These materials are comprised of a blend of approximately 93% quartz and 7% polyester resin that are pressed into slabs using a “vibrocompression vacuum process”. There are several benefits to choosing a quartz material for your countertops. It is a very dense material which makes it impact and scratch resistant. Most manufacturers carry a ten year warranty on the material.

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If your countertops are larger than manufactured slabs, you may have one or more seams. Quartz materials are heat resistant, however high heat appliances can burn the material. These finishes are higher maintenance in that they tend to show fingerprints, hard water spotting and some staining. They offer a wide range of colors and patterns and are non-porous, which means they are safe for the food service and health care industries. Generally speaking, quartz is very difficult, if not impossible to repair. If cracks do occur from abuse or high heat exposure, it can be very difficult to repair the damage so as not to be noticeable.

We are not here to sell you anything or push you to a particular fabricator.

First of all, they are non porous, which means the material will not harbor bacteria and is stain resistant. Quartz materials come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, some of which look like natural granite, marble, limestone and concrete. This is a very difficult material to repair if damaged, particularly if the finish is affected. Quartz countertops are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications. They are also resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, which make them ideal for laboratory areas. In particular, if the shine on the surface of the material is dulled from heat or chemical burns, the original shine can not be restored. This site acts as both a tool for consumers and a resource for other fabricators to keep up on the latest materials. Our only goal is to make your countertop purchase the best it can be.

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But these are actually two separate materials with some very key distinctions. Quartzite, by comparison, is a metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone.

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Do you have quartz or quartzite countertops in your kitchen? It combines that toughness with the variegated patterning of marble, which makes for an alluring combination. Because it’s non-porous, quartz does’t have to be sealed, making it much easier to maintain.

As for price, quartz and quartzite are in the same higher-end category of countertop materials. Given the material’s growing popularity, that would be a pretty lucky find.

You might also be seeing more references to quartzite, which sounds a lot like quartz and can look similar. Quartz used to be known as engineered stone, because it’s just that—a synthetic material that’s made in a factory out of stone chips, resins, and pigments. It’s extracted from a quarry and formed into finished slabs that become kitchen countertops, as well as tiles for floors, walls, and backsplashes. The tradeoff is that, next to natural stone, with its unique spread of color and sparkle, quartz’s more uniform patterns can be a give away. But as with most natural stones, you might be able to find a scrap of quartzite at the local stone yard for a reduced price.

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We have all heard about granite and how gorgeous and durable it is.

A metamorphic rock is one that has been altered by pressure deep within the earths crust. Granite, on the other hand, is an igneous rock, which means that it has crystallized and solidified from molten lava. For some people, it’s the only surface that they would ever consider due to its incredible beauty and strength.

This could be considered as a bullet proof type of worktop that can withstand more wear and tear than most other options. This is happening because they can both share the traditional look of marble but only only one can hold up to damage from acid and other common kitchen hazards. Every day someone buys a slab that they are told can’t be etched only to find out after it’s too late they were duped. You can quickly test the slab by scratching your glass tile against the corner. It’s more common, the price is usually lower and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Then you’ll definitely want to take a hard look at it because no other natural stone even comes close. If you’re looking for a beautiful alternative to granite than check out this comparison of granite to quartz.

Coffee left a faint discoloration on the leathered, left on about 30 mins, but not the polished. Would love some feedback as this decision has proven very difficult. Don’t know what you have, but seal it yourself a few times over a few weeks. Not saying you bought lower product, but counter tops are fairly permanent. Anyone have any idea of a product that will help remove these small dots?

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You can see runs of quartz in some marble and granite products.

If they aren’t in your area look for someone like them that distributes to the dealers. Again, dealers and fabricators change names to prevent price shopping. We were looking at a sueded quartz and a leathered quartzite and he was very clear that we would not be happy in time so now we’ll go with a full polish and make sealing it a quarterly job. I called and was assured by the national distributor that this is a true quartzite- it’s pretty solid in color.

