You must use thinner first and make sure everything is clean. It does have a mild to strong chemical smell to it and proper ventilation is required. A week after my 6 year old daughter spilled grape juice on it and all she did was spread it across the countertop while trying to clean it herself. Liquid does not bead up but rather absorbs into the top immediately.

Granite Shield Lifetime Granite Sealer Do It Yourself Kit
Granite Shield Lifetime Granite Sealer Do It Yourself Kit
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Granite Shield Lifetime Granite Sealer Do It Yourself Kit | Duration 14 Minutes

However, they screen reviews, and it appears that they only post the 4 to 5 star reviews which explains a lot about the products high rating. Since then we have cleaned it with nothing but a damp cloth and it has easily taken off grape juice, dried on soy sauce (ooops), tomato sauce, and repels water even when it has been sitting there for some time. I mean, who wipes off the counter every time you wash your hands? ! It says lifetime protection because it chemically bonds to the granite/marble.

It is very easy to apply and the small bottle goes a long way. The instruction pamphlet is word for word what is said in the video. What she missed just beaded and we were able to clean it and no stains.

I rarely, if ever use my sink/counter as a shield from incoming shrapnal so theres that. In addition, we may need to hire a professional to try to remove the stains. We have new bathroom countertops that we were assured were sealed “with the best” but they get dark spots by the faucets when water drips on them and stays.


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