I bought some grippy leg tips at one of those big home and hardware places, 4 of them for just a couple of dollars. It has started buzzing and surging and tripping the circuit breaker after 3-4 minutes of cook time. I have tried 3 different brands in the last 3 years, same results.

We will never again own a microwave with a button-controlled door, because the dang button died on our last one even though the microwave was still otherwise functional.Microwave is ideal for snacks, beverages, frozen meals and reheating.

It is on a solo plug, on a power strip, the only item on an entire wall in the kitchen. Moderate success at heating and re-heating for several months, then sputtering and snapping, then either dramatic arcing and sparking or simply quiet death. The microwave itself looks awesome with my stainless steel kitchen. So if you don’t stare directly at the numbers from too close, you’re gonna love it. Sits on the wet bar downstairs so there is no longer the running upstairs to warm something up!

Best Buy Sharp Countertop Microwave Oven Customers Reviews | Duration 2 Minutes 13 Seconds

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