Seamlessly incorporate a modern kitchen, bath or addition into your post-war modern home. By 1946, the demand for new housing had been growing for years. They were a complete failure — largely ignored by all, landlord and tenant alike. Americans produced more food than they could eat, more clothing than they could wear, more steel than they could use, and pumped more than half of all the world’s oil. The government erected temporary veterans shelters to ease the problem in especially overcrowded areas.So, the most that young post-war families looked forward to was just something clean and decent to rent.

Each crew does its own particular job, then rushes over to the next slab and starts all over again. Paid by the piece, not by the hour, subcontractors do the actual building using pre-cut lumber and pre-hung doors. Doing exactly the same job over and over and over again, crews soon develop blistering speed and dazzling efficiency. All had a large picture window, underfloor radiant heat, and a working fireplace. A staircase led up to the unfinished attic that could be turned into more bedrooms as the family grew.

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Seven different exterior color schemes and four variations in front and roof elevation (by rearranging windows and doors) ensured that no two houses within sight of any one viewpoint looked exactly alike. There was yet no word for smog but there was plenty of it — coal was the primary home heating fuel. There was no parking for the new cars nearly everyone could now afford. They wanted something nicer, cleaner, and newer, with air you could breath and green grass to walk on. But, he died penniless in 1994, unable to pay his bill at the hospital to which he had donated millions of dollars. He gave us not just a new kind of house in a new kind of neighborhood but a new style of living with a new word to describe it: “suburban”. Through the 1950s and early 1960s home prices rose about 5% per year but the cost per square foot barely budged. It was a traditional colonial-era architectural style: boxy, low to the ground with a sharply pitched roof and narrow eaves. The coat closet and stair were conveniently right off the entry. The bedrooms were separated from the public spaces by a short hallway, and the bath was located between the bedrooms and living portions of the house so it was convenient for both guests and family members. The furnace, and later the air conditioning, tucked neatly into its own little closet next to the water heater.

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But, this did not prevent owners from expanding them: out the back, out the side, or remove the roof and add a story. They wanted three bedrooms rather than two and a little more space. The additional story allowed the bedrooms and main bath to be moved upstairs. The second story was made larger by cantilevering it over the ground floor. Split foyer colonials inspired split-level colonials with the obligatory unfinished “recreation” room in the basement. Attached one and two-stall garages had become indispensable in the late 1960s. Any two-story house that did not fall easily into another style classification automatically became a “colonial”. Levitt’s adaptations became the basic model for the post-war ranch but for many architects and builders, they were just a starting point, intended to be improved upon and extended. In less temperate climes, the atrium was often enclosed and climate controlled to better handle scorching summers and frosty winters. Outdoor spaces such as patios and decks were joined to indoor spaces by minimal partitions, including glass walls and sliding patio doors, to create the impression that the two spaces were actually one larger space. Housing starts plummeted 90%, from 937, 000 in 1925 to barely 93, 000 in 1933. By the end of the war, housing demand had been steadily outstripping supply for an entire generation. The most costly and deadliest war of all time was finally over.

The total wealth of the nation had doubled in just four years. Young couples with infants were living above garages, in spare rooms, in tiny apartments with their parents; returning veterans were forced to live in their cars. But, what people wanted was housing: good, clean affordable housing. The ideal of actually owning a home was a distant dream to the average wage-earner. A small convoy of surplus army trucks rumbles through the rising mist over newly paved streets on what was formerly a potato farm. The bundles contain a nearly foolproof house-building kit — everything needed to finish one house. Under the fury of this sustained assault of men and machinery, new houses rise at an astounding rate — one finished house every 16 minutes. Fence sections, flower boxes, windows, and staircases arrive pre-assembled from a central warehouse. But, these were solid, well-built houses, not cracker boxes. Rents were high and apartments were small, old, and squalid. He taught the world how to mass produce high-quality, affordable houses (see sidebar), and built more of them than anyone else in history but never owned a house himself, and hated the suburbs.

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American families owned their own home — a number that has remained relatively constant for the 50 years since. The kitchen opened to both the dining room and living room, facilitating entertaining. The toilet, hidden behind a protruding closet, was partly shielded from view from the bathroom door. What was left behind was all the hand-crafted details that take time to create.

We were building solid tract houses that working-class families could afford to buy. More than 50 years later, despite frequent earthquakes, those houses are still there. Almost as soon as the paint was dry on the original house, homeowners turned to making it bigger and better. This, in turn, permitted a full formal dining room as well as a larger kitchen and living room with a guest bath just off the entry hall.

