I expect that we can get several more years of use out of it. It takes three days for the counters to cure before you can use them. If your countertops are still structurally sound but just a dated or unpleasant color — a couple coats of paint and sealant can give you new countertops on a small budget!

We try to treat it well, not cutting directly on it and not placing hot pots or pans on it. Her budget-friendly faux granite countertops look great in her kitchen!

I can’t wait to employ the same method in both of my bathrooms, too.

Also, check and recheck for spots where the resin didn’t reach.

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Coating Review by epoxycountertopdiy.com

This is even more likely if you have built an item that is functionally like a new table made of wood or a bar top that is covered with something unique. To mix, (if using the entire kit) you simply combine the bottles without measuring. If you want the coating to be thicker, you will have to apply a second coating.

Rustoleum Countertop Coating Review | Duration 5 Minutes 41 Seconds

Regardless of what you are creating, it will be sealed in a waterproof barrier that is resistant to impacts or surface damage.

You will never see any craters, fish eyes, or crawling. Any area that it covers will have a high gloss finish when you are done with it. This gives you an improved surface appearance on all projects. This will also help to ensure fewer air bubbles will remain in the surface area of your projects. Most everyone says that it works very well for them and their projects. This could take up to 10 minutes of stirring and then you will want to pour it over the surface and smooth it out. This will eliminate air bubbles, but you may have to go over it every 10 minutes or so for the first hour of drying time. If you do not apply a small layer before a heavy layer, your surface could end up bubbled up. Some owners say that they were able to create a beautiful piece their first time. For those type of projects, it becomes difficult to cover and protect your creativity.

Coating Review

Once you have mixed them together, you will have a full gallon to work with. If you have a smaller project it must be as close to an exact measurement as possible if you want it to look great when finished. It can be used on painted surfaces, encapsulations and all other artwork you are creating. Because it is self-leveling, you will never have to worry that it is thicker in some areas while too thin in others. This coating will set up fairly quick and an excellent ability to release air. However, even the highest reviews provide tips and tricks to help you get through your first project without any major problems.

You should mix it according to the directions and stir it well until it is clear enough to look like water. If you want the best possible finish, use a small butane torch to apply heat evenly across surface. Also recommended is that before you start with the final coat, make sure you put a very light layer on first to seal the wood. If that happens, you will have to sand it down to get a smooth coating. Practice with a piece of wood that you are not worried about botching your future masterpieces.

Painting Kitchen Countertops With Giani Granite by thebewitchinkitchen.com

It was missing the shine, the smoothness and the natural look that grainte provides.

I was wanted to really make sure there was no more residue (to rinse just take a damp cloth or paper towel to the counter tops). I just started dabbing it on the counter top in random patterns. I also bought a paint brush kit from the dollar store to do some “veining”. I quickly applied the top coat (it dries really fast), waited four hours and gave it another light sanding. Giani says that you can use your counters again within 24 hours. I wouldn’t say it looks just like granite, but it looks like a good quality laminate counter top. This recipe binder will keep you organized and make life a little bit easier. I love how you can hear the kids and their shows in the background while you’re doing your thing!

I recently did my kitchen cabinets, and it turned out really well. Just wondering how your counters are doing with the every day use, are they holding up or is the paint chipping off?

I accidentally cut some of it with a knife while doing another project but you can’t tell and it doesn’t seem to peeling.

Rust Oleum Countertop Coating Review And How To $20 Diy Countertops | Duration 3 Minutes 40 Seconds

I have three kids and love the look of the more white counters but the thought of some like speghetti sauce staining them freaks me out!

They offer a variety of stunning colors to create the granite look you’re looking for. The product adhered well to the previous laminate and painted wood (the sides) and it now looks like one piece. I have never heard of this option of painting your countertops. I would probably sand the poly or whatever protective coating you used. Whether it’s discussing your day, sharing the highlights of your trip, or just having quality time with a loved one; lives are brought together at the kitchen table.

ArmorGranite Faux Granite Countertop Coating by armorpoxy.com

Affordable, less costly than faux finishes, wallpaper, and laminates.

Rust Oleum Countertop Coating 3 Month Review | Duration 2 Minutes 23 Seconds

Superb camouflaging properties hides most imperfections on surfaces. Extremely durable—stain and mar resistant, ideal for active living areas, waiting rooms and similar applications. Super easy to apply, requires no faux painting experience or any special skills, it just rolls on!

Customer Testimonials by countertopepoxy.com

Benches have a maple metallic sealer coat with a clear pour top. It is somewhat different in color than what we saw, but the overall ease of application and finished product are really amazing. One point to consider though, don’t mix too much accent color epoxy if you are going to have to mix a second round of base epoxy.

We again sprayed the mikah powder mixed with alcohol which formed what look like craters on a planet. I waited about 20 minutes and sprayed on the green powder as you directed.

We built the countertops ourselves from raw wood and then used your premium fxpoxy with a black base coat. Sprayed colored powders with rubbing alcohol for an additional effect.Make only a little accent color as it will harden and get really hot while you are waiting for the second round of base color. I love the effects, with the exception of one little edge/corner that bubbled too late in the drying process to really do anything about.

Daich Countertop Kit ReviewsStair Treads Corner Guards Floor Mats and Anti Slip by kofflersales.com

This way, the people who have not yet tried the product will get an idea of how well – or bad – the product works. Most people use this so as to ensure that their countertops are equipped with safety provisions too. Therefore it is best that when reading reviews, do not get so easily discouraged because there are negative ones.The thing is that the popularity of these countertop kits have sky rocketed these past few years. They will be able to see both the positive and the negative side of things and weigh for themselves whether these products are worth their investment. This will make sure that people will be able to get a grasp about what these products are all about. They provide a smooth and shiny finish that everyone will love. Of course, there will always be negative and positive sides.

