While it looks very nice, the colour is very different when it is installed than when it was purchased. Before installation, we used a marble sealer on them for about 14 hours with 3 fans running all night and the windows open. Which we would need to remove with an alkaline based product because acidic based products might etch the marble? We’ve heard there are products called grout and haze removers but were wondering the pros and cons of each.

Also, as mentioned above we used cementitious unsanded grout for our marble tiles. One other concern we have is that, originally our marble looked polished, yet now it doesn’t have the sheen to it at all. Sealers, it depends on the type of sealer used, but some sealers can actually slow the drying process. Dilution, application, and agitation instructions are on the bottle. Once it’s grouted, the light gray next to the white tile doesn’t make the white pop as much.

I was hoping someone can help determine how to correct this problem. Pictures of the tile before it was installed and after it was installed have been enclosed.

We were wondering if anyone might know how to remove this grout haze/residue. The only relevant photo is the one you are holding up with your hand. Marble is moisture sensitive and will absorb from the mortar & grout. The look of tile after it’s grouted always looks different especially mosaics. Perhaps we should have used a light grout, since we find the mosaic is too dark. We’ve tried using a cloth and warm water to clean it and it does look slightly better but the dullness remains. We used sealer before installation anyway, as recommended by our tile store, however it doesn’t seem to have worked as the tile still looks hazy. And we have a area behind the stove to test out on the actual tile if need be as well. The cut edges will absorb moisture into the stone more easily than the polished surface. When you put a white against a very dark area (the spaces between the tiles before grouting) it helps make the white look brighter.

How To Polish Marble Counter Tops By Hand | Duration 4 Minutes 24 Seconds


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