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This bar cover has a slit down the middle and slides over the bar of your knock box. The durable knock box holder completes this set adding stability to your knock box while giving your counter a completed look. The holder has an open bottom with non-scratch rubber feet to avoid slipping on the counter. The basic knock box is made with heavy duty stainless steel featuring a welded metal bar for stronger sides combining with the long time industry standard to create a drawn pan with an improved look and build.This attractive knock box holder is made of light colored finished maple wood.

Each knock box has a replaceable rubber bar cover and an edge gasket made of molded rubber. The attractive maple wood knock box holder completes this set adding stability to your knock box while giving your counter a completed look. It is manufactured of powder coated steel that matches our steel modular pieces and metal coffee bag display display. Optional splash guard helps keep grounds in the knock box and your counter clean. Keep the grounds in the knock box and your counter area clean.

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It will also create a 2-1/2″ pocket that is 1″ beneath the surface to fasten hardware in. Must be used with 1/2″ substrate and our standard 2-1/4″ forms. If you need a larger hole, you can wrap the top of the knockout in electrical tape to increase the diameter. It will also create a 2-1/2′ pocket that is 1′ beneath the surface to fasten hardware in. Push the knockout up through the hole from the underside of the cement board until the 3rd ring hits the bottom of the cement board.

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It’s basically a small garbage bin for grounds with a metal bar to knock the portafilter. Using your sink as a knock box is also not recommended, as the grounds can clog your drain (at the most crucial point of time may be).

You need something fairly sturdy that can stand up to being whacked with a heavy portafilter and at the same time not damaging that portafilter. Others have said that the bar is too big relative to the size of the container, which can get messy if your portafilter is bigger than average.

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But these are minor quibbles that come down to personal needs and taste. The external vessel features a polymer ring on the bottom surface to prevent slipping. This unit is sturdy enough to stand up to the most aggressive barista. However, the bar removes easily, allowing you to quickly dump out the grounds and give the interior a rinse and wipe. It also features a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom to stabilize the knock box and reduce noise. If the bar is not removable, this means that you have to replace the entire product when the bar fails. The only common complaint with this model is that it is too small for some households. The bar itself is somewhat unusual in that it is made of a hardwood dowel that matches the outer box. It is economical and with its “organic” look it will suit almost any kitchen décor. The capacity is ideal so that you don’t have to empty the grounds too very often. The plastic used to build it up is antibacterial so, even if you’ve forgotten to empty the grounds, there will be no bacterial growth. The rod is made up of stainless steel coated with durable rubber foam to absorb most of your shocks or knocks easily. It’s not very tall nor very broad but still captures most of your ground espresso with it’s great capacity.

The shape is something unusual like other knock boxes and the look is actually what people consider when buying a knock box. A silicone ring at the bottom helps absorbing noise during use. There is a metal bar at the center of the box were we have to hit the portafilter with used espresso grounds.

You make an espresso daily, but it’s a strange thing if you still haven’t used a knock box. Usually, this will be a cheap, flimsy item – sometimes even made out of plastic – but at least it will allow you to get started pulling espresso shots right away. Yes, you might not have thought about getting an espresso knock box or you might even don’t even know about what it is. Second consideration is that (depending on what your garbage can is made of) you may end up damaging either your portafilter or your garbage can when you whack the side of the can. It fits easily into the top rack of your dishwasher, and you can store it under the group head of most espresso machines when not in use, eliminating the need for more counter space. The bar is sturdy enough to withstand quite a lot of knocking, and customers report that it stands up well to years of regular use. Also, for people who use their espresso maker a lot, this product is simply too small. At about 7 inches tall, it’s the perfect solution for somebody who pulls a lot of shots, or somebody who really doesn’t want to empty their knock box very often!

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Together with the inside vessel, it lifts out for emptying and is safe in the top rack of your dishwasher. Along with the rubberized bar, these treads also reduce the noise when you knock the portafilter. The back is taller than the front, acting as a mini-shield to prevent coffee grounds splattering all over your counter. The 5 ½ inch box is made of wood and comes in your choice of brown, black or a light natural wood finish. This container is not dishwasher-safe but still cleans up quickly and easily. For easy cleaning, the rod is detachable and dishwasher safe. One thing of learning is what amount of pressure is to be used to hit the box and once you have it, you’ll optimize that by yourself. Getting a knock box makes complete sense when you are buying an espresso machine.

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Having separate things for separate tasks makes a less mess and that matters a lot to many. This practical knock chute can be recessed into a work surface or counter and is engineered out of 3mm stainless steel. Our goal is to make sure your shopping experience with us is memorable and our customer service is top notch. The open bottom knock box needs a waste bin or other receptacle to be placed underneath the open chute of the knock-out section.

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These racks that fit tri-fold literature are as attractive as they are portable!

Set up time is minimal and users can open up the pocket in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, users even leave the inexpensive boxes behind when they have finished with their event or presentation. Make all your printed materials and publications accessible to clients while improving business today!

