Blocks are removed from the quarry, slabs are cut from the blocks and the slabs are further fabricated into the final stone to be installed. It is not possible to guarantee that all the colors and markings on a large stone deposit will be present in every slab or tile. However, with routine maintenance and periodic restoration services provided by a stone professional, your surface can be brought back to a “new” like appearance.

It is not possible – nor do we extend any expressed or implied guarantee – as to a specific stone color. Many household cleaning products, acidic foods and other commonly used household items will cause scratching, etching and staining.

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The use of natural stone sealers is recommended to help protect your natural stone and solid surface.

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Travertine, which used widely as a beautiful and durable flooring material that is an affordable alternative to marble or granite floor stones. With the right care and maintenance, you can ensure your travertine remains as gorgeous as the day it was installed. If needed, you can also use a travertine specific floor cleaner. Ideally, you will want to use a soft broom instead to remove dust and debris. The acidic nature of these products can eat away at the surface of travertine stone and dull the finish over time.

When it comes to deep cleaning your travertine or dealing with a hard to remove stain, call the pros! Calling in a professional tile company can prevent costly damage to your travertine. Many cleaning products are too acidic for travertine floors and can be reactive with the tiles.

Travertine gives the look of opulence, but dirty travertine is less aesthetically pleasing. This is the easiest way to prevent hard to remove stains from forming. This will help your travertine tiles looking pristine after cleaning. Next, if needed, use a soft mop, with warm water to clean the travertine. If you decide to use a new cleaning product on your travertine tiles, 1) don’t say we didn’t tell you and 2) always make sure to test a small amount of your cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area prior to using the product everywhere. Staining and discoloration may occur and cause irreversible damage.

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If you want to use the marble floors, tiles or other surfaces for long times and you want the marble to look shiny all the time, you should be careful about the cleaning materials that you apply on the marble. After you purchase the sealant from your local store, apply it on the marble surface according to the instructions on the package of the product.

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You should learn it before furnishing or decorating your house. If you apply sealant more than needed, since the marble cannot absorb excessive amount of sealant, there will be a thick coat on the marble surface, which will create an unpleasant look. Since marble is a different formation of limestone, never ever use anti-scaling agents to clean it.

If you do not dry the marble surface and let it wet after you clean it, the surface absorb the water, which will create a dull appearance and make it sticky. Marble countertops are not as flexible and strong as granite or laminate countertops.

Even though marble needs a unique and special cleaning routine, which should be done on a regular basis, it is really simple after you learn how to do it correctly. It is true that marble surfaces require sealing since it might need extra protection against external factors such as water, moisture and dust. The other types, however, requires sealing but not so often. If you leave them on the surface, such substances will have an abrader effect and lead to permanent stains on the marble. It is highly important for you to utilize correct products for cleaning such a sensitive material. Such agents not only cause dullness on the surface but also damage the natural form and structure of the marble.

Mix the water and soft cleaning product in a bucket and apply the mixture with the help of a sponge or a soft cloth. Soft materials like sponge or cloth will prevent scratches on the marble surfaces. Do not lean on, sit or stand on marble countertops while cleaning, which might cause you slip or fall and lead to serious injuries.

I feel like outdoor flooring might require more frequent sealing?

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Many fuss and fume over their marble countertops and floor tile wondering what the heck happened and why.

You just need to learn how to clean marble the right way! In such cases, it’s best not to try and apply a sealer since it won’t absorb correctly, may just dry on the surface, and then you’ll have to strip it off with toxic chemicals. Use trivets under hot pans to avoid scratches or possible scorching. So make marble cleaning easy and avoid expensive marble polishing and restoration by treating your marble tops like fine wood furniture. It will look warm and inviting and hide dust, dirt, and stains very well.

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Runners or rugs in high-traffic areas will minimize this wear on the surface finish.

Trying to save money by using a cheap, generic surface cleaner only ensures that you’ll spend a lot more time and money on your marble maintenance in the long-run performing expensive repairs or marble restoration. As noted above, a sponge with hot water is all you need on a daily basis and a marble cleaner weekly or as needed day to day. Nails and screws, hammers, screwdrivers and other tools will scratch or gouge marble. If damage does occur, and you need marble repair, you can rest easy knowing that restoration is possible in most cases.