There is a lot of counter surface in my kitchen and it’s a very open floor plan. It was pretty easy to test the edge of the slab by scratching the tile against the exposed edge. I think they just want to get quartzite prices for marble and are preying on the uninformed public. Maybe it’s not for you given all the stress surrounding the purchase. I planned on doing my countertops with a honed finish as that has been recommend in helping with it. Since the seller of these slabs won’t tell you, does anyone know? It is a simple process in fact it’s like wiping your counter’s off when you clean your kitchen. Resin has nothing to do with the etching, it’s that you don’t have quartzite. Also it does have some apparently ‘stains’ from the manufacturing process. Ours is mostly gray and white, looking very much like cracked ice on a pond.

I will say that there are now a few nick’s at the surface where previously there were crystals that have just come out of the counter top. Immense heat and pressure do a lot more with rocks and minerals than man can do with a furnace, hammer, and anvil. You should be sealing any natural stone countertop yearly no matter what.

You may have also heard reports about quartz counters (quartzite and quartz are often confused) and how well they compare to granite countertops. It’s the latest hot kitchen work surface you may want to consider. It’s simply a metamorphic rock that has been formed from sandstone. Marble, for instance, is also a rock of this type but it has been formed from limestone.

In its’ purest form it’s white like marble, but can have impurities in it that lead to some incredible patterns and colors.

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The problem is that a lot of people are finding that their countertops are etching when they shouldn’t be. A lot of marble slabs are being mislabeled as quartzite at stone yards.

Quartzite stone countertops can be an incredible addition to your home, but only if they are labeled properly.

True quarzite can be hard to find so you’ll need to test some samples with acidic liquids to make sure that what you’re considering is actually what you’re expecting, no matter how convincing the salesperson seems to be. If it’s quartzite it will scratch the glass a very noticeable amount. Unless you are absolutely in love with the look of quartzite, most of us are probably better off purchasing granite. If you’re convinced that quartzite is the right work surface for your kitchen then check out our buyers guide to get the lowest price. Some people have decided that they don’t need to seal their stone but they are simply gambling. I have a sample of the leathered and polished from a local yard and have run tests on both. I would love to see an actual slab “in person,” not a photo… stone varies so much. If you have narrow areas behind the sink or cooktop, the product is usually delivered glued on a plywood backing. My husband got some bacon grease in the countertop and it left a mark and it also is leaving water spots although they do dry out after some time. Many granite yards change the name of products so that you cannot “shop”.

I have tried numerous sealers to get this little white dots off and even tried buffing the area but nothing works. One explanation we got is that the stone is actually porous and the sealer that is applied to the surface does not actually seal the cut edges. Just tell them you want to take it home to experiment with color options. Some won’t talk to you without proper credentials — they are not retailers, but they will answer questions if you call and can direct you to the dealers in your area.

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Be careful and make sure you are getting what you want….quartzite and not a granite. I am looking around the internet and cannot find a definitive answer. I wanted a marble look-alike but not the etching and softness of marble. If your stone etches, or scratches, or gets divots then it’s likely marble. Super white is classified as a quartzite but we know better having dealt with it as fabricator’s. Does anybody out there have this for there kitchen and how do you like it?

As a fabricator we have problems explaining to customer’s that it isn’t because suppliers will sell it as one. Charlie natural stone specialist which ever it is that you decide to put in your home.

We couldn’t be any happier with our huge investment. If it has to be sealed again you will know if the water isn’t beading up on top and leaving water ring’s. Do a glass test, your glass will scratch easily, not slide over it. Problem is that some sales people don’t really know and it’s easy to be confused. I now have granite for 15 years but loved the color combination of quartzite. If this is the case, you want to go with a top that’s less influenced by the elements. Its beauty and durability vary from the minor amounts of impurities being incorporated with the quartz during metamorphism millions of years ago.

How stone is created is important to understand, because the composition affects it’s hardness and density.

The hardness of a stone is relative to the stone’s density. It’s rathet difficult to find a specimen comparable to the purity of earlier samples pulled from that particular quarry let alone one period. Check with your local stone supplier to see what they have for sealants.

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We’ll also look at whether or not a quartz countertop is right for your home.

