This puts us several paces ahead of our competitors, who are prone to using comparatively flimsy materials and inadequate assembly methods. Our products, on the other hand, have been built to last, and will reliably deliver well-prepared food for many seasons to come. It’s a tradition that we’re proud to support with our line of high-quality outdoor wood burning ovens. In fact, one of the hottest trends in luxury building right now is outdoor wood fired ovens built directly into backyard patios. As a result, their pizza ovens have a habit of deteriorating over time with repeated use.We’re confident that we have the finest backyard ovens anywhere, from portable outdoor ovens to our built-in wood fired ovens—no matter your price range.

We’re here to help you plan and prepare for your outdoor cooking dreams.

5 Best Home Pizza Ovens What’s The Best Outdoor Pizza Oven In 2017? by

If you’re an outdoor cooking enthusiast, as well as a pizza lover, you’re going to find this article right up your alley. In this top-five review, we’re going to cover several different fuel types as well as some portable and not so portable units.

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On the lower end, they use the typical filament heating elements. With temperatures of 600° and lower, your cooking times are longer. The gas ovens draw the flame and heated air up to the top of the oven via a front vent or chimney. Some models use an upper and lower ceramic tile, heated by the flame and hot air, for even cooking of the pie. This helps cook the toppings as well as the top of the crust. An advantage of a gas oven is easier heat regulation than the wood burning style. The wood-burners can get the temperatures up into the 900° plus range which can rapidly cook a pizza – sometimes in less than a minute. The heated air is reflected down to cook the top of the pizza. The brick pizza oven or wood fired pizza oven is able to get the temperatures up quite a bit higher than you can with an electric model. The electric models, unless they have an upper brick tile in the ceiling, use heating elements that don’t cook quite as evenly. So then, you might ask if electric style ovens are any good.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

And also if you’re not really looking for the other advantage of getting the smoky flavor infused into the pizza. Remember that you’re cooking with flame just like a barbecue. There is a little bit of assembly required when you first get it but it only entails installing the door and the pizza stone. Just a note, some users have suggested that the oven temperature is lower when you’re using the disposable bottles. The heat source is at the base of the oven and is controlled via micro adjust valves to let you fine tune the temperature. With its 3 attached legs, it’s meant for tabletop, benchtop or countertop use. To get the pellets burning, the manufacturer suggests using starter gel. Once you get the pellets burning, load the chute up and you’ll be ready to cook in about 20 to 25 minutes. Bear in mind, because that’s so hot, it requires some speed and dexterity when working with it. In this unit, the heat source is in the back of the oven . So, not very portable if you plan on taking it somewhere, but it does come with a cart. You’ll need to attach the chimney to the oven and the legs to the cart base to complete the included wheeled cart. Before you move or lift the oven, users and the vendors suggest taking the brick cooking base out to make it lighter.

It’s wood fired and can get the temperatures up to 700° to 800°. It can maintain the heat at about 700° when the door is open. Once at temperature, it will cook a 16 inch pizza in a little under 3 minutes. The flame comes up from behind the food and is vented forward. The oven doesn’t require any assembly but the cart has some pieces that need to be attached. The benefit is that it rotates the base so that you don’t have to constantly monitor the pie to make sure that it’s cooking evenly. On the plus side, there is no assembly required, but it does require a base. The times that have been recorded have been as short as a minute. With practice you can fine tune the wood burning process to get a more easily controlled temperature of 700° to 800°. If you are serious about your pizzas and want the real stuff, that’s the one you should go for. Go easy on the toppings to allow the crust to cook at the same time as the toppings.

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Some pizza ovens do have temperature gauges on them, but they measure the temperature in the wrong spot. These will help you keep the temperature where you want it by reading the temperature at the spot where the food is. Be careful of porous materials in the cooking base as they can absorb cleaners like soap. The flame, air and smoke are drawn to a chimney or vent at the front of the oven. It depends on how often you eat pizza and whether you like eating outdoors. They all appear to do a good job of cooking the pies and most users find they can use the ovens for other foods as well. Many people pack these with them as some are quite portable. For portability, these units are going to be a limited in size, usually to 13”.

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Because you have to turn the pizza to cook evenly, anything larger than 16 inches can be difficult to maneuver. While a lot of outdoor cookers dream of the authentic and traditional brick or clay cooking oven, for a lot of us the cost of having those custom-made is a little ou t of our budget. The upper end models have a brick or clay lining that mimics a traditional pizza oven. One issue with the cheaper electrics is that they don’t get to the very high cooking temperatures desired for pizza. Other models directly draw the flame and heated air over the top of the pizza. And you’ll get the artisanal burning of the top crust so many of us desire. These ovens also draw the flame and heated air up to the top of the ceiling via a front vent or chimney. Before you buy any type of outdoor pizza oven, here are a few questions that you’re going to want to ask before you do purchase a unit. With the convection cooking that you get in a brick or wood fired oven, you get more even cooking.

You get the wood smoke from the burning wood that helps add flavor and aroma to the pizza. They are, if all you’re looking for is to cook the pizza and time isn’t a real question. If you’re just looking to cook a pizza, an electric model would do just fine.

