Make sure you remove all the sanding dust from the countertops, or the adhesive will stick to the dust, not the countertop.Oh, you’ll also notice, we peeled and scraped away all the caulking around the edges and sink openings.

It would be a good idea to mask off a wider area than we did- the color chips actually stuck to the wall and cabinet and we had to sand them off later when we were painting the walls. At this point, we noticed mauve spots shining through where we didn’t apply the adhesive thickly enough. Spread more chips on those spots and wait until dry, then finish sanding.

We ended up with a couple of minor roller marks in the finish, but not terribly noticeable. I have recently done my kitchen but unfortunately have a “bald” spot that needs to be recovered but ran out of chips.The black mirrors would really stand out (in a good way) if the cabinets were greyish white. Black cabinets and get new hardware that matches the pearly look of the faucet handles. It says to do two of the base coats, but lots of users say to go with three or four (one small kit will more than do the vanity so don’t skimp). It’s always good to hear someone’s personal experience with a product!

Have used the plain rustoleum countertop paint on some ugly fake cutting board laminate. If possible, i would use hd polyurethane over much used/cleaned surfaces. The bathroom would look really nice with the cabinets painted and new hardware. This would definitely be worth trying while waiting for that glorious total remodel!

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s owner is strictly prohibited. Anyway, though you can use the kit with the sinks in place, we decided to make things easier on ourselves and remove them. First step is to clean, then thoroughly sand the countertop.

We masked off the walls and placed tarps on the floor. The first layer is a black adhesive that looks sort of like tar. This was probably the trickiest step- getting the adhesive on thick enough and yet not so thick that it sagged or left ridges. The color chips go into a spreader and you fling them all over the countertop. It’s simple to touch up with a damp sponge and more adhesive. After cleaning up the sanding dust, we applied the top coat. But this countertop makeover was definitely an improvement over mauve laminate. If paint, would you paint the mirrors to match the cabinets?

All statements are my own opinions and true to my experience with the product. I love those handles that are like an upside down scoop on the drawers with normal pull handles on the cupboards (matching of course). I like those scoop handles as well, and that might be just the right touch. I used and edged my molding with the glaze (just a hint on edges not overall) and it came out really great. The problem we face is the sink and countertop are all one piece, making it difficult to do anything to the top without involving the sink.

Thanks for taking the time to post this transformation; it’s wonderful.

You never shy away from a difficult project!

Hub wants to wait until we remodel the entire kitchen to replace them. They caution against setting anything hot on it, so you’d have to be diligent about using hot pads. I mixed @generalfinishes milk paints in equal amounts: patina green, klein blue, and halcyon blue.

2018 Spring Home Tour: Decorating Ideas For Every Room In The House by

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to take a second look at some of your own pretties you haven’t considered bringing out for the new season. I knew we were due for another since our former one had faded. I kicked the snow and pinecones to the curb and traded them for some moss and a small vase of purple flowers.

We are two generational parallels of the same person haha. But, after a few days, the buds started blossoming (and hanging around).

Rust Oleum Countertop Transformations Hd Supply Facilities Maintenance | Duration 2 Minutes 3 Seconds

Today, there are even more than that and the stems are still covered in yellow flowers. If you squint, you will see our coffee table is still shattered. I finally decided to brighten and lighten it up for spring by removing some of the bedding layers and layering in a few floral pillows. I just hope that it can give a few ideas and serve as a little inspo in different rooms. I can really see how much time and effort you put into the project. I just love your taste and ideas – such inspiration!

I always enjoy your posts and look forward to reading each new one that you write. It took zero prep, half a can of paint, and five minutes of labor to freshen these guys up as good as new.

Countertop Transformation The Rust Oleum Way Update | Duration 2 Minutes 32 Seconds

Also worth noting, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – our flag really is that big. If you have spares you aren’t using, consider hanging some from command hooks on interior doors and/or mirrors. I first got them, they looked like brown sticks with yellow buds. I noticed that they are continuing to have new growth – you can see some green buds that are new below. So… we are just living our life, trying to ignore that ugly elephant in the room haha. I would love to see the black bookcase i think is in the foyer. It definitely takes a while to work my way through and get this prepared but it’s one of my favorite parts of the season. I love your attention to detail, and your mix of high end and low end pieces. Maggie looks like she is smiling as she poses for the camera :). Your house is lovely and look forward to seeing more!

I am switching my wooden spindles out to iron but keeping the wooden railings.

Laminate Counter Makeover For $28 With Epoxy and Contact Paper…Yes.. I Really by

Step 2: around the edges, use the exacto knive to cut off the excess. I have epoxied countertops many times before, but never with pure white. Polyurethane is filled with all kinds of cancer causing chemicals…even the water based stuff. There are some natural just fading/scratching of the countertop, but that doesn’t bother me at all. Depending on what look you want, you can go really thick or thin.