Giani Granite Paint Review by myrepurposedlife.com

You do not do all one color, then the second, and third color. I applied 2 coats of the topcoat, then scored the tape and removed it. That being said, if you don’t want the hassle and expense of new cabinets, this is well worth the time effort and expense to “stretch” your counters. I had some lysol wipes that all the cleaner had settled to the bottom.

Your many jobs are a beautiful testament to what one can do on their own.

We live in a double wide trailer and all the countertops throughout the house are this ugly lavender/blue/grey color – yuck. I always wanted to paint my counter tops, an inexpensive option to buying the real stuff.I wanted to say if your appliances work well, you can also paint those. I worry more about the maintenance of it than the actual process and first look….. I would never get new countertops because we would have to buy new. I painted counter tops several years ago and they look very similar to yours. I used a large baggie for my faucet and small baggies for my handles.

Our original countertops (from 1986, when the house was built) are not very aesthically pleasing. I left them for over a day, and the liquid did eat all the way through to the original counter. I am looking forward to jocking your style and repeating these projects. I can’t find an answer…what do you clean your counters with?

I painted an oven and stove using engine paint bought at an auto store such as napa, auto zone, or some place similar.

You can go with any accent color with the black and the white, that is the beauty of it. Once you let it cure, do you know if you will be able to sit anything hot or cold on the counter without the paint peeling away?

Giani Granite Countertop Paint Review Attractive Granite Painted Countertops 1 by sanjeetveenreviews.com

Select paint that’s a level of – ultraviolet -mildew, and marked gogreen, so that the color keep going longer despite sun exposure and repeated rainfall. Incorporate with benches this one idea, with lounging garden table. Whenever choosing a playground table, some issues you should think about, it seems beautiful and performing brilliantly. Films & paint is really a two- in completing a park table substance is often used. For anyone of you who want to produce a permanent park counter, notice the location of the career and never to incorrect situation the bench that may challenge minimalist garden’s thought that you simply generate.

Daich Coatings Reviews by daichcoatings.com

Spreadstone and it has totally changed the look of our kitchen. Came down to breakfast this morning and walked into a brand new kitchen with a stone countertop.

We needed two kits to cover our double garage floor.

We own an apartment house with eleven units and we painted nine of the balconies with it. When we had a flood with water 3 feet deep, we figured the surfaces would be ruined. I used to do a lot of faux finishing and know from experience that traditional suede finishes are usually very labor intensive and time-consuming. I wanted a lower cost solution that would be more durable than painting my countertop with a faux finish. It’s been down more than a year and still looks like the day it was installed. It now has a beautiful stone top and has been moved upstairs as our new kitchen table. The video gave us all the facts we needed to do the project and it really was as easy as the video made it look. The surface still looks great and it is not slippery when it is wet.

Our customers love the anti-slip texture and appearance.

We completed all three walls in less than three hours and the product is extremely durable.

Inadvertent Handyman by inadvertenthandyman.tumblr.com

There is one page of instructions and a little insert that shows you how to use the dust face mask (really?). I originally was going to just paint around the stove but decided against it. I poured the paint back in to the can and mixed it with the stirring stick like the directions say – from the bottom up.

You actually have to spread the little flecks out on top of the wet paint, which sounds awful. They said to start with the 80 grit sandpaper and then move to the 120 grit. Come to find, any place that wasn’t covered in “fleck” acts just like normal paint and will sand off. It would have been nice for them to say something like “only sand with the 80 grit where there is fleck, then use the 120 grit to achieve uniform smoothness” or something. They feel like a smaller company which gave me hope and reservations at the same time. I ended up using the mask for the sanding, but also for a couple of the actual coats because there were a lot of fumes. Dried paint is easy enough to scrape off metal with a razorblade. I attempted to scuff up the counter with the sandpaper, but it didn’t do much because the countertop was pretty smooth. This actually is pretty important, as the fleck needs to be mixed throughout the paint of the stone coat.I started with the 80 grit and immediately noticed scratches all over the surface. The reviewers who say this product has a ‘cloudy’ look were warned right in the directions about this. The texture is the same, the scratches will show the same, and you’ll have a nice new shiny granite-like countertop. See the pictures and feel free to ask me any questions about this product!

Rust Oleum 254853 Quart Interior Countertop Coating Review by paintbycolourworks.com

The countertop coating renews your laminated surfaces and makes them appear fresh.

You can wash the surface with soapy water to keep it clean and stain free. That means there is no effect of any sharp object like knife or blades on it. Choose the color for tinting in accordance with your already existing flooring or fixtures. To have a great, nice finish, leave the kitchen untouched and undisturbed for at least a week. Tintable to 10 dark colors , the tint base can be converted to any color that matches your flooring or wardrobe. Having the countertop of the color of your choice is no less than a bonus. The coating system develops a l aminate sheet that is scrub able and washable. This new laminated surface is both moisture and scratch resistant. Secondly, do not worry if water or any other liquid spills on it often. It also inhibits the growth of any kind of micro-organisms and bacteria. Thick layer of the paint can easily catch any bump and the paint will chip-off at that site. Keep the doors and windows of the kitchen or washroom, wherever you are working to avoid the strong and pungent smell it produces. It definitely absorbs some water and the result will shock you after many years.

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