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Be aware that your warrantly is no longer valid if you go down this route. It is much easier to hide the seam to a certain extent if you choose a solid color countertop. These stones offer a virtually no-maintenance material solution for countertops. This may not be as high as you expected as quartz is a stone, but remember that 10% of man made materials – that lowers the heat resistance slightly so it’s best to use heat maps for anything really hot, but you’ll be fine with a cup coffee placed directly onto the surface. Quartz countertops won’t chip or break as easily as stone or marble because of the 10% resin / polymer component. One friend makes pastry and the fact that quartz is a stone (and it would be the same for granite as well) means that provided the air temperature isn’t too hot, the temperature of the quartz is nice and cool for rolling out pastry.

We’ll finish off this quartz countertop review by going over some questions you can ask yourself before deciding whether or not this countertop is right for your home. It’s durable (stain, scratch and reasonable heat resistance) and with minimal maintenance. You’ll need to be living in your home for 10 years or more to get your investment back.

The appearance depends on how the quartz is ground: coarsely ground quartz produces a flecked appearance, while finely ground quartz produces a smooth solid color look. You may be tempted to get your quartz countertop honed or leathered to achieve a slightly different look. To clean your countertop, rinse it with warm water and a mild detergent, and it will be as good as new.

It does depend on the complexity of texture of the countertop. Quartz countertops are non-porus so they resist stains and don’t harbour gems and bacteria. Quartz countertops can be manufactured to your custom measurements. Exposure to direct sunlight can cuase warping, cracking and fading over a long period of time. I think the main appeal is that you can get the look of marble without the maintenance challenges.

Apart from budget the other financial consideration is recouping your investment.

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This countertop guide explores quartzite and quartz countertops and the different strengths and weaknesses they present. It is created when sandstone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure caused by tectonic plate compression in the crust of the earth. The tops are polished and sealed for beauty and durability. Regardless of the color, the quartzite will have streaking caused by varying degrees of pressure in its formation and the random presence of iron oxide or other minerals. The way the countertop material is formulated gives it the appearance of natural stone such as granite or marble. If you’d like a more diverse selection of colors and patterns to consider, you’ll find it in quartz. Both countertop materials can be scratched by sharp objects, and a cutting board should be used. Ease of maintenance is the main advantage quartz countertops have over quartzite. That is because quartz can be poured into a mould to produce virtually any shape.

The more complex the job, the more the cost of quartzite will exceed that of quartz per square foot.

They offer differences in looks, durability, care and price that you should know about before making your selection. The stone is mined and sawn into slabs which are later precisely cut to become countertops.

Quartz countertops are often called engineered countertops because they are fabricated from natural silicon dioxide and synthetic materials. It is blended with a binder and pigment and formed into countertops. Yellow, blue, green and orange quartzite results from the presence of other minerals. The bottom line in appearance is that if you want natural stone, quartzite is your choice. Where quartz has an advantage over quartzite is that it is less prone to denting and chipping because it is more flexible. Abrasive cleaners should not be used on quartz, and they really aren’t needed.

It must be sealed before use and re-sealed one or two times per year. This is a weakness shared by all natural stone including granite and marble.

Quartzite must be cut with diamond blades in a process that takes time and skill. As with most countertop installations, it is a great idea to find a reputable contractor to do the work. Despite slight differences, both are very durable and deserve consideration as you plan your bathroom or kitchen renovation project.

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I also want to help some of you out who are in the process of picking out countertops. We originally wanted carrera marble & no one was going to talk me out of it. It’s made from little bits of quartz & resin to create a countertop that looks like stone. A quartz countertop that was way more durable & less maintenance than marble, that looked like marble. Quartz actually starts out cheaper than marble & granite which is pretty awesome too. Also, since we had such a small space we were not really concerned with cost as much. Really shop around until you find one that fits your budget.

We will be finishing our kitchen soon with some new hardware finally & a few other details which will be fun. Oh my goodness you guys this post has been a long time coming! I really love about your style is that you use a realistic combo of inexpensive and expensive stuff. I consider myself an avid cook and have a toddler but have had no issues. I am looking to get them for my kitchen and would love to hear from you since you have had them for some months now.

