration. It rests on a gently sloped concrete slab to help prevent water from pooling around the bottom, but any structurally sound existing patio would work as a base.

Because the boxes are empty, they can accept steel doors, drawers, or other storage compartments or conceal a propane tank for a gas grill.

Speed up the hunt for the perfectly sized stone by first unpacking and organizing all the pieces into piles of corners, shorts, longs, and rectangulars. Stainless-steel roofing nails to attach the lath to the plywood. Using a drill/driver, screw the 2x4s together in pairs with 2½-inch deck screws. Wherever you will have cabinets, put a 2×4 for support in the middle of the bottom framing. Using a circular saw, cut plywood panels to fit the dimensions of the frame. Lay the plywood over the adhesive and screw it to the 2x4s with 2-inch deck screws. For the cabinets, create boxes out of plywood to fit within the depth of the framing. Work from the bottom up and overlap the sheets of felt by a couple of inches to make sure water can’t get behind them. Run your hand over the wires—in one direction the sheet will feel like a cheese grater. Nail the lath to the plywood using stainless-steel roofing nails every 6 inches vertically and every 12 to 15 inches horizontally, making sure you hit the framing as much as you can.

Using a finishing trowel, spread a ½-inch-thick layer of mortar over the lath and down to the 1x scrap. If at any point the lath moves, stop and nail it tight to the sheathing. Tilting the trowel 45 degrees, score all the way across the short side and continue around to the front. Continue scoring the scratch coat in single passes that wrap all the way around until all the mortar is grooved.

Set the cabinet boxes into the openings, pushing each back until the flange butts against the mortared face of the island. Scrape any excess mortar that oozes out, pushing it into the seam to make a tight seal. Using a grinder fitted with a diamond blade, shape the stone at the mark so it will sit tightly against its neighbor. Camouflage the cut face by setting other stones around it that protrude out farther and cast a shadow over it. Continue setting subsequent courses, incorporating stones of varying sizes for a natural look.

Drop In Outdoor Grills Winter Specials by

The doors feature rounded handles for easy access to the gas tank and includes self-closing hinges.

It easily drops right into your outdoor kitche … n countertop and includes a cover and drain for effortless cleaning. It comes in your choice of natural gas or liquid propane and is heated by inner and outer gas tube burners.

This means you don’t get hot spots like on traditional square griddles.

The top handle ensures easy on and off and the elastic fits snug under the control panel. Indoor and outdoor, commercial and residential, their circular flattop cooking appliances are built for hard work and style. It easily drops right into your outdoor kitchen … countertop and includes a drain plug for effortless cleaning. With its easy push-button electronic ignition system, this grill ignites both burners at once. This durable grill can be installed in an ou … tdoor countertop, island, or on a grill cart. This durable grill can be installed in an outdo … or countertop, island, or on a grill cart. This stai … nless steel charcoal grill features air flow controls and charcoal management that allows you to cook at the perfect temperature for any food, any time.


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