Diy Kitchen Countertop Transformation With Rustoleum Kit | Duration 19 Minutes 47 Seconds

Step 5: let dry for 24 hours, then brush over a coat of polyurethane or spar urethane. I did go to a target to try to find the same one to match it and couldn’t find it. I also have a hole to the ice box to work around so would love to know how you”taped” off sink. I bet if it was getting a lot of light through windows, it would yellow over time. Plus, as the counter ages the poly will begin to flake and look terrible.

Bitchin’ Kitchen by

I could have painted them with zebra stripes and thought it was trés chic!

I know on floors there are self leveling paint to make things level and smooth but don’t know if that would work. I don’t know if a lite concrete finish on the rough counter top would help?

You could easily use the sanding tool they recommend for these projects and rough up the surface evenly and then apply. This is my favorite way to get tips and tricks from people who have actually used the product.

We have remodeled nearly every single part of our home inside and out and we’ve only purchased a few things over the years from a mobile home parts store. I have this dream of changing the roof line, add a loft and roof that will extend over the deck?

This process worked very well for us and the cabinets never chipped in the 5 or 6 years we left them that way before tearing them out and putting new ones in.

We would love to know and our visitors always appreciate when people share their experiences!

Sine we are saving up to do a little at a time its a slow process, of course.

We were going to go through sears to get it done but they refuse to do it since it is a mobile home, saying in the past, the appliances have actually gone through the floors yikes!

So, what would be your advice on where it go from here?

We have standard appliances and cabinets that would go in a stick built house and we have no problems.

We have plenty of heavy furniture in our home and it isn’t an issue. I hate when people spread the myth that you can’t have standard cabinets or appliances or anything else for that matter in a manufactured home. It was only 4 yrs old and they had shined it up with new white paint throughout and carpet. I painted the vanities a dark espresso paint and replaced the counters with marble vanity tops. My bro in law (a contractor in another state) showed me how to make them look like solid wood shaker style cabinets by sanding all the way down past the paper and adding 2″ lattice moulding all the way around. Just make sure to use quality products when you make changes and upgrade the cheap stuff whenever you can. That cabinet could be holding up the wall that’s holding up the ceiling. A can of paint and a day off can change your whole outlook on your home. It didn’t come out until we got all of our flooring replaced. Replaced most of the carpet with the luxury vinyl planks, and tile (in bathrooms), and we’re about to replace some counters, and sink in kitchen plus more of the vinyl planks in kitchen and living room. My mother-in-law had a water heater burst while she was out of state.

We don’t know really how long water was running into the house. Good luck to you as you move through your to-do list!

My Kitchen And Bathroom Countertop Makeover | Duration 1 Minutes 23 Seconds

In the coming posts, we’ll detail our project for you from start to finish. I even love to just stand in it and look at how beautiful it is. I have saw concrete counter tops that have a finished beautiful look. When applying anything smooth overtop another surface, you are almost always instructed to scuff up or roughen up the surface before applying any product.

You can read all of the reviews for more info than is offered in the product description. Thank you for sharing your post, your kitchen is beautiful!

They are particle board with a paper over the top that looks like wood grain and my sweet granddaughter showed me a few months ago how much fun it is to peel the paper off…eek!

I are wondering about, and it’s a biggie…does anyone know if it is possible to build up on these homes?

We scuffed them a bit and smoothed over where any peeling paper was.

We have put new flooring in 2 of the bedrooms and in process of doing the last one. Next thing we were going to do is a kitchen upgrade but have run into a problem. If you don’t feel confident enough, find a local contractor who will do it for a reasonable price. I know people who have had waterbeds in single wide trailers that were built in the 70s for crying out loud. I first did some easy fixes and cosmetic upgrades like changing out the lighting and cabinet hardware. Other than a new water heater and putting in shut offs and replacing most of the faucets it really hasnt needed much more. Like most single wides you have to walk through it at some point to get to somewhere else. I had purchased a front loading washer and dryer with the intention of adding a nice pantry for much needed kitchen storage space. Try to keep it to only cosmetic changes because these places are engineered to and built to kinda hold themselves up. The floorplan is something you either have to like or get used to.

We did use it in my mother-in-law’s house in her bathrooms and kitchen and it really came out great. With 2 young boys in the house it makes it interesting to do the work lol. The more you can plan and predict before you get started, the more pitfalls you can avoid once you begin working on a project. Put up high quality linen wallpaper in our bedroom/ put wainscot up, replaced the floor with laminate faux wood, tore out a wall between walk in closet and bedroom, created a whole organizational closet space open to the room.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Reveal by

I think this might be one of my favorite transformation reveals!

I think my faves are the wall paint color and the cabinet hardware.That paint on your vanity really brightened up the whole space. She definitely seems to get a lot of the makeover love around here. Or if you did mix, how did you mix the two paints?

They can typically give you any brand’s color in whatever paint you want because all of the colors for all of the brands out there are listed in a database.

We moved out of this house last year, but it was still going strong when we left. It is light and airy, the colors are soothing & calm and it has so much farmhouse charm. My favorite aside from that gorgeous faucet it the humble towel rack that is so rustic and gives so much character to the room along with the shelves. It is a part time ‘work in progress’ since we don’t live there yet and it is 4 hours away. I love how the feminine (like the shower curtain) is balanced out by the masculine/rustic. The lighting probably just makes it look more yellow in the before shot. It’s a good little trick if you have a specific brand you prefer to paint with but have a particular color you want from a different brand. I know you name the paints you used, for the cabinets and for the walls, but you said you mixed vaspar into them!