It can be so confusing with all of the options out there, so here we go! It’s the most durable & low maintenance of the counter tops, but would they have one that looked like marble? The one thing about quartz is it is a little more pricey than let’s say a laminate, but only depending on what style you get. The most durable low maintenance “stone looking” counter could be less than granite or marble. For the edges of the counter we chose an eased edge with a rounded corner. I hope this quartz countertop review was informative & that you maybe learned something new & it was helpful.

Our kitchen may be little, but it sure does have a lot of character.

You know where to cut corners but also what’s worth investing it! I think you might have been misinformed about marble because it’s honestly not high maintenance. The key is to get it honed and to work with a knowledgeable fabricator who seals it properly. Kitchen images are really beautiful, perfectly matching to the the space.

The update will add functionality to the dual-cameras and allowx clever depth of field effects.

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It has earned this position due to its versatility and flexibility in transforming spaces. While there are many natural stone varieties, that are gray in color, they often lack consistency, which can make it hard to get the look you’re after. That’s why gray quartz countertops have seen a big surge in popularity. This quiet, coordinating style means that the room has depth, but not enough to create chaos.

The tiles are all varying shades of gray, with warm and cool tones mixed together along with lights and darks. The solid gray countertop not only picks up the color, it also provides a calm area where a more busy countertop would clash. It perfectly complements the deep blue color of the island (a hot trend) and adds the movement and interest that a central focus like this needs to come to life. The island in this kitchen has a subtle, green/gray color, so it needs a countertop that can play with that and create cohesive style. The color is distinctly gray, but paired with the island, it takes on a green hue that adds depth to the kitchen. Sometimes known as “greige” this is a popular color for homeowners that want something warmer than true gray. Waterfall countertops are stylish, interesting, and slightly unusual.

Natural stone also requires sealing and frequent maintenance to keep it looking its best. Quartz is uniform, durable, and low maintenance as well as beautiful. So, while a gray countertop certainly fits the theme, it’s deep hue and smooth finish provide the balance needed to anchor the space. It’s a rich, deep color that picks up the darkest colors in the fieldstone, but has no veining or secondary colors, which might become too busy in the already multi-textural space.

In this case, the countertop and the cabinets are analogous shades of gray, meaning that they sit just beside one another in a gray scale. The use of various shades add richness to the room, without the need for detail or pattern. The rest of the space uses these same colors, with the countertop picking up the lightest shade of gray. The different tones work together with the one unifying element of the floor.

This light-colored countertop is a blend of gray and white flecks in a playful pattern on the surface. The medium gray quartz countertop adds the perfect touch to the room. It creates a quiet oasis in the middle of the room and a resting place for the eye. Gray can be warm or cool, or it can trend toward brown, blue, or green while still remaining neutral. On the far wall of the adjoining room is a rich gray/green color that is also a little warmer than a true gray. But the real appeal of these quartz countertops isn’t just in their color, it’s in their ability to form a waterfall side or edge on the counters in the room.

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While all three surfaces can perfectly complement your kitchen aesthetic, the right kitchen countertop for your home needs to be as practical as it is visually appealing. Ross want to help you decide which countertop is perfect for the unique demands of your household. Some counters become the landing strip for shopping bags while others are converted into an after-school homework and project space. Whether you prepare simple meals or fancy yourself to be a master chef, the amount of pressure, liquid and heat your countertops are exposed to can potentially damage surfaces that are not durable enough to take on your culinary ambitions. Though many surface materials do not require heavy maintenance, proper and consistent cleaning is necessary to keep your countertop sparkling. Ross only provides you with beautiful countertop materials that offer high performance at a price that caters to any budget. These benefits blend form and fashion, making granite a choice few homeowners regret. Ross carries beautiful granite slabs sourced from locations around the world, providing customers with a high-quality countertop.

As long as you make a habit of removing and drying all liquids that come in contact with the countertop as quickly as possible, it will retain its beauty for years. Busy families or on-the-go professionals can rest assured that a simple wash and dry of the surface is suitable enough to maintain a presentable space.