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By then the simple post-war colonial had undergone a number of major transformations. The larger space allowed for a small additional bathroom attached to the “master bedroom” — a term just coming into use. These allowed as much living space as ranch-style houses (see below) without the large lots required for ranch houses. But, by that time the style has lost many of the elements that had originally defined it. Split-level and split-foyer variations had so diluted the style that it was almost unrecognizable. It was something entirely new — purposefully geared to casual indoor-outdoor living with its open floor plan, semi-enclosed patios nestled between the wings of the house and extensive use of glass doors and large picture windows to bring the outdoors in. The enclosed open-air atrium brought the outdoors into the very core of the house, taking the outdoor-indoor interface to its ultimate expression. The opening in the roof became a skylight which created a feeling of being outdoors, without actually being outdoors. Still, the ranch-style would probably not have gained much of a toehold in the architecture of the early post-war decades were it not for a confluence in the 1950s of three unique events. The popularity of the ranch blossomed with the wide-spread growth of casual outdoor dining and recreational activities such as the pool party and barbeque, that, along with the cocktail party, became mainstays of suburban entertainment during immediate the post-war years.

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You can set your plants where they’ll get plenty of light without blocking the view. Make sure to install the shelf high enough so you don’t bump into it when you’re working at the sink. I came up with a great way to store these items right on the door of the sink cabinet. Just make sure you position it so you can shut the cabinet door when all your bags and other supplies are in the bin. I just screwed them to the wall studs using a fender washer in the upper corner of each crate for extra strength. The fruits and veggies will ripen nicely, and they’ll look beautiful too.I slapped a couple of coats of white enamel paint on the frame and hung it around our toilet paper holder. This puts hangers at your fingertips so you can hang up shirts and slacks fresh from the dryer. They keep damp hand towels and washcloths off the counter so they can dry out of the way.

We made labels for each pocket and put every item in its new home. Just measure the height of your tallest spices, measure down from your shelf, drill holes and mount your spice shelf on shelf supports. I cut a plastic storage tub in half with a utility knife and screwed it to the inside of the cabinet door through the plastic lip at the top of the tub. Consider adding a shelf or cubby over the doorways in your home office, laundry room and bedrooms too. The crates hold a lot of supplies, and they keep tippy things like my iron from falling over. But you’ll free up valuable counter space if you put your fruit in a basket on the end of an upper cabinet near your kitchen sink. Wire baskets work well because they allow light and air to circulate for even ripening. She bought a deep “shadow box” picture frame at a craft store and asked me to make a bathroom shelf. It gives us two convenient shelves for small items in our very small bathroom.

Our solution was to use a clear vinyl over-the-door shoe organizer.Now we can find everything we need without getting frustrated. They get easily lost in your cabinets, so you end up buying duplicates when you can’t find what you need. Pick up a bag of adjustable shelf supports and a 1×4 board at a home center. You’ll put an end to buying three tins of poultry seasoning and more bay leaves than you’ll use in a lifetime.

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To create a cohesive look on your bar cart or home bar, find a bar tool set that holds each tool in a stylish container. Crushing the ingredients releases extra flavor to be added to drinks and bar concoctions. Cover the top, shake for several seconds and pour through a strainer for an instantly chilled beverage. Coasters: a small mat or tray on which sweating drink glasses are placed to protect the bar or tabletop. From bold decor pops to delicious upholstery hues, find out how to bring it home. Enjoy aged dark liquors, such as whiskey and scotch, with large ice from ice cube trays. Jiggers: a small measuring device used to portion and pour liquor for mixed drinks. The pourer reduces drips and spilling while helping you better measure your pour and giving your home bar a professional flair.

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Granite tops were chosen, with stainless steel appliances and a bamboo floor. The kitchen includes the corbels, raised panels, turned legs and stacked crown molding they love, and the creamy paint brightened the space. The cooktop is on the island, with a pop-up downdraft eliminating the hood. The maple cabinets were extended to the ceiling and topped with double contrasting molding. The island in the foreground contains a farmhouse prep sink and space for casual family dining.

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The far wall features a new brick fireplace flanked by matching mullion glass built-in china cabinets with broken pediment tops, and a second farmhouse sink. By moving the range to vent to the outside, a double-sided island cabinet with a prep sink was added. The table was replaced with a custom island, topped with granite to match the countertops. The extra-wide food prep area includes a gas cooktop with a downdraft and room for two to dine in. The aisles were narrow, and guests seated at the too-wide island bumped the hutch with their chairs. A lower table was added to the island, giving the petite homeowner a comfortable height to work. They were adding a sliding exterior door in the dining room, so were willing to give up the door to the kitchen. The sink was relocated to take advantage of the views, and the overhanging shelf makes space for casual dining for three. Glass display cabinets and a new, lighter hardwood floor completed the transformation. There were not enough cabinets, and the doorway to the left led to a little-used mud room. The cabinets are cherry in a golden finish, topped with stacked molding in a soft green. Now the multiple family cooks have room to work, and the dishes needed for large-scale entertaining are more accessible. She wanted a second oven, the range moved from the island, and more countertop space. The frameless maple cabinets now extend to the ceiling, and are trimmed in black to match the appliances, the pulls and the granite countertops. A bold blue tile was an artistic choice, and the room now matches the modern décor in the rest of the home. The double wall ovens were across the room, with no place nearby to set down a hot casserole. The traditional white cabinets were extended to the ceiling and topped with deep crown molding. The kitchen stove was in a corner near the family room and the wife requested a pass-thru to the family room and more cookbook storage. The island was expanded into the eat-in area and with enough seating for both guests and family dining. The refrigerator and freezer are hidden in the cabinets to the left. Raised panel doors and beadboard trim add to the colonial ambiance. The new stainless steel canopy hood opens the space and allows the decorative tile backsplash to serve as a focal point. Restful neutrals were chosen for the backsplash, and a comfy heated floor was installed beneath the tiles. They were ready to remove the wall to an adjoining room to make more space. The sink wall (background) has the dishwasher, granite countertops and backsplash that meets the wall cabinets. The island was narrowed, and the cabinets behind it were recessed to keep the aisles clear.

