We have the experience, personnel and resources to make the installation of your countertop run smoothly.

We shopped around a lot and no one could touch their prices.

Our specialty is custom fabrication and installation of indoor and outdoor kitchen countertops. Showed up and did exactly what he said he would do at a very competitive price!

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Our services range from offset and digital printing to vinyl banners and vehicle wraps.


Refinishing has made tearing out plumbing, ripping up floors, and damaging walls obsolete. Replacing existing bathroom fixtures is time consuming, and typically the quality is never as good as the original. Refinishing (also known as “reglazing” or “resurfacing”) is the most cost-effective method to remodeling bathtubs, sinks, counters or tile. While you may be thinking about replacing your bathtub, sink, or tiles altogether for newer ones, reglazing is a superior and cost effective option that will save you both time and money.

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The process of replacing a bathtub can not only be so expensive, but time consuming as well. The best option for most homeowners is to look into having their bathtubs refinished instead. Eliminate the high step over your bathtub in as little as one day!

Refinishing a sink can make a dramatic difference in the visual appeal. Another good reason is that we can restore your damaged bathroom or kitchen fixtures in a matter of hours. Refinishing a bathtub can provide the clean, new look that you are looking for without the hassle of installing a completely new tub. Bathtub refinishing benefits homeowners, hotels, motels, apartments and other property managers by providing a cost effective alternative to bathtub replacement. Getting in and out of a bathtub with high step over is often a dangerous situation for many seniors and can often make living at one’s own home difficult or nearly impossible. As sinks are one of the most often used fixture in a bath, they frequently age faster than bathtubs. After refinishing, the sink will look as good as new; all imperfections will be remedied and a brilliant, durable finish applied.

We offer a wide range of colors including basic black and white as well as an array of pastels and eye-popping colors guaranteed to make visitors take notice.

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You’re able to make all your product selections here through us, which saves valuable time time, with little effort and a lot of convenience.

We have everything you need right here in our showroom!

We buy direct which allow us to pass the savings onto our customers.

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