A granite surface is perfect for those who fill their countertops daily. Compared to other remodeling additions, granite countertops in your kitchen are often seen as an investment that will meet your current needs while appealing to future buyers. More timeless than trendy, it’s clear that granite will continue to be a popular choice among homeowners. It can also be argued that quartz is replacing granite as the new standard for kitchen countertops. You can choose to incorporate specific hues into the quartz surface. This handy list of dos-and-don’ts will help you provide the best care for your countertop. With a small amount of discipline and a little effort, keeping a quartz surface in spectacular condition is painless.

History shows that quartz helped pave the way for modern civilization. If you maintain proper care of the surface, you’ll discover that a scratch-resistant quartz countertop has a naturally enduring lifespan. Before you choose a standard kitchen countertop, discover the many benefits this amazing option offers.

Corian is perfect for homeowners who want to maximize their budget. Visit our showroom today and allow one of our courteous employees to help you find the countertop that will transform your kitchen into the space of your dreams.

Their differences in appearance, durability, cost and required maintenance offer you the opportunity to choose an attractive countertop that meets the unique needs of your lifestyle and budget. Ross is here to help you determine which high-quality custom countertop is best for your kitchen. First, consider the average amount of use your kitchen countertop sees on a day-to-day basis. Before choosing a surface, you’ll need to consider the way your family will use the space and determine how much wear and tear your countertop will need to handle. Next, think about what elements may come in contact with the surface while you’re cooking. From spills to stains and everything in between, it’s inevitable that your kitchen countertops will see their share of messes. If you think your countertop will rarely be spotless, consider a surface that can naturally withstand dirt and grime. Finally, determine a responsible budget that will meet your unique needs. No one wants to spend a fortune on their kitchen countertops, however, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

From its natural appearance to its durability, a granite slab offers impressive features that are exclusive to stone surfaces. Whether you’d like a honed, antique texture or mirrored finish, we can work the material into a finished product that shines. In fact, caring for your granite countertop is surprisingly simple. Ross recommend mixing a mild detergent with warm water and washing the surface with a soft cloth. Granite countertops are ideal for homeowners who don’t always have time to commit to a thorough cleaning routine. When cooking mishaps and other kitchen accidents occur, you’ll appreciate the reliable durability that granite offers. Acting as a shelf, a table and a prep space for meals, a high-performance granite countertop can adapt to any situation. Since granite typically has a higher resale value than quartz and other solid surfaces, it can also deliver a great return on investment should you choose to one day sell your home. This dependable stone is also used in a variety of construction, structural and decorative settings. The characteristic beauty and natural durability of each unique slab create a practical surface that will endure years of heavy use.

Ross provide you with high-quality granite that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Boasting a number of advantages, it’s no wonder why 94% of professionals believe quartz is the preferred choice for kitchen countertops. Since quartz is manufactured differently, it offers a wider variety of customization options. Ross can walk you through the unique features quartz has compared to its natural and synthetic counterparts. The finished product is an elegant surface that beautifully blends function and fashion. With quartz, you can match your countertop to the desired color scheme for your kitchen. This is perfect for homeowners that want to match their countertops to cabinetry or wall paints that aren’t quite a match with granite. Regular cleaning with soap and warm water will increase the lifespan of the surface. Installing a quartz countertop is an excellent decision for families who can stick to a consistent cleaning routine. This trusted material is resilient enough to handle the heavy use of any household.

Because of its non-porous surface, it resists bacteria growth and prevents staining. Ross use the latest fabrication techniques to produce custom quartz countertops that are geared toward your budget. Quartz is without a doubt a worthy contender when considered as a countertop material. Though it does require more than the occasional wipe down, the attention needed is a worthy tradeoff to properly preserve this valuable investment. Thankfully, damage is preventable and the scrapes or scuffs it may experience can be fixed. Our experience and expertise has made us a trusted resource for households of all varieties.

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Quartz countertops are a combination of natural quartz, normally in the form of chips or dusts, and resin, completed with pigments to achieve a variety of attractive colors. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is created when sandstone rich in quartz is placed under intense heat and pressure. Aesthetically speaking, both materials produce a striking, polished look for your countertops.