The best advice is to get a separate cleaning tote for your marble cleaning products, so you have everything in one spot. Note that marble is time-tested over hundreds of years as a highly-functional and durable surface. Now, with these helpful tips and a little attention you’ll maintain and enjoy its luxurious beauty for years to come.

Practice the marble cleaning do’s & don’ts presented below and you’ll avoid damage, the expense of marble repair, and keep your marble always looking its beautiful best! The time and cost involved are really inconsequential when compared to how fabulous marble counter tops and floors look in your home — not to mention the added value when compared with other surfaces. Tip: check out our marble stains & etching page for specifics on these issues. Using a mild soap for cleaning marble won’t harm the stone, but consistent use will lead to a dull film covering the surface like soap scum in a shower or bath. Using cutting boards will protect against scratching and direct contact with food juices that may etch. Bottles, cans, and glasses that contain acidic drinks may etch the polish or damage the surface. Foot traffic will also wear away the shiny surface of polished floors over time creating trails. However, rugs and mats must be cleaned regularly to eliminate dirt and dust that builds up within the rug that could then also scratch the marble.

Unfortunately, most common and popular household cleaners (this includes well-known name-brand cleaners) are too harsh for use on marble and will cause damage. Use only cleaners specific for marble and you’ll cheerfully avoid the majority of marble cleaning troubles. Protect your countertop by placing these products on a decorative tray like they do in fancy hotels! And dropping anything heavy on marble can create little white dots called “stun marks” that cannot be removed or repaired. Damage to stone is rarely permanent like it is with most other surfaces. You’ll never have to worry that you or the housekeeper might accidentally use the wrong product.

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To check, spill a little bit of water onto them and give it a few minutes, then wipe up the water.

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Glass cleaners may turn out to be too harsh to both the stone and the sealer (if one has been applied). The presence of silicon carbide grits in them may scratch even the toughest granite.

My countertops were pretty dull and have faded over time, but they came out, buffed them up, and they look new!

If there is a darker area where the water was, this is an indication that the water absorbed into the stone and it’s time for a re-seal.

Use a higher concentration near cooking and eating areas, and diluted for less demanding situations such as vanity tops—areas of the counter top far from cooking and eating areas. You can safely use the sponges lined with a silvery net, or other plastic scouring pads. It can do a terrific job at brightening up your polished stone surface. The over-spray could spill onto the marble surface and may damage it. Even if you over-spray it, nothing bad is going to happen to your marble.

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It is a very versatile stone that comes in a broad range of colors and styles, making it ideal for adapting to various rooms and environments. As it is fairly prone to scratching and etching, it should be cleaned often, particularly around high-traffic areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Fruit juice can easily stain or etch your marble when not cleaned quickly. The second chemical you should avoid when it comes to marble cleaning is any form of alkaline, bleach or ammonia. When cleaning marble, you can enlist different products specially made for the care of this stone. Want us to cover another topic of your interest pertaining to hard surface restoration?

While it is not the most inexpensive stone to buy and install, it is quite durable and luxurious.

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When it comes to marble, it is important to have it sealed to protect it from damaging agents. A popular stone for countertops and showers, marble must be cleaned with the proper chemicals to avoid damage.

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While both are durable, high-performance surfaces, they require different cleaning and maintenance to remain in tip-top shape. Polished granite gives a mirror-like effect, while honed granite provides a matte appearance, and leathered granite has a rough, natural look. Since granite is a porous stone, it requires regular cleaning and sealing to keep it looking shiny and bright. To avoid scratches, use trivets, and don’t put anything hot directly onto the granite.

You can choose from three different types of sealers for your granite countertops. Stone enhancers are similar to penetrating sealers, but add shine and darken the granite colors and stone patterns.

Daily care is a cinch—just use a soft sponge or dishcloth and warm water. Also, be aware that sudden changes in temperature, especially near an edge or cutout, may cause the countertop to crack.

So before you commit to a countertop material, it’s important you learn about the individual features and the do’s  &  dont’s  of caring for your new slab. Granite consists of different types of crystals in a variety of colors and shades, giving you plenty of options. Wipe up spills quickly, dry countertops thoroughly, and use coasters regularly to keep liquids from staining your natural stone. Penetrating sealers are water or solvent-based sealants that do not leave a shine, and should be applied every one or two years. These should also be applied every one or two years to help make dull granite look brand new again. This man-made product is composed of one of the earth’s hardest minerals, fused with a polymer resin and color additives for a beautiful and durable surface.