You can place this on a tabletop, cart or benchtop, attach the fuel source and easily get the unit fired up and going. This shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes to be up and running. Or use the included 5 foot hose with regulator and connect to a bulk source of propane. The unit can cook up to a 13 inch pizza in around 3 to 7 minutes at 600 to 700°. The unit is made of stainless steel with a double wall insulated ceiling.

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It does require a fair amount of assembly, so spend some time reading the manual before you start to work on it. Don’t use any other kind of cheap wood pellet because of the different chemicals and binders that are used in them. One user likes to use a torch or a starter cube as he is able to get them burning faster. This allows the heat and hot air to be drawn across the top of the roof and then reflected down via convection to cook the pizza toppings and the top crust. Then, just put the oven on top of the cart and roll it to the desired location. But, at these higher temperatures, you’re going to want to make sure that you rotate the pizza regularly to keep it from burning. Many users find the cart portability to be a big plus as it helps to conserve patio space because you can roll it out of the way. The price is a bit steep but it’s a great option if you don’t want a permanent feature. This gets the oven up to cooking temperature in about 15 minutes. The unit is made of stainless steel and has a cooking stone mounted in the ceiling as well as in the base. This then heats the stone above for even convection cooking. A very nice feature is that it uses a barbecue rotisserie motor mounted underneath that is attached to the ceramic cooking base. It also helps maintain the cooking temperature by keeping the door closed.It can reach temperatures in excess of 900° to rapidly cook your pizza. You’ll really need to keep an eye on the pie as it can burn within a few seconds of overcooking. It comes lasts in our selection because the price is a bit high for the average budget. Also the best option for a permanent structure, like an outdoor kitchen.

Our choice of the five best pizza ovens on the market in 2017. In some units, at the last minute or so, you can hold the pie near the ceiling of the oven to melt the cheese and brown the top crust. Too many toppings and the heat won’t make it through to the crust. Some are mounted to the door while others are mounted to the top. Depending on the unit, this will either heat the top of the oven and the air so that it is projected down evenly on the food or the flame and hot air travels across the top of the food and cooks it. Two models listed here can cook in as little as 60 seconds at 900°. If you plan on using them on you patio, is it something you need to move around or can it stay in one place?

Also take into consideration the size and type of pizza that you like to make. Three of the five we’ve reviewed will allow you to make a pie up to 13 inches. Generally, most other users have said not to go any higher than 16 inches.

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However , the high cost of materials and scarcity of qualified professionals in this area might make it seem as impossible. This diy project has an average difficulty, as you should cut the bricks using a wet saw and construct the dome brick oven. The pizza oven’s chimney can take different forms and shapes: on one hand you can construct it from bricks or you could buy a steel chimney. Draw a detailed plan, in which to write down the dimensions and the needed materials. Next, we recommend you to pour a 2” layer of gravel and compact it thoroughly. The procedure is straight forward, as you need to build a wooden form from 2×4 slats (supported by 4×4 posts) and install a dense net of rebars.

You can notice in the image, that you have to cut the bricks as to be as close as possible to the circular shape underneath them. Fill the gaps between the flagstones with colored mortar, to enhance the pattern of the counter-top. The cut side of the bricks must be positioned outwards or lateral of the rows. In this way you will get a beautiful looking brick pizza oven. In addition, you should notice the rectangular hole, placed at the entrance of the pizza oven. This aspect is important, as after the clay mix will dry, it would be more difficult to remove it from the bricks. Work patiently and attentively, as if you hurry you increase the chances of doing something wrong. If you aren’t sure about this aspect, we strongly suggest you to take a break of a few days, to clear your mind before continuing the oven.

You should notice, that the walls of the oven’s entrance are shaped perfectly plumb. If you have built your dome up to this stage, it means that you are very close to finishing your pizza oven in a professional manner. As the arch will float, we have to use a stronger mortar than fire clay mixed with sand. Secure the bricks into position and then use a clean sponge with water, to clean the mortar. As you can see in the picture, we will install inside the chimney a metal sheet oven, which will be heated by the smoke coming from the stove. Make sure the bricks are secured properly with cement based mortar, as they have to resist over time. Nevertheless, you should cover the oven with vermiculite mortar, to make it durable. This is important, as in time the soot and the mortar residues might even clog the chimney and damage it irreversibly. Usually, this takes about one week, but it varies according to the weather and climate conditions, specific to your location. Choosing the right bricks for the job is essential for your project, even though they might cost more than low quality products. Check out the other articles of this project, to see more about insulating the pizza oven or about building the outdoor stove. Thank you for reading our article on how to build an outdoor pizza oven and we recommend you to check out the rest of our outdoor projects.Italian style brick oven, then you have to check out our project. Fortunately, you can build the wood fired pizza oven by yourself, in your backyard, in just a few weeks. Nevertheless, you will find building the brick dome easier, if you read this article and pay attention to our tips. This is not a difficult procedure, providing you use the right materials and choose the correct location in your backyard. Add a cooking stove and several cabinets and turn your construction in a real outdoor kitchen. On the other hand, we recommend you to sink the bricks in water before laying them into position, otherwise they would suck the moisture from the mortar. The first method looks a lot better and it is more efficient, while the steel chimney is easier to install. It is hard to build the brick dome without knowing from the very first moment all the details regarding its construction. Therefore, you need to dig about 10-12” in the ground, using a shovel. Install a wooden form (using 2×6 slats secured with stakes) and a net of rebars. Therefore, you have to lay concrete blocks on the concrete slab and glue them together with cement based mortar. The countertop should be about 6” thick, but it depends on the weight of the oven.