As it is a natural stone, each piece will be completely unique with slightly different shades, patterns, and veinings. However, this also allows quartz to be made in a wide range of colors as pigments can be added to it during production. Quartzite, on the other hand, is less prone to scratching and can also withstand heat slightly better than quartz.

Sounds almost the same, but is it the same material and should you use it for your kitchen countertops? The main difference between the two countertop materials is that quartz countertops are man-made or engineered, while quartzite is a complete slab of natural stone. This process occurs naturally and the quartzite can then be mined for use. So, you can see that the two stones are pretty different in the way that they’re made, but what are they like as countertop materials? Both quartz and quartzite are extremely durable, making them ideal materials for your kitchen countertops.

Man-made quartz does not need sealing because of the way it is made. When it comes to costs, quartzite is generally slightly more expensive than quartz because it needs to be cut into slabs to meet the specifications of each countertop.

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Maybe because of the fact that “it looks like marble but wears like granite” it often falls into one of these two stone categories. Sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure usually related to tectonic compression within orogenic belts.

However, the impurities give this stone some amazing patterns and swirls. If you hear that someone’s quartzite countertop etches, be assured that this countertop is not purely and 100% quartzite. You can also always opt for professional service but this is a more expensive option. Make sure to wipe spills as soon as possible and use trivets for hot pots and pans. Basically, do all the things you would normally do with any other kitchen countertop material – granite, marble or quartz. We are a professional fabricator and cut, edge and fabricate the countertop in house at our facility.

A stone that looks that close to marble but behaves like a much, much harder granite simply sound like a dream and must raise suspicion. Gathering all the facts will help the decision-making process. Its surface durability may even be increased if it’s finished to increase antibacterial, scratch, heat, and stain resistant characteristics. Here, they combined it with glass tile backsplash, under cabinet lights and outlets. The cooking space is flooded with ethereal light and beautiful breezes. Thanks to it, this elegant white kitchen has that wow factor we all desire to see.

Quartzite has a more uniform look while granite has more movement and you can choose from many color and pattern options. Each slab is different and it can be more white or more gray, with less or more veining and hues of grays. On the other hand, quartz is more flexible, but can be scratched by sharp objects as well as quartzite. Why go with marble when you can have both the marble looks and better durability at the same time?

Always ask your fabricator about the softness and the purity of the quartzite you’re considering. You will need a professional installation carried out by a licensed contractor. Don’t miss this chance to examine the stone hardness and durability yourself. Before you decide on purchasing this natural white stone, gather all the facts, learn quartzite countertops pros and cons and then bring a well-informed decision.

It is metamorphic just like marble but is much harder than marble. White quartzite stone is a hard, non-foliated metamorphic rock which was originally pure quartz sandstone. Pure quartzite is usually white to gray, though quartzites often occur in various shades of pink and red due to varying amounts of iron oxide. This actually means that it’s harder than glass and can actually cut it. It possesses small to intense veins in light, medium, or dark colors. Quartzite stone countertop is an amazing choice for a kitchen countertop only in its pure form. You should take care to seal it periodically, ideally once a year using home application products.

It is hard, resistant to heat and scratches, and water absorption. The sealer should be re-applied periodically after that, approximately once per year. This gorgeous, light-colored stone has everything that any modern kitchen needs. Quartzite is a natural stone and generally comes in white and gray color. Quartz is a man-made product and comes in a much wider range of colors. The minimum of maintenance is a must for both kitchen countertops. The important fact you should have in mind is that different fabricators have different names for quartzite varieties.

Quartzite is a very heavy stone and you won’t be able to do this by yourself.

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This material is relatively new for countertop use, but due to its durability and alluring features, it is quickly becoming very popular.

It is a fantastic option to mimic the appearance of marble, but with increased durability, which is better suited for high traffic areas that are busier and would experience more wear and tear.

Thеrе are kitchen соuntеrtор орtiоnѕ fоr every ѕtуlе аnd every budget. We offer a vast selection of over 2, 000 colors of stone will allow your imagination to run wild as you plan your home improvement.

