In the bathroom, it might be that bobby pin you left on the vanity which has now come in contact with water and detergents. Often, these stains can be deep or difficult to remove, so it is wise to consult with a stone care professional on how to remove without damaging your stone. If the stain is light, you may be able to clean the rest of the area with a diluted hydrogen peroxide mixture. If the stain is still there after 24 hours, contact a professional.

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In some cases, you just need to do your usual routine and buff the surface to restore its natural lustre. Use a razor blade to gently and slowly scrap off the paint from the surface.

It is critical to do your homework and understand how to properly care for your stone’s natural shine and surface. Different stains require different methods of cleaning, so here is a quick rundown of some common household liquids and messes you will likely encounter. The best option would be applying a mild dish detergent and warm water using a soft cloth. In the kitchen, it might be an old, rusty container that has created a ring-like stain. After you have blotted as much of the liquid as possible, you have a few options for home remedies.

If the stain has settled in further, see if you can “soak” up the remaining liquid by covering the area with cornstarch or unbleached flour and leaving it overnight. They will likely be able to restore the stone using a variety of poultices. The high mineral concentration in hard water can often leave unsightly rings and spots on kitchen countertops and floors. For more stubborn build-ups, try polishing and buffing the surface with a 0000 steel wool. It is best to avoid using a chemical paint stripper as it will likely etch the surface of the stone. Your local stone importer will likely be able to recommend stone care professionals who will be able to advise you on removing stubborn stains and spills.

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Rather it is acidic foods, drinks, and harsh cleaners that cause this. The necessary procedure is fairly simple, but depends on what substance stained the marble. If the etch mark is mild, the marble polishing paste should do the trick. The paste works great up to a point but the marble table maybe too raw and damaged.

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Of course, that is assuming the marble has a shiny polished finish and you want to restore the shine.

I did not use a coaster for my latte coffee and it left a ring where the glass had been. If the marble has a honed (matte) finish, then you may not notice a difference or any dullness and you may escape with only one problem to solve! If it is severe (rough to the touch), you may have to hire a professional to re-polish the area.

You should be able to remove the coffee stain and restore the marble finish to more or less new condition.

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But sometimes it happens to spill some coffee on my marble counter top and that often leaves stains, which if left forgotten, are quite difficult to be removed. But if you catch the stain in time, you have a standing chance of cleaning it out of the natural tile. And it’s not like it’s something difficult, but just like most of the stains we deal with every single day, it requires the right approach and some patience. A soft sponge or some paper towels could also work, but be very careful what you’re choosing, because the harsh materials can scratch the surface of the tile, and marks are something you don’t need on a nice marble counter top. It’s also a pretty good disinfectant, which will help you sanitise the area. If the solution is too thick, you can always try diluting it with some water, so it will be easier for you to apply it.

Even though this usually gets the stain off, sometimes the coffee is just too stubborn or the stain is just too old. These are quite strong tile cleaning detergents, so wear gloves while you deal with them, because otherwise you could harm your hands.

I like to drink mine while reading the newspapers first thing in the morning. Here we are going to see how we could remove coffee stains from marble counter tops.

And you know, patience is the key to practically everything in this world. You can use an absorbent cloth to get all the coffee off the surface. The cleaning detergent is being added to the solution to make the effect stronger. Next, you’ll need to dip a clean sponge with a soft surface in the cleaning solution you have created, and wipe the stain-affected area. Soak a piece of fabric in the solution and place it over the stain. You might need to repeat the process a couple of times to achieve optimal results. Don’t allow the stain to dry and set – this will make it almost impossible to remove, and you don’t want that.

I am also a homemaker, who enjoys travelling, gardening and creating various things with my hands.

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Plus, more and more room collections are featuring stone range furniture, coffee tables especially.

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Despite its impressive durability, marble is still a porous material and sitting liquids can leave permanent marks.

During your regular cleaning, you should first wipe the marble with dry and then with the damp cloth (you should always use the softest one you can find while cleaning furniture). Those are generally some of the most effective ways to remove tough stains on marble. Given marble durability, you can also leave them on the surface for more than just a couple of minutes. On the whole, you can mix them either in equal proportions or make the amount of vinegar lesser — this way, the mixture will not have distinct vinegar smell.

For example, you can use freshly squeezed lemon juice instead of vinegar — it has the same acidic qualities and a much nicer smell. Another way to get rid of tough stains with the help of your own, homemade cleaner is to mix about three table spoons of soft detergent with a cup of baking flour.

Moreover, marble is completely resistant to moisture and does not get scratched easily, which explains an enormous popularity of marble countertop in the kitchens and in the bathrooms. On the whole, how to clean a marble coffee table is not at all different from cleaning any other marble surface (or base). If a coffee table  has a marble top, make sure that you leave no sitting water (or any other liquids) on the surface. Yet, seeing how difficult it is to stain marble, the approach is hardly ever necessary. Moreover, there are other ways to make your homemade cleaner smell nicer. Several drops of scented oil into the water and vinegar mix will also give the mixture a nicer smell. The substance should have a cream-like consistency and should be applied on the surface and left be for about 10-15 minutes.

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The material attempts to remove stains from marble surfaces by re-absorbing the penetrant liquid from inside the stone. When this tile is used in the shower it often accumulates moisture and rusts from the back of the tile to the surface.

This gives the poultice time to penetrate the surface and attack the marble stain from deep within the stone.

Poultice is a very absorbent medium with a wet clay-like consistency. The entire process takes 48 hours, and even longer for stains deep within the stone. Often rust won’t come out in this scenario because it has just penetrated the entire depth of the stone. The tile has not been sealed and therefore has absorbed a spill of coffee. I personally just like to shake the container and give the substance a quick mix with my fingers. Be generous with it, the deeper the marble is stained, the more poultice that will be required to remove the stain from your marble surface.

More poultice will have a better shot are removing the marble stain, but it will also take longer to dry.

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Once all the edges are taped down you must wait for at least 24 hours. As it dries it re-absorbs the stain from the stone pulls it back to the top.

Do not interrupt the drying process – this is when the magic happens!

Go back to the beginning and attempt the entire process again – some oil stains can take 3 or 4 applications to remove fully. If after 4 applications there is still staining present, it is time to call the professionals!


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