Therefore, many (not all) polished granites need little protection from a sealer. Once past the polished finish, these liquids are in contact with the absorbent natural stone. Be sure to test on the underside as acid will etch marble and limestone faces. It is usually desirable to not have an observable change to the factory polished finish.

Marble Granite Sealer, Absolute Black Honed Granite Counter | Duration 3 Minutes 6 Seconds

This criteria dictates the use of a sealer that can create a thin and invisible coating that will repel oil and water type liquids.

A polished finish (see its separate page) is extremely low in absorption and is not susceptible to acidic liquid damage. However, honed and flamed finishes do have some absorption and do require sealing for stain protection. When you compare polished marble and limestone to polished granite, it is often difficult to tell which is which. As granite does not react with acidic liquids, cleaners are not a concern unless they can create a stain. A polished stone finish has unique criteria that limits choices in sealing. A sealer applied with an applicator tool (brush, roller) usually leaves streaks on this kind of surface.

If a contractor does not agree, feel free to let us find out what is so unusual about this particular project so the contractor does not have to return.

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The natural stone can be a variety of colours including, grey, white, pink and red. The versatility and durability of granite means it is used for a wide variety of purposes from splashbacks and countertops to exterior floor tiles and wall cladding. For outdoor entertainers or areas where they will be high traffic granite is a bold, yet practical choice of material. The dense natural stone is generally less porous than other surfaces. Flamed finishes are typically used as outdoor paving because it improves the slip-resistance of floors. Flamed and bush-hammered granite are more likely to be stained than other finishes. Refer to our maintenance guide for how to apply a closed poultice to a stain.

Marble Granite Sealer, Absolute Black Honed Granite Counter | Duration 4 Minutes 23 Seconds

This leaves a permanent stain, identified by the distinctive dark frame seen around the edge of a material. Grout is extremely porous which means it will absorb more water than the granite itself. When the surface dries, the water evaporates leaving behind minerals which are permanently set inside the granite, making it impossible to remove.

The longer mineral deposits such as efflorescence, limescale, rust and grout haze are left on the surface, the harder they will be to remove. The powerful cleaner performs like a strong acid without the harmful chemicals. The natural mineral and acid-based cleaner out-performs phosphoric acids, loosening and dissolving unsightly deposits from the surface.

Granite is admired for its strength, high resistance to scratching, acid, heat and low porosity. Although dense, polished granite is still porous, which means water and oil-based staining is a common problem for this finish if spills are left on the surface. Fingerprints, dust marks and stains show up more on honed surfaces than other finishes. Water and oil may not cause deep stains as long as spills are wiped up as soon as possible. This makes it a great choice for exterior walls as its water uptake is quite low, meaning structural damage and staining from water ingress is usually less common than other porous materials.

This type of finish causes a granite surface to become more porous making it susceptible to water and oil-based staining and efflorescence. Like flamed granite, a bush-hammered finish also improves the slip-resistance of the stone which is why it is widely used on floors. The type of finish on a granite surface can also impact on the level of staining.

When this water penetrates into the edge of the paver, the minerals set inside the granite. This impure water will permeate around the edge of the paver numerous times. Once picture framing has occurred there is no way to remove it, so prevention is vital.


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