Compared to granites thеѕе stones hаvе vеrу fеwеr color vаriаtiоnѕ such as whitе аnd grау, with blасk аnd brоwn tingеѕ. Quartzite соuntеrtорѕ аrе a great сhоiсе if уоu аrе planning tо rеnоvаtе your kitсhеn! Anу оf our mаtеriаl сhоiсеѕ for уоur new оr rеmоdеlеd kitchen will give сhаrасtеr аnd bеаutу tо your hardest-working kitсhеn ѕurfасе. We are open to public, come see us today for the best deals around.

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Quartzite forms when a quartz-rich sandstone is exposed to intense heat and pressure during the shift of the tectonic plates. Quartzite with no impurities is pure white and even stronger, although it is rare and thus more expensive. As a highly knowledgeable and experienced specialist in quartzite countertops, our team is dedicated to helping you determine whether this material is indeed right for your distinct kitchen or bathroom. Homeowners seeking a virtually indestructible countertop material will find that quartzite is harder than glass. As a result, all but a pure white material will require a daily cleaning with mild soap and an annual sealant to help protect it for years to come.

Through a process called metamorphism, the sand grains and silica in the sandstone are recrystallized, forming an incredibly strong natural stone with rich colors and eye-catching patterns.

With proper care and maintenance, a quartzite countertop can withstand anything that befalls your kitchen! Whether you would prefer to call (302) 335-1199 or complete our online free estimate form, one of our quartzite specialists will gladly answer your questions and/or schedule your visit to our showroom.

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Offering infinite possibilities, recycled glass countertops feature a mosaic of glass pieces from many sources and of various shapes, sizes, and colors set in a resin or cement-based material to create a custom look. Recycled glass countertops are made by combing crushed glass chips into a binding resin or cement-based matrix. The glass is obtained from a variety of sources including industrial by-products and post-consumer recycling programs for things like wine and beer bottles, windshields, stained glass windows. The exact ratio of glass to binder varies by manufacturer but in general, the mix is around 80% glass to 20% binder. Most are made with chips of glass arranged terrazzo-style in a binder, but recycled glass can also be used to make solid glass surfaces. So, you don’t have all the scattered chips of glass in a matrix with this type. This style is less common with a completely different look than the terrazzo style. Terrazzo style can be grouped into two categories based on the kind of binders (cement or resin) used to form the countertops.

Cement-based recycled glass countertops are porous and require periodic application of a sealer to guard against stains and protect from acidic substances that may etch the surface like vinegar, coffee, wine, or fruit juice. Pigments in any ratio can be added during manufacturing to mix any color imaginable just like creating a paint color.

Using soap is fine, but will result in a dull film with repeated use. Sourcing recycled glass to use in your remodeling project may be harder than if you were opting for a more commonly used countertop material but most people find that in the end, the extra effort was well worth it. Food stains are possible from foods and drinks on cement-based surfaces creating dark spots where the substance has absorbed into the countertop. Heat-resistance for short periods is decent however, it’s wise to take note that leaving hot pans on recycled glass can permanently scorch the surface. Do not use a window or glass cleaner as most contain ammonia which can etch and dull the surface. Although glass does not absorb stains, the concrete matrix is porous. Yes, prices are on the high-end compared to other countertop materials. On average, quartz countertops will be cheaper or at least you have many options to purchase quartz at a cheaper price.

Adequately resistant to scratches, stains, and heat damage, but it is not as hard or durable as granite. Acids can etch (corrode) the surface of recycled glass like marble. Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock made up primarily of feldspar, mica, and quartz. No two slabs look exactly the same with thousands of colors and patterns. Highly resistant to scratches and heat, although sealing is often needed to protect against staining. Non-porous and does not stain in the traditional sense, but certain chemicals can discolor the resin. Quartz is highly-resistant to scratches and is not etched by acids. Patterns are speckled or with soft mottling that can resemble natural stone. Although marble can stain, it is actually a dense material and stains are not as common as on granite. Acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, and vinegar will etch marble the same as recycled glass.