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Stack the storage unit high with dishware, spices, and cookbooks to free up cabinet space. Rest the inexpensive organizers on their backs for quick grab-and-go access. Install hooks under the bottom shelf for hanging coffee mugs, utensils, or hand towels. They’re good for storing dry cereals, pet foods, and snacks, too. Use spray adhesive to apply the inexpensive sheets of corkboard. Group individually wrapped snacks and breakfast essentials out of their boxes and in the bins to make mornings a breeze. This approach maximizes the height and bare wall space and adds a modern look. By adding a simple storage solution to the end of the cabinet, the kitchen makes a personal style statement and adds function for everyday baking. Add cottage style to any table setting and make serving a snap!

The lower rack is perfect for holding bottles of supplies, while the upper rack keeps sponges and scrubbers at the forefront. These affordable storage solutions let you keep your cash while making your own kitchen storage-rich.

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Locate one near your kitchen to store all your cooking odds and ends. Prepare your workstation by arranging ingredients in the created space underneath, and set dishes and utensils on top. Even apothecary jars with long lost or broken lids can be used to store a countertop collection of rolling pins on end. Store recipes, chore lists, and coupon clippings on the boards while keeping the surface of your cabinetry clutter-free. Keep the holder near food prep and cooking zones, then transfer it to the table during meals. This customizable solution works for pots and pans, as well as spatulas and big spoons. Get smart and make use of the backside of cabinet doors, as well as the insides for storage. Screw-in cup hooks are ideal for holding keys; use removable adhesive-back hooks for other items so you can change the arrangement and number of hooks when needed. Stack baskets in a countertop corner to store linens, dishware, or even stacks of coupons and household papers. Add intersecting 1x boards, as shown, to one or more shelf sections to create attractive, angular storage that works well for displaying and storing everything from wine to rolled cloth napkins.

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Master retreat features 2 entrys, lockable mirror wall jewelry cabinet and large walk-in closet with additional storage. Peninsula offers granite counter top , and extra storage. The upstairs has beautiful hardwood flooring, two large guest bedrooms with great storage and a shared full bath. Features include hardwood flooring, living room fireplace, dining area, main floor powder room and open galley kitchen with gas stove and tile countertops. Has walk-in shower with glass doors, granite counter top vanity has storage below. Custom entry door , covered sitting porch, bay windows, stone exterior and walk-way. No step up, gradual slope covered in slate pavers with front porch closet and dual door entry . Expansive living room with a combination of recessed lighting and spotlight lighting, built-in bookcases & cabinets, slate façade fireplace and rich crown molding. Glass front and white kitchen cabinets with tiled backsplash and marble slap countertops.Counter height free standing island with pendant lights , built-in pantry with sliding drawers. This home has over 700sqft of outdoor living deck space !

Living room door opens out to an extra large private patio that has a storage closet. Master bedroom has a double wardrobe closet , recessed lighting and an added full 2nd bathroom. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet, bay window and ceiling fan . Rear master has extra large bathroom with jacuzzi tub , dual sinks and separate shower. Beautiful open beam, high beam ceilings throughout with a natural white wash beach feeling.Side patio with skylight , and front patio with walk-in storage. This lovely home also has a formal dining room it laminate floors and a beautiful leaded glass entry door . The tidy, unassuming facade does not fully reveal the splendor waiting for you behind either the front door, or patio door which leads to small sitting area and giant outdoor storage room . The kitchen and dining area open onto a spacious back patio perfect for outdoor entertaining . Sizable living room has a wonderful leaded glass entry door . Large living room with a pony wall dividing the dining area and living room. Gourmet kitchen, stainless steel appliances, hardwood cabinets with service buffet and breakfast bar , solid surface countertops. Be sure to notice the large bay window in the living room and another wall of windows making this room very light and bright. Front master includes open balcony with peek a boo view of the ocean. Bath with cut-down shower, high-boy toilet and top mount sink . This home features a spacious corner living room with 2 bay windows, recessed lighting and a combination of carpeting and laminate flooring.

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Each of our bookcases is built to last, and you are sure to find just the right bookcase to match not only your storage needs, but your personal style as well. Place a large bookshelf flush against the wall as a display piece, or place the side against the wall and allow the bookcase to visually divide up an open space to create two smaller spaces. Bookcases are perfect for keeping all of your knick-knacks and other decorations beautifully displayed in your home. So decorate your space with modern, traditional, or even industrial touches with any one of these functional yet stylish bookcases.

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