The large glass-walled shower includes a bench at one end, which could also be used as an extra storage surface. A neutral marble tile shower adds a another level of interest and texture to the space. A dark wood vanity adds a dark statement to the bright surroundings. Patterned wall tile creates a beautifully decorative finish over the shower and vanity wall.

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The luxurious bathroom has a large, walk-in shower, freestanding bathtub and contemporary double vanity.

Blue marble tile covers an accent wall while small navy, light blue and yellow tile dot the floor. Sharp cabinet lines compliment the box shape of the marble bathtub base. The walls around the vanity feature small square marble tiles to add texture. The shower is especially luxurious with three shower heads! A black stone floating bench matching the countertop covering sleek white vanity cabinets. Gray marble floor tile blends the black and white together for a cohesive look.

Gray marble shower walls coordinate with the stunning floor, creating a fresh yet classic look.

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I love this tile as you get the durability of porcelain and the look of marble at a fraction of the cost. This tile has more of a taupe colour veining opposed to gray like the others. It’s so simple and timeless and it’s really easy to install, plus it always looks fantastic.

If you have read a few of my last posts then you know we just bought a new house and it’s a serious fixer upper! It is very timely because we are going to have a home renovation before the end of this year. You can use any porcelain tiles in the shower and they will be just fine. If using these tiles in a bathroom, do you have any suggestions for the countertops?

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Carrara marble is a metamorphic stone with a soft white and gray background threaded with darker gray veins. As you consider your wall and accent colors, take the cool hues of the marble into consideration. Tuscan finishes have a softly undulating surface sealed and waxed to a velvety sheen.

Carrara pairs beautifully with light sea greens, cool blues, clean whites and dark grays. Create a soothing background for the space by using sea glass accents and picking up the color from the glass for the walls.

Install it on vanity tops, floors, walls, tub decks and in the shower.

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Most of the times it is sold in the form of tiles of standard sizes but you can also get it in custom sizes according to your needs. Before purchasing marble, you should check the quality of marble and rates which a dealer is offering.

Also, you should check all stone pieces thoroughly, because it is generally observed that shopkeeper place superior pieces on the top of the stack and inferior pieces below. Concrete or simple white distressed brick wall can make your bedroom look amazing. If the style preference is minimal then a carrara marble wall with large sized tiles looks elegantly voguish with a small tiles covering the floor. If you want to make your shower area look different than the rest of the bathroom then we suggest smaller sized tiles laid in a mosaic type pattern for the shower floor while keeping the walls covered with regular sized tiles. Backsplash in a herringbone pattern with polished finish can look sleek and ultra stylish in a modern kitchen. For home based projects, carrara tiles can be used for flooring of the home’s foyer, entrance hall and even corridors. This is why adding carrara tiles to the places near the entrance is a good choice.

Do clean up spills and stains immediately to minimize damage to your stone. So, now as you know a lot about our carrara marble tiles, you may consider purchasing some tiles for your house. These tiles alone made our house looks extravagant so that we didn’t have to do much for the decorating part. This may sound absurd but the white color and purity of these tiles makes me believe that the bathroom is the cleanest place in the house.

These tiles are perfect for floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and more! These tiles are best for those who want to give their houses a new and totally different look.

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Marble is an expensive material so we would like to give you few expert pieces of advice in this regard.

In addition to that, you should make sure that stone has a uniform color with no stains/spots. If you like the vintage loft style then a carrara marble floor would look beautiful. You can add furniture with plush black velvet for an aristocratic vibe. The difference is tile sizes creates impact on the viewer while keeping everything simple.

The accented last step makes the irregular shape of the bathroom appealing. A carrara marble covered shower seat is a good addition if you do not want to cover the shower floor. A kitchen carrara marble floor laid in french patterns looks great with matching backsplashes in diamond pattern. Majority of the important government buildings have carrara marble flooring. Marble has the light reflecting property due to which it glows when sunlight hits its surface. Do use door mats inside and out along with runners and area rugs on marble floors for safety and cleanliness of the tiles.

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A glass door for the shower continues the bright, open feel of this room. The marble’s gray veins pick up the silvery shimmer of the fixtures and the metallic vase. Vibrant, framed wall art serves as the only pop of color in this monochrome bathroom. A tufted velvet bench adds softness and warmth to the space.

Marble tiles line the floors and walls for a truly luxurious feel.

The white vanity and bathtub help accomplish the light, breezy feel of the room. Larger slabs of marble on the side walls and countertops offer a subtle contrast to the accent wall while wrapping the space in elegance. Two small mounted lamp fixtures frame the mirror above the pedestal sink. Carrara marble tile clads both the floor and shower stall, creating crisp, clean spa-like surfaces. The green dual vanity also exhibits the cararra marble on the counter. For a pop of vibrant energy, cherry red accents do the trick.

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I have yet to install but it looks like it should work out just fine.

Marble Carrara Tile Bathroom Part 2 Installing The Carrera Marble Tile | Duration 16 Minutes 15 Seconds

They quickly sent our tile and went out of their way to accommodate us. I take them off the backing & are using them for place cards for my wedding.

They are a perfectly smooth surface for me to do some wedding calligraphy on.

They do everything to deliver a beautiful product & the customer service is unbeatable.


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