It lets you change granite, walls, appliances and floor colors to see which granite colors would look good in your kitchen. Quartz countertops look more like granite and are almost as expensive. Each stone has its own unique mineral make up that creates the colors and structure, giving your countertops a truly custom appearance. Granite countertops are beautiful, durable, and low maintenance.

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If old countertops must be removed by the workers, this also adds to the cost and timeline of the project.

Corian can also be molded into any shape or curve using a technology called “thermoforming,” which heats the material to a specific temperature. The glue dries clearly to provide a finish that appears seamless. The materials and system used to install the sections of the countertops will result in a seamless look. This material features colored flecks including gold or silver. Cleaning with either an ammonia solution or a soap solution is required to maintain the surface’s shiny finish.

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You can also use a mild bleach solution and nonabrasive cleaners. Both will leave a waxy buildup, can discolor your surface and remove any sheen your counters have. The material is the same color and texture all the way through the slab. They will not cover any damages done by improper cleaning materials either. Exposed finished edges that amount to greater than 60% of the surface area also add to the overall project cost. This solid surface is manufactured by blending acrylic (plastic) and stone materials. As an acrylic epoxy, it is impermeable and does not require any sealing. Joints between sculpted edge (where the backsplash meet the countertop) and the flat surfaces are typically filled with an acrylic epoxy glue. The complex non-repeating patterns are unique to this product line. When viewed from an angle or in bright light, the metallic colors add depth and movement to the material. It focuses on neutral colors such as shades of gray and brown.

Other companies have created similar types of countertops, also created from acrylics. Corian is non-porous and therefore highly hygienic and easy to clean. Corian must be installed by a contractor for the manufacturer’s warranty to cover any damages. As a product of plastics, it’s not considered to be an environmentally friendly or sustainable material. The one cleaning solution you shouldn’t use is abrasive cleaning pads or window cleaners. If you’re looking for more cleaning solutions, see our tips to keeping your countertops clean. Corian countertops are not heat resistant and can scorch easily if hot pots are placed directly on the surface. Sometimes, the scorch from the heat can be so harsh that the countertop will be beyond repair. These can be repaired by any homeowner and only require common household items. Corian countertops are softer surfaces, which help keep your dishes from breaking when dropped, but can be scratched if used improperly. Always use a cutting board to prevent deep scratches that might be harder to repair yourself. Installer warranties will be different depending on their policies and rules. Damages such as “heat or chemical damage” and “physical abuse” are also worth noting, because these are often everyday damages that can be avoided with proper use and maintenance.

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