Heat absorption requires removing the heat from the absorption unit via chemicals and air circulation. A narrow space behind the refrigerator allows cooler air to be drawn in to the space at the bottom of the unit. Some refrigerator installations actually prevent this convection action to work. This space can trap warm air and drastically reduce the draft effect. While not a cure all for a poor refrigerator installation, a fan can dramatically improve refrigerator cooling performance.These require little power and move a surprising amount of air.

These are permanently mounted and have a thermostat that provides power to the fan when the ambient air temperature reaches some set point. A switch can also be wired in to the fan’s power supply so that you have control over when the fan is on. Still others mount the fan at the bottom of the vent stack, right at the lower vent. Might be cool to get two bilge fans and two thermostats so you could set up a staged system. If boondocking solar is free and doesn’t drain the batteries either.

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No idea why they didn’t put the long cord on the solar panel end so you only need to drop the line down the refrigerator vent.

You would have to place the thermostat (or temperature sensing bulb) inside the air vent column so it can sense the temperature properly. If you are using a computer or muffin fan, it should work fine as the current draw of those fans is very small. If you have multiple elements, be sure to only splice into the wiring for a single element. When fridge turns heater on (to cool), the fan comes on as well. Since the heaters power passes through an onboard fuse (on the control board), it will already be protected. But how does the fan work if you are using gas ( propane)?

One of the simplest and most effective mods that can be made is to improve the ventilation at the back of the refrigerator by using a fan to direct air up and out of the refrigerator vent column. It uses a heat absorption system rather than an electric compressor, condenser, and evaporator, as a residential refrigerator does. The air rises and passes over the heat absorption unit fins, and out of the vent on the roof above the unit. This reduction in draft is why you should do the refrigerator cooling fan mod.

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A thermostatically-controlled fan however, is the best way to install a refrigerator ventilation fan. There is some debate as to where the most effective place to install the vent fan. This puts the fan at the top of the vent stack, pulling air through the lower vent and up through the roof vent. Either way, using a vent fan will ensure a cold beer on a hot day. This will help reduce temperatures inside the refrigerator vent column dramatically. So, in addition to the thermostat control, it is only on when the regrigerator itself is on. If you could get a stat inexpensively, you could wire this up for less w/o gonig with a kit. If the sun isn’t out you probably don’t need the extra cooling anyway. The only problem is that the cord on the fan is the long one so you have to figure out how to “push” it up to get to the roof. Has a small freezer unit for ice trays, and barely uses any power. Also make sure that the relay in the thermostat can handle the current draw of the fan motor. Saw this mod done with a piece of 4″ split metal bathroom vent pipe. Got a good memory when it comes to turning things on and off!

Would love to do this, but really need to see a picture of the install. If your fans are 120vac, then you can splice them into the wires going to the heater element. The really easiest way is to connect a 120volt fan across one of the heaters. The only downside is that you don’t want to run the fan when ambient temp is freezing. On hot days the fridge does not cool at all, while the freezer compartment is still working fine(!

?). The more powerful the fan the more current it draws when running, and the larger the drain on one’s battery.

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Guests won’t be impressed if you offer the leftover pillows and sheets you don’t like using in your own home. As a primary mattress, it likely won’t fly for anyone who dislikes a particularly firm sleep surface. They come at a great price, and using them will extend the life of pillows by years. It’s made of 650-fill-power duck down and can compete with comforters that cost twice as much.

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The cover’s crisp feel and look reminded our testers of the bedding you might find at a nice hotel. Guests may also want basic toiletries, just as they expect from a hotel room.

We like it just as much as dryers several times the price. Like a plastic liner, they can be layered with a decorative, cloth shower curtain. If either of those features appeals to you, those curtains are just as functional as our main pick, though more expensive. The companies don’t recommend using bleach, which can degrade the material. Supplying some small kitchen appliances and glassware will ensure guests have all they need for basic meal prep. It then kicks into an automated keep-warm cycle, where it maintains the set temperature for up to 30 minutes.

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And the plus-30-seconds button can help with more precise heating results. It cooked toast and other foods to an even, lovely golden-brown better than most other models we tried, and its toast-shade settings were among the most accurate we tested. If you want more elegant everyday glasses, we recommend several options in our full guide to wine glasses. Guests traveling from a different climate may have different norms, so a small space heater lets them control the temperature to their comfort level. It’s a better, more secure choice when a train of strangers is doing the watching. The common theme we heard was that guests expect any rental to be as well-equipped as the typical hotel room. But we think it’s comfortable enough, especially if your guests will sleep on it for less than a week. Both have especially strong seams, come in many sizes to ensure a good fit, and will likely extend the life of your pillows and mattress. If you’re running a luxury rental, though, you may want sheets to match. They’re plush and will give your guests the feeling of staying in a luxury hotel. It won’t attract soap scum like a dime-store plastic liner, and it can also double as a shower curtain.Replacing that periodic purchase with a washable polyester liner saves money over the long run. Polyester liners are obviously softer to the touch than plastic liners, too. Be sure to wash polyester curtains with cold water, ideally on a gentle cycle. It’s small enough to fit under a desk, but it has enough space to hold some lunches or a few dozen canned drinks. Its winning combination of speed, temperature accuracy, and ease of use allowed it to beat out the other electric kettles we tested.