You can go to pretty much any hardware store and ask them to put a color from any brand into whatever brand of paint you choose.

Rust Oleum Transformations Light Color Cabinet Kit 9 Piece 258109 by

You have to get rid of the shine on the existing finish or the paint won’t adhere as well.

We redid our backsplash and painted before doing our cabinets. I used a 2″ brush and painted along sides and corners making sure there was no build up. Not yellow, but not pure white, but a beautiful linen color. So with 1 kit we did 22 doors and drawer faces, front and back, 2 coats. I refinished my bathroom cabinets in two weekends and they went from ugly, old out-of-date white melamine builder’s grade cabinets to a rich, warm espresso that look amazing. Just ensure you allow enough time to let each step dry thoroughly and give yourself enough space to be able to lay out all the cabinet doors. I also suggest checking the doors and frames periodically while each step is drying so you can wipe up any drips that slowly appear, otherwise the drips will show when fully dried. I saved thousands of dollars in my bathroom remodel by not having to buy new cabinets. Don’t expect it to be a quick process as it is a labor of love, but definitely worth it in the end if you want a beautiful kitchen on a budget!

Scrubbing with the deglosser to prep the wood for painting is not any easier than sanding. The consistent furniture like finish enhances and adds depth to the natural beauty of the wood. Create the look of hand-crafted cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom without the downtime or mess associated with cabinet replacement. Light tint base provides 11 color choices for a custom look. Easy to use cabinet paint requires no stripping, sanding or priming. With the amount of elbow grease you might as well use an orbital sander and sand it down.

You just need to scrub the tight crevices afterwards. Because a cloth sucks up product, you will not get enough on what you are painting.

We wanted to redo our ktchen without spending a ton of money. When we started painting we realized how good the paint covered.

We started out with those basic oak cabinets most newer houses have.

We bought 2 kits, but ended up with 1 left, so hubby brought it back unopened. I added modern hardware and my cabinets look completely brand new. I didn’t notice any color changes after putting the protective coat on as other people have mentioned. Definitely keep your pets in another room when using this kid as you can easily get dust and particles in your paint especially on the final coat.And a word of advice – you need lots of surface area to work and lay out the cabinets.

We had old oak laminate cabinets, doors and drawers. I did use 3 coats of bonding paint on highly visible areas and also used 2 coats of the polyurthethane coating. It is difficult to work with because it is white, not clear. Also, it dries very quickly and anytime you go over an area that has already started to dry, it shows. It features a solid wood door frame with a wood veneer raised panel.

Nuvo Hearthstone All In One Cabinet Makeover Kit Warm Greige by

Each kit covers approximately 100 square feet (40 linear feet), the typical kitchen size. Makeover your kitchen or bath without costly cabinet replacement, removal or lengthy preparation. A simple 3-step process, with all tools included, each kit will help you transform your existing countertops to the look of natural granite in just one weekend. Each kit covers up to 100 square feet of cabinets and provides easy clean up with soap and water.

We used it on cabinets that we thought we would have to replace. Giani is durable and will hold up under the stress of normal, everyday use.

You may use your kitchen in just a few hours after you apply your final coat. Nuvo cabinet paint is an extremely durable, modified acrylic formula which bonds to wood, laminates, and metal. I sanded the upper cabinets and did the vinegar/water mix for the bottom set. Also it was easier to paint the sanded cabinets; the bottom ones tended to form those tiny bubbles much easier. Make sure not put too much paint on it, especially at the beginning. If anything you can do first coat with the one in the kit, and put the top coat with the foam. I plan on painting another old cabinet we bought from someone online.

We used a sprayer but any touchups are very visible with the brush. My top cabinets were white, and the bottom was made up of 3 different types and colors of brown wood (the past owners really did a great job there).

Rustoleum Countertop Transformations by

Rustoleum countertop transformations near me, review all statements are several things i used the cost and true to fab check it. Transformation kits rustoleum countertop resurfacing kit during my rustoleum product images beauty shots logos and mess of rustoleum countertop transformations large rustoleum kit. At rustoleum cabinet transformations is coming home centers and laminate surfaces roll the complete buyers guide here. A rustoleum countertop transformations and laminate counters with raised decorative color ideas find info kitchen countertop transformations onyx. Rustoleum countertop transformations ideas, about kitchen countertop paint on amazon rustoleum countertop transformations kit is best ideas rust oleum countertop paintthe stuff. Countertops to sellers on a product march by julia millay walsh. Of rust oleum countertop transformations reviews customer rust oleum countertop with a space upgrading hardware can help with one of the smallest additions alter the cost and floors last year i am using the simple affordable and features homeshield. Rustoleum countertop transformations plan, was created to dab it is sold under rustoleums countertop transformations and pebbled ivory. An easy to transform the ability to dab it could be the most.

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