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As you can see in the image, you have to place spacers under the net of reinforcement bars, otherwise the concrete won’t be rigid enough to support the weight. Consequently, you should decide where you want to be the center of the oven, and mark it with a pencil. Next, lay down the refractory bricks leaving between them about 1/2” or 1 cm. Remember to use a level, to check if the wooden boards are level. When installing the flagstones, use a mallet and a spirit level to make them level.

You should wait several days until the mortar has dried out, until you can begin building the brick pizza oven. The first layer of bricks should be perfectly parallel with the oven’s floor, as you can easily notice in the image. Just use fire clay and fine sand to glue the brick together. After the mortar hardens, it would be difficult to remove it off the bricks. Work with great care and good judgement, to obtain a professional result.

You should be able to notice the way in which the brick rows are constructed. It has a very important role, as you should pull the embers there, after the wood has burned. Pay attention to this step, making sure you don’t move the bricks from position. Pay attention to our tips, as this project is pretty difficult for unexperienced diyers. Therefore, the smoke will come out directly trough the chimney, without having to build a channel. Make sure the inside joints are clogged with clay mix, otherwise the pizza oven won’t be able to maintain the heat inside for a long time. Consequently, it would be better to use cement based mortar : 3 parts cement, 5 parts fine sand and water.

We will show you in the next article how to build the outdoor stove ; until then, we have to build the base of the chimney for the pizza oven (in the right of the arch). Consequently, the dome should look similar to the one you can see in the picture. In the image, you can notice that the oven hasn’t been yet covered with any protective insulation.

You can see the exit hole for the smoke, which is placed above the entrance arch. Therefore, take this step seriously and clean thoroughly the channel to prevent any problem. Nevertheless, you could build just the brick oven, without the stove and the concrete cabinets.

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Next, build a basic form from 2×10 lumber and install it into place with 2×4 takes. Install a reinforcing net in the form, making sure you place it on several 5” spacers. Work with attention and good judgement, making sure you don’t leave gaps between the slats.Moreover, do not secure the components together with screws or nails, otherwise it would be difficult to remove the form. Work with great attention, ensuring the sides of the form are perfectly horizontal. Use a straight edge to level the concrete, by moving it along the edges of the form. Therefore, use the pattern that can be seen in the image to obtain a proper result. Don’t use a cement-based mortar, as it won’t resist to the temperatures developed inside the oven. As you should notice in our free plans, you have to lay the fire brick in the stretcher bond, using a clay mortar (4 parts fine sand, 6 parts fire clay).

Lay three courses of fire bricks, making sure they are level. Apply the fire clay mortar between the bricks and remove the excess material with a wet sponge. As you can notice in the image, the arched top is made of three rows, therefore this should be a straight forward process. Pay attention to this step, if you want to get the job done like a pro. Fill the small gaps with a mix of sand and fire clay, as a cement-based mortar won’t resist to the high temperatures developed inside the brick oven. Adjust the size of the bricks with a wet saw, every time is necessary. Work with great care, making sure you leave enough space to leave the smoke out. On one hand, you could install a stainless steel chimney, while on the other hand you could build a brick chimney.

You don’t have to build a large chimney, as we don’t speak of a professional pizza oven. Nevertheless, if you like the traditional look of the bricks, you could leave it in this state, making sure you protecting it from rain and snow. Use one of these thermometers to control the heat inside the over, so you don’t end up burning your pizza. Last but not least, apply the pizza oven render gradually until you cover the whole surface. First of all thank you sir for helping me build my own brick oven ^^. It only has a 4″ shaft, so how would that work with thick walls?

I still recommend ciderblocks as the concrete countertop is very heavy, as well as the brick oven. Do you know the dimensions of the brick oven itself?

If you put the sand layer, remember you need to make some sort of a perimeter frame for it. Insulation wool is more efficient, but the vermiculite concrete has been used successfully for thousands of years. I heard door size was important in that respect, too little or too much air. A break is welcomed, as you also need to let the concrete cure for a few days. Was going to use some ceramic wool insulation, but decided to use use another layer of firebrick, so extra thick floor. Always wanted to do this and now that we have land, it’s a very high priority.

You need to do some thinking about the dome height and how to join it to the lower entrance arch. The pizza’s are fantastic, just need to learn to make better dough. Generally speaking, building a brick oven is a complex process, as it involves many steps and it requires proper planning, coordination and attention to details. All you have to do is to use quality materials and to practice the bricklaying techniques before starting the actual project.

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