For stubborn or greasy messes, add a gentle liquid cleanser or dish soap.

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Hardwood can look traditional or modern, and works well in multiple rooms of the house. Having the same flooring throughout an open floor plan is important because you don’t want to lose that wide-open feeling with a bunch of flooring transitions. It can be difficult to maintain and requires regular cleaning and polishing. Hardwood warps in damp and humid weather, which means you could be replacing your floors every few years—a huge expense.

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Unlike carpeting and other types of flooring, concrete doesn’t harbor mold or mildew. Concrete gets cold in winter and if there is any home repair that needs to be done to the substructure or infrastructure of your home, your concrete floors may need to be removed and replaced entirely. Tile is water-resistant and very easy to clean, but it also has its drawbacks—it can be difficult to keep tile grout lines clean, and tile can be chipped and damaged. Marble floors make an instant impression in an entrance area, and they look luxurious in the bathroom. The cost of natural stone can be prohibitive, though it will add value to your home that may pay off in the long run. For those who want a green option, bamboo floors are a great solution.

However, bamboo is sensitive to light and can lighten or darken over time. It can also trap dander and debris, and actually improves air quality.

Hardwood is an especially good choice when working with homes that have open floor plans because the flooring can seamlessly flow from one room to the next. And living in a damp environment will have a negative effect on all that beautiful flooring. Laminate is made to look so much like real wood, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between it and real hardwood floors. If there is any damage to your laminate flooring, you have to completely replace your laminate flooring.

The best part may be that it can be painted to look any way you want. A leaking water pipe under a concrete floor, for example, may require you to get new concrete floors. They can be made to look like marble or any other natural stone and come in a variety of colors and textures. It comes in a wide range of natural color shades and wears well against foot traffic. It will also become damaged if it stays wet for too long.

Because it’s made with fabric, carpet is an insulator that keeps floors warm in winter. With regular vacuuming, carpet can stay beautiful for years and years. There are also many allergen-free and green-friendly carpeting options.

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Have a tray for toiletry items if you have a marble bathroom – many products contain potentially harmful chemicals. Abrasives like scouring powder can also harm marble, so are best avoided.

And while you will always need the professionals for the big cleans and marble floor polishing, there’s a lot you can do in between times to keep your marble looking its finest. However, you may be better off storing things away from marble bathroom countertops completely. Dust marble floor tiles frequently – dirt and grit can be very abrasive. Equally, even seemingly ‘natural’ cleaning agents like lemon juice and vinegar can spoil this stone. Regular sealing will protect your marble surfaces, but it’s one of those jobs best left to a professional. In fact, we have expertise in all areas of natural stone floor cleaning and restoration.

We are expert in all types of floors, including marble, limestone, travertine and more.

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Today we will discuss what to do and what not to do to preserve the original look of your beautiful marble countertops wherever they may be in your home.

Make sure that if anything spills on the marble that it is cleaned up immediately to prevent damage from happening. The only cleaning agents recommended for marble are hot water and a special formula stone cleaner. A mild soap can be used also, it won’t damage the marble surface, but with consistent use over time the surface may develop a dull film similar to soap scum that you find in the shower or bath tub. Coasters are typically used to prevent any of the liquids from the beverages onto the countertop surface. Using coasters like you would with a wood surface also helps reduce the amount of cleaning, polishing, and restoration of the marble countertops. So, be sure not to try to cut corners by purchasing a cheap cleaner, this will only cause you to spend more money in the long run trying to repair the damage.

As noted before, using a soft cloth with hot water is sufficient for daily cleaning and a special stone cleaner can be used weekly. Grout cleaners typically contain abrasives, even if it’s a “soft” cream or powder this is too abrasive and will cause damage to the surface by scratching and dulling it.

Marble countertops do not have flexibility like laminate countertops do and do not have plywood backing, having too much weight on one spot can cause the marble to crack. We recommend using a decorative tray to store these items if you want to leave them displayed. With marbles that do not need to be sealed you won’t need to use a sealer because it won’t be absorbed by the marble and will dry on the surface requiring toxic chemicals to strip it off.