Help desks and visitor centers are additional locations these box displays can be used. These agents are reachable through either telephone or live web chat.The cheap brochure holder pockets are great for trade shows and mobile presentations. The literature boxes can quickly be taken anywhere, which ideal for those on the go. The corrugated cardboard and plastic literature display pockets are the perfect solution for storing pamphlets, leaflets, and other tri-fold publications. What are the advantages of buying these economy literature boxes?

In fact, the more you buy, the cheaper each individual unit becomes. Each place of business can be outfitted accordingly without exhausting already limited budgets.

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These knock-down pamphlet holders provide a cost-effective display that helps conserve limited budgets. When on the road, traveling sales representatives and vendors typically have restricted amount of time and space to set up. The countertop literature boxes are able to keep pertinent literature prominently displayed, so more people take an interest in the presentation. What are some common applications for these inexpensive leaflet displays?

In fact, these types of literature box displays are the reason expo vendors are able to successfully acquire new customers and clients. Shop the various lines, from lecterns and speaking pulpits to wire clothing racks and display mannequins. To view the complete product line and start furnishing your business or trade show booth, visit us the main categories page. There are currently over 5, 000 different options in the three on site warehouses.

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I had a gift certificate, though – probably would not have bought it (or any other knockbox for that matter) otherwise. The oak didn’t ding the pf but it was hard enough to take the abuse. I never even thought of knocking against the handle, as my experience is only with pf’s having ridgeless baskets, necessitating the knock be solidly against the pf/basket rim – “or else”… After a couple of days we take it out and dump it on the compost pile. More expensive than most knockboxes, but not by a lot, and it does function well for compost. Basically it was a frame that fit over the edges of the rectangular opening with a 2” or so oak dowel across the center (like a bridge) that you would knock the pf on. I suppose it would save counter space, if your countertop compost receptacle and knockbox would be in sufficient proximity, you’d only have one item on the counter instead of two, but. I just knock it in this, put the lid on when done and put it back under the sink.

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The heavier the container, the easier it will be to knock out the espresso puck from the portafilter. A waste bin or other receptacle can be placed underneath the open chute of the knock-out section. Customers should not use the equipment and must keep all original packaging. If an item appears to be damaged, do not attempt to use it and notify us immediately so that we can begin the claims process.

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Therefore, we ask that you do not be alarmed if you see that we opened the box and re-sealed it.

We cannot issue a replacement, exchange or refund unless a claim number is issued. This price match is applicable before your purchase is made. Both knock bar and base should be well damped to absorb the impact on both tools and work surface. Satisfactory returns must include the original accessories, original packaging, and proper packing of loose articles to avoid damage. All claims for damages and shortages must be made within five (5) business days of receipt of merchandise. This generally has an easy solution and is not considered a defect.

Our goal is to make sure your shopping experience with us is memorable and our customer service is top notch. Physical retail (“brick and mortar”) locations do not apply.

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The cut away front allows you to hold your portafilter horizontally as you knock your puck out. It’s made from thick aluminum and silicone for durability, machine-washability and silent use. Specifications 20cm (8 inches) tall, it sits beautifully on your countertop.

We start with grinding and dosing, move to the espresso machine itself, and finally to all the tools needed to create a superlative drink.

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I do empty it frequently throughout the day, as it fills up after about 15 drinks. I like that it’s only 4″ deep, as a taller one makes more noise and takes blocks my view of bottles behind it. I have 2 of these and am happy with the performance of the item. Do not hit the, out over a garbage as it is nit safe and customers do not want to see that. It sits flat and the rod is easy to remove for easy clean up. This is much more efficient, sits right by the counter, and is a big help when someone doesn’t knock the grounds out right away and they get stuck. Makes knocking espresso grounds out of holder easy and efficient. Better than knocking it on the edge of a trash can, which is a no no!

If you have a low-volume of espresso, this is the knockbox for you. The stainless steel, rubber-wrapped knock bar provides the perfect surface for “knocking out” spent coffee, allowing you to eliminate multiple trips to the garbage can or sink to dispose. It is constructed of stainless steel, so it is sure to withstand frequent use in your coffee shop or cafe.

We opted not to install it into the table, for ease of emptying. It fits quite a few pucks of espresso which is helpful during the busier moments of the day – better than running back and forth to a trashcan. I like that it’s only 4″ deep, as a taller one makes more noise and takes blocks my view of bottles behind it. This simple tools makes the task of staying clean and up to sanitation codes easy. An easy way to get espresso grounds out of the espresso portafilter and a good way to collect the grounds for composting. The portafilter might produce knicks on the rod if used forcibly. It moves around when you try to get the used espresso beans out but that is easily taken care with a towel underneath. Cheaper than others, and if you want it quieter, you can get a replacement bar from somewhere else made of soft rubber(this is hard plastic), and it’ll still be cheaper than a complete setup elsewhere. The black bar stays into place well when inside the box but also comes out with ease. Trying to wing it without created a slow down and not able to meet customer’s needs.

You look professional knocking out used espresso grounds.

We plan to cut the bottom off and put it in a counter over a trash can so we can save some room and time. I bought this product in attempts to save money but on it’s first use, someone asked who rang the cowbell. Too much effort to get a refund, it now sits on the counter as a sugar bowl. The only downside is the loud sound that the tamper makes when hitting the bar.

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