Beautiful home with hardwood floors, located on the north hill in a great neighborhood . Lots of extra storage on both the upper and lower levels. Bathroom downstairs has clawfoot soaking tub and upstairs has been done tastefully as well. Large wrap around porch for those summer nights hanging with family and friends. Amazing views of the city and foothills from upstairs deck and patio below .

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I just wanted to drop a quick note about our most recent experience with your company. We’ll be sure to highly recommend you to anyone expressing an interest in new cabinets or countertops.

You can download one of our free planners today to help you get started on your new project!

We’ve created our business model to specifically allow for faster turnaround times—leaving you with less time living in a chaotic home. It is important to note that while you should absolutely consider durability, durability is not synonymous with dull.

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In short, granite countertops can bring maximum returns on your investment.

You will be able to choose from cream colors, gold colors, almond colors, black and many other colors. Soapstone is more resistant to cracks than other natural stones, but can dent when struct with a hard object (although some people feel such dents result in a “stressed” look, which they find quite attractive). There are a wide variety of quartz colors, textures and patterns to choose from. These surfaces are constructed of acrylic and polyester blends. Solid surface countertops are non-porous, making them resistant to stains, and excellent for food preparation and can be formed into virtually any shape or size. It’s important to us that we help you create a beautiful, warm, inviting area in your home.

We also offer different types of wood, frames, stiles and rails, as well as other features that will truly make your kitchen stand out. Speaking with a member of our sales staff can help you feel confident about selecting the best products for your needs. If you need some additional in the beginning of your remodel project, take a look at our kitchen visualizer, a kitchen resource planner, and a backsplash planner.

We truly care about answering every question you might have, providing in-depth education along the way.

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We even have a bathroom visualizer page which allows you to visualize cabinet, countertop, floor tile and wall options in various bathroom settings. When you have questions, we will guide you in a simple manner to the product or service best suited to you.

Your feedback will help us train and develop our next generation of experts. Whether we are supplying you with countertops, cabinetry, sinks or faucets, our goal of keeping it simple resonates with every decision we help you make. Either way, we are able to thoroughly answer your questions from ideation to installation, offering you a vastly unique, tailored experience.

Our team works collaboratively with our clients to unearth their unique vision, recognize what they truly want, then bring it to life.

We work to offer much more customization than other companies so that you receive the end product you want. When deciding on a countertop, you will have to think about things like what type of countertop will complement the look of your home, the level of durability you need in your countertop, and your budget. Each piece of granite is cut from the ground, so there are always variations in texture, consistency and color—meaning your granite countertop will be absolutely unique. Once the granite slabs are delivered to our warehouse, the newly polished slab is worked by machine and by hand. While bakers love marble countertops, marble can stain and chip more easily than some other substances. If you happen to love the look and feel of granite, but don’t want the upkeep, quartz could be an excellent option for you. Quartz is manufactured from 97 percent quartz particulate and 3 percent binders and fillers.

Kitchens are a place where you cook thanksgiving meals with your family, pack lunches, and create the delicious meals that sustain you and bring you together.

Our goal is to breathe new life into your kitchen, providing product choices that bring your vision to life, inspiring you the moment you walk into our showroom.

We carry a wide variety of door styles, colors, finishes, cabinet depths and dovetail drawers with soft-close glides. It can be overwhelming to choose the right sink and faucet, and care must be taken when combining colors, styles and the influence of different eras. If you are looking for vanity countertops, we offer solid surface, quartz, granite and natural stone.

We will work hard to make your remodel simple and quick.

Our operations are centered within our values, and we are dedicated to the work we do.

We fabricate, we install and we stand behind our products.

You can use this tool to mix and match your choice of colors and products to visualize the ideal bathroom.

You can trust that our experienced staff will ensure your job is done in a timely, professional manner, leaving you happy and satisfied with the results.

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We are using them yet again because we know we will be getting the best product/customer service. The sales staff is friendly at the outset, and the products appear to be good. I could not be happier with the product, the service or the installation.

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