You just add the water, hit the temperature you want, and wait for it to beep when it’s done.

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It also includes useful features like a mute button so you can avoid disturbing other guests while heating up food late at night. The plastic controls offer a wide range of toasting settings and feel sturdier than the plastic dials and knobs on some other toasters we tested. These inexpensive, well-balanced glasses have thinly pulled walls and thin rims, a rarity in this price range. And since they’re so affordable and easy to replace, you won’t be heartbroken if they break.

We extensively tested 48 space heaters to find the best for small and large rooms. Hopefully your guests won’t need these items, but it’s better to have them on hand just in case.

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We have a large family which means our grocery bill is pretty large. At some point this weekend, just like every weekend, we will head to the grocery store. Because of that, we’re always looking for ways to save money. None of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. As the kids get older and have lives of their own it’s harder to get everyone in one room so today is one of those special days.

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In fact, editing your belongings might be the best first step. The same principle applies to hooks, magnets, hanging racks, and pegboards that take advantage of walls and the backs of doors. Creating extra seating by adding cushions to extra-wide windowsills, using a shelf under a bench, or adding hooks inside a cupboard are just a few examples. A shoe rack and a wall-mounted coatrack allow you to store a lot of stuff while using minimal floor space. Liberty give extra support to delicate items or those that are prone to wear down, like sweaters or leather purse straps. This distributes the hanging weight and is particularly important for items with leather straps that might crease, like purses or messenger bags. It installed easily and was the only tested model that came with all the necessary hardware for mounting to either wood or drywall. The mounting clip has oblong holes so it’s easy to make adjustments once the clip is installed. Stack them along an open wall, line the floor of a closet, or even use them on a shelf.

We like that these boxes are modular, so you can stack them in whatever formation works for your closet or foyer. They come in a range of sizes that will hold anywhere from half a pound to 5 pounds. The adhesive tape on the back of the hooks sticks firmly to most surfaces but also comes off easily, so you can avoid permanently damaging walls (a common problem with other adhesive hooks). Every piece of furniture needs to do its task well; it’s even better if it can do two things. Folding chairs are a good option, too, but then you have to find a place to store them when you aren’t using them. It has an 18-inch-diameter top that looks great near a couch, and when you use it in pairs, this style could effectively replace a larger coffee table. The larger diameter felt more than accommodating as a stool compared with any of the other smaller-topped models we tested, and the 1-inch thickness allayed any worry of someone ending up on the floor. For our next update to this guide, we’ll look for more affordable and sturdy stools that can double as side tables. But that’s not the best solution for renters or people without a renovation budget. The flocked top sits 19 inches above the floor; it makes getting into and out of bed much easier.

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They’re more appropriate for sleepers who prefer very firm support, but our staffers report that they’re sturdy, comfortable, and pleasantly raised up off the floor. The 630 does not oscillate—but due to the way it moves air throughout a room, it doesn’t really need to. And unlike racks or pulley systems, vertical hooks can tuck bikes into very narrow places like the tiny strip of space behind a front door or between a refrigerator and a wall. A few panels in a closet would make a great compact station to hang tools, an ironing board, or other housekeeping equipment you want in one spot. Throw in some clutter, and a small space becomes chaotic, cramped, and generally unpleasant. To be clear, we’re not suggesting you buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need. In the long run, they can be financially smarter investments. While you may not have a foyer, you probably do have some kind of entry hall or nook you can use for storing coats and shoes. Everyone needs a convenient place to hang coats, hats, and other bits of outerwear. It’s one of only two models that come with three-point hooks, which maximize storage space and can minimize the wear and tear on clothing and gear. It comes with screws for mounting to wood, but no additional hardware for drywall. Bulky or heavy items can be hooked over both small hooks simultaneously. This holds true for clothes as well; a coat collar can hang from both lower hooks, reducing the strain on the fabric.

We tested the hook up to 25 pounds, which is more than enough for standard items like coats, hats, and laptop bags. Each box doesn’t fit a ton of shoes, so you’d need to buy several to hold the same amount as an official shoe rack.

We like adhesive hooks, as they’re easy to install anywhere, even inside cabinets and in the shower, and won’t permanently damage walls or other surfaces. As a result, you have to be efficient in how you allocate space. Similarly, the more you can get off of the floor and onto the walls, the more spacious the room will feel. Nonetheless, it can serve as a seat in a pinch, it’s very stable, and it looks great. It’s not as comfortable as some stools to sit on, but it works great as a side table or coffee table. Stools are especially suited for small spaces, as they require only a small amount of square footage and are easily converted from an everyday side table to occasional seating. The table’s 19-inch height ends up being nearly perfectly perpendicular to an arm’s reach when seated near a couch or side chair, the sort of detail we appreciated while testing with slightly inebriated guests blindly attempting to park their drinks. It’s versatile enough to fit in a living room, in a dining room, or even in a bedroom as a bedside table. Because we have yet to find an air mattress that we absolutely love, we tested the best we could find against a few other options, hoping to come up with a more dependable solution. The mattress comes with its own pump and a dial to automatically inflate to optimum firmness or deflate completely for storage. The mattress comes with a one-year warranty which should cover any leaks you may get (and all air mattresses are susceptible to them).It’s a bit louder than some of the tower fans we tested, but it has a smaller footprint (about 12 inches wide and 13 inches tall) and moves more air.