If you have marble countertops then you already know that marble is a porous material that doesn’t mix well with food and drink. The stone can be buffed with a chamois or soft cotton cloth. It is also important to make sure that you use a protective barrier under items such as glasses, cans, and bottles. Do not use vinegar, ammonia, or citrus such as lemon or orange for cleaning the countertops. Hopefully now that you are aware of some of the do’s and don’ts of marble countertops, you can make your decision a little more easily. Werks and check out our showroom for your natural stone needs!

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Marbles have been used through centuries to add a timeless classic look and appeal to one’s home. Since marbles have a good shelf life compared to other stones and manmade tiles, they do work out to be cost efficient in the long run.

Since marbles can get strained, they must be cleaned regularly to enhance its overall look and feel. Such agents work by eroding the top layer of the stone and while the final look may be clean, it would slowly erode the natural topmost layer of the marble slab. Rather than increasing the amount of the cleaning agent, make sure to increase the frequency of cleaning of the marble floor for best results. Many senior citizens are in the dark about various tax saving.

Even with the growing popularity of other stones like granite and advancing technology of tiles, the popularity of marbles remains as high as ever before. However marbles require dedicated care to make sure they last a lifetime and retain their magnetic aura. Let us look at some of the common do’s and don’ts when it comes to maintenance of marble floors. Marble has a natural tendency to get stained by certain liquids and chemicals. In case the stains are not removed even by a marble polishing powder, seek professional help of marble cleaning agents to get the stains removed. One must always avoid the use of any abrasive cleaners or cleaning agents. The use of non abrasive or natural cleaning agents is recommended instead of harsh cleaners.

Certain liquids and chemicals have the potency to cause straining on marble and therefore must be kept covered with non slip mats and rugs wherever possible to avoid unwanted strains.

The most natural and organic cleaning agent must always be used within prescribed limits, as it can cause some miniscule amount of damage to the floor while cleaning.

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So here are some “do’s”, “dont’s” and recommended care for your marble flooring. And furniture legs that come in contact with the marble floors should be fitted with special felt pads or plastic floor protectors. Don’t allow any liquids or foods containing acid to be spilled onto your marble floors.

Cleaning detergents which contain acid can cause etch marks and stains on your marble. And cleaning solutions that contain high alkaline levels or bleach can also damage marble floors and cause it to lose its shine. Local water could contain chlorine, salts, magnesium, potassium and other minerals. Frequent mopping will help prevent soil from penetrating the surface. Do not use hot water since this will cause the marble floor tile to streak.

But first be sure to test it on a small area of the marble, that is in the least noticeable area. To protect your fine wood furniture and keep it looking nice for many lifetimes, here are the things you should do to protect and care for your furniture. This article describes how to protect your leather furniture; how to properly clean it; and when repairs are needed. This article covers tips for vacuuming, cleaning and replacing your carpets. If your furnace or water heater trips off-line, what is the procedure that you would need to use for re-starting it? If you water heater is more than 7 years old, will they be checking your anode protection rod? Always seek the advice of a trained maintenance professional or other repair technician with any questions you may have regarding a maintenance or equipment condition. If you think you may have a maintenance emergency, call a trained professional immediately.

And although marble is, well, hard as a rock, it’s smooth surface can be easily damaged if the proper precautions are not taken. You should also protect your marble floor by placing rugs in areas of high traffic. The use of detergents for routine cleaning is not recommended as they tend to dull polished stone and many contain chemicals that are harmful to your marble’s finish.

Avoid dragging heavy objects or leaving sharp items on the floor, as these can cause deep scratches or gouges that are permanent. When water is used regularly to clean a marble floor, it may ruin certain types of marble by causing pitting, spalling and yellowing. For general griminess, add a very small amount of ammonia to water (so little that you can’t even smell it). If your marble tends to streak when you mop the floor, try drying the marble with a clean terry cloth towel or buffing with a residential buffing machine.

Where is the emergency shut-off switch for your furnace located? Can they show you how to backflush your water heater, so that you can do it yourself every 3-6 months? To allow you access to limited-entry areas of our site as appropriate.


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