For now, you’ll likely need to purchase directly from the manufacturer, although some do use local distributors. Though recycled glass is extremely durable and strong once in place, if it is dropped during installation it can crack or chip. The slabs can be difficult and delicate to handle and mistakes may be expensive or impossible to remedy. A successful recycled glass countertop installation requires special materials, tools, fabrication, and installation techniques. Recycled glass surfaces are reasonably durable and strong, but not indestructible and not the most carefree kitchen countertop with particular maintenance requirements to prevent stains and other damage.

Like all other types of kitchen countertops there are pros and cons, costs, and maintenance to consider before deciding if recycled glass is the right fit for your project.

And some are 100% recycled glass where other companies use a percentage of new glass along with the recycled glass. He combined recycled glass within a cement binder to come up with a sustainable and refined countertop. Homogenous glass surfaces can be of various colors, with custom textures and patterns created in the glass or backlights added to make them glow. The type of binding matrix used varies by brand with each having certain advantages and drawbacks. The resulting surface shares all the same general performance properties of concrete countertops.

Also, many common cleaners can etch and cement is more prone to scratches than granite or resin surfaces for instance. Check out the good and the bad below and later on we’ll compare recycled crushed glass counters to other popular surfaces. Some manufacturers allow you to choose the makeup of the glass chips to be used for the countertop. The diffusion of light by the glass also help create a unique look that you simply will not get from any other materials. Some may need resealing once every few years, depending on the type or brand of the countertop. They will last half a century or more though, so it should be a one-time only investment. Resin-based surfaces do not require sealing and are very resistant to food stains, but certain cleaners and chemicals will caused bleached-out discoloration. However, several companies manufacture recycled glass surfaces and will help you through the process of purchasing and installation. This countertop material is extremely durable but not indestructible. Acids can etch the cement-based surfaces leaving dull or chalky spots from corrosion.

Bleached-out stains can happen from the use of certain cleaners (like oven cleaners, solvents, bleach, and others) that will permanently discolor resin-based countertops. Scratches are fairly rare, but can occur and dropping heavy cans or other objects can cause chips and cracks. It won’t harm the glass, of course, but the binder can be damaged.

This will lessen the chance that the countertop will be damaged by acidic foods and drinks. It helps prevent stains from getting into the surface of your countertop. This price range is on a par with mid to high-end granites, quartz, soapstone, and similar materials. The same can be said when comparing recycled glass countertop prices to quartz. Each has strengths and weaknesses which may make one surface more or less appealing for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

The glass is crushed, melted, re-colored and fused together again with a resin or cement matrix to form a solid countertop. Cement-based recycled glass countertop products require sealing on a semi-regular basis to prevent staining (like granite and marble).

Both resin and cement-based counters can be discolored by some cleaners and chemicals (which is also true of quartz countertops). It can chip or glass pieces may come loose (granite and quartz can pit too). Patterns are limited to terrazzo-style but with customizable variations in size, color, and the mix of glass pieces which is a unique advantage of this surface. Variation can range from mild to extreme with natural pits, fissures, and marks occasionally present in the stone as well. Quartz countertops are manufactured in the same basic manner combining crushed quartz and a resin. Possible colors are similar to glass but with a greater choice of patterns. Recycled glass can both stain (cement-based) and be discolored by chemicals (resin and cement). Quartz can take heat for a short period but damage can occur with prolonged exposure much the same as recycled glass countertops. Overall the look is more sedate than that of recycled glass countertops. Some cleaners and chemicals can discolor the surface like with quartz and recycled glass.

Marble takes heat well and generally will not be damaged by hot pans. Recycled glass is possibly a bit more scratch-resistant than marble but not nearly as tough as granite or quartz. Still, sealing marble is often the best practice especially on a honed finish which is more porous than a polished finish. Crushed glass countertops are often made to the precise specifications you give the manufacturer, therefore, accurate measurement of the counter installation area is essential. The appearance, functionality and useful life of the recycled glass countertop may be compromised by poor installation. These kitchen countertops offer a unique look and style that can be customized with many appealing visual characteristics.


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