Our favorite hook is compact, strong, and easy to take down when it’s time to move. In general, vertical hooks are better than horizontal ones because your bike will take up less of the area on your wall that you need for things like shelves and other hooks. They’re stronger and easier to install than standard masonite boards, and their unique slotted hooks don’t fall out. What these pictures don’t show is that standard pegboards can be tricky to hang, the holes often droop over time, and the curved wire hooks can fall out really easily.

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Similar products are full of little holes that cause water to slow as they fill up, bu this one has long, vertical slots that catch all of the same debris without stopping the flow, or filling the sink. The bright colors, and wavy shape gives it a fun look, but that flexible outer material also clings for positioning, and provides the perfect ramp to ensure everything flows inside. It has a few round holes at the base, but the majority of them are long, vertical slots. Soft and pliable, the outer edge is much more than a nice looking decoration. The wide rim sits flush with the sink surface, and it hugs the material to prevent any pieces from flowing underneath. It’s made from a silicone-like material so it’s soft, flexible, and sort of grabby.

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Once installed, they will conform to any shape of sink, and cling to any material it is made out of. Because the colorful portion extends past the drain, it ensures a perfect fit in any set up, and it also provides a seamless entry point for any chunks flowing with the water. Just pop it into place, and it will remain there to prevent passage of food and other stuff. Even with thorough scraping, some food will remain to rinse off, and flow down the drain. Once backed up, water will no longer flow, and the sink will start to fill up. Because this will save time, effort and frustration, this simple product makes a great addition to any home, and quickly pays for itself as you begin to finish the dishes in less time. Using one is pretty basic, and installation only takes a second. To use one, simply remove any drain stop or basket you have in place now. Colorful part should rest around the outside and completely cover the opening. Hold a single point on the outer edge to easily tap out any stubborn pieces. Their shortcomings are they are expensive to buy online, they melt if you put boiling water through them, and they take on permanent bacterial stains on their underside after 2-3 months of use. Easy to empty because stuff doesn’t stick to it and then rinses clean. However, these strainers won’t injury you with sharp metal edges or wires. It fits nicely and is easy to empty as well as a cute color. My only complaint is that you only had the one color, pink (and not a pretty shade of pink). Easier to clean that my previous wire mesh ones and they work just as well. It catches all of the debris and hugs the bottom of the sink where almost nothing goes down the drain. I highly recommend these strainers for both quality and price. The colorful outer ring provides a universal fit for commercial and home applications, but it also ensures that nothing will pass under the basket, and no amount of water flow will cause it to shift positions. It’ll protect your pipes for longer periods between each cleaning, and you’ll be able collect way more food chunks before you need to dump it out.Get one to replace a lost or worn part, or use one to save time when doing chores like rinsing plates, scrubbing silverware, or preparing food. This doesn’t decrease straining ability, but it does allow for maximum water flow. When compared to traditional versions that only have round holes, this one will hold more, and require less frequent emptying. A vibrantly colored ring surrounds the colorful basket, and both combine to create a fun accent that is also functional. No matter which one you choose, it’s sure to brighten up your sink while keeping your drain fee of debris. All the chunks will wash over the rim, and into the basket for collection.

You don’t need to worry the strainer itself sliding around because the same material that stops small stuff from getting underneath will also act as a non-slip base to keep it right where you place it.The friction it creates will make it stay in place despite rushing water or other hazards. This product is great for regular kitchen sink drains, but would also work nicely in any other of similar size. Although it’s an affordable option, it’s also one that you can expect to last. It works in virtually any sink, and does not require any adjustment to fit. Don’t worry about touching gross stuff, or getting your hands yucky when it’s time to dispose of the junk you collected. Simply pinch and lift to grab the strainer and transport the garbage to your trash can. This is especially common in the kitchen because we prepare meals and wash dishes there.

You could call the plumber or grab a plunger each time this happens, but it’s much easier to use this affordable product, and prevent it from happening in the first place.

You will not be able to plug your sink with one of these, but you will be able to catch any food particles before they clog your pipes. Hand wash or place on top rack of dishwasher for periodic cleaning. These universal sink strainers will stay firmly in place to prevent food and other unwanted items from washing down the drain. They stop 99% of the bits that usually make it down the drain. They have a slightly domed rim that allows water to swirl up and over the edge so nothing collects there. It definitely catches food waste, yet doesn’t prevent the sink from draining out. Will this strainer fit any sink regardless of manufacturer?

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